Become Open To Evolve - Part 2

April 2, 2005

Become a female, and let the female become a male.

Back from break...

Corky: Ok. Donna said recently that she felt happy. Do you feel happy Steve? Why?

Steve: Yeah. I feel good, I feel happy, I feel pleasant.

Corky: Do you feel as happy as you've felt in your whole life? When did you feel the happiest in your life? Just think about it for a second.

Steve: Geez, so overrated those things.

Corky: Think about it for a second and find the happiest time of your life. Donna told me recently that right now she feels the happiest that she's felt in her whole life. Is that true? Why?

Donna: Well there's just not a lot of conflict, it's just peace and...

Corky: What was the conflict? What conflict did you have going?

Donna: You know I had a new one every day probably. It's the mental activity, when you're in your thinking brain there is always problems.

Corky: Someone posted a very interesting thing on the Oracle board, they asked a question, they said, "If I'm in Alzheimer's, hasn't my essence or spirit left my body?" And I had to write back to him and I said No, it hasn't. That's your life force, your essence is your life force. If you're in Alzheimer's or you're in a coma you're still stuck in that body. And it's just a degree. Most people are in a coma in life and they are stuck in their body.

You posted some real interesting things on the... was it the Psyberbation board or the Phi board? But you posted those things about dying, "You've gotta learn to die before you can live." What do you think about that, what it says in there?

Shad: Just that you've got to learn to die to learn how to live.

Corky: Do you think that the Egyptians had a clue going, that from the time they were very very young babies they were taught about dying, and they lived their whole life to die, and they built their tombs and they built mummiforms? They made that their most important thing so that it was a transition rather than a stopping. Most people when they die it's a stop, they're in shock or something like that. But if you can plan it from the time that you're a baby, it's going to happen, you're going to automatically do it, it makes it a very easy evolution instead of a shocking thing. But it makes it easier to evolve is all. Because if you're shocked you're stuck right where you're at and you jump right back into it. You're afraid and you jump right back into the thing you were in, but if you're not shocked then you can leap forward. So you think that's ok, that you posted that, that it says that?

Shad: Yeah.

Corky: Do you think that some people object to it?

Shad: Yeah.

Corky: Who objects to it?

Steve: People that make defibrillators.

Corky: True. Who else.

Chris: Terry Schiavo's parents.

Corky: Yeah, but don't you think that most people in life are objecting to planning for their death? There's not really very many people signed up are there Ron? That are really going to do it. They're saying that this is how I want to be done. Who was I telling about how I want to be done? Oh, was it you Bernie? And Shad. I was talking to you and Bernie about how I want to be in the... and go through it and ... I can see myself going through it. I'm going to leave two parts of myself here, in the mummy you guys are going to put in here, and I'm going to mess with you with those two parts, and the other seven... five of them I'm going to put one place and the other two of them I'm going to put another place. Temporarily until you guys decide to come along. On the other side.

Anyway, I want to do that so that I can not be shocked like most people are. And I think everybody ought to do it from the time they are very very very young. You started doing it at one time Donna, and you stopped. Why?

Donna: Other priorities.

Corky: Why? What came in, what happened? Let's wait for just a second. Ron, couldn't you swear at 100% that people that come and do preplanning [pre-need funeral planning] are happier than people that don't plan at all? If you had to divide the groups up. You see the types of people. Two types of people. Ok. What's the person that preplan's like?

Ron: They're very relaxed.

Corky: And in control of their life and happy, right? Are the ones that don't preplan, and it happens, anxious?

Ron: They're freaking. You pick up the phone and you talk to them... I've mentioned to Shad, when you get into the funeral business, and out into the general public, and someone says, "Oh what do you do?" And you say you're a funeral director, all of a sudden they realize that they're going to die, because they woke up this morning... they probably went the last couple of weeks never thinking about death, but as soon as you tell them you're a funeral director all of a sudden you see it cross their face. Oh shit, I'm gonna die. You've just reminded them of their mortality, and you see it all the time. As soon as you tell them, you just see it in their face, "Oh fuck." They almost don't want to shake your hand.

Su: The grim reaper.

Corky: Its true, it's a paradox. It's the best job you can have and so you're lucky. You can do it in lots of ways. You decided to do the transference for people didn't you? You're going to take them through the transference? You guys see Su up there on the wall? And you see Ron and Shad and Bernie? I do.

Steve: They got feathers on their heads?

Corky: Yup. It was funny, Al was with me and we were over talking to Roger and he says, "Oh when you die this place is going to go away," remember that? And you said, "He's just a caretaker," which is true right? And I said I resigned. The only thing that lives is if you give it life. If you allow it to live. And so I have to resign to give it life. You can't die in it, you have to resign in it. If you die in it, it dies. But if you resign in it, it lives. I think Buddha did that, Jesus did that, Osho did that. He resigned. He resigned in his way. I wouldn't want to do it the way Osho did, the police and everything. Sheesh, that sounds like a bummer. Good thing we don't have any money, Gracey would have run off with three million dollars like Sheila did to Florida. Good thing we're poor. No Swiss bank accounts. Although she may try to get a Swiss bank account out of Chris, or Steve. Who knows. Anyway...

Chris: And I was feeling so good just then.

Corky: HA ha, sorry.

Ron: Now you can remember the funeral directors!

Corky: All the funeral directors say to you is get your shit together before you die so that when it goes it will go smoothly. Prepare for it. That's why I was asking Donna. Donna, why did you stop doing that, preparing for it? Its really interesting. Al is in a tight spot, but he still prepares for it. He's in a tighter spot than any of you, but he still prepares for it. And sometimes I think he wonders why he's doing it. That's true isn't it? Sometimes you wonder? Then other times you say 'God Damn I'm glad I'm doing it!' You go through a swing, right? Prepare for life. That's what was on the post, right? What did it say?

Shad: Those who know how to die know how to live.

Corky: When did we change that and add that Bernie, do you remember?

Bernie: Wasn't that long ago, last summer?

Corky: Which section did we put it in?

Bernie: I think it's in the Meditation chapter.

Corky: Good, It should be in there.

Su: We put it in after we read Patanjale.

Corky: We put it in then? Good. Don't ever believe that a bible has to stay the same. Don't ever believe that a teaching has to stay the same. If it's going to evolve it has to change, everything changes. And so it will change. But it won't take away from its basic-ness. It will just grow in its dimensions is all, the basic-ness will still be there. Ron said to me one time how come we don't have mummification in the Summum book? Remember that?

Ron: That was a long time ago.

Corky: I know, ten years ago. And I said Jesus Christ, I haven't been able to get everything done in one day. Anyway, if you guys decide that you want to help... if you decide you want to help you have to make it your number one priority, but everything else falls into place, honest. Right Donna? But you've got to really decide totally, you've got to love yourself so much, you've got to become narcissistic, that you decide to plan for your death right now until your ending because you want to make it smooth. That's the most important point in existence. And once you do that you lose yourself to the cause, you become that thing on the wall [indicates the weighing of the heart ceremony portrayed on the north wall of the pyramid]. Once you do that, you become that thing on the wall and you sit, there's many people in those positions. Not just one person. Everyone takes a different position in that transition. Can you see everybody Steve? Or are there missing pieces or people.

Steve: Oh gees, I would have no idea.

Corky: Cami, can you see missing people?

Cami: I don't know.

Corky: Al Martin, are there missing people up there, to make the transition? People that are alive? You think they're all alive in people or something? You see them as being alive right now?

Al Martin: Yeah.

Corky: Ok, Chris. I mean is it people alive right now or something else? I'm just asking everyone this question real quick. No one seems to know. Ok, we started out with these nine Neters. There are these nine real essences, Ok? And they are essences that are here and have been here in the pyramid from the time we built it, we made it a home. You've seen, I saw you watch one land right there, remember?

Donna: I've seen them twice since then too.

Corky: When I asked them to come? Didn't help though did it? To show someone that? Didn't make them want to continue to do this cause. To perform a miracle, that doesn't do it, does it? What does it?

Donna: It's a personal experience.

Corky: It's a personal experience, ok. There were originally nine Neters and then nine other ones joined and now there are 28 that say they want to do away with themselves and become one person. Twenty nine are going to make this leap, but they are only going to be one person, but you don't lose yourself. You don't go away, you just become part of a larger thing. And that's sometimes a scary thing don't you think Al? Telling people that they're going to lose their ass?

Al Greco: Not knowing what's going to happen.

Corky: Yeah, but they're still there, but they're just this bigger thing. But you can't get there if you're taking yourself because nobody else wants to move into the house. They want their own condo. I don't think that you want to toss your condo out on the street to be abused by existence. I think you want to reserve your condo for the 28 Neters.

Al G: I thought three nine's are 27?

Corky: There's a group that are arguing about it right now wanting to get in.

Al G: Or really, they're having a debate? A cosmic debate. ha ha.

Corky: They are having a debate, there's about... I told them they could only do it if there were 8 of them. Because there's only one that is going to do it so they need 8 more, which will make another nine. Anyway, that's another problem. To be able to join with that you need to give away yourself and surrender to a cause. And you can still have everything, but that just becomes your cause is all.

You guys did great today working around here. What do you think, Shad, is the biggest difficulty? Chris grab that glass and pass it around. I don't want anybody going away from here drunk. Ok? But you can't stay. So don't get drunk and say you've got to stay. I'll park you in the taxi. Remember when I sent you home in a taxi?

Steve: Uh huh.

Corky: Bad dog, huh? It was late one time and Steve got drunk and sick and I said 'in the taxi'.

Al G: That was Halloween.

Su: Oh yeah, he was in the priest outfit! Fryer Tuck.

Corky: If you're drunk you're going in the taxi. The taxi guy was happy, he liked Steve.

Steve: Yeah, I gave him a joint on the way home.

Corky: And you gave him lots of money. He liked all those things. Anyway, don't anybody go away from here intoxicated or the police will get you. I think they put Terry Holmes in prison, that's why we haven't seen him.

Ron: No, but he wasn't drunk from here, he was at a bar.

Corky: No, what he'd do is drink a little here and then go to a bar and get drunk as a skunk and drive away and get picked up and blame it on here.

Ron: He used to use us as an excuse to get out of the house.

Corky: I know. Anyway. No getting into that spot. So, what is the paramount problem?

Shad: I...

Corky: Oh, you don't dare talk about it? Ha. Never mind, don't say anything then. What's the paramount problem Cami?

Cami: Relaxing. Surrendering.

Corky: To what?

Cami: Something bigger than you. Giving up you and your thing.

Corky: Why do you bother coming here? Doesn't it piss you off sometimes to have to come here? ... Come on now, doesn't it? Doesn't it piss you off to have to come here?

Cami: It used to.

Corky: Yeah but doesn't it just, it must piss you off to have to come here. You're thinking Jesus Christ I have to go down there on a Saturday night I could be doing something different.

Cami: No, no...

Corky: Wait a second, you're thinking I could be off doing a movie or pizza or, let's see, what else could you do. You could test drive a car, or mall shopping. Do people still do that?

Ron: They do or they wouldn't have the buildings.

Corky: I thought they were going out of business, or are they growing? ... Or you could do yoga. Oh God, I don't know if I could do that. Is it hard?

Steve: No.

Corky: Its easy?

Steve: When you stop fighting and trying, yeah.

Corky: Oh good. Oh, when you stop trying to do it over there? Are they stopping trying over there?

Steve: No, of course not. There's plenty of people that come in and they're fighting life and fighting themselves.

Corky: Have most people decided to not fight, or are most of them fighting over there?

Steve: I don't know. I think everybody that can do a headstand is probably not fighting over there.

Corky: How many people can do a headstand?

Steve: I, I can't do a headstand.

Corky: Oh. How many are?

Steve: Everybody else!

Corky: Oh! They all do headstands?

Steve: No, I stopped going to the level three classes. They fight too hard.

Corky: Why do they want to do that?

Steve: You know, that's a good question because Peter, he says his greatest teachers just sit, and they don't do all these asanas or whatever.

Corky: So why do they want to do it?

Steve: I don't know.

Shad: Because that's what's supposed to happen. You're supposed to do a headstand and then go up on one finger.

Su: It's the joke.

Corky: Why?

Al G: It's the John Manning consciousness where you just sit and you don't do nothing in life.

Steve: Maybe it's that you've got to try every other movement possible before you just surrender to sitting silently.

Corky: Ok. Have you guys had enough nectar? You sure? No more alcohol? We don't want anybody to um... Yeah.

Al M: I was wondering why, like you said, you get fulfilled with something and you say ok that's enough I'll go on to something else, or it's not what I thought it was going to be.

Corky: You become fulfilled with one thing, and then you become fulfilled with its opposite, and once the fulfillment comes with both sides of it, you join them together and you transcend it. You cannot transcend it until you join it and the opposite of it together. Instead of going and becoming the opposite, you stay in the center and you just observe the opposite, and you divide your attention and observe the other opposite and you transcend them, and you surrender your self or your essence to this company or this family of Neters. And you become a larger thing. It's just sort of a giving away or a surrender. But you need to be involved totally in a cause. You need to become one of the participants to do it. But there's lots of participants. You can choose any one you want. But you become a participant along there (indicating the weighing of the heart ceremony on the pyramid wall), or one of them, or whatever. And then it happens.

Al M: But wouldn't it be easier if you could remember your last lives so that you can say, "I did that one before?"

Corky: Yeah. I sent Roger Hammond an email and I think it just really freaked him. I sent him an email, and he's a freemason and he's got a little bit of Christian on, and I sent him an email and he was saying, "Oh the world's coming to an end, it says this, this, this, this in the Bible and as soon as Israel builds a temple the world will end..." And I sent him back an email and I said, "Well god, I've got this Muslim friend that say's the Pakistanis are making atomic bombs for New York, Florida, Texas, California, Chicago." You know, big cities, and he said "Where are you going to build this sanctuary? I thought you were building it in a mountain," and I said no, we're building it in the back yard. And so I sent him the pictures, south of the temple, and Roger got so caught up in taking care of himself and his wife in life that it's all he's been doing. And he forgot that he was going to make a smooth transition and he decided to go do an armageddon. That's not good, is it? Why go to an armageddon when you can just go through a smooth transition? I wouldn't want to go through an armageddon, I wouldn't want to be a born again. Everything come crashing to an end. So Cami, what is the issue? You know, I asked Shad, and Shad didn't want to say what the issue was, you tell us.

Cami: I just think it's that you get caught up in what you want to do in your life.

Corky: Do you think sometimes... can I be really honest with you? Do you think sometimes that it's Shad's fault? Now honest, do you ever think it's Shad's fault?

Cami: About... what is Shad's fault?

Corky: That there could be an issue.

Cami: In his life or mine?

Corky: No, in yours. That it's his fault. Do you ever blame it on him?

Cami: Well sure. Sure I do.

Corky: You do? Well how do you figure out how to blame it on him? Tell me this.

Cami: It's a.. it's a mechanism.

Shad: It's an art.

Corky: Oh no!! Ha.

Bernie: Did you say it's a fart?

Cami: No, those are his fault! It's easier to blame somebody else, and generally that somebody else falls within the closest person to you and...

Corky: Do you feel her making it your fault Shad?

Shad: Sometimes.

Corky: Ok. Do you ever make it her fault?

Shad: Sometimes.

Corky: Huh... Ron, do you do that?

Ron: ... Noooooooooo

Al G: I don't do it.

Corky: You don't have anybody to do it to.

Al G: That's what I'm saying.

Corky: You do it to your neighbors.

Shad: You do it to your brother.

Corky: You do it to Lenny. Everybody says that I don't pick on Su enough.

Al M: Nooo. I didn't say that.

Corky: I didn't say that you said that. Ok, a percentage of people say that I don't pick on Su enough. Ok, so I'll pick on Su for a second. Su, um, it's hard to make it Ron's fault, huh?

Su: Yeah.

Corky: Because as soon as you make it Ron's fault then it makes it a bigger problem.

Su: Yes.

Corky: It's really interesting to see it that way isn't it?

Su: Uh huh.

Corky: Once you make it somebody else's fault you deny yourself. You take a part of yourself away and you put it to sleep, you make it unconscious. When it becomes your total responsibility, everything that happens, then you are totally in your attention of yourself. You can put that in the book. That's the reason Chris doesn't have a girlfriend, is because it's all their fault. That's the reason Steve says he doesn't, he does want one, but he wants a different one, but he doesn't have any because he wants a different one but that's not really the issue, it's because he's doing something that is making it not possible, or it would be. Because if you have an ocean that fills everything you must have a barrier to stop the ocean from being in it. You can put that in the book. You have to have the barrier or the ocean will be in it. Some kind of barrier, some kind of obstacle. And so if there is something that you feel that you want or need, then you just take away the barrier and it falls in. But the barrier won't go away until you admit that you have it. As long as you're in denial of having it, it won't go away. Because you have to realize. That's called realization. Once you realize you've got it, then you're able to take it and relax with it and say I've got it, I'll let it go. That obstacle, I'll open it, I'll relax it, I'll drop it like Osho says. Just drop it. And so if you feel... Donna said she feels the happiest in her life. But she still hasn't planned for her... When you planned for your death, when you had your policy, did you feel good or did you just do it for fun because everybody else did it or what?

Donna: Yeah, I don't think I had any special feelings about it. I just, I don't feel separate and I don't feel like I need to gain or lose anything.

Corky: I know, but what happens if you don't get mummified and go through the transference, are you concerned at all?

Donna: No.

Corky: Not at all?

Donna: No. I don't know why...

Corky: What would you say Ron?

Ron: There's gonna come a time.

Corky: When she gets close. She thinks she's too far away?

Ron: I don't care how old they are, there are people that reach a point that they know that this is going to happen. Others can talk about it, but they really aren't biting the bullet. That's part of when you get involved in the funeral business, you know how uncomfortable that made you? Because you're not going to die. And when a person realizes that they're going to die, it becomes comfortable to be in the business, because you look at it every day. It's as natural as life itself, but if you are uncomfortable with it, you can't be in the funeral business. If you pick up the phone and call somebody and tell them it's the funeral home, they freak and hang up the phone, because they're not going to die. Then when you talk to a person, they know they're going to die, they're interested in it because they want to understand the journey, they want to prepare themselves so the family won't have to deal with it because they know their family...

Corky: Ok, can I stop you right there... do you think if you had to look at those people, not people here, not Summum, but those people who have come to that realization, they are more comfortable, happier, and more complete than a person who hasn't?

Ron: Oh yeah, there's a huge difference. I mean it's like the switch has flipped.

Corky: Do you think that has anything to do with Summum? Flipping your switch in Summum, do you think some people could? That they totally realize it is so real that they become it?

Ron: Of course it's possible.

Corky: Do you think it's difficult Shad?

Shad: Yeah, for people to flip that switch.

Corky: Do you think if you had a squirt on it would be possible?

Shad: It would be very difficult.

Corky: Why? Don't you think Chris ought to be pissed right now?

Shad: I don't know, maybe. He looks a little tense. He looks a little forcibly relaxed.

Corky: Do you think he could be arguing a little.

Shad: Yeah. Absolutely.

Corky: Why? Do you ever have one on? A want to be able to squirt?

Shad: Yeah.

Corky: Wow. You ought to trade sides. What you ought to try to do is trade sides. Become a female, and let the female become a male. And what that does is it allows you to join your male side with your female, and allows that other female that you're doing that with to join her male with her female and she gets to do the squirt and you become the female. Then you can turn your inside outside, join them together and they become one.

You have to ask yourselves, I think it was said you cannot be cold and you can't be warm, you have to be hot in creation. You can't do it part of the way, you have to do it the hot way, all of the way. You can't put one foot in it, or you've got another foot some other place. You can't ride two horses at one time. Lots of people say it lots of different ways. Jesus said you've got to be hot in the cause, Osho says you can't ride two horses, you can't have a foot in the cold pond and one in the hot pond at the same time. Be one, but your divided. He says you've got to become one. And so it's got to be your main cause. It was really interesting, Osho tried to make people wear uniforms to say it was their cause, and they all caught AIDS. Yuck. I don't think you need to wear any uniform. It wasn't Osho's fault, it was their fault, it was a bad time. You can't control life with people like that because they go nuts. A large group of people, you have too much chaos in it. You need a concise family. But you will be the ones that will be the deciders. And the only way you'll decide is if you test it. You have to test it for a while. You have to give yourself to it soo much for about a year or two or something like that that you lose yourself in it. And once you've lost yourself in it you discover there's nowhere else you want to go rather than being it. But it's sometimes a difficult journey to lose yourself in it. Isn't it Al?

Al M: Yeah, the simplest thing is the hardest thing.

Corky: Why is it so hard Donna, would you say, to lose yourself totally in it? Because there's a calling from your family isn't there? A tiny whisper. There's a calling from somewhere, isn't there? A tiny whisper?

Donna: Uh huh, yeah.

Corky: Steve's funny, he sends emails to his parents, I don't know what else he does, but I know he sends emails that are insulting to his parents. Because he's trying to break a link is all. You may say or feel insulting things towards Shad, and Shad may feel insulting things towards you because you're trying to break a link. It's a link of discomfort, and so you have a reaction to it. You may, I don't know what you do Ron, you may feel like breaking a link because you feel discomfort, rather than think it you may feel it. I don't know. Wait, let's see... No, it's sort of a chaos and a confusion thing. Bernie is trying so hard to get to the end that he can't remember that he's already there. Chris, I don't know what Chris is doing. What are you doing Chris?

Chris: Cooking! Ha. Um, I love that part of the Summum book where it says something about compromise. A devotion not complete is not devotion, it's a compromise. But may I say something about something you said earlier?

Corky: Yeah, you can say anything you would like.

Chris: I better not.

Corky: No, go ahead, what did I say earlier? Go right ahead.

Chris: I agree with everything you've said, it's so good. But you were talking about... I better just let it go, it's ok, never mind.

Corky: Oh no! Let's hear it.

Al G: You going to incriminate yourself?

Corky: You've got us going. Come on, get it out.

Chris: It's so paradoxical. I mean, I'm really not in a terribly upset state right now, I feel ok, but it really is paradoxical, the things you say. Don't squirt. How come you don't have a woman? Don't squirt. How come you don't have a woman? I mean, it's hard enough being alone at three in the morning and not fondling yourself and your staring at the ceiling and your genetics really want to cum, really want to have a liquid orgasm, it's hard enough doing that. If I had a woman that I was attracted to lying next to me it would be intolerable. I mean it's almost easier to do what I'm doing.

Al M: Pardon me, I mean... I don't think he's ever graduated from teenage.

Corky: Let's not have any judgment here. Chris is just being honest about where he is at. That's all he's doing is being honest with where he's at. All I'm saying is that there is no need to torture yourself. You know? There's no need to torture yourself.

Al M: Well I didn't mean to criticize you, that's the last thing I want to do. But it seems like it's a very adamant lesson. And I'm the same way, I think about this all the time.

Corky: I'm not arguing with that at all. All I'm saying is that it isn't any of those things.

Chris: I know it's not. You hit on it before when you were saying you embrace the opposites without participating in either one, and then you kind of alluded to it. But it's an experience.

Corky: Al? Go on with what Chris just said.

Al M: I think it's just something that happens. I don't know. We've all gone through it. I don't care if you're a man or a woman.

Corky: Ok, Cami is there a longing for something that's not there?

Cami: In me?

Corky: Yeah.

Cami: Sometimes.

Corky: Shad, is there a longing for you?

Shad: Yeah.

Al G: I go in and out of longings.

Corky: Ron? Yeah, you tell me all the time you have a longing Ron. I don't know if you're kidding me or whatever. Sometimes you seem like you are upset or something like that. Are you, or are you just pretending?

Ron: That I'm upset?

Corky: Are you pretending or are you really upset?

Ron: I don't know. Life is really smooth. I've got aggravation with my work, but it's more of me wanting to change something that is not changeable. You know, the outside world has got its thing going on, and because I'm immersed in having to participate with it and allowing myself...

Corky: Don't do anything too radical out there. ... Why aren't there a lot of people here Steve? I mean, you've gotta feel like this is weird. Because Why am I here? There's not a lot of people here. I mean, there's 750,000 Catholics in St. Petersburg Square when the Pope died, and I never really heard anything he said that impressed me. They say it on the news, but I never heard anything that impressed me. All he said was a bunch of old bullshit. Don't use rubbers and stuff like that.

Shad: Keep people alive as long as possible.

Su: Keep feeding tubes in cause it's natural. Ha!

Corky: Why Steve? Why are there only a few people here, and all those people are over in St. Petersburg Square?

Steve: Cause they can't handle it perhaps?

Corky: I don't know. I don't have the answer to that one. I just think maybe they're not ready for it is all. Who knows. They want to do something else.

Al M: In defense of Chris, the fact that he's here, that means he's quite a bit advanced.

Corky: I would agree.

Chris: Ugh. Oh God. [mocking grandiosity] "And in defense of Al..."

Al M: What!? I'm trying to be positive.

Su: HA, Open mouth, insert foot.

Al M: But it's true, he's here. Out of the many... Ok, I'll shut up.

Corky: That was great! It's interesting, the more Chris comes to Summum the older he looks. And so if he keeps coming here he's going to turn into an old man. Like an old fossil over there? So is this dangerous Chris, you going to turn into an old fossil? You better go to a place that makes you young, like the bar.

Chris: Really? This place, it's making me look older here? I didn't know that.

Corky: This place will make you look old.

Su: Look at me, I'm 25.

Ron: I thought you were 19!

Su: Well, you know, give or take.

Corky: What do you think Shad? You wondering what in the hell is going on?

Shad: Not really. Out there maybe.

Corky: Ok guys, let's roll this up. Tell me what you want me to say, tell me what you want to hear, what this should be about.

Donna: There's something bothering Cami, I want to know what it is.

Corky: We'll find out another class. Don't you... there's nothing bothering you Donna??

Su: HA ha, the mirror! ha ha ha

Ron: Very wicked laugh!

Su: I know it was, but I couldn't help it.

Corky: Donna, is there something bothering you? What's bothering you?

Donna: If there's something bothering me I don't know.

Corky: Do you feel it?

Donna: I feel pretty at peace.

Corky: Ok good. Hold on to the peace and let more come. Did your family try to draw you away at all?

Donna: It was real interesting because I got to watch the dynamics. I love to watch the dynamics of relationships.

Corky: No, but did they try to draw you away?

Donna: Anna, I think would pay to not have me come around here.

Al G: Wow.

Donna: Because I would break her paradigm. She's got her system all set up.

Corky: Did Anna get married and have kids?

Donna: Yes, two boys. And she's now connected with Brent, my first husband.

Corky: Wow, little Anna? What happened to the guy in Bakersfield?

Donna: Her father? Well, she wants his money and she wants some of the other father's money.

Corky: Oh no, she's looking for money, oh god! Al, what is yours?

Al G: It just seems that become aware of what we are doing , become aware of what our priority is on a daily basis, that's what I've been focusing on for several days lately. And not go too much that way or that way, but come back to what it is now.

Corky: What's yours Ron? You're arguing with work, so that's your main...?

Ron: Just watching the movie.

Corky: Do you have any going Su?

Su: Just spring.

Corky: Ok. Out of time, lets ring the bell.