Big Weekend

The Only Easy Path through Evolution is Love - Part 2

January 4, 1997

You've got to take the female and make it into the male, and the male into the female...

Corky: There are very very very very very very very very very very very few followers. There are hardly any disciples ever. There's no problem with that, that's the way it's supposed to be. That's how it is, it's a farm planet. You know, when they grow tomatoes sometimes they come up with these great big tomatoes and they made a new breakthrough or genetic discovery and now they're doing these tomatoes instead of these old little tomatoes. Or they continue to advance, and everything advances and everything advances. But the cutting edge of it, very few things happen on the cutting edge. The mass of it is flowing down here below in the seas. They're all doing the things on the TV and that advertising tells them to do. They're trying to fulfill their desires. Because the TV tells you or the magazine or your neighbor or you're driving down the road and somebody has this or that or whatever and you want to fulfill that desire. Like the white bread, it's really funny, we put this Hostess bread out for the needy here and people kill each other for it. It's 50 cents a loaf at the Hostess store. But then we put out a $3.00 loaf of Curtell's bread, the best bread in the whole word, and they don't even want it. They throw it on the ground and take the Hostess white bread because their mind is so caught up in the programming of the world and the things that they're told to do. They're all pawns on the chessboard of life and they've never taken control of who they are because they can't stop thinking.

So when you become a disciple you're given the ability to stop your mind totally, and have no thought what-so-ever. And the problem with thought is this: lets all think for a second, we can all think here for just a moment, we can all think things. Think of a problem at home or a leaking faucet or a relative or "What's that noise" and "what's this happening" and now let's think about Terry's socks and lets think about this piece of paper here. Everybody has their attention on this piece of paper here right? And what you're doing is jumping from one thought to another thought to another and you cant even remember what you were thinking about 5 minutes ago can you? You're lost in chaos and the thinking in the mind. Because you're going from thought to thought to thought to thought to thought. It's like a pogo stick. You're jumping up and down on a pogo stick and you never land in the same spot twice, it's always a little bit different. And so you can never be still. You can never have peace. You can never relax. If you're thinking while you're having sex, you can't enjoy it because your attention is in the thoughts instead of in the feeling. And then even if your attention is in the feeling you still can't enjoy it because you cannot be in the oneness of it because your attention is in yourself instead of in (rings bell) the song of it. It's a oneness. And so when you have all of the thoughts and the particles that divide you up, you can't be one. Jesus said "Me and the daddy-O are one!" Didn't he? Didn't he say that? Because we're one and the same thing. Every one of those Christian religions have got a different interpretation of that one, don't they? Oh boy. They're so funny, they make me laugh. But it's ok, they're really good, honest. You ought to go to them. Try a few of them. I think you all ought to go to church on Sunday or go to the Temple or Synagogue or Seventh Day Adventist and do all those things that you ought to. Do all those things that you don't do or you'll be a bad dog. Isn't that what they tell you? I say it's ok to be a bad dog, but they don't think so. You can't be a bad dog, if you're a bad dog you don't pay your tithing, you don't give God the respect that he should have, you don't belong to the right church, the right philosophy. But what I say to you is that every one of you are perfect right now. You are a perfect Catholic. You couldn't get any better. You couldn't get any better. You're a perfect LDS missionary.

Ok Ron. All we say is when you're ready, we will try to assist you in the manner best possible. Now sometimes the assistance is something you don't want to hear or that you don't want to do. And the reason that happens is because you've got this genetic framework and you've got this personality and this ego and this apostolic vow of discipleship that says you're going to go through the hole. Now, let's look at the hole here for a second. We looked at it before, but everyone look at it again and I'm going to talk about it for a minute. Now there's a pyramid there with a laser light coming up. Ron, tell everyone about the painting in your words, how it happened.

Ron: Well, we had a second floor up here so there was a lot of space and I was just working on it trying to get the mathematics right and there is a little flying saucer up there and I was trying to paint the little balls with the lights coming down.

Corky: Where did you get the painting?

Ron: From you.

Corky: From the piece of art that I made in 1975?

Ron: You showed me a little sketch that you had.

Corky: It's in the front of the book right? Here it is right here, here is the painting. (Showing the book)

Ron: That's the one.

Corky: Ok, so you had the little piece of art and you're drawing from the story and stuff right? Then what?

Ron: And I was working on it and working on it and it was just a long night and you came in and were laying here on the couch and looking up through the wood and we were talking about it..

Corky: Did I tell you to do anything to it? Didn't I tell you to make those little things come down a little more, those little white things?

Ron: You said you wanted it to look like it was taking off, like there was some energy coming off the bottom of it.

Corky: And so to make the little white things a little longer and to close them in there.

Ron: And so I was working on there and while I was working you said "Wow you just painted a hole in the ceiling and you've got these crystals coming out of it." And I said "Crystals?! Hole in the ceiling!?" Because that was not where I was going and I was looking at it and all of a sudden I saw it and it was a hole in the ceiling with these crystal bars coming up out of the hole there.

Corky: Did I say to put 7 of them in there? For the seven principles?

Ron: For the principles, yeah. I was trying to figure out what to put in there and you told me to put those in there.

Corky: Right, those little round things with the light coming down and in.

Ron: Right, I did it a dozen times before and you came in here and made me change it a little bit.

Corky: Until it worked right? OK, can everybody see the little flying saucer floating above the green planet? Now, look at the little white dots which are crystal shafts that come out of the floor of the room I was in, in the first encounter story that I tell. They're little things that come out of the floor that you look into. If you look at those you discover that those go down into a hole. Just look at those little things, you see them going down into the hole in the wall. Does everybody see it? Does anybody not see it going down into the hole?

Ok, now the next initiation, after you become a disciple is you get to go through the hole. But you can't do it here; we have to build another pyramid. A stone one, one out of granite and stuff like that. And so we decided to make some money. We did all this other stuff for fun for a little while but we're going to gather some money together and build a stone pyramid and put the shafts in them. You know those little tubes they got going up in them Ron? Those are the holes. You know, you saw them, you were in the king's chamber and you put the crystals in them?

Ron: Right.

Corky: So we need to build a stone pyramid down near Las Vegas, near the Valley of Kings where we're going to build the mausoleum. But I wanted to tell you about them. Anyway, what you do is you come in here and you focus your attention on one of those crystals. They are real crystals that come out of the stone pyramid. Just like they did to me. And it doesn't come in words, it comes in concepts. What happens is all of a sudden you discover all the things you thought were important are meaningless. All of the things that you gathered to make life wonderful for you become meaningless because you're going to drop dead. you're standing here looking at all of those things because you become awakened when you start looking into the crystals. And you're overcome by consciousness of reality, of what really is and of the prison that you've allowed yourself to be in. And I've always called it the filter haven't I? Your soul and your spirit goes into the crystal, to the other side, and meets with the continuum, the Summum people. When you come back into the body you're very embarrassed and you hide under your covers for being so selfish, for having such a small family instead of having the universe as your family.

I'll bet you anything that God would tell each one of you that you're part of his family or her family. But I don't think you can find many people, many humankind, that would say everything is their family. Only God has everyone and everything as its family. And that's what happens when you go on the other side because you leave everything here behind and just your spirit goes there because nothing else can go there, just your essence goes there. Your personality, your ego, your name, and everything else you think you are stays here and just you go there. And there is a very great distinction between you and it when you come back. You still go and do all those things that everybody does in life. But there's still a distinction. It's a firm distinction, it's a dividing line. You say the things they like to hear, you make them laugh. You placate to what they want to do and everything, but you're always separate from it because you have had intercourse with God. (Listening to a fountain in class) Doesn't that water sound beautiful? That's sort of like God's music.

We do these little things in here every once in a while with the water because water is a very very very very very interesting thing. Because what it does is it takes away energy and it adds enlightenment. Someone asked me the other day "tell me what a shining flower means" and the thing on that side didn't know the answer, but the thing on this side said "A shining flower is an awakened soul radiating the light of god."

So what we'll do now is take these crystals off the altar and put them in the water. (Corky takes 4 crystals off the altar and places them in the sink in a little water and everyone gets a nectar refill).

Corky: Is it ok if I thump your vagina, or what is it called? What did Soupy Sales say? Oh, twang your magic twanger? Remember Soupy Sales? Twang your magic twanger, this is the twanger (holding the stick and the bell). He got thrown off the air for saying that. He had a lot of really interesting subliminal things, and it was a kid's show and he liked to say twang your magic twanger. But what I like to do is ring the vagina. (Rings the bell).

The reason being, is because a twanger can't go through the hole. Because the hole is a vagina. You've got to leave the twanger behind. Because usually the maleness has a position on. The right way, the right book, the right verse, the left way to turn, the right way to turn, the street to take. What else do they have on Gail?

Gail: Opinion.

Corky: Opinion, they have opinion on don't they? And an opinion is sort of like it's a thing that's on you. It gets on you, and when it's on you it's difficult to relax because it's stiff. When you got that opinion on you it's stiff and you know what else it does, it says no and it gets mad and anything that touches the opinion irritates it. I mean when you've got that opinion on or that position on if something gets near it or touches it or does something to it, it gets irritated. You've gotten irritated before haven't you Al? We've seen you irritated before right?

Al: Oh yeah!

Corky: Have you ever picked up a couch and threatened to throw it at somebody?

Al: Yes.

Corky: Why?

Al: Somebody was, someone not here, was talking to me and saying things about my behavior that I didn't like, I disagreed with. My opinion was different and so I picked up the couch and held it over my head and said "If I was really what you're saying I am I would dump this on you instead of just suspending it there."

Corky: And so you went half way instead of going all the way.

Al: Right.

Corky: You demonstrated half of your opinion instead of the whole opinion because you thought you might have to replace the couch or something. He didn't want to destroy the property or he might get arrested or something like that. He had an opinion on. But see the problem being is, if you will pay very very very close attention...just a second here (silences the room) When you're a womb, a vagina, sometimes, very rarely, you enjoy the entrance of something coming into you. It's a very very rare phenomenon, honest. All women who would agree with me, raise their hand.

That's every woman in the room. Uh-oh.

Now, so that means that the boys have got a problem. Now the boys, who you believe you are, don't realize that you have a vagina too. And for you to begin to listen and for you to begin to become a listener and for you to begin to desire to become a disciple, you have to find your vagina. There's one there, honest. I can feel mine right now. It has lips on the side there and a hole in the center and it has a G spot and stuff like that. It does, honest. I have one. I found mine. I'm selfish. I told you guys I am a selfish sucker. I like both of them. I pick up all the pennies that nobody else wants. I want my vagina and I want my weenie too, ya know? Sorry. Nobody else wants them, I'll take them all.

Anyway, you guys, and you girls who are male, in your costume, in your position, because a position is male. It doesn't matter what kind of body you're in, right Su? Remember, this is an old story. Doesn't matter if you've got a girl body, doesn't mean it's any better than a boy body because a girl body can get a hard on too. Ha ha ha. They get a penis on too, a position. And they refuse to be an open receiving womb. But the only way that you can get to God, or to the continuum, or to the Summa individuals is to be neither a penis or a vagina, you need to be one. You've got to put them together like Christ said in the book of Thomas. You've got to take the female and make it into the male, and the male into the female so there no longer is a female, there no longer is a male, they become one. And you have to make the inner like the outer so you can go through the portal into the continuum and find out who you really are and you've got to leave all the other stuff behind. You can't take the women's rights with you and you can't take the male order with you because it's a singular thing that goes through. And there is a way to do that. A meditation we call it the Sexual Ecstasy, where after you've practiced it long enough you forget if you're the girl or the boy. And you forget what happened because you go into the other side for hours and the hours are gone and there is no thought in it, there is total silence in it. And when you come back you're full of creation, because you've been in the womb of God. You've had a marriage with God. Because God is on the other side and here.

So the title of the class is: The only easy path through evolution is love. Now that word love is a very interesting word. It reminds me of that small little tiny sunrise on the east wall. What could that be Donna besides a sun? Could be a moon. What would you think it could be besides a sun?

Gail: Could be yellow paint.

Unknown: Could be a bald head.

Corky: Could be eyeballs under a bald head of an alien. What do you think it could be, Jo, besides a rising sun?

Group: Could be an egg, a yolk, a beginning, a penis, an illusion...

Corky: It could be a lot of things, couldn't it? And you know, every one of you is different. And so the word love means something different to every one of you. Doesn't it? It has a different meaning to everybody. Everybody has a different interpretation. What does love mean? If you were home after working 12 hours Jo, and Al came home with a dozen beautiful roses and said I love you and handed them to you?

Jo: It would mean he had been thinking of me.

Corky: And it would mean love too, right?

Jo: Right.

Corky: Shad, what could someone do for you to show you that they loved you. Like your mother.

Shad: I don't know...

Corky: Your mother doesn't love you?

Shad: Yeah, she does.

Corky: What has she done for you in the past that showed you that she loves you.

Shad: She's told me so...

Corky: Has she put her arm around you and kissed you and given you love?

Shad: Yes, she has.

Corky: Donna, how does someone show you love?

Donna: Love is a feeling from an open heart that touches mine.

Corky: Let me tell you guys a secret. This is a very very very very important secret. Nobody really knows what love means. And it's ok, there is nothing wrong with not knowing, but the reason they don't know is that everybody thinks that it's something they're going to get. They're going to feel it. Someone's going to give them love. They're going to receive. And the paradox of it is that is really sort of the evilness of it. It's sort of the opposite of what love is. On the farm planet where all the plants grow, where all the vegetables are grown down here, that's what they're taught. Because it's a beginning of the climb up the mountain. It's a thing that's taught within the churches, that's taught within the philosophies. It's something that you're going to get, it's a feeling that you're going to receive when you know what love is. And when you do something for somebody else, you give them a gift or whatever, there's a nice feeling to it and everything, there's a nice feeling. It feels good. You could call that love couldn't you? And it would be just perfectly fine, to call something like that love.

[Corky gets the crystals from the sink and places them on Kevin and Loralee who are laying in the middle of class.]

Now, Kevin do you remember what we were talking about?

Kevin: We were talking about what love was and we were talking about being male and female.

Corky: And everybody sort of got an idea that love is something that they felt themselves, and that they had a realization that went like this [silences class]. That they've been able to feel it, but they haven't been able to give the feeling. They've been able to think with the mind that someone loves them. Analyze and think about it, but they've never been able to feel it being given to them, or to give it. I'm very selfish. I took all of the ability to give it. But I invite you to give it too. You don't have to. If you want to leave right now you can leave. Don't have to do nothing. But I think they've said over the last number of eons that you couldn't count, that when you separate yourself from the human kindness and go into the abyss, or the nothingness, and there you absorb the whole, when you come back you're able to give it. And all it is, is a worker on the path of creation so that others can continue to evolve. It's not anything spectacular, there's no big titles to it, you don't get any medals or trophies or anything. Sorry. No gold, none of those things go with it, just a lot of work. But when you get it, when you attain it or when you reach the summit of the mountain or the Summum, the sum total, you can come back and go [gives silence to class] and breathe the breath of life, of God, into anyone and make their mind silent. And then you can evolve onto the next planet, off of the planet where all the vegetables are, and it's the path of love. And the only way that you'll really get there is when you stop trying to get love and you start being able to give it. And that happens through surrender. You have to become a womb, you have to let go, you have to die. You have to become a disciple, and it's very difficult for people to do that because all they know is who they think they are. But when you fall into it, everything becomes yours. We have a song that we sing, that when you lose all of your desires you own everything because no longer do you have a want. Because there's nothing to attain because you are attained. You're there, at the new beginning, because it's infinite, it goes on. I'm inviting you to no longer become broccoli. Evolve a little above broccoli. Maybe a cauliflower.