Avoiding the Basic Purpose

December 14, 1985

If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out.

Corky: Al, why don't you review what we talked about last week so everybody gets the story?

Al Greco: Okay. Last week we did a group meditation where we chanted out loud. We did it collectively, so that we may gain more strength in attaining a lighter consciousness, or a greater hold on our understanding of which direction we're moving in, without being pulled away by the external states of consciousness which, there are many and they can easily deter you and pull you in their direction. So that was the purpose of this mediation that we did. It is designed to be used here in a group, not individually. Doing it individually can have the opposite effect and can bring more devastation on you.

Corky: Why?

Al: Um, I don't know the answer to why it will. I don't know why it will if you did it by yourself, than the other way.

Corky: Does anybody know why? Terry?

Terry: In order to be able to perform it as a group, you have to have the opposite potential to compensate.

Corky: Right, you know how you always have a positive and a negative force or energy? When we do it as a group it works as a whole unit. You know that scripture in the bible that says, "Where ever two or more of you gather together I will be there?" Hear that one before? That is true. This meditation is the same way, when a group of people get together and do this inside of the pyramid; it is a chant that is done inside the pyramid with a group of people that creates a polarity. You pick up on the positive end of the polarity, but there is also a negative end. If you do it alone some place you don't necessarily know which end of it you are going to get. So, you can try if you want to alone, but I suggest that you don't.

So, that's what we do with that particular meditation; we do it in a group and if anybody wants to do it alone I suggest that they don't. But you can't ever talk people out of screwing themselves up. If you want to do that, go ahead. It's sort of like saying if you want to drink a little bit of alcohol you can have a good time, but don't drink the whole bottle! So somebody drinks the whole bottle, and what happens Donna? You get real sick, it's real miserable, and it ruins everything right? It's the same story. There is always somebody that has to drink the whole bottle. Anyway, I just wanted to cover that because we're going to do the chant at the end of class.

But I really wanted to talk about something else. There is another scripture in the bible, and I think all these scriptures in the bible were passed down a long time before Christ. They are sort of little hermetic sayings that were picked up by the Christians from the Egyptians, and the Egyptians from the Atlantians and so on. But this is a little scripture or hermetic saying that goes something like this, it says: "If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out. Or if your left hand screws you, cut it off." What does that mean? Does anybody know?

Answer: I think it means that it's better to sacrifice a part of your being than to sacrifice the integrity of your whole being.

Corky: Right. I agree. That is exactly what it means. But let me tell the same story, in just a little bit different of a way. Everybody here sort of knows a little bit about biology, and the cells in the body and how it is designed and everything. So let's start there. There are millions, billions of individual cells in the body right? Let's call those the little units that make up the physical body. And all of these little units make up the body, the combination of all of them together make up the body. But behind the little units, is an organization or a message that holds them together in a particular order and each little unit performs it's individual function, right? And then all those units are designed so that they work really hard and work for the whole and work in harmony, and when they work together the body is dancing around having a ball on the planet and having a real good time. The brain in the cranium sends electrical messages down to all the little units and says "You contract or expand, or do this or do that." It sends a little hormone to it, and everything. The brain is sending this information down to the cells causing them to act or behave in a particular manner.

Science would accept everything I've said so far, about what's going on with the body. But I would say then, behind the brain is some kind of consciousness. The brain is the thinker; it is the slave to the consciousness. The consciousness says I want to stand up, and so the brain has to get in gear and take an order from the consciousness to send the message automatically to the different cells to cause the body to stand up. Then the body stands up and runs around.

Now on the other side of the consciousness, is the soul or the spirit or the self. It is that silent thing that if any of you really got deep into your meditation, it is the viewer. It sort of sits back there and it watches you even think. It watches the thinking process going on. It watches all of the things going on in the brain. It just sits there and views real silently. It can't do anything, it sort of just is. It is the IS on the other side of the consciousness. It is the soul or the essence or the spirit. It is the is. So the direction comes from the is, to the consciousness, to the brain, to the body, and that is the natural creation of the universe. Everything operates that way in the universe.

Question: If you say that it can't do anything, but it directs the brain, then it is doing something, it is giving direction.

Corky: It is. You are right, it is giving direction. What I meant was it can't get up and dance on its own. It can't do anything without the body. It can't do body things. It probably could, but the way it is set up is that is the source. That is the way Creation is. It has a source or this all consciousness mind, of essence. And all of that is manifested on to what Creation is.

Now, a lot of times weird things happen out there in the field of the body. All the sudden a group of the cells get together and say: "Hey man, I'm tired of taking orders from the nerves. I don't want to take orders from the nerves anymore. I am a cell, I ought to be able to stand on my own and we ought to get together and decide what we're going to do and send the message back to the brain." Okay? And that is called cancer. Anybody ever hear of cancer? The cells start doing their own thing and they get out of harmony with what's going in the body and they start multiplying and they take over the body and then the body dies. Isn't that what cancer does? That is generally what cancer does. The cells aren't operating properly, they start doing their own thing, something different than what the body is normally doing.

Okay, now, the reason I'm bringing this up is, the question comes up a lot of times about how things operate. For example in the world we have theocracies, we have democracies, we have General Motors, we have Chrysler Corporation, we have the Federal Government, we have the County Government, they are all organized a little bit differently and everything.

But within the natural order of things, the way creation has set things up smoothly, that hermetic axiom has been passed on down through time, that says if one of the cells gets all screwed up cut it off and throw it away. Like the eye, pluck it out. Or the hand that gets out of control, better to cut it off and get rid of it than let it screw the rest of the body up, go back and throw it into confusion and turn it into a cancer.

So the issue has been raised a number of times about how Summum is organized. I tell everybody it is a theocracy, in how it operates. The way it was established, it established from a theocracy. Not necessarily in the world, but a group of entities or essences, or direction from the mind of creation came through those entities, and spoke to an individual, and guided that individual to set up a physical organization or a body, and guide that organization so that flow of creative knowledge could come down and work through the body and cause all those things to happen. Now, what happens Al when the cells want to form a democracy and send information the other direction?

Al: Well it's just like what goes on in the body, it develops a cancer.

Corky: Because the cells don't have a source. And you can't decide it through a democracy. Because the cell's will is different, each individual cells will wants to do its thing.

Al: That is what the Lord's Prayer is: Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. It doesn't say my will, it says thy will.

Corky: Right, or the will of the source. Now, there is nothing to stop those individual cells from transmutating and going to some other body is there?

Al: Not if they are determined to do that.

Corky: I mean, they can slough off, be washed out through the kidneys, be eaten by another animal and get in there and become part of another body right? That is what creation does. It's normal for it to do that. It's called going some other place.

But I wanted to get that example out because so many times in the past that issue has been raised, because the cells get bored or whatever with what is going on and they want to do it differently and they want to get together in a certain toe or something like that and organize and send a message to the brain and try to take over from the toe.

It's a natural thing; the body tries to get screwed up. It gets out of harmony. So what I am trying to do is a send a message from the source, down through the body, to let it know that when it does that it is easier to dispose of it, get rid of that part of it. Take the cancer and operate on it, take it out, cut the hand off or whatever for the integrity of the body to allow it to be what it was originally designed for. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me. I am open for argument for why the cells should take over the body. But it doesn't seem logical. It doesn't seem like it works that way in Creation. If anybody can show me logically why Creation operates from the cells under a democracy, I'm willing to buy it, but it doesn't seem logical to me that that is how Creation works.

So, we've had a lot of complaints, we don't have any now, but we have in the past about why can't we have a democracy and everybody get together and vote on what Summum is going to be about. Which is: "Let's vote on whether we are going to do mummification, or meditate, or do this or do that." And that is not logical the way it is set up. Now that doesn't stop any of the cells from sloughing off of the body and going some other place, they are always welcome to do that. But that is why we have that marriage ceremony when people join Summum. They join under the condition that they are going to be in that type of creative direction. Where the source directs down the project and the direction and the information and then the cells cooperate with it and go along with it, and become part of the body and the thing lives and dances and does what it is supposed to do. Rather than a couple of the cells banding together and saying "We're going to turn into a cancer and try to take over the body. Because that is what our bag is this week. We don't like being down here working as a blood cell, and I'm getting tired of picking up oxygen and running it around to all these other cells that are sucking it and using the oxygen while I do all the oxygen carrying. I want to all of the sudden get together with a bunch of blood cells and become the brain and we'll multiply real quick and take over the body."

And so that is what that is all about. I wanted to put it on video tape, so we can get the video tape out and show it to everybody so that when they become part of Summum they ought to take a look at this video tape before they join. So that they realize how it is organized and how the information flows and that it is not a democracy, it is not a thing where people that are a part of it get together and vote on if mummification is a good idea, or whether meditation is a good idea, or whether the nectars are a good idea, let's stop making nectars and lets build a wood shop. You know? That is not possible within the system the way that it is. That is why it is called a Corporation Sole. S-O-U-L. It's spelled S-O-L-E in the court papers and documents, but that's how it is really. It means the corporation has a soul. A living soul behind it. And that living soul is Creation and is channeled down in a certain direction. And that is the philosophy behind all the major religions. They have a corporation sole, and the members of the religions don't decide what their religion is. This is what makes a lot of the Catholics mad when the Vatican says: "No, we're not going to have birth control." And the Catholics say: "Let's get together and vote on it." It doesn't make any difference whether they get together and vote on it; it doesn't mean that it is the will of Creation just because all of the cells decide they want to go away from the teachings of creation. They could drop out of the Catholic Church if they don't like it. They could quit. They could go join the Lutheran one, or the Methodist-one that likes birth control. Or it would destroy the essence of what Catholicism really is. The thing that it is really built on, is that there is a consciousness of Creation behind what is in the Catholic Church and it flows down through their cardinals to their bishops out to the people. That is the direction of it.

Al: So would it be safe to say that if you don't agree with what is going on, then you kind of have choices? You are not spending the time to find out what's going on, so you can understand it, and adhere to it...

Corky: That's usually what happens. See, what happens is a new cell will come into the body and before it realizes that there is a whole body and it is functioning in harmony, the cell is concentrating only on itself. It says, "I am the only thing that is important in this body and I don't want to get with the program to make the body work, even though that was the deal that I got in when it came. And this body said to me I am going to eat you and allow you to become part of me, if this is your choice. If this is not your choice, don't get involved." And the cell got in there and it is still worried about its own little thing and it never finds out what the body is about. And it never gets in with the program. So, automatically it gets all screwed up and it gets urinated out. It hasn't given up cell-hood, to become body-hood. It hasn't got into the unity consciousness of the project. It is still doing its own thing. And that is what the whole story is about in Creation that you have to lose yourself to find yourself. You have to lose your personal little thing; the way you think it is, to find out what is really going on. And what happens is the majority of those little cells never get it long enough to go along with it long enough, to lose themselves to find themselves.

Anyway, I mention that, and I wanted to bring it up and get it on video tape. I want to save the video tape and make it part of what a person sees before they join Summum, so that they'll realize that they would take a long period of time to investigate what it really is, what they are getting into, to become part of a body, and what it takes not to do their own thing. Now, that doesn't take away individuality. At the same time, they are individual cells, they do their individual thing, but at the same time it's becoming part of a larger whole. And it is impossible to continue to allow the whole to exist if the individual cell wants to turn itself into the center of the direction of the body, everything is in chaos.

Al: I think there is confusion at that point. When people are in the state of that consciousness, they confuse losing themselves with losing their individuality. They think they can't decide the color jacket they're going to wear anymore; somebody is going to decide that for them.

Corky: Right, there is a big fear that comes over them. And it has nothing to do with that. They still decide what happens for their cell, but they don't decide what happens for the body. And it isn't their personal whim that gets forced on the body. Now, by deciding what happens for themselves and their individuality, as long as they are in reasonable harmony with the body, there is no problem. They can go naked, they can wear red clothes, or green clothes, roll sideways instead of walk, or whatever. It doesn't make any difference what they do, as long as they are not so obnoxious within their existence that they cause damage to the body. Or try to pull it in a direction that the body is being in conflict with it. For example, in the marriage ceremony it says they are not drug dealers, and not doing anything to subvert the government of the United States, to the extent, let's say they get busted for being a heroine dealer and they're passing it out to school kids on the school ground and stuff like that, and at the same time they are standing up in the community saying they represent Summum and they are a member of Summum. Then what it does is it brings a disdain from the community on Summum. So their personal behavior is out of line with what is going on. But generally we don't have too many guidelines, we say you sort of gotta go by the rules of society and be sort of a normal citizen of the society you live in. Other than that, everything is sort of open to personal interpretation of a person's lifestyle.

It's very interesting; it's sort of like the issue you raised there, that they haven't taken time to find out what is really going on before they want to change it. That's usually what happens. That's the majority of the situation, let's do our meditation and drop this meditation and go do it some other way, because that's the way I feel that you guys ought to do it. Or let's all go to the ABC school of confrontation where everybody pees their pants or something like that because they had to stand in a conference room all day without going to the bathroom. That one is called est right? I have no argument with est, I think it's great, I think that's wonderful. I just don't think it's necessary for everybody to quit doing what they are doing at Summum, and run off to est because that's where it is at.

People that come around get mad because we don't have democratic votes, but I want to try to explain why we don't do that. Because it's not logical in keeping the body together. It's not logical that you turn the direction of something that is getting its direction from Creation over to the cells that don't even know where to find themselves yet, although they believe they do. Anyway, I wanted to cover that.

Anybody got any statements, bitches, gripes, comments?

Jim: I think it's a real good idea with the tape, because in the past it hasn't been explained to people strong enough and that's why there is 12 out of 180 here, because they haven't got the story. I guess it is part our fault for not having good enough guidelines.

Corky: Now, when you went up to the Rajneesh place, they had psychological testing and all kinds of things that they would do to people before they'd even let them in right?

Jim: Weeks and months of it.

Corky: Before they would even consider letting them be a part of the group. Was it to sort of ferret out the people that were on their "Let's do my thing on you guys" trip? Were there a lot of people that showed up with the Rajneesh guys that wanted to do their thing on the group?

Jim: Oh yeah, they were lined up. The line was longer for those than for the members there.

Corky: Did they come from all over the world to do their thing on the Rajneesh group right? And what happened in the end? Rajneesh went into silence and tried to relax a little bit, and they ended up doing their own thing on it didn't they? A few of the cells turned into a cancer and destroyed it. It destroyed it because, he probably knew it was going to happen, but he rested for a minute, and a handful of cells; 12 people or something like that, went crazy and started doing their thing: the way they thought it should be rather than taking direction from the source, and going along cooperating and having a beautiful thing going. Until they started doing their thing on it and it just destroyed it. They got a cancer and it turned into a nightmare.

Jim: They got greedy. Rather than being selective they got greedy and the money became more important than the quality of the people.

Corky: Right. I've heard the quote "The more liberal we can be, the more we can do around here, let anything go, we don't have any direction or anything, everybody will like it better." Anybody ever hear that statement? I have lots of times! That one has been laid on me. That's exactly what happened at the Rajneesh group. It turns into a mass chaos. That's what happened at the last days of their group, it was chaos. You had people digging tunnels to escape bombs, you had people attacking each other, poisoning people, doing drugs, designing stuff to take over the government, jeeze, they had so many weird things going on it was unbelievable! Every cell was trying to do their own thing and the direction was coming from the body rather than from the soul of the creation of it all. Because the soul said, "I'm tired of trying to get this body into line! I'm going to take a rest for a little while and go into silence." And when it went into silence the body went crazy. On the sly, it was sneaking around doing all kinds of stuff.

Question: Right now Summum is in a vulnerable spot because we need money. We could let 40 millionaires in the door, and it would pay the bills.

Corky: It would destroy us. Everything is going along fine, in my opinion. Like it says in the Kybalion, there are very, very few souls that ever get serious about doing anything. That Kybalion is sort of our little book. It says right in front, there are very, very few people who will ever listen to anything that really makes any difference, the rest of them want to go out and do their own thing. Maybe a handful, just a few people who will ever do it.

Jim: It's like that with the Rajneesh group; he probably has 12 people, out of 300,000 people.

Corky: And he probably got the 12 best. Out of that many people, but those people weren't in there really doing anything, they were trying to dance around the soul in a confused state of a body and we don't need that. We're not going to have that. Maybe we will grow a lot slower, and we'll never be magnificently wealthy, but the wealth destroys it.

A very interesting thing is going on right now, with the Ramtha group. They got a lot of money all of the sudden, and you ought to see the stuff going on there! They had a news story recently, and the media always slams the groups and everything, but it was really bizarre. Ramtha is all the sudden giving instructions for race horses. They are buying these horses for a couple thousand dollars, and then selling them for half a million dollars under Ramtha's instructions, to people who are followers of Ramtha. Which is real interesting, the media just jumped on that one! It sort of sounds a little fishy. Then there are all these beautiful mansions and stables and all this concentration has been put into race horses and that industry because that's what she likes. So with all this money and everything, a real distortion has come about. The media is watching it real close, they call it the latest guru of the northwest, like another Rajneesh thing is happening. It's very interesting to see what's going on there, because of the abundance of the money! It went from $25 to visit a lecture, to $1500 to visit a lecture. It's very interesting.

Question: Is this guy really channeling her, or does she have a split personality?

Corky: In my opinion, he is really channeling, but something has changed. It's the law of correspondence. It's an interesting story going on, but it's something to watch, and it's something to really be aware of! The reason we're making this video today is that we want everybody to realize that there are these balances that have to be kept in line.

Some people will come around here, join Summum and get pissed because we don't have a democracy. We do have a democracy with some of the day to day things that go on, but not for the teachings about what Summum is about. It has some basic teachings. It teaches meditation; finding oneself within, and getting on a path which will allow us to continue to evolve. We need to make the nectars for all the different forms of meditation that we will teach, to bring awareness to what the universe is about and finding the cause of Creation, and having a marriage with it. And then, the mummification is the manifestation of the transference, so that as we go from one lifetime to the next lifetime, we can build the strength and the consciousness to progress in such a way that we can direct our evolution, rather than being a karmic pawn of our evolution. And that is it. That's all there is. But there is a lot of work in that whole thing. And that is the beginning story from day one of Summum. I haven't changed the story at all. Those are the beginning lectures that we started with way back in 1975. Same story. That is what Summum's purpose is.

That doesn't mean that Summum is better than anybody else. All the other groups, everybody fills out different evolutionary stages, it is just to allow those people who have reached the evolutionary stage that they want to gain control over their spiritual evolution from one incarnation to the next, to the next, to the next, they can have a facility of instruction on how to do it. And that is it. It is really pretty simple. But trying to get the direction from the toe on how to do it makes it real difficult. So we can't have a democracy in what the teachings are of Summum, but we can in the workings of Summum. We vote on what we're going to have at the farm, and how we're going to do this or that. And the peripheral things and how we're going to raise money and stuff like that, but the main teachings we can't change those. It was set up for a purpose, to do that.

Anyway, it's a real interesting thing that we all need to be aware of, to observe. It is a beautiful lesson that Rajneesh has given the world for those people wise enough to see what it really was. But most people will, people from a real selfish point of view will say: "Oh, look it didn't succeed because it wasn't right" or something like that. But it did succeed! It succeeded in a beautiful way. To the extent that it was a wonderful lesson of what not to do with a divine teaching, and a way not to go. What not to let happen. And another thing is happening right now with the Ramtha group, everybody keep an eye on them, of what not to do. They are very wealthy, and she travels everywhere, extraordinarily successful. It's real interesting to watch and to see what happens when money gets involved. It's real interesting.

Money is a form of power. The LDS church has a very beautiful scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, and it says something to the effect of it is the nature of all men and women, that when they get a little bit of power they go crazy, and it goes to their head and they lose the purpose of what they were involved in in the first place, and they do very destructive things with the power, they get nuts. We see it in governments, you see it in spiritual movements, and you see it in all kinds of areas. It's very bizarre.

Instead of having a bill to pay, it would be a real difficult thing to do if you had a treasure chest full of money, what would you do with it? Would you lose the original cause? Mummification would become boring. To the extent that people would say: "Why in the world are we wasting our time building hospices and helping people from this life to the next life and teaching them within their soul how to find their next incarnation and direct their evolution, rather than be a whim of their karma, and how to sever their karma and move on? Why would you waste your time doing something spiritual like that? Why don't we go build some resort some place? We could have race horses. Or we could have a water tower thing."

When you are broke it is a different because you are trying to make the main thing happen. But when you get all that money... Isn't that what happened with the Rajneesh people? They didn't have direction anymore because they had so much money.

Al: Yeah. You lose your determination because you just have to snap your finger to do everything else. In our case, we want to make a mummiform, and you know, we're pulling out all of the stops to get to that point.

Corky: Anyway, it's a real interesting thing. I'm not saying that we'll not ever have a lot of money. But what I am saying is that if we do have a lot of money, we need to remember these stories. We need to remember the divine story that Rajneesh gave as an example to the world of what not to allow to happen. He may have gotten tired trying to fight all of the cells off. He wanted silence just to get away from them.

So it's a real interesting phenomenon that takes place. I wanted to get this on video for everyone, so that when people join, some of them are going to be pissed in the future, and we'll say, did you remember seeing the video? You went through the marriage ceremony and these are the things that you need to do, and if you don't want to do those things that's okay, but you can do them [your personal desires], and not do them here. You can go do them some other place. We're not going to force anybody to do anything, they are always welcome to just bug out and go some other place. But don't try to put their project on us, whatever it happens to be that is not the main project of what Summum is about. That's why we have those basic lectures telling everybody what Summum is about. It was to learn the systematic law of learning, and find creation, and phi, and what that is about, and build a harmony with what Creation is and then the mummification, the nectars and the meditation. Pretty simple, it's real basic. Anyway, let's meditate.