Gender Joining - Part 2

January 29, 2005

It's wonderful to be able to be a servant.

The only way that these two females-two women-can join is if they transcend, that is what Osho is saying. It is an inner orgasm. It is not an exterior orgasm. It is not something that can happen like a lesbian experience on the outside, it is an inner transcendence that takes place. It is a transcendent experience. Later on in his writings he called it a rising above, or a raising up in dropping all of the different things that are holding you down; this ego thing that gets on you and holds you down like a rock.

Rocks are very heavy, they are very dense. Things that float are light and they get higher and higher and higher and they go out into outer space into the vacuum out there of the nothingness and then they evolve out there. Not much real evolution or great change takes places in a rock. It takes a long time to wear a rock down. But a lot of evolution takes place in water, that's why the human body is 75% water. Amazing huh?

Chris: I have a question, is this okay? I just want to be sure I'm understanding this, because I know we read this last time. You say one has to become female, but when you say that another female has to awaken that female, do you mean from an outside female, in addition to becoming female, one is awakened by another?

Corky: No. He didn't say that. What he said was it is an inner orgasm, it is not an outer orgasm. He says it is a female that is capable of entering to the inside of you and awakening your woman. Another woman that can enter inside of you and awaken your woman. Internally, not externally.

Chris: So, what is the "another?"

Corky: Well, you have one inside of you, right? And somebody else has another one inside of them? So that other, has to be able to do it. So what he is saying, in a very gentle way, is there is a surrendering to it. Your feeling inside surrenders to the female from another female, whether it be in a male body or in a female body, and it awakens your female inside. But as long as you are male and you have your attention on your male, it ain't going to happen. Guaranteed. Ain't gonna. That's why he said in the last book to keep on doing it, and do as many as you can, until you get over it. Isn't that what he said Su? Do as many as you can until you get over it. Once you get over it, that part of evolution, you can get on to the next stage.

Look, there was a person telling me a story many years ago, he was riding up in an elevator, and there was a woman trying to get him to look at her that showed him a picture of her freshly shaved bottom. And the thing was, that woman was really a man in a woman's body, using the woman's body to attract the male. Because a woman-or a female-doesn't do that! The inner woman, the inner woman is already there, it doesn't need to attract. It doesn't have a need. It is waiting. It is in waiting. It is in a surrendering state. It doesn't have a need. Only a man does that. So that thing on the elevator was a man hiding in a woman's body. Because a woman, a real inner woman, doesn't have a need. It is not in wanting. It is in being. It is in a state of being. That's what an egg is; it is in a state of being. It just is. It's like nothing and possibility. It is the nothingness. It doesn't need, or have to have.

Chris: It doesn't need any of those sperm chasing after it?

Corky: No. Nope! They aren't going to need any sperm. There will probably be a time in the future where there will be large colonies of people that are just created by other women with their own eggs, they won't need men. That is what is so frightening to religion. It will be happening in ten years, it's happening right now, you just don't know about it. They don't put it on TV.

There are lots of women that are being impregnated by having other women's genes inserted in their eggs and are having babies right now, women who don't like men. They take their egg, they take the genetics from the other woman's egg, and they put it in the other one, and have the baby. They put it in their womb. It's a clone. They are doing this, it is being done all over the planet, they are just not putting it on the front page because all the religious people have hemorrhoids over it. The weenie is no longer needed, no longer wanted.

Al Greco: Basically it's a moral issue.

Corky: No, it is not a moral issue. It is an identity issue. They do not know themselves. They are stuck in fear, right Al? They haven't relaxed enough to get it. They are on guard, they are in a prison, on guard. Right? Isn't that how it is in the prison, everybody is on guard, and they have somebody else doing something to them? They are more on guard out here, than in there aren't they? Somebody is going to do something to me?

What are they on guard against Cami? Being taken advantage of? Somebody is going to get in your lane, get to the exit before you did? Or make it to the checkout stand first? Or maybe not give you the right change?

Cami: Basically just take advantage of you.

Corky: Who is "you?" What are they taking advantage of?

Cami: Everything that you think that you are, your personality.

Corky: Isn't that what the sperm are doing, trying to get to the egg?

Cami: Yes.

Corky: Isn't that what is going on, on the battlefield of life? All the tanks, all the sperms are fighting their way to the egg of creation? They do not even know where it is, but they are still going right? They are trying to find their way to it. And if they would just drop it and relax, they would be the egg. Right?

Because once you are the being and you relax, like Al was talking with me about earlier in the bottling building, he relaxed enough to find himself, but he realized that it was real; that, how could he be hearing it? Rather than on a journey or a quest after it. It has to be out there on the quest of getting more, whatever it is.

It's wonderful to be able to be a servant. Because it is so easy! And it is so difficult to be a rich man. A rich man cannot be a servant, but a servant can be the richest person in the world. Because they have everything already! Because they get to serve it. You couldn't serve it unless you had it. But a rich man has to ask for it, from the servant. He has to push the servant button, call the servant, or yell at the servant, or tell the servant to do something. What the servant has, the servant can give to him. What a funny joke in life, huh? The servant has everything. The rich man has nothing, because he is always asking the servant to give something to him. Rich humankind are always asking for something with their money or with their words. The servant is always giving. Because that is what the servants job is in life; giving. The phone rings, they say "Summum, KPHI radio, yes, how can I serve you? Yes, I can do that." Knock, knock — "Yes, how can I serve you? Yes, I can do that. Yup, let me grab that for you, I've got it." It is so easy to be a servant because you have everything. It is so difficult to be rich, because you have nothing, you are always asking, you are always wanting a servant to give you something. What a paradox!

And it is wonderful to be a servant of creation, because if you can give creation away...

It must be yours to give.

And you must be a woman to be able to do that. Not necessarily physically on the exterior, you don't always get what you see. It is an inner orgasm. It is an inner union. It is a transcendent orgasm. Not a physical orgasm. Not a mental orgasm. Not a mental union. It is in your essence where it happens.

It's such an obnoxious thing to tell people that they have to be a servant. Such a distasteful flavor that they shouldn't try to be the richest man or woman in the world. Try to tell somebody that when they are a servant that they are better off than the wealthy humans, because they get to give to the humans. Like if you were a Netter you know, and you were neutral, you could call down to earth and say "Are there any of you down there that have joined your male and your female together and transcended and become nothing, that would like to come bond with us and become something greater as one, and go back to creation?" Like the drop falling from the sky and back into the ocean. Or into the lake or the river that flows back to the ocean.

Watch it when it starts raining, watch really closely what it does. It comes as a separate identity, as an individual, and it becomes one. And just as it gets there, it lets go. Watch it just as it touches. As it goes into it, it has an inner orgasm. An inner union, an inner joining. And it falls in. It doesn't jump in. It doesn't project itself in, it doesn't swim in, it falls in. It surrenders. It gives itself away. It becomes a servant of creation itself. Because it makes whatever it touches larger. It makes whatever it touches become...something greater than what it was.

That's what I do to you. Sorry.