Big Weekend

Millions of Gods - Part 2

April 26, 1997

...everybody was having a party worshiping the world.

Corky: Should we do a quick meditation? (rings bell) It is very beautiful to listen, rather than to put out a demand of vanity.

Ok, we have the kitties in here and I want to talk about the kitties and cats, about something really interesting. Has anybody ever heard of the sphinx? Tell us about the sphinx.

Al: I'll just say it's a combination of various animals.

Corky: Very good. Anyone else?

Terry: In the movie "The Never Ending Story," the sphinx were the protectors for those who wanted to go to the next step.

Edith: I've read that there is only half there, that half is above ground and half is below.

Corky: Has anybody heard about any of the latest information on the sphinx?

Ron: Scientists thought that the sphinx was built 4,000 years ago but now they've discovered that it was built over 15,000 years ago.

Fran: Along the same lines I've heard that the pyramids and the sphinx were built at very different times and that it was built when the area was a savannah because of the water erosion on it.

Corky: Like in the time of Atlantis?

Fran: Yeah.

Corky: So it's a minimum of 15000 years old. Did you know that Fox news just bought the total rights for 50 million dollars to show a secret chamber they discovered under the sphinx?

(Female): I've also heard speculation that the face that is on the sphinx is not the original face that was carved.

Corky: What kind of face is on the sphinx? It's a human face. Now why would they put a human face on a cat?

Al: I heard once that the people of the time period respected the cat as being the smartest animal and so they put the two together.

Corky: It's a very interesting monument isn't it. 15000 years old minimum. A cat with a human face. A cat with the mind of human kind. Or maybe a species that's evolved beyond human kind. A combination of what a cat and humankind would be in the future. Cats are very, very, very, interesting. Right Jo? Tell us about the relationship with a soul of a cat.

Jo: For me they are one of my best friends.

Corky: Are they thinking about yesterday or tomorrow or are they in the present?

Jo: They're in the present totally.

Corky: Have you ever had a cat meditate with you? Does it meditate on yesterday or tomorrow or now?

Jo: It's right now.

Corky: A cat's always in the now. It doesn't think about yesterday or tomorrow. It's dealing totally with the now, it's in total reality. And there seems to be an obstacle between humankind and cats, right Piccard? Humankind takes their beliefs, and their indoctrination and their hopes and wishes and wants and desires from the illusion of the past and projects them into what they believe and pray for in the future and usually avoids a lot of the now. The point about the cat, it's in the now. Even when they're asleep they're in the now. They're not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, they're totally in the now. So do they have an advantage? Victor, do you have an advantage? What would you say the advantage would be Al?

Al: The first thing that comes to mind is there's not a whole lot that gets by them, that gets missed because they're pretty much aware of everything.

Corky: Because if you're thinking about yesterday or tomorrow you can't totally be now. And so if you took a humankind, or an evolved soul and combined it with the now what would you have? A humankind in the now. Totally in the now. Totally in that presence. Now, do you think that the cat is praying for a mansion in heaven? Do you think that the cat is praying for gold? Do you think that the cat is praying for fame? What are the kitties doing right now? They're exploring the now. They're totally in the presence of now. What do humankind do?

Al: They drift.

Corky: They drift. They're in a drift, a drift of what they thought that they wanted or something that they thought would make them happy. They're in the valley of death with fear because they don't have the things that they thought they wanted, or the things they desired. But if a humankind can join with the consciousness of the now that the cat represents, they become the sphinx. The next stage of evolution.

There's an ancient story in the bible, and prior to the bible it was in the Egyptian book of the dead 7000 years ago, it was taught in Atlantis, it's been going on for ever. And it said that there was this man, and in the bible they call him Moses, and Moses was trying to free the humankinds from their incarceration of slavery. Their slavery to the past and to the future. They were slaves, they were incarcerated supposedly by the Egyptians or by the gods, the Netters. And so Moses was touched by a Netter saying "you've become a leader to try to awaken these people, take them out of this land, take them to a place where they can find the now. Something other than being involved in all of the daily worship of all of the gods except for the god within themselves." And so the Israelites departed into the desert and they came to a mountain called Mount Sinai. And Moses was being talked to by the netters, or the continuum. And they said what I'd like you to do is cut out two stone tablets that will last forever and we're going to carry these stone tablets around in what's called the ark of the covenant, or the word of God or the word of creation. And I want you to take these two stone tablets up to the top of Mount Sinai. Nobody else can be there but you, and the reason they can't is because they are in chaos, they have no idea what's happening here because they're in an illusion of the past and the future, and what we're going to try to do is interject some consciousness within them.

And so Moses went up on top of the mountain and he stayed there for 40 days and 40 nights and a great cloud covered the mountain and a beam of light came down within a burning bush and creation, or God, spoke to Moses from this burning bush and he said I'm going to give you the Law, to take back the Law of creation to the Israelites so that these people can become awakened by learning the principles of creation. And so this person from the continuum, this God, took his finger and carved upon both sides of the two stones, the tablets. Both sides were carved on, and it was The Law. And Moses came down from the mountain with the tablets of the great Law to give to the people. And when he got to the bottom of the mountain, everybody was having a party worshiping the world. And they built a golden calf to worship because they didn't know what else to do. Because they were at such a low stage of evolution that's all they knew what to do. And they were in an escape mode. And Moses looked at the tablets and he said these guys aren't going to be able to deal with what this higher law is. And so he took the tablets and he broke them on the ground. And then he went in his tent and went to sleep. And an angel of the netters, of the lord, came to him that night, spoke to him and said make two more tablets tomorrow morning. So he made two more blank tablets that he carved out of stone and polished them and he went back up on Mount Sinai and he only spent a week there the second time. And the netters and the continuum came down to him and said what we'll do is we'll give you some simple instructions. We'll start these guys out at a basic level. And he took his finger and he carved on the stones the Ten Commandments.

Be nice to your neighbor, like your mother and father, don't steal, and don't lie. Start there. So he came back with the Ten Commandments and he spoke to the people, to the Israelites, and gave them the Ten Commandments and he said this is where you've got to start you guys. And they got the Ten Commandments over there on the courthouse lawn and they're still trying to work on them. They're still trying to honor their father and mother, still trying to not tell lies, still trying to stop entrapping people and deceiving people, and telling the truth and being honest and not worshiping the gods of the world. He said there shall be no other god before me on the Ten Commandments, or of creation. That should be your number one priority. And they've been talking about these Ten Commandments for the last 4000 years, and they're having a very difficult time even dealing with those. Let alone the higher Law that was given by the netters of the lord, or whatever you want to call them, the continuum, that Moses carved into the stone, brought down and broke because they couldn't live that law. They couldn't understand it, it was words, words, words. Now the higher law is here again, it always has been. It's in a book called Summum: Sealed, except to the person who's ready to listen. That's not the person who's ready to pray for something that they want. It's the person who has made their number one priority finding out who they are and what creation is. It's not the person praying for the large mansion on the hill, or a golden street or lots of servants or power and authority of other people.

The higher law is a person that wants to become one with creation. But those who have their attention totally in all the other places, it's impossible for them to understand the higher law because they just get words and words and words. Now we've asked humanity to allow us to put the higher law next to the Ten Commandments. What they say is it makes no sense to them. And so what I would suggest to every one of you is that we've made some small additions into the SEALED higher law, it's on the web. And you need to read that higher law at least once a month. And when you understand the higher law and it becomes a part of you, you will be able to walk through the valley of death. There will be nothing that you will want that you don't have. You'll be in total peace, you'll be complete, you will have become one with god. because that's the higher law. That's why we have it out there on the sign. Once a month, read the higher law. It doesn't take more than a couple of hours once a week. After you understand the higher law, and you've read it, read everything else and examine it from the perspective of the sphinx, in the now, with the higher law, bringing together total possibility and nothingness in the resonation that created all existence. In every age the higher law is brought back for those souls ready to listen, but you have to listen to understand it. You can't pray about it because a prayer is a wish a hope a want and a desire from the illusion of the past of something that you think you should have in the future. It is non-existent. Listen to God, be silent with him.

There is the silence. There is the peace. There is nothing beyond that, that could bring you any greater joy or celebration. You could be what Bill Gates is to Microsoft, with a million problems to worry about. He has a 60 thousand square foot mansion, but he doesn't have the peace. You are there right now. In the now. Totally. It is yours. Make it your number one priority. But still celebrate life and do everything else. There is nothing wrong with wealth. There is nothing wrong with celebration and enjoyment and ecstasy. Do all of those things, but be in the peace of the now as you do it.

Don't miss. The door opened and 144,000 passed through. Don't miss the opening of the door for yourself. The other alternative is create lots of hopes, wishes and wants and desires. Try to achieve them, get old and drop dead. And then start over right where you left off. It's so simple. Look at them out there, they are going crazy. They're all trying to acquire something, or gain something that is going to bring them this peace that you have right now. There isn't a want that you could have right now. They don't have that. It does not mean that you cannot celebrate life. It does not mean you could be wealthy or poor. It does not mean that you can't do everything there is to do. All it means is that your number one priority is to be in the consciousness and the now and accept your destiny as it is. Be within it. Let it always be with you. So that no matter where you go, or whoever you talk to or anybody who claims to be the ruler over the government or whatever they are that you can look them straight in the eye with no fear and tell them the truth. You could undress their phoniness. You can take off their costumes. You can expose their lies. And you can show them that they worship mammon and all they want is a gold road with a mansion with a lot of slaves, and a powerful position to tell everybody else what to do.

Questions? Objections? It is a very interesting place isn't it? It's very interesting state of consciousness. They call it a gift from god. But make it your gift. Don't miss it. Don't let it pass you by. Make it your priority. Be one of those that go on in evolution and progression. Be one of those that is not imprisoned on a terrestrial planet continuing to come back, continuing to look for some kind of satisfaction that you can never receive. Howard Hughes had all the wealth in the world, and never had the peace. President Clinton, president of the greatest country in the world, every time he gets up in front of the camera it seems like he's under some kind of major stress. You can live in the white house, you can be the commander of the world, but you can't have the peace that you can have here. It's impossible right now for you to have a desire. That's what Jesus said, he said "the father and I are one." The one that came from creation , which they always close their prayers in amen. As they say in revelations, creation came from Amen. It was the source of energy of the light and it will never go away, they will always close their prayers that way. Because the continuum will never allow it to stop. The most precious things are very rare. There is an infinite number of houses and mansions. Gold is rare. Platinum is rare. So it becomes precious. This state of peace that you have right now is rare. It is the most precious thing that you could give yourself. It is a gift from the god inside of you. Put your attention on it. Meditate with it. Become one with it. Then as you walk through the valley of life to whatever your destiny be, which will be physical death when you grow old, you will awaken in that same peace in eternal progression. As you go to sleep is the same way that you wake up. The consciousness that possesses your mind when you leave this life, will be the same one that you will awaken with in your next. If you are hungry for something of the world today, tomorrow you will wake up with the same hunger. Anybody have any statements, or questions?

Q: How do you progress to another planet?

Corky: No one goes anywhere. Everyone is where they are at. Which is a very interesting situation. Everybody believes that you're going to go to heaven, or going to go to the mansion, or going to go to the golden road. You go inside. That is where it is at. Your planet is inside of you. As a man thinketh, or a woman thinketh, so they are. If you let yourself be in heaven, this planet is heaven for you. And those who believe they are in hell, this planet is hell for them.

It's inside of you. Everybody is ready to go some place. You are already there. You are always in the now. This is what the cats are telling you, you are there now. Either you are in heaven, or in hell, or somewhere in between, the more you desire, want and need, the greater your hell. The more in touch with peace that you have, the more unity with the oneness inside of yourself, you have arrived. You have taken yourself out of the prison and you are a god. You created yourself, you do it every day, by your wishes wants and desires. You created yourself. You create what Kevin is going to be tomorrow by the way that you think. You created what Fran is going to be tomorrow, by what is in your consciousness.

There is only one person. That is you. I speak to you because I am created by you. I am your self talking to you.

Edith: But aren't we all one, ultimately?

Corky: That one, is talking to you. It is trying to explain to you to let go, relax, celebrate, enjoy life.

Edith: When people are lonely, that only means they are longing to be one?

Corky: They are lonely because they create being lonely. There are masters who sit in caves for three hundred years and don't get lonely.

Edith: I know somebody who is never lonely, and he thinks he lives forever, and he knows he has the seeds of creation inside of him. He describes it as a ticklish feeling.

Corky: He's probably right. As a man thinketh, so is he, and so is woman. There has been a time in all of your lives (interruption at the pyramid door)

See how easy it is to go out in there, and to lose it? So you do need a number one priority. But it doesn't mean that you can't go out and do all those other things also. I am saying celebrate life, do those things, have all those things. But at the same time, if you want that consciousness of peace you have to put your attention on it. If you want it to become permanent within you, that needs to be your number one priority. Take no thought for tomorrow. The lilies of the field don't, the birds don't, the cats don't, creation provides everything for you. When you don't worry about tomorrow or yesterday and you live totally in the now, you are there. It is yours. You become one.

Total possibility, and the womb of nothingness bonding together an infinite number of times in the vibration of creation. (ringing the bell)