Fall in Love with a Master - Part 1

December 21, 1996

Because the answer is not in the thought or in the words, it is in the silence.

Corky: This alter is a menorah. It was a symbol long before you ever heard the word Jew, long before anyone ever thought they were a Jew. And it is a symbol of the phallus and the vagina. The Hebrews, after Christ went to India, he taught them all about these rituals and ceremonies and consciousness and awakening. Everyone has their own language, and this is the barrier that we have: language and words. And it is a great barrier for a lot of people. So in this class, don't worry about what's being said, don't worry about any of the words that are being said in any of the classes or gatherings that are happening here, we communicate on a different level. There is a movie that will go on inside of your soul, and then there is a feeling. When you feel the feeling then you know that the movie is happening. Until you feel the feeling, you won't know that the movie is happening.

I'm just gonna sort of walk through here with the incense so everyone will be a little happier. There's a book published by a Peter Compton, and he quotes a lot of these ancient writings. He's a professor from Harvard, and he has a PhD, and he wrote a lot of books that I haven't had a chance to read yet. It sort of explains that the virgin birth and the three wise men is a story that is about 12 thousand years old, 10 thousand years before Christ even came. So a lot of tradition has been passed down. And what happens with the tradition is, because of our human-kindness... now, I need to move everybody a little bit... [moves people around]. Anyway, all of these traditions have been worked with because of the human mind. What happens is that there is a commotion. So what happens is the human mind, after it moves out of the animal kingdom, stops operating in the natural way. What it does is it starts thinking. Animals operate as part of nature, they're a part of nature. They "realize" they are a part of nature, but they don't "realize," because they don't think about it, there is no such thing as realization. So the Christ story and the manger story is 12 thousand years old. Approximately 10 thousand years before Christ was even thought of, it was recorded in hieroglyphs. The human mind comes along after the animal mind, and what it does is it finds a need to satisfy a question. A question within itself that has been asked by an infinite number of snowflakes that have fallen from the sky, and incarnated as humans, and evolved or progressed a little bit beyond the animals. And the question is, "God, what is life? Here I am. I am, or what is life?" That is the question. So all the philosophers and all the wise men, all the king's angels got together, and tried to put humpty dumpty back together again. And they formed religions, and they formed churches to come up with answers, but throughout the ages, the ages and eons of time, everything continues to evolve, and continues to progress, and there comes a time when each and every one of you will stop thinking. And when you stop thinking, you'll have the answer. Because the answer is not in the thought or in the words, it is in the silence.

So let's begin with a little meditation. But first of all let's have some nectar, some Publication of Creation.... [the class meditates]. That was a real short meditation. The reason it was a real short meditation is because there's no difference between short and long, in reality. But what I would like to do is pass these little pieces of paper around, and have each one of you put it in your pocket. Take one of these, and take it home with you, and then I'll tell you what it means after you take it. Is everyone reading the paper as they get it? Does everybody have their piece of paper, and read it? Everyone is with? No one is without? Who did that come from?

Terry: Bob.

Corky: Master Bob. It's very, very interesting, you know, there are thousands and thousands of masters that walk on the planet. And at one time, all of you will become a master, every one of you. You'll become a master. And some of you will be a silent master, and everybody does their mastery in a different way. We have master Bob under here, and we have "getting-ready-to-be-master" Mike. He had too many demands on to be one. But he was getting ready to be one. Everybody gets their chance to become a master. What is a master? You know that is something that you get at the university. Or you master how to brush your teeth. Or you master how to walk when you are a little child, or you master how to not pee your pants, and to go to the bathroom when you take off your diaper. It is a progression, it is a rising going higher on the scale. But the thing that stands between you [and mastery] : the thinking mind and the human mind. After you moved out of your progression of the animal kingdom was the beginning of the thinking process in the mind, and the reasoning and the questioning, because all of a sudden you started putting your attention on the thought...and before, when you were an animal, all of your attention was within nature and within creation. Which is what God is. And so you were there. You acted naturally. You were relaxed, you reacted, everything was an action rather than an activity. But as you continue to progress, and you become homo erectus, you start thinking. And then instead of your attention (which is your life force) being on living and being, B-E-I-N-G, just being in the now (as what humankind would call an animal), you took your attention out of being, out of the scent of the air, out of the beauty of the drops of the rain and the rainbows, out of the whisping of the sand across the desert.

When you were an animal, and your transformation from life to death was taking place, and you were a deer or an antelope, and a lion bit you by the neck, you struggled momentarily because of the survival, and then you surrendered because of the nature of it, and transformed into the lion, because you became part of the lion. You were consumed by it. There is an eternal circle of it. Nothing is ever destroyed, it is just transformed; it goes from one state to another. From a ray of sunlight to a blossom of a flower. Nothing dies, it just transforms.

But a situation arose when you became homo erectus. You started thinking. You took your attention away from nature. And as the tension from you being in your lower evolved or lower progressed state (and don't take lower or higher as "better" or "worse"), as you went from a naturalness, from an automatic action of life, into a questioning of life, a yes and a no, all of the sudden you decided that you were within opposites. You had a red and a green light. You had a yes and a no. Everything that happened in your life had a question for it. And as you became more intellectual, and as you evolved, and as you continued to incarnate, and as you came out of the animal consciousness (that awareness), you began to put your attention on those thoughts in the mind. And the only reason those thoughts were there is because they were a form of memory. Of some incident or some experience that you had when you were born, and given birth. You developed memory. And with your life force directed towards the argument and the questioning, there wasn't much room for relaxation into nature and creation. You abandoned nature, you abandoned creation, and you abandoned God. You built churches, you built cathedrals, you made temples, you made shrines, you made mangers, you wrote books, you wrote poetry about nature, about god. But you always did it about it. That isn't being it. It was an about-ness, it was something that you went to. It was a place that you decided you were going to go to, or do something with, or make happen, because the mind, the thoughts, the arguments had your life force. You became a prisoner of your memory.

Every teacher teaches differently. Every building looks different from every other building. All are similar, but they look different. Every snowflake that has ever fallen from the sky on this planet or any planet that has ever been, is different from every other snowflake. There are no two snowflakes that have been alike. And as you fell out of the womb of your mother, you were a snowflake. And as you fell from the sky of the womb of Maat, as it was said at one time... mother, mother creation.

Don't worry about the words, feel the story, you'll catch the meaning of it tomorrow.

But you fell from the womb of the sky as the essence of the snowflake. Out of the womb you touched upon things as you fell down towards the earth to be who you were, and you took upon your form. But your form, your personality, there is only one exactly like you. But there's an infinite number of them, and there will never be another one like you. Never, ever. There will never be another snowflake like you, ever. There is only one of you. And so we come back to this mental question. Let's go back into the struggle of the mind. And the mental question is: "What's gonna happen to me? What's going to happen to me, that one individual? Where am I going? What am I going to have? What am I gonna get? When are my desires going to be fulfilled? Who am I? Where did I come from? What in the hell am I doing here? What is creation? Why is there even one?" "Oh, there's this guy up there that decided to make us all." Come on! Where did that guy come from? Let's get down to a little reality. Let's get out of childishness. What's going to happen to you?

I've done this a lot in the past, and I'm gonna do it again tonight. But first of all, I want to read to you. [Reads from a small strip of paper] "Diary or journal for Summum class." I'm going to ask, I'm going to plead, I'm going to beg every one of you to start a diary of your life, or a journal. And I would like you to go home tomorrow or tonight and write in your journal... you know this used to be something that everybody did... what your experience was here tonight. You can write whatever else you want in there, it's ok. You can put anything you want in there, but just be honest. Because the only thing that can live is truth, for a lie always dies. For the only thing that is eternal and can live forever is the "real." For a lie, or something that is deceptive, draws water from the truth, but after a while the truth cuts the lie off from the water, and the lie dies. So just tell the truth, be who you are. Don't pretend to be anything.

Be who you are. Now, all the teachers are different, and everybody does it in a different way. And all of you will have your opportunity to go on to progression, or work on the pathway of evolution of humankind. And some people like work, and some people don't. Some people get off on it, and some beings don't. You know? You don't have to do this. You don't ever have to do this job like I'm doing here. You can sort of bypass it, and go on, and continue to progress farther on than what we're doing here, no problem. No problem at all. But every once in a while it happens that someone decides to participate in assistance.

I was going to put Tilopa on the web today and see if I could find him. I never heard of Tilopa before, you ever heard of Tilopa, Su? Anybody ever hear of Tilopa before? I saw Tilopa licking the inside of the skull of the humanoid, and licking the brains out of it, and eating it. I saw Tilopa being the emperor of the world, standing on a pyramid in Mexico, and saying to the... there were at least 2 to 3 million people there... "I will show you that I am your leader, I am your master. But I will show you that there is nothing in reality at all to physical life, and I'll take my life." And he took the knife and cut his throat and died. And surrendered to creation and God before three million people when he was 19 years old. I saw Tilopa raise the dead of consciousness to the awakening of the spirit. When you gave up your life by taking your attention off of God and off of nature, and put it into thought, you died. You can continue to come back and fall as a snowflake, and do the same thing over and over and over. But after you gained the satisfaction of the night, the next morning when you awakened, it is a memory. It's a lie because it's gone. It's gone. It's gone. It's gone. Because it is not permanent. It's something that doesn't last forever. Tomorrow we could make you the president of the planet, you could be the happiest person in the world, you could be the ruler of all these humanoids. You could tell them to do whatever you wanted to, you could make all the rules and everything. Do anything you want, have all the women you want, all the castles, all the gold, everything that you wanted. And then you're going to die. And it's a memory, because it's the lie that's gone. It wasn't something that was permanent, because your life force and your attention is focused into the thought, and into the mind.

Now, everyone here knows Corky. Corky is a person who has a body, runs around, does all these different things, and plays the harmonica, and gets all pissed off, and does this and does that, and all these kinds of things. That is Corky. And then everybody knows there is something in-between Corky and this other thing. And you've all heard about these things called channelers. You know, where they channel an un-incarnated spirit that is still wanting to play games down here. So they tune in, and the spirit comes down into their body, and speaks to them, and says all this mumbo jumbo stuff that doesn't really mean much. What is that special word that you came up with Su? Auto-matato-ma-whato-badad-adis? Hamaga-nage-ooni-wah-dada-doodi-dapa-daba-doopy-do-do. Yeah, that's what they do. They do a lot of that. And what it is, is just something to keep people entertained. It's sort of like a Broadway play. Anyway, there's a lot of people that do that in their progression, and it's a very normal thing and there is nothing wrong with it. There's no problem with it.

The mind has got your attention, and you are sitting here and you are saying, "God, what am I doing here in this class in this pyramid place? Why am I here? Why am I listening to this guy named Corky? I mean he gets behind the wheel of a car, he does everything that everybody else does, he looks like an old man, he's got a bald head, he does everything like everybody else, he's got a weenie on him and everything like that." But then, all of a sudden there is a question that comes into the thought process, because there's these bizarre things happening inside of you. Like a lump pops up on your chest and you say, "How could that be"? And what I'm saying is that every one of you are a snowflake, and so am I. And all of us have fallen from the womb of Maat to planet earth to be an incarnation. But the essence, or the water that we formed from has been someplace before, and some of the water was ancient water from an aquifer deep within the earth. And some of the water was on the surface of the planet. And always there is water, one water, maybe two, maybe five, maybe a million who knows, that falls as a snowflake, that is ancient water. And what the ancient water does is sets aside the memory, sets aside the thought, sets aside the snowflake that it became, and becomes an open portal of creation. So don't worry about a person. And the open portals always do it differently, some of them sing it in song. Like Osho's are songs if you listen to them. Between the lines is music, he has a lot of beautiful words, but they're meaningless. The meaning is in the song, it's in the feeling.

And what happens here is an energy, a new age energy, a neo-communication, a neo-transformation, because it always gets better. I mean, you wouldn't expect us to try to do the things from Christ's time, that's old time! We want to do this a new way. And the new way is through the energy. And what the energy does, is it flows into your soul, but the problem being is you guys have holes in your souls! And you let it drain out! Now I can fill it up in here, I can fill it so full that it can cause you to drop dead, and there are some people here that have almost done that. It gets so full. But as soon as you decide to go back out there, you let all the holes of thought in your mind drain out the naturalness of creation. And there's nothing wrong with it, it's ok. It is ok to do that, it is fine. But the purpose is for the experience of it, and it can't be sung in song today, it can't be told in words. Because as soon as you sing it in song, automatically you start thinking about it. If you talk about it in words, or you read it in books, your mind starts questioning it. And you start trying to analyze, "What do those words mean? What are those words? What does Maat, the womb of heaven giving birth to the snowflake mean?"

And so the new way, the "neo" way, is to take all the thought from your mind, and fill your soul with the essence of God. It has nothing to do with words. It has nothing to do with ceremonies. It is the not, it is the nothing, it is the silence. It's the divine paradox, for when there is nothing there, everything is there. If you're in a thought, you move from that thought to the next thought. You can't remember the old thought because you're stuck in the new thought. You let go of the new thought, move to the next new thought, and the old new thought is gone, and you cannot remember what the old new thought was, and you are in chaos, you're schizophrenic, you're nuts. You can feel it here [inside the pyramid], it's in the silence. There is no thought in it. But it becomes permanent within you when you decide to fix the soul or the spirit in such a way that it doesn't leak out when you leave the building. And the only way that that can happen is to fall in love. I thought somebody said love heals all wounds. I thought that Tilopa, I thought Osho, I thought Jesus, I remember when Mohammad, and Krishna... and when I said that love heals all the leaks of your soul and makes it whole... because when you are in love, nothing can be lost. Because you are in the ecstasy and the joy and the celebration of God.

"Oh no", the mind says, "no, no, no I don't want to fall in love. If I fall in love I've got a problem. I'm gonna lose an asset. If I fall in love, I'm gonna lose something. I might lose my shirt, my car, my house, bank account, my talent, my toes, my nose, might lose something if I fall in love. Dangerous situation to fall in love. Very dangerous, don't wanna fall in love. Very dangerous. That love stuff, boy, it can really get to ya, wow, powerful!" It's so powerful it can burn all the devil right out of your soul. Because when you're in love, you can't hate anybody. When you're in love, you can't be mad. When you're in love, you can't be sad. When you're in love, it doesn't make any difference if you're dying, or giving up your life, you can't feel pain...when you're in love. This love stuff is dangerous stuff. Real danger. I mean it is dangerous. I mean it can get you by the balls and drag 'em right off, right?

Gale: Once or twice...

Corky: Once or twice? And then you stopped loving because you didn't like your balls getting drug off, right? You got over it, you stopped loving. Oh! After you get your balls drug off, you can't love anymore, right? Is that sort of the story? Can't fall in love anymore? Hmmmm...

You've been in love, and at times it has been beautiful, and at times it hurt so bad. It's a dangerous situation. You know why it's dangerous? I got the secret. I got a little tiny secret. It's so small that there's only one of them in existence. And you know the law of supply and demand? You know what that is, right? What's the law of supply and demand? When there's a little tiny bit of something, it becomes the most valuable thing in existence, right? And when there is lots of something, you know, there's lots of it around. And I got this little tiny secret that is so small, it's smaller than a quark. But since it is so small, it is larger than large. This little tiny secret is everything. It is tiny, but it fills all of existence. And you know what it is? It's nothing.

Now all of a sudden your mind starts jumping: "How in the world could nothing be such a little tiny secret? How could this thing be so valuable, nothing, when I'm out every day struggling to get something? Why would I want to put my attention on nothing, when my whole existence is on acquiring something?" Oh, the homo erectus mind has really got you guys going! What a turmoil. I mean, how in the world can you survive this thing? There's a book here, I brought this book along because books are worthless, I wanted to bring this worthless book along here that is called The Five Gospels. It is written by the Jesus Seminar. The Jesus Seminar is a gathering of approximately 300 homo erectuses that get together four times a year. But to get into this group, to be one of the guys in the Jesus Seminar, you got to have heavy duty credentials. I mean, you gotta be able to stand up in front of an audience and start Genesis 1:1 and quote to Revelations 30:29 and not miss a comma. You've gotta be able to have at least a minimum of ten PhD's, and then you gotta start off with being at least a Dean of some religious school, or some pinnacle of one of these man-made churches on the planet. One of these homo erectus churches, you know? You gotta be a smart dude to be one of those guys. They get together, and what they've done since the 1940's is decided what Jesus Christ really said, or might of said. Their conclusion was there may have been three people who were Jesus Christ, it wasn't really just one person. Because like we told you in that one story, all those traditions came down, and they got made up by the churches, and different things happened. But some of the things that were very, very important that were passed down they put in different colors in this book. And they decided to give the ones that they thought had a little weight - what I mean by weight is that he may have possibly, this master that was walking around 2 thousand years ago, said something similar to this - and if he did say something similar to this, they put it in red, and then everything else in the Bible they put in black because he didn't say it.

Now, I'm gonna thumb through this book, this is the Bible, and I want you to look for the red parts. Oh, there's a pink part. Pink is something that was probably passed on. Oh, there's a red one right there: "Congratulations, you are poor." Does anyone see any red in there? I am sort of thumbing through the book... oh, there's a red one there: "Pay the emperor what belongs to the emperor, and God what belongs to God." Wow, very, very, very, very interesting little book isn't it? And um, these are the guys that are in the know. These are the scholars of the world. I mean they got all the microfilms and all the dead sea scrolls, they got all the universities, they got all the computers, they are head of the educational system from Zurich to Harvard to Poona, India to South Africa, the whole planet, right here. These guys get together and have fun reading from all those churches that have lots of money. But they got one little thing in here that I bookmarked. It talks about what we're talking about tonight. And don't worry about the words. I've read this same passage out of Matthew and parts of the Bible, it is written everywhere. Feel the essence of it:

"Heaven's imperial rule is like treasure hidden in a field..." this is the little tiny thing that I was talking about, the secret. "When someone finds it..." that could be one of you little snowflakes, when someone finds this heaven's treasure hidden in the field, "that person covers it up again, and out of sheer joy..." and I'll add some more to this: and ecstasy, and celebration "goes and sells everything, every last possession, and goes and buys the field..." that it was in. Again, "Heaven's imperial rule is like some trader looking for a beautiful pearl, and when that merchant finds the one priceless pearl, he sells everything he owns to buy it."

That is a parable. It's a story about the tiny secret. When you are touched by the secret, and it touches you, and it comes in to you, the silence of it, or the nothing of it, it's impossible for you to think. And it temporarily heals your soul, and winds it up in the womb of heaven with the feeling of God. When you find that, it is time to evolve, it is time to progress on in evolution. It is time to take your attention out of chaos and schizophrenia and thought, and open the door to the portal to creation, and evolve on and become it. I know that the homo erectus is very stubborn, they're so used to the argument; the no's and the yes's, the rights and the wrongs. But none of you snowflakes here can deny that anything you gather is going to pass away, and none of you here are not going to drop dead. And the things that die, and the things that drop dead are the lies, and the only truth is the thing that continues on and becomes permanent in you. The water from the depths of antiquity. And when you fall from the womb of Maat, of heaven, as the next snowflake, your essence will be filled with the permanence of that consciousness. You will be born into that life. Surrender to life, because it is single. Fall in love with a master. It doesn't make any difference if it's in Salt Lake City, South Africa, India, Alaska, anywhere. But start dancing in life, get on your toes, start singing, and go to one that can fill your soul with God. And then when you are filled with it, heal yourself, and make it a permanent thing so that it is always there and never goes away. You become the water of the ancient ages, you become the ecstasy of creation. Your snowflake is going to melt and die away, you're not going to be reincarnated. Every snowflake is different. The personality of Ron is here one time. There is no resurrection of the body. The only resurrection you will have is when your essence flows like the water of the stream to the ocean of creation, and is drawn by the force of the sun or creation out again, having within itself the consciousness of the depths of ages, and falls as a snowflake into another life, able to set aside thought and speak from creation. Don't worry about Corky. Don't think about Corky, it's in the feeling.

If it can be breathed into you, as it says in the Old Testament. "God breathed into Eve and brought her to life."