Big Weekend

The Only Easy Path through Evolution is Love - Part 1

January 4, 1997

...the whole world becomes your family...

Corky: Lets do a quick meditation, but before we do let's have a little toast of transformation, we're going to have a transformation here tonight, for everyone. Whether yours be a full cup or a little cup or a complete cup or a portion of a cup, it'll transform.

(Rings bell) Time. I know that was just a real quick meditation. We do sort of a silencing of the mind when we get started. And I know probably everyone knows this already but this is the vagina (holding the bell) and this is the phallus (Holding the stick). Here's the hole and this is the thing that goes in it. And what you do is you join them together and they sing a song. And when you listen to the song of the joining it's a form of meditation and they become one in the song. Separate they're silent.

Now, there is a lot of paranoia in our society today, and this is the Summum philosophy book. I've made some changes in it and it's on the web, you can download it and it's free, you don't have to buy the book. You don't have to buy anything around here and that's one of the things I wanted to talk about tonight. Is the paranoia that's created by individuals themselves of religions, of philosophies, of spirituality, of the world vs. what I've got and what they've got and I what I give and what they're gonna take. You know, those are all sort of the same things aren't they? And in this book it says...

Let me start out with the last paragraph on the 3rd page. All of us come down as a snow flake and all of us are individuals and everybody is different from everybody else. No one is like anybody else. Even identical twins are a little bit different, you can tell the difference in them, there's something different about them, their personalities and their egos are a little bit different. You can say something to one of the twins and it affects them a little bit differently then the other. And so as we come up in life our environment and our genetics and everything that happens around us and all those things together make up what you are, all those things that have happened in life make you who you are. And so you take on a position or a stand of who you are and in the east they call it the face. Have you ever heard the term saving face? It's the ego or the personality, they've got something who they believe they are, it's in their mind, it's all the things they've thought, it's genetics, it's all of that. That's who they are, you're given a name, you're born at a particular date and time, you have an astrological sign. You have one of those. And so you have all of those things. And I've told this story before, I don't know who will remember it, but it's like a pioneer who started at the East coast and came to the west coast. And as he came across the land he saw all these beautiful stones and he had a backpack and he'd put a stone in his backpack and every time he saw a beautiful stone he'd put it in his backpack. And then he came to the Rocky Mountains. He started hiking up the Rocky Mountains and all these beautiful stones everywhere and so he'd look through the stones and throw one out because it was so heavy he couldn't carry the stones over the Rocky Mountains. By the time he got to the summit of the Rocky Mountains, coming down to California he had a backpack of all the most beautiful precious stones that you could have. And then he hiked all the way down on foot from the east coast to the west coast to someplace around San Francisco and he'd gathered the most beautiful stones in the world. And he poured them out of his backpack and went a block down the street to the lapidary shop and there were all the same stones. That he had gathered, carried across the mountain, packed with him with his whole life and they were already where he was going. But he was gathering those perfect stones all the way along but they were already where he, or she, was trying to attain to.

From the Summum Book - "If you're truly searching for the keys to creation you will be able to resolve and apply these principles. If not then you must develop yourself in other ways. For these principles will be as words as words as words to you. Look at them."

There's this mountain, and there's an infinite number of paths up the mountain. Everybody's climbing the mountain and there are people at the bottom of the mountain saying "I don't care about the mountain." And all of those ways are just as correct as going up the mountain or staying at the bottom or whatever. Everyone is doing the right thing that they are supposed to be doing. The LDS church is just as correct for the people that are involved in it as the Catholic church is for those people or the Methodist or the Buddhist or whatever. It's their personal development. It's what they do to learn to develop themselves to allow their spirit to progress and go on. And in this book someplace it says "There are once again a few individuals" - this is page 2 - "who are being reinitiated into the mysteries of the principles by advanced beings, for the purity of the teachings have degenerated. That is why so many people are so discontent with the current forms of religion and practices. These initiates may not receive popular approval or numerous followers."

Does anyone know what that means? It means they're not gonna have approval, they're not gonna have followers. Not many people are going to do it, not many followers to this thing that's happening.

"Yet, they are indifferent to these conditions for they know how few in each generation are ready for this knowledge." There are very few people in each generation that are able to deal with it, or want to do it. "These pearls of wisdom are for the few elect that recognize their value and hold them deep in their souls as vehicles of spiritual evolution."

Summum will never have lots of followers and it never has had in the past. They always come after it's over. After it's all over with and the words are put out there they build a religion around it. Like Buddha, Buddha had five followers. There's a lot of Buddhist around you know? Or Christ who had three women who took him off the cross, the rest bailed. There are 750 million Catholics, there's about 1.3 billion Christians in the world today, but there were 3 followers at that time. So when it's introduced, there are not a lot of followers. Nobody wants to do it because their really sort of interested in development, and there's nothing wrong with development. It's correct. That's what you're supposed to be doing. And so you don't have to become a follower. It's just as correct to develop. Go to the LDS church or go to the Catholic Church or go join the Peace Corp or go become Donald Trump or be Barbara Streisand or become a Pavarotti. Do all of those things, those are just as good as what Summum teaches, there just as good, just as valuable. it's all development. But there comes a time after a lot of incarnations, as all the masters have said, that you have experienced and delved into all of the realms of this level of human progression and evolution. Its infinite, it goes on, but you've become fulfilled with it. So all of a sudden there is an emptiness inside of you, and so you go to church to fill the emptiness and it fills it and so it's perfect. That's where you're at and that's where you're supposed to be, at church. And so attend the meetings at church, do those things, those are the things that you're supposed to do.

Now some people would call us a cult, and I would say that a cult is something that says if you don't go to this meeting and you don't do this and you don't do that then you're not going to heaven. And what we tell everyone here is to go away. Don't come here unless you want to come here. There's nothing that you have to do here unless you want to do it. Don't waste your time. You could be skiing or snowmobiling or laying on a beach in Hawaii. There's lots of things you could be doing besides coming here and wasting your time, unless you want to come here, unless you feel that something is missing and you've been to those religions and you've been to those philosophies and it hasn't been satisfied. There's an emptiness, there's a desire that you have, a hunger for something and when you attain the desire and the hunger it doesn't fill you. Instead of a 30 million dollar yacht you need a 150 million dollar yacht. Instead of 10 men to take to bed you need 20, instead of being president of the United States you need to be president of the world. Instead of 1 gold record you need 20 platinum records. And it never ends, it goes on and on and on because it's infinite. Desire is infinite, it never ends. And the paradox of the desire is that when you have desire, you're hungry and you're thirsty to fulfill the desire and your thirst can never be satisfied until you're relieved from the desire.

Now, we do several things around here. We invite everyone to come listen and then we tell everyone to go away that doesn't want to listen. And you're not required to come here. I mean there's lots of good places to go. There's the Westerner bar. There's the temple grounds. You could do some temple work tonight. You could tour the Louvre. It's probably daylight over there right now. You could probably visit grandma and grandpa. You could polish some silver. You could search the web or whatever. There's lots of things that you could do, lots of things that would be satisfying lots of things that would fulfill those hungers and desires. But what Summum says is that if you're ready, and ready to let go of something, all of a sudden all of your desires will be fulfilled. And instead of wanting, you will have everything. All want disappears and you become the whole. Now there's a difficult point between, a dangerous point between this desire, having this desire, and having it all fulfilled in a moment or in a little while or in a decision. And the dangerous point is you. Because the thing that is creating the desire is you. So the first thing we do is to teach people that there is a spirit inside them and then there is a you. Now they talk about this in the churches, and once you've sort of got beyond it a little bit you sort of have to laugh about it. They talk about a spirit and everything, and that their spirit is going to go to heaven and everything but they spend millions of dollars to stay alive. They're really worried about staying alive, its gets pretty dangerous if that body dies. They don't really know that there is a spirit for sure, they say they know but they haven't really experienced it. And so we teach a meditation, and its called a mantra, and it's a beginning, it's a step for a baby. It's the first thing that you do, and what it does is it lets you sit here and still all the thoughts in your mind and repeat this resonation within your mind and it's the only thing that your able to think. You're only able to think one thing. And so it focuses you into that oneness. Then after you do that for a little while and you decided that "hey guess what, there's me here and I'm making that thing over there happen, I'm not that thing, I'm me here, and I'm making that thing happen." Before that, you think you're all your thoughts and all those thoughts are coming in all the time and you're making thoughts and doing thoughts and all of that. But you need to do that first. And after you do that for a little while, and there's all forms of that, people say stare at a candle, or tap your head and rub your belly or whatever. You know, there's lots of ways of doing it and they're all the correct way of doing it and everyone does it differently. But the beginning one is the correct one.

Then next, after you've done it for a while, we say to you "would you like to become a student to learn more?" Because you've all of a sudden discovered that there is a you inside, that there really is a spirit. You haven't been giving it much attention. You've been putting most of your attention on your finger nails and your lips and your car and your house all those things going out there but you haven't been putting too much on the spirit inside. And so we say would you like to become a student? And what a student does is a student brings their spirit here to these classes. And some of these people are students and some of you aren't. And we call it a joining ceremony. It's a marriage. It's a marriage of a group and they all become students together. And what a student does is instead of thinking during the classes they listen. Because what's happening to students is what's not happening to meditators. The students get a whole different story out of it than the rest of the people because the students feel it from the spirit, its goes through from the master spirit in to the student spirit and all the words do is temporarily keep your listening devices confused while the information comes into the spirit and fills your spirit. And the words are just words. You know, its all noise, you could speak it in Japanese, its just noise. But there's all kinds of levels and frequencies in sound, and there's sounds that whales make that you can't hear, but it's still there. And there's this energy that flows from the spirit to your spirit and it fills it up with all of this knowledge when you're a student. The problem with most students is that they have so many holes in their container that it's difficult to hold the essence that they're given. Because it all drains out, the minute they go out the door, the mind takes over and they start doing their thing.

And so then after they do the student thing for a while, we say to them, would they like to become a disciple? Does anybody know what a disciple is?

Shad: Somebody who's willing to go all the way.

Corky: Oh you mean a woman who wants to get a penis in her vagina? Let's go all the way baby!! [(Much laughing and joviality)]

That was a good answer, someone who wants to go all the way. Let's use this as an example. Now, if you're a virgin, you're going to lose something. What are you going to lose Shad? Your going to lose your virginity, someone who wants to go all the way is going to lose their virginity. I know all you guys lost your virginity a long time ago, that's not a big issue with you guys. But there is something else if you become a disciple that you're going to lose.

Christ said, and before Christ said it the Egyptians said it and it just sort of got written down by people in the bible. He said you need to hate your family, give up your family totally, get rid of them. Because he was sitting and teaching in a group like this and his mother and his sister came knocking on the door and he said "tell them to go away." He said "You are my family. They've come here to talk to me about business and family and stuff. I'm here to talk about God with you, and when they want to talk about God they become part of the family." And then the whole world is the family. He doesn't really say the family goes away, he just says we don't want to deal with those family things right now, because everybody is the family. Everything is the whole, there's something more than just that family, and so there's a letting go of that family and the world becomes your family, the whole becomes your family rather than the piece. And so rather than having the desire to acquire the piece, when the desire drops and the hope is gone, the whole world becomes your family, and so you have it all. You have all the diamonds, you have all the gold, you have all the fathers and mothers and children, you have everyone when you let go of that.

And so, in this marriage ceremony you're asked to be a student. And then in the next initiation, or learning process, or rising to the next level, you're asked... and no one ever asks you to do it, you have to ask to do it. No one comes to you and says would you like to do this? You have to come to me and say that you would like to become a disciple. Has anyone here ever been asked to become one? We don't ask you to do it. It's something you want to do. Its something that you've decided you want to do, you want to lose your virginity. And they've called it an apostolic vow that you take and you change your name. They do that in the Catholic Church, when you become a priest you change your name, when you become a Jewish Rabbi you change your name, when you go to the Mormon temple you get a new name, in Egypt long before there were all these religions and stuff they changed their name when they went through this, and what they did is they said I'm leaving behind Jo Jo Bannana Picker and becoming Summum Bonum Hoopa Dapa Dooba Waba...Bannan Picker. And I've decided to abandon my family and put on a uniform, and Rashneesh called them sannyasins, disciples. Christ said he had twelve of them, disciples, and they all split last second. They didn't want to get caught by those guys.

So you come in the pyramid here and you get a new name and you become a disciple and what a disciple does is they become a worker on creation and they devote their whole life to that. And they still have to have a job and take care of themselves and stuff like that. And a true disciple can only live in a communal state. To the extent that if you have a family you cannot be a disciple, if you live as a couple, you can't be a disciple, the reason being is that you're isolating yourself. And so you need to invite another disciple to live with you. And so if a man and a woman were together they would need another disciple in their home with them to make it communal. And then it becomes more communal that way. And it gets larger and then the community gets larger and the communal state or the family all becomes one whole family before you evolve on. Now, that's difficult, and the reason that's difficult is because you're inviting another disciple into your space. And that sort of screws with your ego. I mean you got this disciple stuck in your house.

And so as we all climb the mountain of attainment and eternal progression and evolution, as we continue to go on, and you see it in nature, everything evolves along and along. You see it in life. Look at the difference in the last hundred years the stuff that we know is evolving and continuing to multiply. Every six years knowledge doubles from what was before in the last 20 thousand years. Unbelievable what's happening now, just unbelievable.

[Class is rearranged]