Class Attendance


Wednesday Public Classes
 (7pm - 8pm)

We have resumed public attendance at our Wednesday evening classes. However, attendance will be limited due to the continuing covid pandemic. Classes are held inside the Pyramid which has a limited meeting area. To help us maintain social distancing, you will need to make a reservation in order to attend. To make a reservation, fill out and submit the form, indicating the date you would like to attend. We recommend you give us three dates in case a class is already full. List the dates in order of preference. Once we have received and reviewed your request, we will reply with a confirmation and the date you can attend. Please give us at least a day to respond.

Note: When you come to class, you must wear a mask. You will also need to bring a signed waiver releasing Summum of any liability should you contract covid from others who happen to attend at the same time. Download, print, and sign this waiver and bring it with you.

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