God is Unification — Part 1

March 12, 2005

... meditation is a dangerous entity.

It has been driving me crazy how Oho talks about love is god, or god is love. The reason being is that word love is such an interesting word. Someone asked me awhile back about an initiation to become celibate. I said I will have to discuss that in one of our classes, so we are going to discuss that tonight; the initiation to become celibate. What an initiation that would be! There was, there is, there always has been a phenomenon where a species as it begins to evolve, reaches a certain point where rather than being involved in its incarnation or its life, or the involvement of its birth out of creation itself, what ever level it happened to be born in, it starts looking at things other than itself. And it looks out into the questions, those big questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where did god come from? Or where did the Universe come from? Why? The big why?

Those questions have always come up at a certain level of evolution. The question has always been answered from the very, very beginning. The moment a species reaches a point of being able to question, they have their answer. We can go back five thousand years, and find the answer. It is really interesting how Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity but in his quest in the theory of relativity, he was looking for a single answer for why everything worked in the universe, and how it all worked. Then he came upon a great problem. After Newton said gravity existed, they discovered the magnetic electrical force. There was an argument in Einstein's mind, how is he going to unify this electrical force with the force of gravitation? He came up with a statement of the Theory of Relativity that shot big holes in Newton's theory that gravity was an attraction, rather than a wave form. A wave form is sort of a curvature in space-time. So Einstein came up with space-time. We talk about that in the book and everything, and some of this may go over some people's heads, but sometime this will be the things we learn in the first grade at some point in the future. So we have to talk about it now, so we get it recorded and written down so they will understand we were talking about it back then, when everybody else was talking about something else.

Anyway the quest has always been in the thinking mind: What is god? Where did god come from? Why are we here? And what is existence? Those are big questions. But what has happened over the recent stint of humanity over the last five or ten thousand years is that humanity has involved itself so much in its experience of life that those questions have become very insignificant to 99.999% of the people, because they are just trying to survive. They throw the question off to someone who they give alms to, a church or something like that, that gives them an answer. So religion was born. Religions come up with some kind of an answer for them. That is why there are so many religions and so many different books that have all of the answers in them that talk about where god came from, but none of them really give a satisfactory answer. Most all of them just say that it is a mystery.

The Hindus, which are close, say it came out of a big pool of milk. The Buddhists say that it just is; that there is no god. Everybody has got to have a different religious answer to it. In the Summum philosophy we say that it is subjective. It is not objective, because if it were objective it would be relative, and it would be found under Einstein's theory of relativity. But after Einstein did all of these things, a bunch of other people came up with quantum mechanics, which is an understanding of very small things, atoms and things smaller than atoms. Relativity deals with big things, everything that is big. So there is small and big, which are opposites of each other. So we come back to there is always an opposite to everything. Small and big, big and small, tall and short, light and dark, there are these opposites.

But if there were two Grand Opposites, which there are, if there were possibility and the direct opposite of possibility, it would have to be that there is nothing. That is so subjective that it is not in relativity. It is not relative. But in the quantum world, in the small world, it becomes approachable. But when you talk about it being Nothing and Possibility it enters into philosophy, and as soon as it enters the realm of philosophy it is beyond examination. Examination only takes place in relativity. Which is in the large state, because you can not examine the small state, because even if you examine the small state, the state of an atom and you split it apart you start to see parts of the atom, gluons, quarks, little tiny parts of atoms, those are still relative things. Because as soon as you examine them they become relative in time and space and you stop them in time and space. As soon as you take them out of time and space or you transcend them into philosophy is when you discover the real theory of unification.

I would like to change the term for our time, that god is unification. Or unification is god. It has nothing to do with love. Love is a term that Osho had to use because everybody wanted to love this, love that, lovey-dovey-dovey-da-dee-doo-dah-doo, squishy-squishy-goochy-goochy-wee-peachy-oooh-weee. That is what they were doing back in Osho's time, so that was an appropriate word. But in reality, and in philosophy and in quantum mechanics god is unification.

Jesus said it. The Egyptians said it ten thousand years ago. They said, when you can transcend relativity and take your female hand and put it upon your male phallus, and allow them to become one in the orgasm of creation you unify them, and you enter the domain of god. Jesus said when you can take your male and join it with your female, and your female with your male and they become one and you no longer are male or you are no longer female but you are one, you are unification, then you have entered the domain of creation and god itself. How come those guys didn't get it? What's the big deal? I mean that is pretty simple isn't it?

Because it is subjective. They will never prove it, it says in the Summum book. I got a head start on this thing many incarnations ago. Now, in the relative there are no accidents, in the quantum everything is an accident. In the relative everything is under law, but when you transcend your prison, your self-created prison of relativity, and you meditate, you escape cause and effect, and you enter the realm of chance, of all possibility, the dice can role, and you can come up with anything. Probability still exists, but you are in the field of dreams once you transcend in your meditations into possibility. Because anything is possible once you meditate. Jesus walked through walls. He turned water into wine, because he was able to transcend it. The only way he was able to transcend it was, he was able to take two ends of the string that he was, one piece of the string was in the nothingness, and the other end of the string was in one point of possibility, and he joined them together in a bond so that he transcended nothingness and possibility, and became the all. This is what meditation is. But it has many different degrees.

The first degree is discovering that you are in a mental prison. That is why you learn to meditate. As soon as you start to meditate, you start to say "Wow this is something else. My mind is doing something here while I am trying to tell it to do something." That is the first discovery that comes about in meditation. That is the first meditation we teach. It is so good. It is an awakening. Most people do not realize they are in a mental prison. They do not realize that they have turned their essence over to a computer that is programmable by the society that they live in. They have surrendered to the god of mammon. They have given themselves away, totally, to the society that they are raised in.

Chris, can I ask you a question and will you be honest with me? If Publishers Clearing House pulled up front saying they are looking for Chris Persky and said "We have a million dollar check and a $750,000 Ferrari. We will give it to you if you will go away from this Summum thing for two years." Would you do it?

Just think of all the things you could do with a million dollars, you could donate half of it to Summum, you could go on some vacations, study Summum while you are away, as long as you do not hang out here. Drive the Ferrari; get some hot chicks, all women love hot cars. What would your answer be?

Chris: I would run and ask you what to do.

Corky: If I wasn't around to ask. I am asking you right now what you would do. A million dollars cash, no taxes and a Ferrari, you only have to buy gas for it, and you only have to go away for two years! Can you guys believe he is taking so long to answer? What would you say he would do?

Chris: I would run to your replacement and ask what I should do.

Corky: You think I could be replaced? You may get one shot of this in about a thousand incarnations if you took the two years.

Anyway the answer has always been given. Jesus said it: Take the outside and make it like the inside, take the inside and make it like the outside. You are in the domain of god or you are god, it is called unification. God is unification, unification is god. That is what makes sex. That is what people, animals and people call sex, unification. That is what makes Creation. The sex between nothing and possibility. The end of one string inside nothing, and the infinite number of possible other ends in possibility, copulating. Making an infinite number of different types of vibrations that make every type of element combining together to make what life is. It really is pretty simple.

It has always been there. Unification is god. God is unification. It has nothing to do with love. Sorry Osho. Osho was a great master, and he still is. But he had to say it in the words that the people would understand best at that time, and that is the only thing they could hear was the word love. Because that made them feel good. They liked it. I know unification doesn't sound hot. It is not doing much for your Ferrari. It doesn't turn your twanger on. You could get off on love, but unification, it sounds like putting a spark plug in a hole.

God makes everything work. It is called unification. Everything that works is, and everything that is, is god because it is unified. It is in a unified state, unless it decides to imprison itself in its mental state.

So the question was, I want to go through the initiation of becoming celibate. Jesus said how to do it, and the god Amon in the temples of Egypt in Karnack did it and knew how to do it and practiced it. What Amon did was he said "Wait a second. Don't tell me you are a girl. You may have a female looking body, but do not deny your male side. Once you deny it, then you are in the argument of your meditation." That is the mental meditation. You sit there and say "I am going to say this word and I am going to concentrate on it, make it one pointed. It's like Osho said, "Don't do that, do not concentrate on it, because that is a waste of time." But you have got to waste your time at first to realize how much you are wasting your time. That is why we teach people at first how to waste their time! Isn't that what we teach them at first Su? We teach them how to waste their time, thinking, or concentrating.

So, they do that for however long they want to do that, and then they say "Does this get harder or easier?" That is the hardest part of it. The first initiation is the hardest of all of them; they all get easier after that. They really do. The only reason they get easier is because there is this secret word. Osho talks about it and Jesus talks about it. Do you think that if you were to do what Jesus said, you would do the secret word?

So we take everybody and say okay we will teach you how to meditate. We will teach you how to discover that you have got an argument going on inside your mind between yourself and your thinker. So here, try to concentrate on this word. Say this word over and over and over and try to keep your attention on it. See how difficult it is. Then you will discover that: "Oh wait, just a second here. I am trying to keep my attention on this word, and there is something else trying to get my attention off of that word. There are two things in here. There is me, and then there is this other thing!" Isn't it a great lesson?

Everyone has to begin someplace. When you are in prison you have to realize that you have bars there. I bet there are some people in prison who are so whacked out that they do not even realize they have bars! That is how many people are in life. They are so schizophrenic they don't even know that they have bars around them! They don't even realize they have created their own mental prison. They don't even know they are in one. They are just doing it! They even forgot that the last time they died the judge said you get this kind of sentence, follow the path of that kind of Buddha. Their personal judge. Because that is where their attention was. It was on that kind of Buddha. The Buddha of mental incarceration into a lifetime. A stop on the river of evolution in New Orleans party town, Chicago or L.A., Santa Monica, Murray, Holladay, Bountiful, Woods Cross. Wow. Kansas City in Smallville. Whoa.

Everything that is complex has a simple side. Everything has two sides to it. So you begin to meditate, and you discover that you have a very complex mind in control of your existence and its immense prison, and it calls 24/7. It calls you in your dreams, it calls you to wake up, and the minute you wake up it calls you to behave in the way that it has designed for you to behave. Do this, this, this and this, and do all those things in between until you get ready to go to sleep at night and when you go to sleep you must do these things while you are asleep. If you dare meditate, if you dare meditate, it is going to knock on your door. If you dare say that color you were given, it is going to knock on your door and say "Do not say that, think about this!" And then you say "uh-oh, better get back to that!" Sometimes you just have to get up and go away from the meditation because it gets so intense that it calls you away.

Then you start to say "Ah, okay I think I would like to do something that would get me out of this prison." But you don't really say that. That is just sort of what happens naturally in evolution. You get so sick of it. You would like the key that would unlock the door. You would like the set of keys, unlock your personal door, walk down the hall to the end of the hall and unlock that door, walk into the cage and unlock that one, walk to the front door say hello to the warden and unlock that one, have him give you a million dollar bill and walk out and live life. But the problem is that you walk into Publisher's Clearing House. They are on the sidewalk saying "Take this million dollars and this Ferrari and walk down the road and continue on to the new prison we have prepared for you." The prison out here is sometimes harder than the inside of the actual prisons in our society. There are mental and physical prisons.

So meditation is a dangerous entity. It can jump on you and make you a very miserable person. Because you get an argument on when you start to meditate. The argument is "Why in the fu...funny am I doing this? When I could just be doing life and not wasting my time realizing what is going on? I could be stupid. It is a lot easier to be just stupid and not know what's going on. So why am I wasting my time doing this? I need to just avoid this, and just do life. It's a lot easier. Why flagellate myself with meditation?" Meditation is just personal flagellation. That is what meditation is. The joining of your male and female inside of yourself and you become one. Where it begins is it shows you the bars of your mind.

It shows you in the beginning that you are in one. It shows you that you have got a thinker. Once you realize you have got a thinker, you see that your thinker is your problem. The only reason it's your problem is because you have got to have a thinker to be able to stay in life. It is very, very difficult to exist without a thinker. Do you think it's possible that you could turn the thinker on or off at will, and just use the thinker when it's needed to be used? It is sort of like peeing all the time. You don't want to hold on to your organ while you are walking down the street if you were a guy. Like "I gotta pee, I gotta pee, I gotta pee" all the time, like Bob did. Sometimes it is okay to just put it in your pants and just be. Just be in a state of being.

So if you wanted to become celibate, there is only really one kind of initiation and you only get an initiation from a master. It does not make any difference if it is a false or a real master. The false master is inside of you and the real master is outside. Because until you can surrender to your false master inside, you cannot discover a real master outside. Once you discover your false master inside, which is your ego, that is your master and you surrender to it, because if you get into a battle with it all it does is separate you and it and that is when the polarity begins. But if you join yourself with your ego and you become it, and the two become one and you just become who you are and there is no argument within, then the stage is set for you to find the real master on the outside. Then you have to surrender to that one. You have to allow your end of your string that is in possibility, and the other end that is in nothingness to surrender to all the other ends, which is the master and you become the all. That makes pretty good sense doesn't it?

So the secret is not love. The secret is surrender. Osho had that problem too, he hated saying that word. He does not say it often, he says it just once in awhile, but he slips it in there sort of like a secret key where he says "Here, this is the last key that will let you out of the gate. You can pour love on all the guards all the way out until you get to the last gate, but once you reach that last gate, you need the key of unification, which is the master key which takes you to the domain of creation of god. God is unification and unification is god. Because if you can bring everything in unity, everything, you are god. You are creation. There is nothing outside of it.

So to become celibate you do your own initiation. It is an initiation of surrender. You surrender to yourself inside and then you find a living master and then you surrender on the outside, because that is the hardest thing to do. Can you think of anything harder to do than that? It is not bowing down to the feet of the master. It is something that transcends a relative act or thought. It is an inner giving away of your essence to become one with the essence of Creation itself. That is what surrendering to a living master is. It is losing your self totally. But you find all selves in it. Because you cannot find anything new as long as you have got yourself locked up in yourself. All you can do is find the old that has always been there. Gonna be a good book huh?

You are in the initiation right now. You are in it. This place is the initiation. There is no law, it is gone. In this moment, there are no rules right now, there is nothing right now. Just relax for a second and drop it. Do not think. There is just nothing. That's it. It is not complex. Everybody wants to make it complex. It is so clear, that is called the clear Buddha. It has no color to it, the clear light. And when you die, you call to it Summum Bonum Amen Ra, you call to it and it will be there, the clear Buddha and you can transcend with it and incarnate as one. If that is what you want to do, if you don't want to incarnate, you can stay in it.

But it takes down all the walls because all the thought goes away, because thoughts are walls. When you start thinking, things come up. The things that come up are walls or barriers or obstacles. When you are perfectly clear and there is no thought, none, everything is gone.

You have been doing this for lifetimes, going through dramatics of this and that, lots of thoughts, ups and downs. It always reminds me of that little game where the rat pops out of the hole and you keep hitting it with a hammer. Whack-a-mole. Smack those little buggers.

So the great struggle of the astrophysicist is to find the point where they stop thinking, which leads to the philosophical. So that they can go into the nothingness and touch the other end of themselves in the silence of the nothing and follow the silence back to where they are in possibility and see how they are vibrating and then surrender those two things and bring them together and turn them inside out in gastrulation and be reborn.