Drop Out Of Status

August 6, 2005

What does it mean when we can understand it backwards?

Corky: Talk about prayer Chris, what does Mirdad say in The Book of Mirdad?

Chris: Mirdad says a lot of things about prayer. Most people are a real pain in the ass to god, because they are talking about this and that, and give me this and give me that, and make sure that I can get next months rent paid, my grocery bills, that I won't be cold tonight.

Corky: They worry about their losses in trade? Or their belly aches? Their quarrels? Their revenges? How about their insomnias at night?

Chris: Constantly. God gets more inquiries, more complaints about that than anything else.

Corky: It says rather than being grateful for your heritage, rather than seek out the way to come inside, some men take out their revenge with insomnias at night.

Chris: Right. They don't know how to deal with all this bottled up anger and resentments and feelings of betrayal, so they can't sleep at night.

Corky: Wow. Change the word, instead of the word "anger" use "bottled up, unfinished business."

Chris: Anyway, people are badgering god constantly for things of the ego. What was interesting about The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy is that she says you have been given everything you need; you have been given the keys to the door.

Corky: But everyone keeps calling the locksmith.

Chris: But everyone keeps calling the locksmith. It's like a Star Trek episode with William Shatner. They were flying along in the starship and they got in an argument with a different being from a higher species in the universe. The higher species said "I can't deal with this bullshit, you two deal with it." They put Captain Kirk and the president of another spaceship, who was a green alligator, together in a room and said, "You two guys settle it. We are kind of serving creation, we don't have time for your arguments. You have everything you need, whatever you want to do just do it." It was captain Kirk with a green alligator.

Hermes the Frog
Hermes the Frog
Photo copyright and courtesy of Amy Finkel.

Corky: Just like Hermes the frog over there! He is nice looking, he's sweet. We've had Hermes the frog for a long time. He's been around here since the early 80's. Thank you Chris!

(Corky, reading from the Book of Mirdad): "Take not to god your countless cares and hopes. Implore her not to open the doors whereto she furnished you with the keys. But search the vastness of your hearts, for in the vastness of your hearts is found the key to every door. And in the vastness of heart are all things you thirst and hunger after. Whether of evil or of good. A mighty host is placed at your beck and call. A mighty host is placed at your beck and call ready to do your slightest bidding. When properly equipped and wisely disciplined and fiercely commanded, it can be made to leap eternities and sweep away all barriers to your door."

Is there anything like that in the Summum book? It is that catapulting forward. It is the same story, but it says in here that you need to become disciplined.

"And wisely disciplined and fiercely commanded it can be made to leap eternities and sweep away all barriers to its goal. When mal-equipped, under disciplined and timidly commanded, it either churns about or hastily retreats before the smallest obstacle. Trailing behind it, black and defeated."

Wow! That is the story of life right there. That is the story above, and that is the story below. That is the whole story.

What would you say Steve, if you had to guess would be necessary to be well equipped? A big dick? Johnny long dong? How about if you want to leap forward into the eternities and master creation itself?

Steve: I would say you would want to learn a silent meditation.

Corky: Why would you want to learn a silent meditation?

Steve: So you can move forward.

Corky: So you can be out of what Cami?

Cami: The noise of life and everything that distracts you.

Corky: Because if you are in the noise of life, you are sort of using all of your kinetic energies in the noise of life, just trying to keep up.

Cami: Yes, you are being swept away in a river of chaos.

Corky: And it just sort of goes out there and then you are gone, and then you are exhausted. Bernie said to me today "god I gotta go home and take a nap!" what I thought he was saying was "God I gotta go home and meditate for a couple of hours." Is that what you were saying? Did you meditate when you went home?

Bernie: I napped more than I meditated.

Corky: Has anybody ever noticed that if you are capable of meditating in a total silent state that it is better than sleeping? It's very interesting. It's amazing. You can sleep, but the problem is, when you sleep you dream. And when you are dreaming, you are in action. Your mind is still in action. But when you meditate, your essence says "Hello mind, stop."

Someone put an interesting question on the Kybalion board. They asked "What is the most powerful thing in existence?" I said "Nothing." They said "No, it is the mind of creation." I said "No, the mind of creation is an issue that comes out of the copulation of nothingness and possibility. It is issued out of, or birthed out of it and then it starts to create." So nothing is the most powerful thing in the universe, because it is the opposite of everything. It must be the most powerful thing, because it makes creation itself. So it has got to be more powerful than the mind of creation itself. After you get the mind then all you do is start doing this dreaming, but if you get into the silence... so silent the mind goes away. You drop the mind like Osho says. It is like sleeping a long time. A few moments of no mind is like sleeping eight hours with mind.

Steve: Back when I meditated twice a day I would just come out of it in this ecstatic state, and always felt very rested.

Corky: Did you stop meditating?

Steve: Not completely. But I'm not doing it 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Not like I was for a year.

Corky: So you stopped doing that?

Steve: Yeah. All these things, distractions, aversions. It started with a girl.

Corky: Something got him! The Ormus got him. It started with a girl? What happened?

Steve: I just wanted to do what she wanted me to do, to keep her happy.

Corky: Oh yeah!! You brought her around, she looked like a speed freak, like she was doing methamphetamine. I didn't want to get around her! Oh no, she got you to do that? It's the plug in phenomenon! She got you to stop meditating twice a day?! And you haven't gotten over it yet?

Steve: I'm over her, but I haven't gotten over the habit.

Corky: Wow, it was that deadly.

Steve: I still do my walking meditation. Or whenever I'm resting I just meditate.

Corky: What would you say the answer would be Cami? How would you save him from the plug in phenomenon that he stuck his weenie into? Anyway, back to meditation. You stopped meditating Steve?

Steve: No. I stopped meditating for a set 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night.

Corky: You changed it. You should be meditating two hours a day by now! Everybody starts out with 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. That is the beginning meditation. After you've been around here one year, it turns into one hour in the morning and one hour at night. After you've been here for five years, it's all day long. You are listening to the sound whenever you get a chance. That's the only thing that matters, as long as you listen to it. The reason being is everything is changed by vibration. Orbits of electrons, elements and everything you change their state with magnetic vibration. You draw them in and draw them out, take them in and put them back, and everything.

If you, once are touched with that vibration when you go through that initiation, and it changes over a period of time, like yours got higher and higher and higher over the years, right Bernie?

Bernie: I'm going to say yes, because it seems high now.

Corky: But it gets intense sometimes, right? Because you get close to it.

Bernie: Sometimes it is just right there, it becomes very distinct.

Corky: Because you let it be. That is what Mikhail Naimy said in The Book of Mirdad: "When you are able to equip your blood with one master desire that silences and overshadows all desires, and thrust one master thought with discipline and charge, one master will with drilling and commanding, then certain you may be of desires fulfillment." What does that mean Bernie?

Bernie: It means being focused.

Corky: Yeah it means focused.

But Ron, what about that master desire you have to touch the microphone? If you look at that thing for too long it could get to you. It has little squares with dots in the center. I don't know about things that have squares with dots in the middle, you could take them home call them Shaunelle and be my thing for the night. Do you think that's a good idea Shad? Be my thing for the night, is that a good idea? It looked like a speed freak to me.

Steve: It's called a neurosis.

Corky: It has a neurosis? Where did it pop out? Were they on her toes, on her nose? I mean how could you have done that? It's like jumping over the fire hydrant right?

Steve: It kept it quiet and calmed down. The fire hydrant calmed me down.

Corky: What did she do to you? Make you a believer? You want to stay away from that speed freak stuff right?! Whew! It's dangerous out there!! You guys, I am so lucky that I got born when I got born. So is Al, and Bernie slipped in on this deal, I don't know about the rest of you guys. The young people on this planet today, it is INTENSE out there! It's like a war zone.

Al: The consciousness is absolutely astonishing.

Corky: It's like a war zone, my god you go down the freeway and all the people that are under 50 years old have an argument on even if you don't look at them! You gotta stay in your lane, they have an argument on, you don't know even what you did to piss them off... they have an argument on! There was a guy that was 80 years old that came here today after hearing a radio show, and he was steaming! He caught it. Shaunelle must have got him too. You're lucky that you are young and strong, you overcame it! You better be careful though.

Steve: Oh yeah! I've learned quite a few lessons.

Corky: You have always said that but then you always come up with a new trick! Then we always say "Steve how could you have done that? My god!" Here is a book that you should read, it's called Coercion.

This guy is a psychiatrist and wrote a book on why people believe what they believe. And he is right on in this book! He sort of taps into the advertising industry and he tells all the big advertisers what to do so that people will buy into your thing. It tells about how people think and what gets them to buy. It's really good.

Once upon a time, I had this dream and it was a long time ago. I don't remember in which incarnation but it was a dream about my perception of my status. In the dream I was going from place to place because I felt uncomfortable with my status where I was at, because I believed that my status was different than where I should be, so it caused confusion. And it caused a chaos in the dream because I had a belief about my status of who I was and who I thought I should be. Because I knew that I was somebody, but I couldn't find myself in it, because I didn't know who I was. But I was somebody. And I kept on looking from the perspective of myself, from the perspective of self, the perspective of mine, of my status, trying to find myself. But I couldn't find myself, because I had a belief about my status. Because I was somebody.

When I had the dream of self, of position, of status I was in such chaos, and I could never find myself because I was somebody. You can never find yourself when you are somebody because when you are somebody there are too many pieces and parts to put together. You are always trying to hold it together. It is a job being somebody. It is work. It is not being. But when you are being, you are nobody. And so in the chaos of the dream, that I remember having several incarnations ago, it was so chaotic that it frightened me, to pay attention. Like it says in The Book of Mirdad: pay attention to master your direction, to master your attention. It made me pay attention, so it shocked me.

Steve said he has had these shocking events. But this dream was far more shocking than your real events. Because in the dream that I had, I think 20 or 30 incarnations ago it seems, but I remember that it was so chaotic, that I realized that everybody reaches that point in evolution, and that is the moment of deciding to turn your attention to your essence and let that be the master of your will. So if that is the only thing that really does exist, that is the thing that survives and you don't waste too much of your energy in the chaos over the course of your lifetime, and not build your will to realize who you really are. It was that shocking! But like Cami said earlier, everybody is doing life so much, that they don't have a chance to have that dream. Because they are living it instead of dreaming it, and they don't realize that it is just a dream. And you have to come out of the life of it, and turn it into a dream before you can realize that the life of it is a dream, and then you realize that "oh that is just a dream," and it puts you in a perspective so that you can master the dream. Does that make sense? If you can say that it is a dream, and you do dream it at night, it wasn't during waking hours it was at night, but it was so vivid that I realized that it was the exact same as a waking dream, so you can change both dreams. And you can turn your attention to going home.

Someone said they wanted to go home on the email board. They said they wanted to go home, do you know who it was Bernie?

Bernie: The guy came across the Summum website, and he said "finally something that makes sense," and that he liked it but at the same time he was scared.

Corky: That's good. That means he recognizes that it is real.

Bernie: I said, "It makes no difference we're all going home. Just enjoy the ride."

Corky: You said it! Because not many people realize that they are really going home because they have not had that dream. In that dream, like she says in the book, they become the master. "Free your hearts of all these gods that you may find in them the only god who, having filled you with Herself would have you ever full."

Listen very carefully as I read it backwards: Full ever you have would Herself with you filled having who god only the them in find may you that gods these all of hearts your free."

Al: What does it mean when we can understand it backwards?

Corky: There are two sides to every story. You can read it forward or you can read it backwards. But when you can read a story that reads the same forward and backward, they mean the same thing. But if you can't read it forward and backwards, not because of yourself but because of the story, then it is a continuing thing. And when you can read it forward and backwards, it is like a meditation, you have both sides, and you can transcend in it. It may not make sense reading it backwards, don't worry about that. The only reason I read it backwards was to get you to think about it, that's all. It may not make sense, but it doesn't have to make sense backwards, unless you take it one word at a time and go very, very slow with it, and then it means the same thing both ways. Me reading it doesn't necessarily have to make sense, but you may take the opportunity to read just those few sentences really slow, backwards, and then read them forward, and you'll realize they say the same thing. I agree with Osho that is a very good book! That is a person who was initiated! I didn't know Kahlil Gilbran got initiated, I read The Prophet, or somebody read it to me because I don't read many books. That book made good sense to me, and this one makes sense to me too.

But I think that if you had to have a mind, and you had to think, you would realize that you did. If you had to have one of them. And if you realized that you did have one, you would realize also that the mind and the thinker came from some place. It must be an underlying cause, and it could not be an objective cause, because it would be the same thing as the thinker itself. If it were objective, it had to have an underlying root. And the root would most likely have to be subjective, it could not be objective, it would have to be the opposite of what you were in. You are in the objective, so it would have to be opposite of objective, the root would have to come from subjective, or perhaps a union of the objective and subjective, or the possibility and nothingness.

So mind, creation, every thought, everything comes out of that. And so when you have that dream don't be too afraid of it. Don't go away from it. Stay in it. You'll have it when you are asleep because it's too intense to have while you are awake. Pay attention to it. When you have that dream you realize you have status, and because of your status you are somebody and you can't find a place that is comfortable so you are moving constantly in the dream because you can't find comfort in it, and you are moving and you are looking for a different place in that form of status.

You said it better, or you wrote it better, or you walked it better, you did it differently, found different clothing, put on a different costume, you had taken it off before and danced on it naked, but you put a status back on because you had to have status to be comfortable in some form or another. And when you are in that dream and you say to yourself "Okay I have status, so that is myself. That is the self that I have had my attention on. That is my status." And you realize it is a dream and if you can step out of that dream when you are in it and realize that you do not have status and you are a nobody and watch the dream when you are sleeping, not awake, then when you wake up from that dream you will be on your way home. That dream is sort of the bump in the road between going out and going home. I don't know how to say it any clearer. It is so easy that it is complex... and don't take the difficult side. Hello.