December 11, 2004

God is water.

Wow, we have such a small group of people, this is good. With just a small group here you get more of what happens, you don't have to spread it out amongst a big audience, where half the people are talking to each other and involved in life's distractions.

What we are going to talk about tonight is something that Osho had to say, and we sort of touched on it, and went around it in our class on Thursday. It is used and said so many times; that word "love." It really makes me sick to hear because it is so distorted. Osho started saying that in the 60's when all those hippies were running around doing free love and all of that, he was saying love is where it is at.

He said a lot about love. In the 60's there was a real breakthrough. Everything comes in waves, and it was sort of like the third wave in a set of nine.

They were all out there saying "free love" and all this kind of stuff. They were saying that perhaps this thing called Christianity and Hinduism, and all these "isms" may not be where it is at. There may be a possibility of an acceptance and understanding and a doing away with the argument, or war. That is what war is, an argument. It is when the male force part of you goes against another male force, or another male force arguing against something. Like when the USA did the build up to invade Iraq, they had all the ships positioned over here, and over there. Everything was ready to go and what could anybody else do? They had their argument on, and it did not matter whether anybody else in the world wanted to do it or not. Everyone else was saying "No, no we do not need to go to war. Let's just keep inspecting... let me see, can I peek? Of course I can peek." They said "Yeah, we will let you peak, no problem. Okay, you can peek." And the USA guys said, "Hey, we don't want to peek anymore. We just want to bomb you. We are going to impose Billy Graham on you, or Christianity, or the Bush doctrine of democracy which is: 'I was saved by Jesus, and if you have Jesus you have to have democracy.'"

I don't think Jesus had democracy. That's a Greek word — demokratia. Democracy came out of Greece; it did not have anything to do with Jesus. He had nothing to do with Democracy. All the things in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence came out of a democracy, was from the Free Masons, and had nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus. Those guys just saw a good flag and grabbed it and said "Hey this is what we are going to make everybody do, because it will make us more money. More donations to Jerry Falwell." The Pope has sort of been there too, you know. He has had a piece of the pie.

So this argument comes on, and it is the male force and when you are in a natural gastrulating feminine nature, you cannot have an argument. It is impossible. When the gastrulating takes place of the one cell that turns inside out into four cells, there cannot be an argument, or you will have a deformed baby. Everything has to surrender to those happenings. If there is any element of objection in there it will cause an obstacle. It will cause a road block. If you are really in the female nature there cannot be an argument. So one thing that you may want to do, is whenever you get an intuitive thought of argument, you may want to stop for just a second, and ask yourself "Is that from my male side or my female side?" Just for a moment. Because we said a million times, it does not make any difference what kind of body you have on. There is a male nature and female nature. Does not make any difference what kind of coat you have on. So there are these two sides, Osho was talking about this state of love. He was talking about it, started back in the 60's, maybe even in the 50's and it blossomed and blossomed, and the ninth wave came in. I think Osho did his best for what he had to work with.

You know what that is all about right Al? You have tools you know, and some things that you work with. Tools have really changed haven't they? I remember a regular old scale saw you had to plug in. Ron bought that new set of Dewalt tools just recently and it has a battery in it, and it just is unbelievable. Everything happens twice as fast. Remember how long it used to take to screw in a Philips screwdriver into a hinge to put a door up? Now they do it instantly, and it's done! Everything evolves, things change. So there are tools, and Osho had tools in his time that he used to his best capability.

So the tools that Osho had to work with were in the 1960's, and so he said a lot of things that applied then, but everything changes and does not necessarily apply today. But a lot of things that he said were really true. But he used that word love, and that word love is just really sickening. Because people try to turn that word into something that is meaningless. What does it mean? It is used in so many different forms, doesn't that word make you sort of gag? I mean what does it mean, love? It has lost itself hasn't it, in the last fifty years, lost itself into the oblivion of whose interpretation you are going to place on that word.

But he did get down to a couple of real basics. Even those words have been used for so long that they have been worn out. They are called blissfulness, and he called it happy. He used the word happy didn't he? He used the word delightful, or in a state of being.

We were talking about it, and I said the way that you find it is on that spot over there on the floor. Everybody says "What do you mean it is on that spot on the floor over there?" Everybody says it is inside of you. All you have to do is awaken it, it is inside of you. All you have to do is awaken it. Isn't that what you have been hearing from people? Enlightenment, blissfulness all of those things are inside of you? All you have to do is read enough books, say enough words, get the right formula and the right deck of cards and you can awaken blissfulness, happiness, enlightenment, super consciousness, super man, super woman. Awaken them! They are inside of you. Turn your attention in. Put your attention inside of you. Awaken the gods inside of you. Haven't you heard that? That is such horseshit! Because to be really honest with you, god could not stand to be in there!! God is right over there on that spot [indicating a spot on the floor]. Enlightenment is over there. Blissfulness is right over there on that spot. Don't touch it though, not yet. And, those stories that you hear that god is inside of you, or you are already enlightened and all you have to do is become awakened. Turn your attention inside, and stimulate the god inside of you and awaken them, and you will be an enlightened person, you will be a god, you will be a goddess.

When I was 10 years old, I thought, okay- let's check this out. We have got these chakras you know, we have to awaken them, and light them up! They start down here at the bottom of your spine and go all the way to the top of your head. All you have to do is plug them in to the wall and turn them on and we can awaken them. I mean, they've got a 1 ½ chakras, a 2 ¾ chakras, an A, a B, and a C chakra. And the whadda-wadda- tudda, and the dingy-fingy, and you stand in the river on one leg for five years naked and your weenie floats, and then you have it made right? That is why Buddha said "Whoa, this is OLD stuff! Let me get out of this river standing on one leg, out of this pose and sit under the tree and relax!" And I think Osho is saying the same thing — Relax. He is talking about relaxation. But you know, some people want to turn their chakras on, and enlighten themselves.

If god were inside of you, let me tell you, you would know it! You would not have to go to any classes, or read any books. If blissfulness and happiness and delightfulness were inside of you, you would not have to do a yoga class. All you would have to do is turn your attention inside of you and find god. God would say "Hello! I am inside of you!" So, somebody has been selling you guys a bill of goods. There is an old saying, "let me give you a sure fire method." Does anyone know where that saying came from?

What is a sure fire method? When the buffalo is rushing you and you have got a flint lock rifle. You cannot shoot him at 300 yards. You have to wait until he is about 50 feet away because the caliber of your weapon is not that large. You want to have a sure fire. If that thing goes off, you want it to surely fire. That is where that expression came from. Sure fire. You have got to have a sure fire weapon, if it is not a sure fire weapon you would not dare go out into the battle field with it. Because when the other guy is getting ready to stick his bayonet into you, from the union army, or the southern army, or British army, Napoleon, Iraqis, or Israelis, or the Christians, or the Hindus, or the whatever army has got a battle going on, you know out there, you want to make sure you have a sure fire weapon.

So everybody has been sold a bill of goods. They say look inside, meditate inside, turn your attention inside to find god. If god were in there, honest, he would not be quiet! He would be making you dance around the campfire. Or she would. You would be light and delightsome in your heart. In your essence you would be blissful. You would be awakened like Osho was talking about in his book. You would have arrived. You would have attained. You wouldn't need to be reading all these books, or joining all these organizations if god were really in there. You wouldn't need to stand in the river for three years on one leg naked, if that is how it worked. Because like Osho says in his books, all those guys doing yoga, only one did it out of the 50 billion people that have been on the planet in the last five thousand years, was successful, in doing it through yoga. So it does work. But it is the difficult way. But, god was not in there. He did it enough times and did it for so long that god said "Oh I have mercy on you." That is how I feel. I feel so sorry for all of you that you have been doing this for all this time and nothing has been happening. I will make you an exception, because you have really put forth the effort to make it happen. Showed up every time right on time, and stood in the river, and you didn't even touch your nose when it tickled. You did everything exactly like you were told to do. But you have been sold a bill of goods — turn your attention inside, meditate inside, and you will become awakened. It is not inside of you it is over there on the floor. Because if it were inside of you, I mean, you could not hold it back. It is so intense. It is so powerful. It is creation itself. It is sort of like getting ready to have a baby. It is like when you are in the last stage of having a baby.

When the baby is young and the feet are coming out, cannot say "Wait a minute, let's go back and try this differently." If blissfulness, if enlightenment were already inside of you and all you have to do is turn your attention in you, or do the right posture, meditate on it, look inside for it, hey — it would have happened.

It is right over there just waiting for you. You know why it is over there? Because it is not in you, it is everywhere. It is right over there, it is everywhere but inside of you. Do you know why it is not inside of you? Because you have not let it inside of you. You have not relaxed. You have not done the "s" word. That is where we were on Thursday night talking about the big "S." You have not surrendered to it, to let it inside of you. Because you like to argue about it.

Everybody is being deceived. No, not everybody, just the ones that say you have to go inside to find it. The Christians are being deceived by saying there is this guy with a long white beard up there in some far away place and if you do all the right things, and listen to all the right people that you can get it there. Say Jeeeeesus, instead of Jesus. You have to say it in two different octaves. They missed. They slipped.

It's a very unnatural place in the consciousness of humankind. It's a war going on. A battle. They want to argue. It doesn't make any difference about what it is they want to argue about. They still want to argue about it, in some form. If it were in there, you would know. The problem is everybody has an argument with it being on the floor over there, so they do not get it. Everybody says it is here, it is there, and everywhere — nope, it is on Kolob, no it is called you have to have this priesthood first, and you have to go through so many temple sessions and pay so much money. They just cannot drop the argument. Has anybody ever noticed... .... how it feels right now? (long pause)

There it is. That is what Osho was saying. He called it blissfulness, happiness, state of being. It happens. He said so many times, in so many ways that you have to let yourself touch it. The only thing that stands between you and it, is you. Because you cannot touch it as long as you are arguing about it.

It sort of moves away from you. And Creation moves, it has better reflexes than you do. You can't get your hands on it, unless you relax a little bit. This has nothing to do with whether you are a girl or a boy body. I don't know how many times I have to say this. I mean, there's somebody on the TV, called Carmen Electra that is supposed to be a pretty model or something and there was this guy trying to put his hands on her as part of the TV program, sort of part of the game of don't touch it. Part of the play was that he was trying to touch her. I don't know why he would want to touch HER, when he could touch Creation — except that he got fooled. He got tricked into believing that by touching her, he would be happier.

Do you think she has god? Probably not. I think she has a pretty face and big tits, or something. She had lots of pretty clothes on and I think she is a has-been. What's that other one, a blond girl? Pamela Anderson... she has had seven boob jobs. And they keep on getting ready to pop. I think they put in stainless steel shelves the last time. She is supposed to be one of the things guys are supposed to look at.

The only reason people get fixated on sex, is they are in a battle in life and they want to conquer something from a female nature or a male nature. From a real female nature, there is no such thing as sex. All there is, is a surrender to it. A quitting. A letting go, a relaxation. A falling into it. A being with it. A stillness. It is still. It's quiet. But it's so still, and so quiet that it is everything else. Just like Osho said. You have to be selfish to be unselfish. You have to be so still, so quiet, that you can be all possibility. And that is the only way that you can touch it. You cannot meditate and force it. You cannot look into anything and do it. You can't posture it. You can't dance it. All you can do is surrender to it. But it seems like it is such an argument like on Thursday night, when I said it's there on the floor and it has a big "s" on it, what do you have to do? Everybody had everything else to do with it, but that. It has to be alive as well, it cannot be dead. It has to be living. It is not inside of you honest, if it were inside of you, you would know it! Sort of like when you have to take a poop, you know it is in there, you sit down on the toilet and let it go, right?

It is not inside of you honest. It's just about six inches away. It's very agile, it'll always stay at least six inches away from you — it'll get really close to you. But you maybe just don't want to let it in you. Because you want to think about it, question it, argue with it, get pissed at it, try to talk to it. Or create a gulf between you and it. Or be jealous of it. Or be mad at it. Not talk to it. Or try to put a vibe on it.

It is so wonderful to be able to put my hands into it, and let me be shocked to death by it.

Let's go back to the spot on the floor. It is really easy to see why the chakras and everything are asleep and not alive. Because it's on the inside, not on the outside right? If it were on the inside, it would say "Hi, hello!" We could plug it into the wall and turn it on. You cannot turn it on if it is not in you. It's such a great deceit. It's such a huge paradox that humanity has created religion, or yoga, or whatever. They tell you to turn your attention inside, now everybody is going to say "You say that in the book to put your attention inside" but Osho's got the best answer. He says everything is a paradox. Because you really do have to turn your attention inside. But you have to turn your attention outside also. It does not go just one way. Everything goes two ways. A house goes vertical and horizontal. It goes in all ways. You cannot just do it one way, you have to do it all ways. But it is always... you know the thing that's really interesting about god? God is always wet.

God is water. Because everything comes out of the water. I am water. And it has nothing to do with if you were born in January, honest, drop that idea. You are an Aquarius, water sign. Drop it. It is if you decide to surrender to water. Everything comes out of water. All life at this level comes out of water. Everything is vertical at the same time, water is horizontal, so at this horizontal level of creation, god or creation is water. If you want to go vertical in your next cataleptic, catapulsion forward, it may be something other than water. It just becomes larger, because what happens is small things come together and become big things. So it's like a vapor up there in the sky, joins with another vapor, two atoms of water join together, then three and four and five, then a bunch of them, and all of the sudden there's a drop that gets too heavy and it falls down on the planet. It's called rain, or a snowflake takes on creation.

It is such a beautiful manifestation of life itself, everything works that way. Everything comes out of a big ocean of water, takes on life in the world, and sooner or later goes back. But sometimes it is so lonely, all alone, that it can never find its way home. The reason it can't find its way home is because it is in an argument. Because it is colored, or stained, or tainted, influenced by where it has its attention. It is not clear. So it puts its attention on belief and it becomes part of belief. Belief could not be alive without water, without god in it. It falls or evaporates its way out of belief, it finds its way back to the little stream, and then the river. Back to the ocean, where it is so clear, it becomes salted with the earth, salt water. But if you look at water, it's pretty clear.

And one hint is if you want to touch the spot on the floor, you ought to try to do it while you are alive now, because you're always alive, but you need to start now. Because if you do not start now, fifty years from now, one hundred years from now, whenever from now, you won't be doing it then. Because everything is now.

So if you start now, standing on one leg, naked in the river with three guys, they will say: Hey this sucks. This feels like torture. Wow, I'm getting electrocuted here, probably enlightening my chakras by sticking my finger in the wall socket. I think I'll just relax and sit under the bodhi tree. I gotta tell those two guys standing next to me in the river. Hey you guys can stand here, with your argument on with your stiff leg, or whatever thing you got happening. That's fine. But I quit. I drop it. I am going to go relax under that tree over there. The reason I am going to relax under that tree is because I stood in the river for so long, that I have this weird thing happening to me. I remembered that there was a time when I was a tree. And when I was a tree I knew I was something special. When I was a tree everything happened to me. I did not do anything to anything. The wind blew through my leaves, when the sun came up in the morning, it shined on me. And all I did was be there as a tree. I didn't move. I surrendered so much when the sun shined down on my leaves it came into me, I let it inside of me. I let the sun come in me, enter into me, because it is an unbelievable thing to have happen, it made me live. It turned on my chakras when I let it inside of me. It turned on my chakras so much, that the very, very tiny parts of my roots in the ground came alive. And they started drawing everything around them into me. All the water, and the elements, everything because I just relaxed. I became alive.

I didn't argue with it, I didn't fight it. I surrendered to it. And it flowed into me. As it flowed into me from my bottom chakra, up into the little tiny roots into the bigger roots, and then just sucked itself up inside of me, I was born. God came into me as water because god is water. It brought everything with it. And I was in the domain of god, so naked, I had forgotten every argument that came about to stop it or block it. I fell into love with it. All of the sudden I became it. Every morning it happened again. Every night it held me in its womb. And I rested. And every morning it came back, every creation I was there. Every universe I was born in. I became. I became it. It made me so warm. I remember when Buddha came out of the river and sat down there, when I was a tree. And Buddha said "Creation, can I come be with you?" But I had nothing to say. Because everything had already been said. I had nothing to say because everything had been said. Buddha became a tree, like me. And we became one.

That is what Osho said on Thursday night. I decided to take you out of heaven and back to earth for a moment. Just relax and lay on your female side. It was really interesting, Marilee has a really strong male side with her right now, she was here on Thursday and she said, that "He just wants to cling to me. All I want to do is rest. We have a king sized bed, and he just wants to cling to me, and all I want to do is rest."

Now there is nothing wrong with clinging, there is nothing right about it, it is just something that happens. But Marilee was arguing between the female and male sides. All god wants to do is cling to you. But you want to argue with it. God is clinging to you. And the minute you start arguing with it, it is no longer creation, it becomes your argument.

So it does not really matter if it is a real master, or a phony one. That's the joke. Because there's no such thing as a real one or a phony one. Those are all things that you create in your mind. Those are all things that you conjure up in your thinking. It is over there on the floor, next to Al's feet. It will move if you get too close to it though. I put it over there, I don't want anyone sneaking in here and steeling it. Don't worry you cannot steal it, it is un-stealable. It is so funny you guys. You cannot buy it. You can't get enough boob jobs for it Chris, honest. And you cannot get enough weenie enlargements, or masculinity, or vainness or whatever, to get it. All you have to do is become a tree, and Buddha will be with you, the tree.

Al's probably wondering if you guys thought I was crazy telling you about the tree. This is the first time I have ever told you that Buddha sat underneath me. That is what everybody notices in an important class. Not the person but the consciousness. Why do people make it so hard? Because they are people. And people always make things hard. Why do they make it so difficult on themselves? It's so easy to just eat the cheese.

It's a habit, it's the norm. It takes 8,400,000 incarnations just to become an Ethiopian. But it's so easy to let go if you can realize it. But the only reason you do not realize it, is you have such an argument going on that you don't want to realize it. You can get an argument on about anything. You could argue about me eating this cheese. I mean, people argue about the kind of pants I wear. I remember going to Arizona one year, and this one lady was ready to shoot me because I had pants on without pockets! Anybody that ever knew Buddha would never wear pants without pockets. I mean, how in the world could Buddha ever get near a tree that didn't have pockets on? Dangerous situation don't you think?

All it is, is water and it is pretty clear. Keep a close eye out for the clear Buddha when you get ready to drop dead. There is only one thing you need to remember and take the next best thing if it runs from you. I feel sorry for those suckers that stayed in the river. They probably dropped dead and flowed down the Ganges out to the sea and said "Wow, that was an interesting incarnation, what are we going to do next?" And Buddha went over there and had a good time. Somebody probably gave him a piece of cheese. And we stay here in the river the whole time and argue about it. And he got to sit under the tree and eat cheese and drink nectar. And he got into the thing called bliss. He had a happy, happy tummy up there. He had his cheese at the same time, and we were stuck in the river! And he had cheese! What a bummer! They would bring us bowls of rice, and that guy got cheese! Just because he decided to relax. Get out of the river of argument. It is beyond me. I like cheese better.

I think you can watch it on TV, you can read about it in books, you can see it on DVD. But unless you are watching a tree and eating cheese, and feeling it, you cannot taste it. You sort of need to start to smell it. Relax into it. Then all of the sudden you say, what am I doing that for? Why am I standing out in the river? What a story that is! Standing on one leg in a posture, trying to lay an Asian girl at the top of a mountain. What a struggle.

Isn't that a funny story? Even if you got a chance to squirt on her, big fucking deal! You have to start the next day and climb the same mountain to do it all over again. That is a funny path isn't it? That's why Bob said, everybody is without. They are looking for something. When you stop looking you just sit under the tree and everything, everything comes to the tree. It is a paradox. I just don't know how to explain it any differently.

You have got to be so selfish. You have got to be the most selfish person in the whole world, that you won't touch anything, unless it is perfectly clear. As soon as it starts to color itself, you say "Nope. Can't touch it, it has to be clear." You become so selfish that you don't want to be touched by anything that is not clear. If you have been touching anything that is clear, and it decides to touch something that is not clear, it gets colored and you don't touch it any longer. And you say "Oh, I better see if I can rub the spots off." You could recover, but you may decide to stay in the river instead of eating cheese under the tree.

A lot of these things won't make sense, for another 100 or 200 years, but I'm sorry you guys. I'm saying these things for the sake of posterity. It is like the story of taking off all of your clothes, throwing them on the ground, and dancing on them. Becoming like a little child. Taking your female and turning it into your male and your male into female and letting them become one, and go vertical and transcend it and evolve into evolution. Become like a child and enter into the domain of god. Do not get into anybody's argument. No matter how much they want to put it on you.

They are in their own thing. Osho says "Come on you guys, the spot is over there. Don't buy into the story that god is inside of you. If god was inside of you, you would say hello to everybody outside of you." God is over there, or she's over there, or over there. We tried to turn it on and plug it in, nothing happened. We gave it a good shot. You could try it. I bet if you could stand only on your nose, and make your nose firm enough, you could walk around the room perfectly balanced on just your nose, god would decide to jump inside your chakra.

What do you think? That is what Buddha said to the guys in the stream. Then they said "What the hell are we doing in this stream, and the guy is sitting over there under that tree eating cheese having a good time? We are stuck in the stream on one leg arguing!" I am not saying there is anything wrong with the stream, honest. You have to start someplace. Buddha started there, didn't he? He got naked, took off all of his clothes just exactly like the instructions were. Take off all of your clothes and throw them on the ground. Okay. Next instruction: Stand on one leg, and hold your arm like this, and he was holding his hand there like that and said, okay I'm doing it, I'm on one leg I'm naked and in the stream, but these fish keep biting the flesh off my legs, Jesus Christ they have s every bod harp teeth!" He did that for the first year.

Yeah and that Jesus guy, he took a bad one too. He had a lot of good ideas, he had an argument there at the end and got himself in trouble. What he did, in reality, was split town with three women and had a good time. In lower Sumeria, until he dropped dead, he had a big family and stuff like that. But they changed the story later, because they wanted to control everybody. They said he was one of the guys that got put on the cross, but he really wasn't. He took the three women and went south to Sumeria. But they had to make the story good you know, so they took all the good books out and put all the ones that they wanted in there, so they could make sure that everybody did it the way they wanted them to do it, instead of the way that he did it. So really there are only a handful of people that are really doing it and the rest of them did it the other way. They are still doing it the other way, I mean they are building all these buildings and really doing it the hard way.

I make everybody mad at first. Until they decide to touch the spot. And that's the problem. The problem is when everybody gets too close to it, it gets hot.

To really be honest with you, I've never seen a happy Christian person. I mean really happy sitting under the bodhi tree, eating cheese. Maybe there is a glimpse, for a couple of moments. But then they get gas. Something tried to jump on them. Some vibe tried to get on them. Somebody comes along and wants to be rude to them, or blame something on them, blame their life on them. Anybody ever see that? Something happens in your life or somebody else's life and suddenly there is blame flying all over. Which movie star got divorced lately? Harrison Ford got divorced from a very nice lady and now he is with some other girl now. It's Calista Flockhart, they are not married, they just got together. She is really young! That was the stupidest move in the world! That would be like getting warts from someone! That is a bad move. I guess you never learn, no matter how much money you make or how famous you are. Until you are able to relax and sit under the tree. Just relax. I think when you're relaxed you can make the best decisions. If you've got a chaos on, or you're under pressure, or somebody has a demand on you or their pressure on you it is more difficult to relax.

That is amazing. If you can get rid of your male temporarily, just for a few seconds, start practicing there. Do not worry about going inside looking for it. It is not there. It is out here. That is just a religious story. If it were inside of you already, it would be saying "Hallelujah! I am here. I am the domain of god. It is here singing to you." So it is not inside of you, honest, don't worry about putting your attention in there. You have got to put it on the spot. And if you can put your attention on it long enough to drop your argument and relax and surrender to a living master, you will get it. Guaranteed. But if you can't, you won't. But you will get a lot of chances honest. Don't worry it is infinite. But as long as you want to continue to be miserable, stuck in the river on one leg naked, with fish nibbling on the hairs on your legs... oooohhh... sounds bad to me. Become a Buddha, and come sit underneath me, the tree. That is all.