Back to the Heart of Creation

November 10, 1986 your treasures in heaven...

Once you really get a grasp on it, you find that it applies to everything that happens in life. It applies to everything that happens after life and everything that happens before life, and comes right out of Creation as a basic law of creation, it is called the Systematic Law of Learning. It can be called anything you like to call it. You can apply it in many different ways and you can look at it in many different forms. The way we are going to start to examine it is to observe it as the process that we go through when we move from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness. For instance, when we have a state of awareness about something and then a change or a transformation takes place, we go through this process. What happens is we start this process by simply questioning where we are at and examining our belief system. We look into it. For example, science may look into the problem of some kind of disease and if they are going to get an understanding of it, or move into a direct knowledge about it, the first thing they do is examine it, question it or dissect it. They do not automatically postulate something as a belief and determine that is the answer. Because if they do that, it prevents them from finding an answer, so they look at it in such a way that enables them to recognize they know nothing about it. They do not have an established belief or a resolve about what it is. If they have that, then they would not be able to move into this process.

So the questioning is a state of not knowing inside of ourselves. Then a real interesting thing takes place, we have to move into a state of submission to the problem, or submission to the question, or submission to the presentation, and get involved in it. We have to jump in and swim. It is like standing on the edge of the swimming pool and saying "I don't know how to swim. I don't know how to swim. I don't know how to swim!" That is the resolve. Saying you don't know how to swim, and "I never will know how. I never will know how. I never will know how!" But then you make some kind of question, or maybe you see the possibility of something different, something new, just maybe there could be something different. So, you start to surrender to this problem and stick your toe in and test the water a little bit, and that is a form of submission to it. If you stand back and refuse to stick your toe in at all, if you refuse the taste new foods, like an avocado, if you normally do not like avocados, then you are arguing. You say "I never will like avocados. Or maybe I will like avocados but I am never going to taste one. And if I ever do like them, maybe all of the sudden I will just arrive there or somebody will give me the gift of making me like the taste of avocados." You have to actually taste the avocado, it is only logical.

And so we move into this position of surrender or submission, we taste the avocado, we stick our toe in the swimming pool, we put our hand in, or crawl into the shallow end, put our face under water, hold our breath, take it out and cough. We take activity in it and experience it. As we take action in it and experience it, all of the sudden we gain an understanding of what it is. We taste the avocado and we understand the taste of it, we still may not like it, it does not mean we are going to like it. It does not mean we will move to this new resolve. It does not mean that anything is going to change. So, now we can be in the water and splash around. Somebody can encourage us to doggy paddle down to the deeper side of the pool, or just stay in the water and float, or tread water. And then we move back into the original point into a new state, transformed from our old state. This is a process some people call transformation. We call it the Systematic Law of Learning. Everything that moves from one state of consciousness to another, or from one state of knowledge to another, goes through this process. Nothing is exempt from it.

The problem with this lesson is that most people want to fight with the lesson when they get involved in it and it personally involves them. They say "Well it does not apply to me, it applies to everybody else. I am an exemption from it. This does not mean anything to me, the systematic law of learning. I am pressed up against the wall of my belief system and my present knowledge tells me: "Do not step across the line. Do not go over there and allow yourself to be subject to the brutality of submission or surrender. Because as soon as you surrender, or submit to something new, it is going to grab hold of you and you will become subject to it."

Now, if you look back on your lives and everything, you begin to discover that is a lie that you are telling yourself. Further, it is not a very good excuse not to move through evolution and allow change to come about by lying to yourself by saying it is going to take hold of you and take control of your life and make you it. And you are going to lose all of your own selfness. That someone or something is going to take over. Look at your entire life. You have been going through your whole life through this process, and you are still yourself. If it were going to take hold of you, it would have done it by now in one way or another, sometime in the past, through something you had submitted to or changed to. If you look through your life, you will see the more things you have submitted to, or have been exposed to and changed to, the more enlightened you have become. With the overall state of consciousness of the cosmos, around the planet and with other people, the more you are exposed to and gain awareness of, the more things you submit to. The more things you become comfortable with in the knowledge of them.

Now, there are areas here of caution, of right and left, where we would suggest you stay out of extremes. To the extent that you can get so carried off by submitting to extremes that you get lost out there in let's just say becoming a murderer and go around murdering lots of people just to test it out, to submit to it and see what it was like. So we suggest that you do not get carried away in doing those extremes. Or you could get carried away over on the other end of things, trying to walk around saying you were god and you just arrived back here to save the planet. Someone may shoot you or they would lock you up in some kind of hospital. You get locked up on either side of those extremes. If you get too far out of reality, or the mainstream or the flow of evolution too far off to one side, you are in the extremes that can lead to challenging karma.

The systematic law of learning is very interesting and it applies to every one of us in our dealings. It applies to existence. Existence is based on it to the extent that while we are down here on planet earth, the farm planet, where the vegetables grow and some of them get harvested and go on in evolution, we are here doing lots of things all of which were created by Creation, and are very divine and everything is perfect. A lot of these things are entertainment things. We are here to be entertained and it keeps us busy and it is part of creation to keep us entertained. It created entertainment! Although some people, some souls at some particular time in the entertainment, say "I would like to get a better handle on, a larger understanding or consciousness of what the overall picture is of everything that is really going on. Put together in a sort of network that I could understand it and deal with it better rather than being in such a state of confusion!"

And so, we start looking around. There are lots of paths, and every one of those paths are correct, because every path that everybody is on is designed by creation specifically for them. They all lead to the same place, and they are all divine because creation made them. There are some paths that are easy, and some paths that are hard. Every path is different. It is like the skin that fits over your body, it is designed for your body. It fits. Now if you take Janet's skin off her body and put it on mine and put mine on hers, they would not fit, they would look funny. So the path that everybody is on is their perfect path. It is designed for them. That is exactly where they are supposed to be, and where everybody is, is under the law of Cause and Effect and karma and is in a perfect state.

Now, that does not mean your skin doesn't change. When we are really young we have a little tiny body with really tiny skin. As we get larger our skin gets bigger, and as we get older our skin gets saggier. Our skin changes as time goes on to conform to what is underneath in the body. So the path changes sometimes. That is called the change of awareness in the evolutionary process through the systematic law of learning. So our paths change, we do not always stay on the same path. It changes as we go along. That does not mean the path that you were on was wrong, it was perfect when you were there. It does not mean the path somebody else is on is wrong, they are all right. Every one of them is correct. They all lead towards the same thing and whether a person is out doing this or doing that, they are all working out their karma in one way or another. As I said, every soul at a certain point in evolution reaches a point where they start to question within themselves, and it says "what in the world is going on here? What am I doing here? I have this emptiness and I am looking for something to fulfill me. I have gone out in this world and I have looked everywhere to try to fulfill it. I have tried to find this and that, I have done these things and those things, and I cannot seem to satisfy this thirst for this knowledge or understanding for the reasons or the force behind everything. I have not gotten to that point." And so, we continue to look and continue to look for this source and it never ends. It continues to go on until we arrive back at creation.

What has happened is we have been blown away from creation and are out here as individual identities. These individual identities are trying to find their way back to the whole or the oneness of creation, and as they do it they all take their divine paths back. What happens sometimes is they find groups or channels that flow very rapidly, like blood veins, where it would flow back into creation. Blood veins flow back to the heart, and arteries take the blood away from the heart. So they get into this position and they flow back very rapidly. And the thing that allows us to flow back very rapidly is to learning some of the lessons that this law teaches. This law teaches us in a very abstract way that no matter what we do it is okay. But there is one thing that you have to do to be able to flow very rapidly in the mainstream of blood cells back to the heart of Creation. You have to be a blood cell to go back there. That is what is flowing back. The things that are flowing away from creation are blood cells also, but they have a different character about them. They are loaded with oxygen, and they are very independent and they are going out away from creation to do their thing out there some place away from the heart. After they expend all their activity, get involved in whatever they do out there, they pick up some other things, and drop them off here or there, on their way as they do their duties, on their way as they go along. And as they flow back to the heart of creation they are starving to death. Because they have changed their gender in such a way that they are drawn back with a magnetism to creation or back to the heart, a magnetism to get a new shot of oxygen. Try not to hold me to the details of the general workings of the systems in the body. I am just trying to give you a general picture of the whole story. The body is exactly like creation or the universe, it is an identical replica of it. There are always little details to get involved in out there.

So, as we are headed back there is a really interesting thing that takes place, we have to go through the kidney. The kidney is a gatekeeper. It says "Hold on! Stop right here at the door. Are you a white blood cell? A red blood cell? What are you?" And you have to give them your identification and you let them know you are electrons, and you have a couple cankers on you or whatever. What the kidneys can do is wipe off the cankers, and clean you up a little bit, and take the junk out of you and then send you on your way down as a little blood vessel.

Or if you go to the door of the kidney and you say "Knock knock. Here I am. I am a red blood cell I am doing just fine. I have got all my shit together and there is no problem with me at all." The problem is, the kidney has this special sense about your soul inside of you and you are standing there, poking out with all these extra protons and electrons and in actuality what you are is not a blood cell at all. You are a piece of mercury with a little blood cell attached to you. So what the kidney says is "Wait a minute here! Let's let him in here!" And he lets you in and takes you in the back room and does the high surgery on you. Cuts you right open, breaks you up, divides you down and puts you into the urine canal and mashes up the other parts, puts them in the garbage disposal and ships them off to be used by another part of the body. The good parts that are left over get used by somewhere else. Isn't that a funny little story?

It is a true story though, isn't it? The body is just like creation.

What was the problem with the one blood cell that came through the door, what did it do wrong? When it got to the door, what did it say? It lied! It lied! If it would have said to the kidney "Hey I am in trouble man, and I have got a major problem! I have a whole load of mercury inside of me! What can we do about this?" The kidney would have said "All we need to do is scrub you up a little bit and take some of it out right now, we will pull the mercury out and maybe we can save you. We know you have been out there crawling in the mercury pit and everything. We know you have a lot of problems and everything." But, when you get inside of here, you are already here, and it is a mathematical sequence then. The automatic process takes place, a chemical reaction takes place inside the kidney that breaks down the blood cells. So if you go in there with a lie, automatically you get disposed of. There isn't anybody that says "Oh, my heart hurts for you! Oh, I feel so bad for you! Oh, I am in love with you!" There are no emotions in the kidney. It just does it. They do not have any hearings, or extenuating circumstances, or plea bargains made for these blood cells. It just does it. When you get inside of there, because you went on the other side of the door under false pretenses and it knew it was letting you in, but it lets you in the door anyway. The door that went to the room of high surgery. The door keeper knew exactly what was going on. But you were trying to fool it. You were shifting the story your way, saying "I am a good blood cell! I may have a few little flaws here and there, but I am passable!" And as soon as you got in there, you saw the knife that was going to cut you in half and started fleeing from fear and the fear destroyed the blood cell and took it completely apart.

Now if the red blood cell would have gone to the door and copped to the whole story and said "I don't want to go through this door. Maybe there is another door along the outer section of the kidney that allows us not to go in to high surgery. Perhaps a door somewhere that we can go around and get cleaned up along the outer portion of the kidney, and elements that do not belong necessarily in blood cells are taken out. And then we are sent back to creation." If the blood cell would have been real straight forward about where it wanted to go in the kidney, it probably would have made it through, gotten cleaned up and then sent back to the lung and the heart for a new charge of oxygen to go around in creation. But it got caught in that problem that many things in creation get caught in, of having a very difficult time with getting honest. Right?

And so, it makes it real hard for anything to get into the blood vein to go back to creation as a blood cell unless it gets real honest and tells what it is really is, and goes back there to the heart and lungs where the life force of creation is. In this soul-seat of the body. What we do here inside the pyramid, we work on a couple really basic things. We make nectars to allow people to meditate. We make nectars that allow people to be exposed to themselves, so that they have an opportunity to get honest. And then, we bond this side of the coin with the other side of the coin — this side supposedly being life, and the other side supposedly being death — and neither one of them are life or death, both of them just are. Most people are just hanging on for all existence to this side of the coin, and will do anything possible to stay here. But everybody is going to the other side. I mean their whole existence is built on staying on this side. They store every treasure they have on this side of the coin, all their wealth, all their energies, all their efforts are put into maintaining their existence on this side of the coin, keeping their body alive so they can prevent themselves from going to the other side. It is really interesting the people that go there, go empty handed. They go without a dowry. All the great philosophers throughout time have said to store your treasures in heaven, not on the earth. Get them ready to go to the other side. Because it is a continual cycle that we go through and there is no breaking of it. There is no such thing as death - it is just a transformation from one state of consciousness to the next, from one state of consciousness to the next. And what we do here determines our karma there. What we do there determines our karma here. And as we run around life, trying to entertain ourselves with all the little things going on out there on the planet, the farm planet earth where all the vegetables grow, we expend all of our life force and all of our energy and we drop off to the other side empty handed. In destitution. In confusion. Not knowing what to do or how to do it. So then we are approached by the lords of karma as we die. They call it the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. The Judgment, it has a thousand different names, but it all means the same thing. The Hall of Osiris, the Tibetans call it the Bardo. And they say "Hello! How are you doing! Hi! What is your name? Have you been good?"

Corky: (directed to member in class) Well, tell me what you have been doing.

Al: I have been trying to focus on these areas in life, and ways of developing myself to become a higher quality of creation's force.

Corky: What have you been doing to accomplish that?

Al: Trying to cooperate with the teachings. Following teachings and trying to break the holds of my wishes wants and desires. I have discovered those are the things that are keeping me from moving onward.

Corky: Who is "me?"

Al: This part that is inside this vehicle.

Corky: There is no vehicle anymore. It is over there in the mummy case.

Al: Okay, it is what I know myself as.

Corky: What do you know? What do you know of what you are? These are the questions. They are not always said in English, they are actually said in concepts when you are there, on the other side of the coin.

Al: I couldn't say that I know what I am, but I am discovering ways of existing that are more harmonious among everything else.

Corky: Harmonious for what?

Al: Harmonious in the sense, not for what to gain personally or anything so much... .

Corky: Oh bullshit. You told me a second ago that you already got something. Sounds like you are beating around the bush to me. Let's stop right there. Do you see the problem?

Al: The questions are hard to answer.

Corky: Right! They are. The problem being is, I think you came up against "me" and "it." Did you see the difference between "me" and "it" in your conversation?

Getting to the "it" is difficult sometimes unless you practice a lot on it in this life time. So that when you get to the other side of the coin, you are in the Me instead of the It. All it does it cause you to incarnate back into the Me. It will make sense to some of you and others it won't. And that is okay at this point in time.

Classes here are really different. Some people get really happy about them, some people understand them, some people get really confused, and some people get really mad. It is perfect for every person, where they are at because their path is divine and perfect. So do not get worried about it and everything if there is something going on that maybe you are not in. It is sort of like if you went to a class and some other people had an advantage over you, where you barely started into addition and they are doing calculus. And you walk into the class a little bit late and had not had the chance to catch up and they start talking about calculus, it would seem a little bit confusing to you. They have an advantage over you because they have been through it already.

Okay, with that in mind, do you see the importance of the honesty in the whole thing?

Al: Yes, because the directness is extreme

Corky: Do you have a chance to fight back, argue back, or weasel around in it? You do not have a chance. It does not do any good. If you lie, you go. There is no mercy there. The mercy is here on this side of the coin, before you go there. Everything there is mathematical and chemical. It is just like it was in the kidney.

It is a really simple process. The thing we are trying to avoid here is fear. To the extent that what we want to be able to do is be in a state that prevents us from being in fear. And if we cop to the clarity of the honesty as great as possible and not finagle around with it, it makes it easy. But as soon as we try to mess with it in a dishonest form it is sort of like being drug behind a horse or something like that. It wears us down, beats us up, or destroys us until we give in to the honesty of it. It keeps on beating us down until we get really honest the farther we go into it.

Some people go through a marriage ceremony in here, and when they get married in here it is sort of like a fun little thing to do. Then all of the sudden it is like being strapped into this harness and a big steel cable attached to you and then this huge rocket takes off. And as long as you hold out your wings and fly it is great. But when you get out there a little while and you say "Whoa, this sucker is going pretty fast! I think I will try to slow it down." So you put your feet down on the ground to slow it down, and sands them off to your knees! And you say "Wooooo! I am not going to do that anymore!" And you put your wings back out there. That is sort of what happens in the whole process. It brutalizes you until you get really clear and really honest with it.

Sometimes you will go through many transformations at once. One minute you wake up in a rage, the next minute you are in an okay state. What we try to explain to everybody in here is that we say a lot of words, but there is a movie going on right above the words. It is a very interesting movie; it is a movie in a little energy state. And it goes in to your head and it goes with you everywhere you go from there on, and it filters back out through your consciousness after you leave here and go home. We always talk about that it is not an easy path. It is probably one of the most difficult ones. There is always something more, there has got to be something more difficult. It would be like being a steer raised for eating. That would be a difficult path. Just think you spend all day long out there in the field eating, and all the sudden some sucker comes along and hauls you off, cuts your head off and eats you. That would be a pretty bum path. I would not like that one. I would rather be abused rather than being eaten. So, everything is relative.

So the basic story of the systematic law of learning is that the quicker you get to the honesty of it, the easier it is. All of you remember being caught doing something and having to finagle your way around it for awhile and how much worse that gets? How easy it becomes to just say I did it, and then it is over with?

What happens is there a song sung by creation, and everyone is invited to sing along with it. If things are harmonious, it is beautiful. When you are out of harmony you try to fool everyone that is in harmony. It is impossible to fool everything around you. It always catches you in the end — the further you get down the hall, it will make you a believer and bring the honesty out. You do not want to go down the hall very far; you want to get honest as quick as possible. Anyway, the sooner you get honest, the easier it makes everything. The easier it makes the path — it makes everything flow really well, and makes everything work very well.

We move people around in the pyramid during class to sort of balance things out. What happens is these little orbits start. It is like an oxygen and hydrogen molecule, they get really attracted to each other and they orbit together. Their energy sort of bonds together and what that does is it causes little molecules to get started all over the place instead of one large molecule and we're trying to create a large molecule here. Sort of formally interact together.

Corky: Al, tell us what happens to most people as they go through this process and they get part of the way and see that something really is happening.

Al: The common back up kind of thing is what people do. There is an underlying thing that happens here that will confront your honesty. It is in the honesty button or area of us, because we live in a dishonest environment. It is made up of doing all that you can for yourself, when you are little, lying to your parents and friends to protect yourself. It is a protection device that every one of us does, spontaneously.

Corky: Do you lie to yourself so much you believe it? It becomes truth to you?

Al:Each lie becomes truth and each lie becomes security in that lie. Each truth which is a lie, becomes security, and makes that snowball greater and greater.

Corky: Tell when something is happening about your honesty, what happens to you? Do you get nervous? Agitated?

Al: You feel like your life is going to end, or maybe it's not that extreme in some cases, a lot of guilt going on inside your head.

Corky: How do you fight back with the guilt?

Al: We get really argumentative, defensive; do everything we can to protect ourselves.

Corky: With that in mind, let's go on to the next stage. After a person is touched, let's call it that, in a way that they get to the point of being pissed off agitated or mad, what happens next?

Al: Then they are faced with the surrendering part of the honesty.

Corky: How easy is it to do that?

Al: Regardless of the circumstance of the subject matter, to each one of us it is like walking into a fire.

Corky: You feel like everybody else is fucked up but you, right? That everybody in the whole situation, the person pointing this out is the fucked up one and you are the only right one. So, where do you run to find cover?

Al: Well, you will run to the area of your security with other people. Other people that will back you up, those people that will agree with you. You look for people that will sing your own song to give you your security.

Corky: Isn't there something weird that goes on, to the extent that when you were called on something that really got to you, it did not have anything to do with a specific factor or incident, but it has to do with an underlying issue of dishonesty. It does not matter what the incident is, but that underlying dishonesty is there. So you run to your friends or anyone that will tell you that you are okay. It does not have anything to do with a philosophy of a group. It has to do with the underlying dishonestly. I would say that the basic lesson here in the pyramid, is to get as honest as you can on this side of the coin, so that when you go to the other side you will be able to take that karma with you. It is a very simple story you guys, it is not complicated. It is very simple. But it is hard to do because it hurts.

Okay — let's go on to the next topic. What happens when people come around long enough and they get exposed to some of the phenomena around here? Let's talk about that one.

Al: When they get exposed to the phenomena that takes place around here, that is an extreme point. There are things that happen around here that people cannot figure out, and that can only be referred to as phenomena. When it happens even though you may have been around here for a long time, it tends to snag you and get you in trouble because there is still this part of you that lies in a dishonestly category again. That part wants to capitalize on it, get excited about it, maybe tell everyone out there about it because they are so excited about it, put it in the bank and try to sell it to somebody else. Devastation occurs really quickly to people that do that. Those people that have done that have run off from here and they do not understand what is going on in their lives and cannot figure it out. Usually they send a letter or call us up, and say "Any part of me that has been involved there, I want destroyed. I do not even want people to know that I was ever there.'

Corky: Let's talk about this so that everybody can get really clear about it. Do you ever feel the earth shake beneath you here in the pyramid? People find themselves when they get honest with themselves. The problem with this process, is you get to that point and then people go crazy. They go crazy in their abuse and go running amok and then they get buried by it. Getting them past that point is difficult because they do not want to listen to what is on the other side and they are storing all their treasures here on this earth and they want to put their efforts here rather than on the other side. They are not willing to die for it in other words. They want to hang on to this side.

The purpose of Summum is to be part of the marriage that takes place with creation. Becoming a transformed blood cell heading back to Creation. That is the process you go through when getting cleaned up. Because what happens is you go to the kidney and the kidney says "Okay, here we are. Let's talk about what door you want to go through." Then it gives you the choice. Nobody takes away your free agency; everybody is stuck with a choice. Sometimes it is a decision between the ax or the knife. So nobody is exempt here. I have it, honest to god, worse than you guys have had it. We all get it. It is the process of transformation that we all go along through evolution. That is what we do here in the pyramid and it is done in a really subtle way. A lot of times we are talking to one person about an issue and all of the sudden somebody over on the other side of the room gets this idea that we are talking about them! It stays there for awhile and it goes home with them, and all the sudden it comes up later. The whole class that we were talking about has no relevance but a whole new enlightenment comes about in that person later on. So it is a really bizarre thing how this place works. It is a womb of creation. In the womb it can take place.

Usually you can work on surface things on the outside, but what we do usually on the outside is we rub on each other and say "Oh it is okay! Everything is great, you are a great person!" So, I need to beat the living shit out of you and get your attention and bring you back to reality! Then we can go back to base one and start from where we are really at, and start to look at what is really going on inside of us. When we find that real place with all of the things that are there with it, whether good or bad, and then as we get to the clarity of it, even though it may hurt looking at it, we find out what is there and leave part of it behind and move on. Leave it behind. That is what transformation is about. The closer and closer we get to the clarity and honesty, the easier it is to walk on the other side of this coin and stand there. No matter how many things that you believe that you have done, good or bad or whatever, you can stand there in the purity of honesty and say "I have got a proton here, and a proton there, and maybe a neutron over here." Some people say protons are good, and neutrons are bad, but all they are, IS. If you tell what you have got, or what you have not got, then you are fixating in that state of evolution perfectly and you do not have to go through a disintegration of illusion to bring you back to reality on the other side.