Come Home, Just Be in Life

August 18, 2001

The greatest obstacle humankind has, is their personal desires.

Usually in everyone's lifetime, there comes a question... I'll change it a little to be politcally correct. All people are born equal. Well, how come she's black he's yellow? Everyone is born equal. When you see an adult or child starving to death with flies all over him, Or a very wealthy person commit a great crime and become famous for it, An innocent person on death row is put to death... How could everyone be born equally?

Is there such a thing as injustice?

Could it possibly be considered to be... Waiting for the next set of waves To come in before you catch the wave when you are surf boarding? Everything has its time and season.

Some say, "How could so many things go wrong in one day?" How could every person be born equally and Bill Gates has it so good? Could it be that the sun comes up and sets and you call it a day. Could it be considered 2 days, as the sun rises and sets, or maybe 3 days? Consider that there could be more than one day... More than one lifetime. "As above, so below."

Is it possible for a rose bush to bloom more than one time? And is it possible for a tree to drop all its leaves and grow new ones? Is it possible for an intricate number of snowflakes to fall upon the mountains and Valleys, and melt away, disappear, return home and be reborn again? Just a consideration...

Is it possible for these things to happen from an intelligent thinking mind? It seems as if it is. The greatest obstacle humankind has, is their personal desires. That same Law, that same foundation, that same Creation does not apply to them. They are exempt. So they argue within the mind, I'll join this religion or that one, and sing hallelujahs and hypnotically induct myself that there is going to be a possibility — but the discovery never comes. It is always still a hope, a wish or a want. No matter how many times they go to the altar, no matter how many prayers they say, or deep they fall, down on the earth... before their self created God. The answer never comes. Because the question is always there... will it really be??That is called religion. Question is always there. No matter how much they profess their testimony.

Budda says there is only one God and that is you... yourself.

Could there be a balance in everything and the only thing that could be between you and the balance is something that you decided to put there? Is that possible? Some kind of obstacle between you and the balance?

So we come to the discussion of the word enlightenment. What does enlightenment mean? Everybody tries to tell you that you need it and sell it to you. Everybody is paying for it, but nobody is getting it. When they have already got it and do not realize that they have already got it and it is free.

This mysterious word enlightenment or awakening, who really has the answers? Or are there any answers?

There are some very interesting risings and settings of the sun that have happened for everyone here recently. When you felt like letting everyone go away so you can just be yourself. The word discrimination rises... which is real close to consideration isn't it? One is a home run and one is a bunt... in the same ball park. Both words, so close, it would be wonderful to speak a universal language and communicate. Or allow a universal language to be a being... because the words are just entertainment. They are a state of being.

There was a question posted on the god board on the internet... What is the difference between standing at the door and going through the door? You can do both.

If you can drop discrimination and move into consideration, that is the first thing you need to drop. Trying to discern not so much between worldly things, but discriminating against the essences of souls.

Like the ancient saying from the Bible and other sacred texts written 2600 years before then, that say all are born equal. The text where it is written that Osiris's soul was cut up and put into a tree. Seth put his brother there and Isis and Hawthorne took him out of the tree.

Once upon a time I remember when I was a tree. I remember when I touched the inside of the tree and the outside, because my body was the tree and I remember that I was born and my ka, ba, and shadow were in there, because I was just a tree. The first thing I remember was the bright light as I was in darkness. Everything was dark but this light came up and it rose on me and shined on me and it flowed within me. And I did not know its name, all I knew was it was the light from the darkness. As I had been cut into so many pieces and put into the dark. And it was so bright, the light and I felt it on my body, my leaves and stems would tingle.

It is not in the words, it is not in the feeling, it is in the experience.

As the light came within me a great transformation took place. A transmutation that gave me life and it allowed me to draw the blood of creation. It gave me the power. It gave me the realization of life. It brought me out of the darkness. I was reborn from the many pieces into a whole and everyday it came back. I struggled many years and I knew that everything that God created, the earth, the waters, the essences, the air that I breathed was created by God, just for me. And then I dropped discrimination for cutting me into so many parts and allowing me to be born as a tree, because then I knew that God was a tree, just like me or that would not have happened to me.

So what is the obstacle that stands between you and the light? Or this word enlightenment that someone is trying to sell to you. Some religion is trying to indoctrinate you into. Could it be considered that you already are but you just have not dropped discrimination and become? Could it be that easy? Could it be considered to be that easy? How could you ever be offended by anything anyone ever says to you, especially me... a tree?

Don't relate, just be. It is more than just the words. It is a form of communion without the words. Just be in the consciousness. Words draw essence back to the level of consciousness.

You cannot be divided against yourself. You have an argument within the self going on. But if you discover one, you need to go into your personal silence. And if anyone wants to go through understanding personal silence, there is a special initiation for it. A very personal one. It is to start meditating and you have got to sign up to 27 masters. 28 total. Come in and walk through the day and night and it goes with you and through you and then you get lost in it and then the words like enlightenment go away and the word realization goes away. You become rich in understanding and walk in the light of creation.

Enlightenment is meaningless, it is just a bunch of words. It says I want to walk the path with mother and father from whence you were born. Engage in feelings, they are both feelings. Just words of a world. Those feelings were in religion, endocrine, a belief system that you had to have what your parents had. At least become what they were like. You had to repeat, repeat, repeat your words. But only the old guy, forever.

Everything you lose is reborn. So as long as you can always become the new, you will always be there.

You create an obstacle that says I've been offended by you, something you said, the way you looked at me. Only when you drop your war, your discussions, your words, your arguments, do you see and feel and hear all things. The value is dimensional, and in that communion of dropping discrimination, you find yourself back in the waterfall of creation. It is a falling. You are not floating up into the illusionary clouds. Your essence is falling back into the ocean from where it came from, Creation. Because as you let go of all the edges of the river, it just flows back into the ocean of creation. Let go of the many things that hold you back, those obstacles that stop you and block you from just being creation itself.

All the debt formations. All the arrivals. All the confusions... disappear into a will. I think they come with a labor of love. A labor of ethic. The labor is felt. Creation rains on you so hard that it washes you away and it baptizes you right back to its waters. Now it won't be found in books. It is found in yourself. Your essence!

Like an electron and proton can be in two places at the same time. So you can be in the world and out of the world as long as you are not too into the world. So set your phi proportion out of the world. 6.18 out of the world and the other part of you in the world and then you are enlightened, without the words.

If there were one sun rising and one sun setting, it would be a very small universe. So small. There were only one person inventor on planet earth. It would be so small, but because of the interim, there is not just one light, but lots of lights ready to work. And all they have to do is allow themselves to be touched by fire. But the fire burns you away and turns you into fire. All you (they) need to do is allow themselves to be touched by the fire, as soon as the fire touches you, it burns you away and you become the fire. No longer are you awake. You become the giver of life, you become!

I hope everyone heard themselves coming home.