Big Weekend

The Only Easy Path through Evolution is Love - Part 3

January 4, 1997

But that snowflake cannot go back to the ocean. It has to melt first.

Corky: Kevin lets put these crystals on your weenie. There, that sort of takes the urge away doesn't it? Isn't that amazing that it takes that urge away?

Everything is sex. If there is nothing: no existence, no you, no people, no cosmos, no big bang, nothing, zero, nothing, then it has to be possible for nothing to be. Automatically there is this possibility that nothing has to be because if there is nothing, there is possibility. And nothing is the womb, and possibility is the penis. And they go into and out of each other an infinite number of times in a finite moment. That means they do it one hundred forty trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times in a nanosecond, or less. And out of that, those two things going together, there is a lot of heat produced. Because of that, going back and forth there is a lot friction, a lot of heat, so there is a big bang, an orgasm, an explosion and all the material universe comes into existence and god and everything else comes into existence and all this stuff happens. It is all automatic. It always has been and it always will be.

But, as it blows itself out, it blows stuff far away from the orgasm itself, and because it went away, it has to come back. And it is called the evolution as it goes out, and the involution as it comes back in. And as you come back into the orgasm or the explosion or the light of God or the Sun, the light can shine on you and that is what you want to follow. When people die they say that they see this bright light and they go down this little tunnel and they follow the light, the light of the sun or the energy or the light. And once upon a time, eons ago, they called it the sun, the light of the Sun causes everything on this planet to live. Without the light coming from the sun you cannot exist. The light from the sun causes the electrons and neutrinos and everything to happen. The light coming from the sun. It is a small piece of the bigger infinite piece and they called the sun — Ra. And the Ra shined on the things and gave it life. And the light comes from the sun. Don't think of it as a fiery ball or an explosion. Think of it as the force of creation because when it comes down what does it make the plant do? Does it make it die? If the light goes away what happens? It dies. If the Sun goes away does the water lift from the ocean and come over and rain upon the land? If the light goes away everything dies.

And it's the light that is the love, and what needs to happen to the disciple is that the disciple falls in love with the light. And when the disciple lets go of everything and falls in love with the light, it's called puppy love, and puppy love leaves everything behind. Puppy love isn't embarrassed. Puppy love will put crystals on its balls. Puppy love will wear an orange uniform in downtown LA. Puppy love forgets all of the positions. It is that love of surrender that is so total and so complete that it has no compromise within it. And there are places, portals, there are seven of them up there portrayed, but there are places that you guys need to go find. Because you would not be here if you were not ready to evolve on. You'd be going to the Mormon Church and singing "Hallelujah hallelujah pass the sacrament around." Or you'd be going the Catholic Church and doing ceremonies or the Muslim mosque and praying or some of those other things. You wouldn't be here, honest, because there are very few people that find this.

The masses find the stuff that isn't worth anything and the rare things are so small, three people take him off of the cross. Three million people follow him until he dies and then there are 5 left. It is very, very, very, very rare. And it is so easy to fall in love, and it is so wonderful to fall in love. There is nothing that you could buy or be given [that is better] than to be able to fall into love. Because when you fall into love there is never a problem, there is never a pain; if you are in love and you are dying it is even beautiful because you are in love.

But what you are looking for, because of your position, is someone to give you love, rather than you be able to give it. So you need to fall in love with a portal, you need to fall in love with something that has been on the other side and come back. You don't need to do it here, like Naropa. We have been reading about Naropa, what did Naropa do? He searched his whole life to find Tilopa. And he traveled everywhere, thousands and thousands of miles. So save your money, buy airline tickets and go look for Tilopa. And when you find Tilopa fall in love, because you're almost there.

What I'd like to do for a few seconds here is talk to your intellect, so it is ok to think. Everyone can use their minds and everything. You do need to go home with a little argumentative logic. So you can argue about this class back and forth in your mind to see if it was good for you or bad for you or whatever. Let's talk about it intellectually for just a second. You have got all these thoughts going on in your head and all the thoughts, all they do is take you from position to position to position to position to thinking to thinking to thinking to thinking, it is sort of like a chaos. And you try to organize it as much as possible to bring as much satisfaction to the physical body and your emotions and everything as possible. That's what goes on in life, that's life. You know, you think about it, you analyze it, you read it, you do it, you make all these maneuvers and everything to satisfy the mind, satisfy the body, the emotions, stay well, live as long and enjoy as much of life as possible.

Now, there is not one of you in this room that can honestly say that you're totally satisfied and all the desires are gone and that you don't have hope for this to happen tomorrow or to get here or go there or get this or get that. If you really look in your own mind, because your mind keeps saying to you that you need to do this and this and this and this, to be able to arrive. And this is the intellectual part of it. Everybody's thinking. Get those minds going, think "em really hard, struggle in there, get all those thoughts going, the arguments that will happen if I do this, if I do that then this will happen. And I have a duty to do this and a responsibility to do that. So always there are all these little arguments going on in your mind. There is a song that is sung just before the arguments go away and it goes like this. (Corky playing harmonica) And the song's words for the intellect are "The God and I love you so. That we want you to be with me."

And that's not just a small family, that's the whole family. And the class title says the easiest way is through love. And so as long as you think, you will never find love. Because love is blind. You'll have to lose your eyes. You'll have to lose your sight. You'll have to lose your hearing. You have to lose your feeling. You have to fall in love into the nothingness. And the paradox is that everything is there and nothing is here. Because you haven't found it here and you are going to go to your grave looking for it. But you will never find it until you surrender to it. Until you let go, until you jump off of who you are into a total devotion to it.

So save your money, buy a lot of airplane tickets and find Tilopa. Go to India, go to South Africa, go to China, go to Tibet, find Tilopa, find Osho, he died, so did Tilopa die. But go and find a portal and fall in love and transcend in the puppy love where you leave everything behind. This is intellectual because you remember when you were in puppy love; there was nothing that you didn't have, anything but the love. The only thing that was there was the love. You sacrificed everything for it. It was so strong and so powerful that you would have died for it. Be selfish. Be greedy. Celebrate. Have joy. Have ecstasy. Come out of your prison and fall in love.

Any questions? Did anybody bring their journal to class like I asked them to bring?

Donna: I brought mine, but it is in the bottling building.

Corky: Why don't you go in the building and get it.

Farrah: I have a question, if you are in a business relationship 7 days a week, how do you come back and relax into what we're talking about now? How do you separate yourself from survival and development out there and then come back to this?

Corky: Very beautiful question. What happens initially is it is like a child that when it is first born it crawls, and then it learns how to stand up and its mommy or daddy holds it up, and then it learns how to walk. And it is called meditation. What happens is all of the sudden you start, and you have to practice everything in life, it is sort of a practice. So you start doing this meditation twice a day for 20 minutes and you begin to discover there are those thoughts that are over there, and here I am. And what happens when you do that, you become aware of this thing, when you put your attention on it, your spirit your soul, the thing that is really inside of you awakens and comes alive and gains strength. And then when you go to the business you do all those things to please all of those people, but at any moment you can step back and watch it all happen. You become the observer of it. And when you come home, after you continue to practice and go through the different levels of learning how to do it, you no longer think because thought is of the world and you are in silence, but still everything is not activity, but it is action. You still do everything, because everything is destiny, it is under cause and effect, but you are here, and it is there.

Farrah: At any moment you can pull back into?

Corky: Yeah, but you have to build the muscle to do it. And it is called meditation. And so you need to build the muscle to do it, and once you get the muscle to do it, then you can do it, you can turn it off. For example everything is thinking right now, everyone's got a lot of thoughts going through their heads and what we'll do is we'll exercise the muscle. A muscle is an energy source, it is stored in different parts of your body or it can be stored in your soul, in your spirit, and you can use the muscle to cut the connection between you and the thought and come back into the silence. And anyone can do it, but there is an easy way and that's what we are talking about.

So, Donna brought her journal from the last class. And the journal says December 21, 1996: class experience of Donna Nu. Here Donna, read it. Or let Su read it. Su is the best reader in the class. But before we start reading this, Farrah, something that is very, very important is that there is no such thing as chance, everything's under destiny, it's a combination of events that all come together that make things happen, but everybody believes because of the paradox they can control it and then that is where the frustration comes.

Farrah: And so what is the opposite of that?

Corky: Just relax into the action of it and allowing it to flow and letting it happen rather than trying to make it happen.

Su: (Reading Donna's Journal page): There were a lot of people that came to class that evening, Su and I sat at the back of the room to make sure everyone had a seat and to see where Amen Ra wanted us to sit. Amen Ra rearranges where some people are sitting as to balance out the energy in the room. Amen Ra spoke for a few minutes and had a few people exchange places. He then asked me to come over and lie down, it turned out to be along the front of the Altar. After I laid down he asked me if I was comfortable, I said I was. He took a blanket and covered me up and said that the blanket was made by someone very special, it was made by Ron's stepmother. I started relaxing into a very special space. It was like nothing else existed outside the pyramid. Perfect peace surrounded me. Amen Ra continued to speak to the gathering. A little while later he covered me up with his special blanket, the one he was covered with, while he was sitting and meditating when the Summa individuals first took him. I immediately felt a warmth from the blanket. After a few minutes, my heart started feeling really open. When it came time to take a pee break, I didn't want to move as I didn't want to come out of the space I was in. Amen Ra said for me to go ahead as I would be more comfortable during the second part of the class. I went into the house and to relieve myself and was able to maintain the space I was in. Amen Ra has been speaking about masters how they were like portals to God, the source, Summum he said was a portal, not to worry about Corky, that he was a portal to god. He had us look at the space ship that was painted on the ceiling and asked us if we could see it as a portal with the seven principles coming up. I used to be able to see it, but I had been away for a few years and could no longer see it. Only a few could see it so he said he would make it easier for us to see. After a few minutes, I could see it. Sometime during the later part of the class Amen Ra had Ron and Su sit next to me. Ron was immediately to my left, the other side was the altar. Su was next to Ron. Amen Ra covered the three of us with my pink blanket. Later he had Bernie and Vern lay down with their heads on Su's legs. All during the evening if I would start to fade, Amen Ra would touch me with his feet and charge me up again. So from Amen Ra to me to Ron to Su to Bernie to Vern. It was like forming a link. The class that night was specifically for Vern.

Corky: Why didn't Vern come tonight do you think?

Donna: He got scared probably.

Corky: His ego was offended because it was a different type of art than he wants to paint. A different type of music than he wants to sing. Shad you know him the best, tell us why he didn't come.

Shad: I think he has many reasons why he didn't come.

Corky: Let's hear them.

Shad: Family, he was full of the last one, didn't feel a need. I don't know. Didn't have a hunger.

Grace: I called him.

Corky: What did he say?

Grace: He said he was ready to paint the art.

Corky: He's ready to do the new art? Hm. Each snow flake creates its own design. As it comes down, it moves through the cause and effect through the different levels of the atmosphere until it forms its own crystallization and it becomes crystallized in a beautiful form. And that snowflake is perfect. It is perfect. But that snowflake cannot go back to the ocean. It has to melt first. Just like that glove on your hand (speaking to Jo). It has to melt so that it can come back to its original essence rather than its position of crystallization. And join back in the stream in the flow back to the ocean of creation. But every snowflake is perfect, there is nothing wrong with any of you. You are perfect just like you are. Don't worry about changing. Don't try to change anything. Just fall in love. Now, could anybody say anything better to you than to fall in love? Can you think of anything more valuable than falling in love? Remember that time when you were so in love that you couldn't even think. You couldn't even eat you were so in love. All desire left and all you were was full of love. It was so long ago. And you've created all these walls, all these barriers, all these reasons why not to fall in love; the prison that every one of you create for yourself. All the myriad of chaos of thoughts, "Oh it is gonna do this to me, this will happen, that will happen. I'll be damaged this way, my heart will be broken, this will happen, that will happen..." But there is no greater joy than falling in love. No happier happiness, no greater light, than falling in love. No greater orgasm of release than falling in love. The only easy path through evolution is love. Not to be loved, but to fall into the abyss of love. Because when you fall in love, everything drops off. All the ego drops off, all the positions drop off. When you go to your lover you have no demands. You have no wants. All you have is worship. You want to get down on your knees and say I love you. It is the singleness, it is the single point through the portal that will take you there. And then when you come back with it, you are able to give it. Because you have become it.

Well, should we dance or go to dinner? Oh! Wait a second, we've got to have some of the celestial offering. Don't anybody go anywhere. I'm sorry, I forgot about the celestial offering. This is the very last cake that was kept here in the pyramid, and these are called the cakes of God in the hieroglyphs. They've been making them for years and years and years. They have the ales and the nectars of god and the cakes. But everybody needs to have a taste of the cake of God. You know how old this is? Years. We've been taking care of it inside in the back of the pyramid. If everyone has had a chance to eat their little celebration cake we'll finish tonight with a meditation.