Finding Silence

March 26, 2005

How come they left the word "silent" out of the Kybalion?

In the book we have been reading recently, The Opening of the Way, by Isha Schwallar, she speaks about the word. Did anybody catch that when she spoke about the word? She talks about everything coming from the divine word, or the divine vibration, the sound. The Bible says it, all philosophies say it. The Buddhists understood it and so they made big bells outside and inside their temples. In the old days, it used to be giant penises that you would hit the side of the bell with, but then they starting getting too much flack for it so they turned them into flogs instead. It is sort of weird, you know a long, long time ago the Catholics had phalluses on their altars and they had to bury them and hide them. Everybody had to hide sexuality because I think the reason they hid sexuality was more pragmatic than spiritual. They would not have hid it, unless it had two sides to it. Everything has two sides to it; it is a double edged sword. If you are a church the sword can protect you against the government, but if you are a church your members can attack you with the same sword.

Sexuality has two sides to it. Tantra has two sides to it. But at a certain point, it has no sides to it. That is the transcendent part about it. The problem that happened in Oregon with Osho's commune was the other side of the sword. When they practiced Tantra and everybody got AIDS and dropped dead. The same thing happened in the past in Christianity, in Gnostic religions when they practiced Tantra, in the Egyptian tradition everybody got a venereal disease of one sort or another and everybody dropped dead from it. So it has two sides to it. It can liberate you and kill you at the same time. So you have to use a higher law and Osho said it in one of his books: there should be 13 years before you would dare change a partner. That is a long time! That would really slow down venereal disease!

I was watching MTV at spring break. They had three guys on there, and they were all 17 years old. One guy was a really good looking black guy, and the other two were white guys. You know how everything always gets down to sex at the bottom of the story but they use a bunch of innuendos and stuff like that. They had this girl sitting there and her father was standing on the other side of the D.J. with the microphone, and the D.J. would ask questions of the guys and the father would say which guy could go out with his daughter, after they heard the guys answer. The girl was a very good looking girl by worldly standards. She didn't sleep around, she was a good girl, she wasn't a prude, and she was in touch, down to earth. This was classic though, her father began asking the guys all these questions: "What would you do if this happened? Or this happened?" These guys were all between 17 and 21 years old. The thing that amazed me was, as they talked to the guys, it came out that one of the guys was still a virgin, and two of them weren't but one of them was really conscious. It was really unbelievable. Now, I don't know if they pre-planned this, he said he had lost his virginity and had sex before, but because of what was going on in the world, he did not just jump on anything that came by, knocked on his door or whatever. One of the other guys on the far end said in the last year, the last year alone, he had slept with 175 different women. Everybody was applauding in the crowd when he said that. The dad kicked him out. The dad didn't pick the virgin guy either; he took the guy with wisdom to date his daughter. It was classic. It was really great.

The reason I am talking about this, is because it is a double edged sword, it will kill you logically. You know 1 out of every 9 Japanese high school girls are HIV positive. High school girls. The statistics are shocking. The senior citizens in Florida, one out of every 3 seniors have it; they are out having a mid-life crisis or whatever. And they are all screwing each other and getting HIV. It is amazing. It is a double edged sword. That is why they took the penis off the altar and why sexuality got repressed by Christianity because the other side of the sword will kill you and they said, "If we do not do something about this then everybody in the congregation will die from STD's!"

So you have to be very, very, very wise in life. So we can have our penis on the altar, but you can not use it. Unless you go down and have it tested once a month and you can only have one partner every 13 years. Because everybody gets divorced these days. My god! I mean most marriages these days last about three years. That is the average.

I think there are a couple of good plans in life. These are just thoughts you know. When you are thinking, sometimes you get disturbed in the head because you are thinking. I was thinking that as soon as you can find yourself, you ought to plan your spiritual will, and on your spiritual will you ought to plan it in such a way that you can let go of as many things as possible. That you can emancipate and liberate yourself. That is what you should design your spiritual will around. And then the second plan you should have is to take a shower and brush your teeth everyday so that you don't smell, and just let life happen. Everything else will take care of itself because it is all under destiny. You let life happen, but you have got to take a bath and brush your teeth. And get your spiritual will in shape! But other than that, life happens. So, even though you have thought about it and planned it out, life still happened the way it was supposed to. Now that you are older you can look back and see it, when you are young it is hard to see that. You can look back and see that life just happens. No matter how much you fought with it, struggled with it, or flowed with it, it still all just happens. But how many thoughts did you have in between the happenings that were different than the reality of the happening? So you wasted a lot of time in thought. You wasted so much energy in thought that could have been turned inside instead and stored in your essence. So you spewed your seed on the ground, like they say in the Old Testament, instead of in the womb of creation.

Bernie: I think what can also help, in letting life happen is to be involved in a cause. It seems to make it easier as well.

Corky: I think that is very good! Let me ask you a question though, where does the cause have to fall in your schedule of priorities?

Bernie: It's got to be at the top.

Corky: Why?

Bernie: Because that is where it happens.

Corky: Because if it is anywhere other than at the top, you do not let life happen. I think Donald Trump is involved in a cause, I think he thinks life happens. But he is so involved in trying to get more money and being Donald Trump, he is playing the role so well, he is so involved in it that he is lost in it and that is his cause. So what will end up happening is he will wake up doing it again and again and again, until he gets fulfilled with it. Until finally he will say, "Jesus Christ! Why am I doing this, rather than doing something else? I am a miserable sucker!" And so he becomes fulfilled with it after enough incarnations and he will drop that kind of cause. But right now it is the only cause he knows, because it is the one that was pointed out to him in this incarnation. He may have been doing it in different life times. Then he may do a totally opposite swing and do the poverty thing, which is equally as ridiculous. You want to try for the center. You don't want to be too rich, or too poor. You want to be in the center. He might stand in the river on one foot, until he decides to sit under the tree.

Silence. Wow. What a hard place to find! You can hike to the top of the mountains, you can hike beyond the timberline to where there are no animals, no birds, nothing that lives up there, but you still take yourself with you. As long as you take yourself with you, as soon as you get there, there is no silence because you are listening to yourself. And it is talking to you about everything that you think that you see, everything that is around you, you think about how silent it is and it takes away the silence because your thoughts replace the silence. You think about how beautiful the clouds are, and it takes away the beauty because beauty cannot exist in thought. The first escape is to feel, but in most feelings there are thoughts. You put your attention on the feeling, rather than being in the feeling itself. You stand back and you look at it, and as long as you observe the feeling, you are thinking about it. Until you become it. And to become it, you have to let go and just fall into it. And to fall into it, you have to let go of what you are holding on to, to be able to fall. But it is not the happening thing. Even when you sleep, you think. There are very few moments between transitions in sleep where you find silence, where your mind really rests. It just needs a little bit of silence to keep you alive, but just think how wonderful it would be if you gave it a lot?! I'm not saying necessarily alive in your body but alive in your essence.

I think we say it some place in the Summum book, if you can put your attention in your essence and store your kinetic energy there it becomes potentially powerful as a will, in your essence. Then as you go through your transference you can use that will to hold yourself away from all of the distractions and arguments and all of the things that will draw you into any kind of argument or problem under the sink. It might even free you from your demands.

It is so nice to have people that come to class that have demands. Because we always get a chance to use those demands as examples of things everybody has in different areas, but some people's demands stick out so far that they allow those demands to get them in a pinch or a tight spot, or give them a problem.

So everybody does things different. You guys are an odd group! To show up here, on a Saturday night when you could be out at the bar getting drunk and you could be out drinking and have a hangover the next day! But after you leave here, it sort of puts a twist on your dick doesn't it? It is sort of like beating it with one of those rolling pins, where you roll out the dough and it becomes worthless.

Right now, the world is sort of like being a gold miner, in the days of '47. There are a lot of gold miners, but very few strike it rich. Then when they finally do strike it rich, it kills them. Because somebody shoots them and steals all their gold, or whatever, so there are two sides of that story too. But if you try to tell this story to the people going to general conference this weekend, whew! How would you do it? If you had a captive audience, and they invited you into the tabernacle or the assembly hall, how would you tell them about the silence? What would you say to them? What would they say if you told them that they should take some time out of thinking and just relax and drop everything and go into the feeling of silence, to drop into the orgasm of silence?

Don't you think this is an odd group? Osho had a dynamic meditation that he got from the whirling dervishes, they twirled and twirled and twirled until they were utterly exhausted and then they would just stop where they were and stand within the silence. They had to have reached total exhaustion, they had to be totally exhausted and then they held silent. All it was, was the feeling of the climax at the point of high orgasm, and it is a sort of orgasm. But it was a meditation.

They went into the feeling of it. It was a sexual thing. It was that thing that humans do, you reach this high point of energy, a point of feeling and then you just hold still and you just feel it. It is a feeling. Osho called it dynamic meditation. We do not have a big enough building, we do not have that kind of money to build buildings with wood floors, and gather people and then charge people for admission or something like that. I think you guys probably do not need to do it. You could probably do it with your cat.

I do it with my cats. I hold them in my arms, and I sing to them, and I run around the house singing to them, and I give them kisses, and lick them and stuff like that. I run from one end of the house to the other end of the house, hold them upside down, get their toes. Anyway the kitties and I do whirling dervishes around the house. We do a meditation together. Cats are great to meditate with, because they are always in some sort of meditation. They lay on your chest, look at you hold their nose to your nose and look in your eyeballs, just like the sphinxes.

But how can you tell this to the world? How come they left the word "silent" out of the Kybalion? I think it's as dangerous a word as surrender. You have to surrender your mind to be silent. If you don't surrender your mind, you can't be silent.

You guys, we are going to need a lot of help around here so Ron, you have to quit your job as the president of the social union club and come over here and help Su with the yard. You are president of taking care of that place that you live right?

Ron: I'm not president anymore.

Corky: You quit? What are you?

Ron: I'm nothing.

Corky: Good!! You can help Su, because we are going to need lots of help around here this spring. Gracey used to pick those flowers, do the plant, and everything, and Su helped her all the time but now Su is going to need help. That is an assignment. After work you gotta come over, in the evenings when it is cool and take care of things. During the weekdays and stuff like that, because you can't do it only on the weekends, it is a full time job.

It is a meditation you guys. I remember when I told Al, he was the first one I told about the working meditation, I called it washing the driveway meditation. Remember that? Did I say any of the other things were meditations besides that?

Al: Yeah.

Corky: I told you all of the other projects and other things you can do around here, you can make into a meditation. They are, aren't they? If you want to do them here. It is really interesting because you could do the exact same things at home but it doesn't work the same way there as it does here. Weird!

Shad and Cami have a mowing the lawn meditation and I added some things to it that aren't really necessary. Anyway, you don't have to count during it, if you can be totally in it. But you have to maybe sometimes start counting to find your way to be totally in it. Does that make sense? Because if you mow the lawn while you are thinking, that is not a meditation. You cannot think about mowing the lawn, you have to let the lawn be mowed. You gotta let it happen. And to let it happen sometimes you have to start counting first, and then once you count all of your sheep, it will put you to sleep. Once you go to sleep in your mind and stop thinking, then you can let the lawn get mowed, and when you let the lawn get mowed, it is really an interesting phenomenon. Or when you wash the driveway, or pick things off of the plants, or paint the vines on the fence, or cut the ivy leaves, or sand blast the fence. If you can be with it and do it without thinking while doing it, an interesting thing happens. No matter how difficult the job is. It is pretty hard with a mask on and the sand blowing, not to think. But, you can really get into it, if you just let yourself be with the sand taking the paint off. It is interesting isn't it Shad?

Shad: Yeah.

Corky: You still have to make sure you don't blow holes in the tarp, or your leg or your pants or whatever. There are a couple things that you have to pay attention to, because it is a dangerous job in there! So you have to be careful.

Spring is coming, Summer is coming, and Fall is coming. Three quarters of the year is coming. The dark night third is over with and we are going into a lot of fun times. But you guys can do a lot of meditations around here and there are so many things to be done, so you can come by every day if you like in the evenings after work. There are plenty of things to do.

But, it is a Cause. And wherever your attention is, is where you will be at when you incarnate in your next life. And so if you can put your attention into a blissful cause, you will be in bliss in your next incarnation. If you put it in the argument of the world, you will be right back in the argument of the world in your next incarnation. You know what I am saying? It is very simple.

Really, when they reminded me what I was supposed to do in this life, I still was in the mental mode of employees. I thought that I could employ someone to do it. Or that I could let them do it and be the boss, or let somebody else do it and watch them do it and not be the doer. And it was really a weird transition; it is a real mental transition. It is very interesting. Do you see it Bernie, in the doing rather than letting somebody else do it?

Bernie: Yeah, I mean it's all in the doing.

Corky: You can't make anybody else do it, but yourself right? But you can let others do it with you, you can share it with them, but you can't have other people do it for you. There are things people do for you and stuff like that, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about your presence in it. It is a consciousness of wanting to do it yourself, rather than achieving to let some other energy do it. Does that make sense?

Like Donald Trump is doing his thing to make money, and he has lots of people doing things for him and he pays them to do it. So his goal is to make money to hire people to have them doing the doing. He is making the money but he misses it in that he is doing it to make other people work, to make them do things for him, rather than him doing those things himself. Does that make sense? There is a fine line there.

Al: There is that element of management.

Corky: Yes, there is the element of management but at the same time, it is the thought behind the management. That is what I am saying.

Bernie: It is also sort of a separation.

Corky: Yeah. You are part of the working group, rather than being the manager. It is an interesting position. It is being in the family, doing the family work, versus doing work at the job. That is what a devotion to a cause is. It is work in a family. It is even greater than that, a level beyond a family; a mother, a father and a child. Everybody does that. That is an obligation. That is not a giving away of yourself. It turns into an obligation, doesn't it Cami?

Cami: Yes.

Corky: It is an obligation. What you got yourself into becomes an obligation rather than a joy of giving yourself. In it, you sometimes feel the joy of giving yourself and they talk about it in the church and everything, but everybody sees it as an obligation. Don't you think? An obligation to make babies and raise them, get them up and going and started in life. It's an obligation really, more than it is a joy.

A real joy is to be able to take a yellow leaf off of a green plant.

You gave yourself the luxury of doing that. The real joy is to be able to slow down long enough to brush your cat. The moments of joy when you were able to really dance with Shekinah, those were the moments that the majority of family raising kids and everything in obligation, miss. But there are very few dances. There are some but very few dances. But everybody gets an opportunity to choose to dance. Only if they are not shy enough to get up out of their seat and go find something to dance with. You do not have to have a hunger to dance. You don't have to have a lust to dance. A hunger to dance is a performance. A lust to dance is a desire. A falling into dance is a joy. You can put those words in the book.

Because you cannot dance unless you relax. You cannot be in joy unless you relax. You cannot be in bliss unless you relax, until you let go, until you surrender, and then you dance.

They call it a donation. It's a funny word. A donation. What is a donation Shad?

Shad: It is giving something for nothing in return I guess.

Corky: Is that possible though? Because what you are talking about, is transcending on one level and on the other level you are talking about participating.

Shad: Then I guess I would say donating is to give something without cost. I don't know.

Corky: A real donation is not physical, it is mental. A real donation. A real donation, Osho calls it love. Osho says god is love. That is what god is, is love. It is a donation. Do you think it is possible to give a donation without love?

Shad: Not a real one, no. Not without the kind of love that he is talking about.

Corky: Right. Not a real donation. You can give lots of donations. You can be a sperm donor, you could be a tip donor, you could be a blood donor, you could be a money donor, who knows; there are lots of donors that give for a reason. But to be able to give god is a real donation.


Interesting, huh? That is sort of the ultimate donation, or gift don't you think? To be able to give that, if it is a that, who knows what it is really, you cannot think. You cannot be something, you have to be nothing. When you are nothing, it is a field of energy. If you want to put it into metaphysics, it is a field of energy. And it is not found prevalently in the world because people are not into nothing. They are into something! Wouldn't you say they are into something out there, not into nothing? So if you can give them the nothing which is the opposite of everything, it sort of really sounds stupid I know, to the lay person out there in the world. If you try to tell this to conference, that if you give nothing you can give god. You can give love, you can give everything because it is the opposite end and when you get the opposite end they get everything on the other end. They get everything. They would just think you are a lunatic if you told them that in general conference wouldn't they Shad? Why?

Shad: Because they think it is in ideas, in belief and doctrine.

Corky: Because they haven't experienced it?

Shad: Right.

Corky: Why haven't they experienced it? Because they have never been there. They cannot get silent enough to get there. That is what Isha Schwaller said. They cannot get silent enough to get there. They have got trains and horses and buggies and whips and streets and hotels and saloons and prostitutes and nervous imbalances and gold and trees, and everything in the world going on. Wow. So speedy!

Su said something one time, it was very, very interesting. I knew she had a problem when she said it. A good problem. She said "I don't want to do anything in life except for lay around with my cats. I don't have any mental energy to collect anything, or do anything out there, than just lay with my cats." Do you remember saying that Su? What was happening, you were going through a transformation weren't you? You said before you were driving down the road, did it hit you before that? Tell everybody what happened to you. Do you mind me asking you, putting you on the spot? K, go ahead.

Su: I don't know, I just decided I was going to try an experiment with drinking more nectar.

Corky: Sometimes Ron does that. He'll drink a whole bottle of Cause and Effect, or Transformation. You didn't tell me this part!

Su: So, I drank some nectar, more than I normally do. I have been drinking a lot more nectar. I was coming here, and there was something that happened and there is no way that I can put it into words. It was a shift in the way I was thinking, about everything.

Corky: A jog in the path of life. But it was sort of like a big rift. Like a tsunami. Then what?

Su: I just decided that a lot of things I was doing were just really sort of ridiculous in a way. I mean, I still feel the responsibility of doing those things, I have a job and students I am supposed to be responsible for, but the perspective about it changed. I don't know, there has always been this thing that I have to be busy doing something. Probably it was being busy so I would not have to look at who I was, or what I wanted, or what I was really supposed to be doing, my direction.

Corky: Wow. Did you get a chance to look at it for a second, and it was really intense? Oh god!

Su: It was interesting because after that, things came to me that I thought I wanted and I discovered that I didn't really want them at all! I remember one day, sitting down trying to figure out what I was going to wear for this class I was going to teach. I remember sitting down and thinking "I don't want to do this! This is stupid." I knew that I had to. But I really didn't want to do it anymore.

Corky: There were a lot of things you didn't want to do, you wanted to just lay there with your cats right?

Su: It was the only peace I felt.

Corky: Right, everything else felt like chaos?

Su: Yeah. I am not normally that kind of person. I'm usually pretty driven, and responsible.

Corky: Don't you still get just as much done, but you look at it differently right? So what was that other thing that you said, what happened next? You were driving down the road first, before you decided you wanted to lay with the cats. What did you start seeing in the cats that you didn't see before, that made you want to just lay there with them? Did you see the person in them?

Su: Yeah, there was I suppose this sense of oneness with them, or a sense of peace that I felt with them that I have never experienced really with anything else. That they totally accepted who I was without any conditions.

Corky: Do you feel that is what that feeling is here, right now? Is that, you felt god in them maybe? If you want to put terms and stuff like that on it? I am just saying, I am just throwing out words, because people like to use words. I think they hear music and they get the feeling in them, they hear the words in the music and they get the feeling. That is why people really like music. I think love even transcends music to a greater depth. Music is a doorway to that silence, but love is the final key that opens all doors.

What do you think Al? You sent an email asking me about learning the meditation of gender. What instigated you sending that email, what happened, what was said?

Al: I thought something was going on that I didn't know about and maybe I should know about it. Maybe this is something I should do.

Corky: I said to everybody that they should practice by themselves. I said this a long time ago. I said everybody should go home and do the Merh meditation, and then I said that after that, you become celibate. You become so fulfilled you drop sex at some period in time. Then I said that you need to join your male with your female. The way that you do that is you make them become one, your male and female become one and you let them both come out and then join as a plain essence with all the essences and they evolve on. That probably gave you an idea that there was an initiation of gender.

Al: Yeah. That's what I thought.

Corky: There is. But you have to do it on your own. No one can give it to you. No one can teach it to you. No one can initiate you into it. It is something you do on your own. Once you do it on your own, the opposite sex will be attracted to you.

Al: How long does it take?

Corky: But you may not be attracted to the opposite sex, because if you want something you don't have it. So you don't have a want for it, and suddenly you have got it. Does that make sense?

Al: I've heard it said many times.

Corky: If you want it, you haven't got it, but if you don't want it, you've got all you could ever want. That is a hard one to explain isn't it? But it is so logical. Don't you think Eddie Murphy has all he wants? It is too simple. I saw this really funny guy, somebody on TV, his last name is Rock and he's a black guy. Chris Rock I think his name is. He has won a couple of Emmy's and he has a beautiful wife. He has probably got women crawling all over him, just like Brad Pitt and people like that. But they don't want for it, that is why they've got it because they don't want it. But it is really difficult to try to get people to this point of not wanting it.

How do you get there Chris, of not wanting it, what would you say? What is the solution? Cami could probably answer this better than you Chris.

Chris: I agree with that.

Corky: Chris is too wanting to answer this question. So, Cami?

Cami: Oh, I want plenty.

Corky: No, I mean not wanting sex. You can maybe want all those other things, because I think you have transferred your sexual desires to wanting other things, or something like that. That is what happens with a lot of people. Instead of wanting sex they transfer it to something else, like food, or glasses, or cars, or telescopes, or this or that or whatever. But since you don't want sex, you can tell Chris how easy it is not to want sex.

Cami: Boy, how do you stop wanting sex?

Corky: You put your attention on all those other things?

Cami: I think realizing that the experience is so lacking in total fulfillment that you stop, you recognize the want for what it is ultimately, unfulfilling.

Corky: So, there is sex and then there are other things?

Cami: Right.

Corky: We are going to just talk from the male side temporarily okay? Sex in a pure male state is acquiring, having, doing, and leaving. It is a happening type thing. Sex on the female side, is not sex. It is a thing that is always going on. You don't go anywhere, you don't leave anywhere, you are there on the female side. That is probably why Osho said that you have to be a female to enter the domain of Creation, you have got to use your female side.

So if we were to answer Al's question, how would you personally initiate yourself into the joining your genders together to become one. You would begin by masturbation probably. And then what you would do is pay attention to it, what was happening in it, not thinking about it, but just feeling it. You would begin feeling all the parts of it, not necessarily the physical parts of it, but the feeling parts of it, not the physical parts of the feeling, but the feeling of the masturbation itself, the transcendence of it, the male and female side of the feelings, and let them transcend together, join together as one. That would probably be an initiation. And it probably doesn't, I think Osho talked a little about it, it doesn't take much movement. It's sort of more of a mental thing. I think you can do it just holding still.

Just like that. It is so silent.

But then you go back to the male side, and what do you have to do Al? Activity? What do you have to do?

Al Martin: Definitely the male side argues.

Corky: It doesn't even to think about it. Have anybody ever seen those pictures where there is a fence, and there is a hole in the fence?

Al: There is something on the other side of the hole.

Corky: Supposedly there is. What is on the other side?

Steve: Something that you want to see.

Corky: Or something you want to do what to? Go ahead, tell us.

Steve: Put your weenie through the hole?

Corky: Chris have you ever seen those pictures? Come on, don't play stupid. You stick your weenie through and there is a girl's mouth on the other side, or a girl's bottom. I guess those are metaphorical cartoons.

Anyway, back to the fence. There is this fence with a hole in it, and if there were a noise on the other side Chris, and you were walking along this white picket fence, twenty feet tall, one inch thick and you couldn't see through the fence at all, but as you went by it talked to you "Oh... hello!" You would look around and say, "Where did that come from?" Would you go back and look?

Chris: Yes, to see if someone were talking to me.

Corky: Okay. And it says to you "Hi honey, how are you doing?" What would you say? This is the hole in the fence talking to you it has lips on the other side of the hole. It is sort of pants level, but you have to squat down and look in it, and you can see these lips and beautiful teeth and mouth on the other side.

Steve: This is funny. I can see where this is going.

Corky: Where is this going?

Steve: You are going to ask Chris if he'd put his weenie in the hole.

Corky: Why don't you ask him?

Steve: Chris, would you put your weenie in the hole?

Chris: You know I have seen these on the internet, I know what you are talking about now. There is porn I like, but that makes me uncomfortable, caused you don't know what's on the other side!

Corky: (laughing) But she has beautiful lips and tongue. It could be Lambchop!

Chris: Maybe in a different scenario I would go for it.

Corky: How about you are riding up in an elevator and a girl shows you a picture of a naked person. Just a picture. What would you say Steve?

Steve: I'd say, "Is that yours?"

Corky: She'd say yes, what would you say?

Steve: I'd say, "I've seen better!"

Corky: That's what you would say?

Su: We are recording you know.

Corky: You'd say that? What if she said to you this... you better bring the camera over here. What if she said to you "Okay, now that you have seen it I don't have any underwear on, and we could push the don't-open-door button on this elevator and do it real quick, are you man enough?" This girl is 18 years old and looks like Angelina Jolie, or Haley Barry. And she was on there saying this is my picture, and you looked through the hole and she stood back and showed you her whole body and moved up really close to the fence, what would you do Chris?

Chris: I don't like the sticking it through the fence scenario.

Corky: How about she squirted Merh through the hole through the fence for you? So you would turn down Halley Barry!? Do you guys believe him? How about if we made it a quarter inch plywood? How about a little bit of foam board? Plexy-glass? Then you can see everything!

Chris: I don't know why this fence thing. I think what is ruining this fantasy for me is having seen the movie "Porkys." Some guy sticks it through this hole in the wall and the gym teacher comes up and grabs it and says "what are you doing?!"

Corky: I think you might take it up. But you never know... it could be a hologram with a goat on the other side.

I think that is what life is, and that is what sex is. There is a wall as long as you are two different people. Until you can give away your soul, you'll never be able to know emancipation and liberation because, you have some kind of expectation that you put on things.

I think that is what Isha Schwaller said wasn't it? I think she even talked about sex, but she sure did talk about it indirectly. She did not talk about it as directly as Osho does, and I guess I'm even worse than Osho. I don't think Osho sat around in class with Lambchop and have people stick their fingers in her. He was a gentle person. Gentle on the people. Don't you think? He said nice things, he was very gentle. But he did say that the work of the master was to beat the disciples up, didn't he?

So we probably ought to quit for the evening.

Thank you for coming and don't forget if you come over here after work in the evening it will give you life. You have got to try it out, you'll like it. Don't work so hard. Relax into it so you are not burned out. You can try it. But if everybody relaxes a little bit into it, it will help. Everybody pick some projects and meditate.