El Summum

July 26, 1997

There will be a day that everything evolves away from the 'right' position, the 'right' way, the 'true' religion, the 'only' one, into the message that Christ really said: Thou shall not judge.

Corky: Ok, let's do a quick meditation. [Places a bottle on the altar]

Lenny: Is that a new Summum tequila?

Corky: No. That's a new Summum Meditation Publication.

Lenny: I never saw it. So what kind of publication is that?

Corky: You'll find out. There's always a paradox going on in life. No matter what aspect of life you're in, there's a paradox in it. It doesn't make any difference unless you transcend the paradox. From the very first day, all teachers who understand the paradox have spoken; they've said that you need to take the exterior and turn it into the interior, and take the interior and turn it into the exterior, and make them into a oneness. What happens in the Big Bang is, as all the physicists and astrophysicists say, is there is this explosion, and all this stuff comes out of a oneness into a "many-ness." No one can argue that there are infinite galaxies, there's infinite suns. It's infinite out there. But it all came from a ONE. And what happens usually in life is everybody gets caught up in being a portion or a position or a thing in the infinite, and they identify and they get involved in it, because the One became infinite. And in actuality, all you are is an extension, or interrelationship, or particle of the One. And all awareness or awakening is a returning to that oneness. Every path does it. Osho says it, I think. He must have said it, he said everything; that back to the oneness there's an infinite number of paths, every particle, every personality, everything quits. Gives up maintaining its position, its identity, its correctness, its wrongness, and surrenders... one way or another. It surrenders willingly, or it surrenders unwillingly, or somewhere between the two. It sort of gives in. It becomes female because only a female-ness, and a surrender-ness, can transcend back into that Oneness.

And throughout the small ages of humankind-ness or consciousness on this planet, there has been every herb of the field, everything that's been created, gets the opportunity to surrender; to go back to that oneness. But most of it is rejected. Most everybody has an objection to something. "I object to this, I object to that, I object to this, I object to that, I'm this, I'm that, I'm this, I'm that," and they take on a position of the "right way." And the right way is the patriarchal way, or the male way. And the male way has a sword or weapon to destroy, it's the way of destruction. And the female way is the way of creation. Now, many times in the past, just because someone has been born into a female body, they think they're more special than a male body. It's not necessarily in the body, it's in the consciousness. But throughout humankind history, and throughout evolutionary history, the dinosaurs... before the dinosaurs, the insects used to land on the maguey.

Lenny: Is that the rock?

Corky: No, it's a plant. It's called the agave plant in our terminology today. Or they would land on the peach, or they would land on the apple in the garden of Eden that had fallen from the tree, and had naturally... very natural, out of that source of creation, created the spirits of God, or a path back to creation. And they called it the "spirits." It's very interesting, the Catholic church and the Gnostics and the Egyptians and the Atlanteans and all recorded history have turned to the spirits of God, every one of them. They've called them the elixirs, the ambrosias. And within the spirits of God, what modern day religion has done, a Catholic priest would stand before the altar of God and take the spirits and he or she would transubstantiate it, or would psychokinetically imbue within the spirits the soul of Christ, the spirit of Christ. And before Christ was born, those humankind that lived on the continents of America, would take the Maguey and they would allow it to naturally create the spirits. And they would take it upon the altar and they would kneel down before it and they would transubstantiate, they would psychokinetically transform creation, imbue the spirit of creation or God within it.

In Egypt twelve thousand years ago they took the fruit of the vine, they would naturally allow it to be fermented within new skins, goat skins. They would take it on the altar and they would put the spirit of Amen within it. The Atlanteans would do the same thing, because it was particular to the nature of a sentient being, whether it be an insect, a dinosaur, a bird. All birds partook of it, all insects partook of it, they're in here today wanting it, you see them flying around. They are called fruit flies, they know what it's about. They're more conscious than most of these guys out here trying to go to heaven, and have a gold paved road and a mansion in heaven and you guys as servants and a thousand wives.

It's not new, it's ancient, it's from the beginning of time, it naturally happens. It's the story of the Garden of Eden, it's the apple that came from the tree.

And today [holds up a bottle with the El Summum label on it for the camera] we have a very close look, get into perfect focus of the Maguey, the agave, the El Summum, the Sum Total. And the priest or priestess stood before the altar of God, and they poured within the holy grail the spirits [pours El Summum into a crystal glass on the altar]. And what they did then is they stood before it and they transubstantiated it, they psychokinetically imbued within it the spirit of God, the soul of Christ [passes the glass around class]. They're doing it today on every altar of the Catholic church throughout the world. One billion of them. Oh! Not eight million like these guys. They may say a lot of words, but it's the same thing, and they put the spirit of God within it. And it becomes a sacrament in the remembrance (if you want to call it that, but a "remembrance" is of the past and the past does not exist; the only thing that really exists is today, the now; the future is an illusion and so is the past because reality is here, today)... and the priest or priestess took within themselves the soul or the spirit of God. And they call it spirits.

Today we have a lot of old men, a lot of patriarchs making up lots of rules. Passing a lot of governmental rules in the guise of governments, but in reality in the beliefs of their religion. Did you know that they passed a law in this state that you cannot tell the truth?

Lenny: Wow. I didn't know that. But it seems like that in every state...

Corky: Yeah. They passed a law, particularly in this state, that you cannot tell the truth. That you're not allowed to put on a sign, the truth. You're not allowed to tell people, or put on a sign, or display to the public that there is spirits inside of anything that is a natural creation of God, that has what they would call ethanol or a beverage alcohol within it. They passed a law. You know why they passed a law? Because they're afraid of the truth. They don't want to hear it, when you send it to them in a letter, they pretend like they didn't get it. They refuse to respond to the truth. Because it exposes their hypocrisy. Because their heart is in greed. Their soul is stained and dipped in consumption. Their number one priority, the prayer that they have on their knees, their God, is materialism. It's mansions in heaven, golden roads, servants of everybody who does not believe like they do. Their heart is in materialism, a material heaven. Thousands of children, billions of children to progress their eternal progression, to make them live on, rather than dissolving back into a Christ. To being able to tell somebody what to do, to be able to have the biggest house on the hill. They are afraid of the truth. And they always try to destroy it, and they cannot stand to listen to it, for the truth "cuts them to the very center" like their scriptures say. And it cuts their heart out and lays their soul on the ground and exposes them for what they really are. They made a law that said you cannot tell the truth. They made a law, they made lots of laws that said you cannot tell the truth. And then they pretend to say that it's government, and to disassociate themselves from it. Wolves in sheeps' clothing. [With irony] The legislature of the state of Utah isn't controlled by the Mormons, we all know that. Only 85 out of the 103 are members of the LDS church.

Lenny: I wonder how the other 18 survive.

Corky: They do what the boys say. Their heart, their mind and their focus is into materialism. They believe that if they can own the material world, they can change the world. This planet is going to go away in a split second, like all planets do. No matter how much they own, no matter how many laws they pass, they are so insignificant, it's ridiculous. Let me move on to the Catholics. The Mormons are a drop in the bucket. There's a billion Catholics. They believe the same thing. Lets own the world, let's have the crusades. Constantine said in 300 AD, "Oh yeah, let me take on this Christian religion, sounds pretty good to me. Let's make it a political thing, lets pass a lot of laws. Let's try to control people's lives. Let's have crusades, let's take up the sword and kill millions of people in the name of our religion." Hundreds of millions of people. Muslims do the same thing, Islam. There really is no separation between religion and government. "Let's pass laws against cloning, lets pass laws against abortion." Let's make lots of laws to try and control everybody with the government that's been created by the underlying power bases of religion. Let's build one hundred thousand cathedrals that are empty. They're tombs for dead souls. Lets create songs and music to awaken these hypnotized creatures and draw them deeper into the hypnosis of slavery. When Martin Luther King Jr. said, "There will be a day when all men will be free, and the negro will be just as respected as the white man," he was saying there will be a day when all human kind will be free. They will be free of the hypnotic trance of empty cathedrals, of empty churches, of empty words, of false hopes, of created hungers and desires for materialism, for the greed of accumulation, and the rejection of the family of creation.

There will be a day that everything evolves away from the "right" position, the "right" way, the "true" religion, the "only" one, into the message that Christ really said: "Thou shall not judge."

[Again, with humor and irony] Oh, let's be an attorney and change the words. "He didn't really mean 'judge,' he meant you've got to be discriminatory to a certain extent to choose right from wrong; you've got to be a true child of God by belonging to the right church and getting the right stamp and the right laying on of hands and the proper sprinkling or the proper dunking from the 'right' church."


I know you won't hear the words, I know you will not hear the message, but at least it cannot be said that you were not told. Not you here, but for those I'm going to send this video to. [Looks into the camera] You are hypocrites to have ever allowed a law to be passed that says the spirit of God cannot exist in spirits. You are so phony and so sickening in your costumes that when you stand before your own personal judgment, and you judge yourself, you'll wish that you never existed.

Oh yeah, Christ had lots of temples, he had lots of wards that sat empty all week long when there were people sleeping in the fields and in the gutters. Or was it, he got criticized? I sort of remember the story that he got criticized for hanging out with those poor guys and feeding them. Divine paradox is very very interesting. "Let's change the story of the camel and the rich man entering the kingdom of God, let's say it's a 'gate into Jerusalem.' Lets twist it a little, to fit our religion. Let's turn our horny-ness into saying that we can have lots of wives, so we can eternally progress by having lots of babies, spirit babies. Let's put our heart and our soul and everything that we are into a gold paved road. Let us make our number one priority to have mansions. At least 32 mansions and at least 32 wives in the celestial kingdom. At least, that's a minimum." You hypocrites. I think Christ called that "mammon."

El Summum means "The Sum Total." It just got transubstantiated into the spirit of Christ. [Looks at the empty glass on the altar] Uh oh, did it in, huh? Oh well. You've decided to imbue within yourself the spirit of God? That's a nasty thing to do. They must be getting ready. "Lets come up with a law against it."

[Looks directly into the camera] And the thing that's so funny about the whole story is every one of you is gonna drop dead. You're going to get ooollllddd. And you're going to have to deal with the truth, instead of the warping or the distortion or the dance around the truth. You can go to all the Sunday meetings you would like, and hear all the hypnotic speeches and performances [does a spot-on impression of a typical Mormon podium speech], "My brothers and sisters I am so grateful to be here today..."

And all the crying and all the tears cannot change the laws of nature. Sorry. You're going to die. But there will be an essence that goes on because nothing really does die, it just transforms, and goes right back to where it left off with just the one little mansion and the sweet little nagging wife that you'd like to put in a closet and have 32 more to take out just in case that one doesn't want to do what you said it was supposed to do; and try to continue yourself on until you become fulfilled with it, and resolve back into the truth, or the reality, or the wholeness of what creation is really about.

What a pretend. What a bunch of costume clowns. What a bunch of phony titles. What a waste of time. All those empty buildings. Nothing's changing, still has the highest child abuse, child molestation, spousal abuse in the whole nation. But let us pretend with all the empty buildings.

[Rings bell]

When you get ready to die, that's the sound you'll hear. Don't forget it. When you start to hear that sound, you're dying. Class is over.