God is Unification — Part 2

March 12, 2005

The Egyptians wrote it on their papyrus...

Unification is god. God is unification. If you will start looking at everything that happens in your lives they are a form of repulsion and unification. When things go back together it is an orgasm, and when they go apart it is an explosion, a parting or a painful event. But when they come together Osho would call it love. I would rather call it unification. The reason I would rather call it unification is because love has so many connotations. It reminds me of diamonds, and roses, and letters and words. It is pseudo, it is not real. The word love reminds me of pseudo things; love. Devotion is closer to unification. Then how do you get to unification, you have to have something happen in between. It starts with an S. That is the formula. Devotion equals surrender, and surrender equals unification which equals god. That is the formula.

Devotion = Surrender = Unification = God

That is the ingoing, moving towards the domain of god or creation. And then there is an outgoing which is the opposite way. Everything swings back and forth in the relative field and even in the quantum field, things go back and forth. The outgoing is the explosion, the big bang, which is the pain and all of the opposites of things. But once you become conscious then you leave destiny. Destiny has no control over you because you transcended in the meditation of consciousness. I hate to call it enlightenment. I'll call it consciousness because enlightenment got worn out. It is consciousness of the clear light. It is consciousness of the clear, or of unification. Once you become conscious of it then you can direct your will, that is in destiny, because your will is subject to your attention.

It is the same story. It is so basic. We have always said, always from the very, very, very beginning giving this message we have said, that you are your attention and wherever your attention is, is where you are at. That is all you are, your attention. You are a nobody, you are a non, you are a nothing. Because that is what attention is, you are a non, you are a nothing. It has nothing but attention. It is clear, it is your essence. It is so clear it has nothing on it. Pretty simple right? If it has got to be clear, it can't have anything on it, it can't have any idea, you have got to have nothing, you have got to be in the nothing. So that is your essence. But you have an attention that is attached to the essence. And it can place the essence anywhere it would like, once it masters chance or the quantum level, the transcendent level, rather than the relative level. Anybody can master the relative level. Those are the rich people of the world. They master the relative level. But to master the essence level, there are very, very, very few. That is why I guess, they said they are the poor people of the world, that's not totally true though because most poor people have not mastered their essence either. But they mean poor in want, and hopes, and desires and beliefs. That is the poor that they are speaking of. Being poor or free from wanting those things, to make you be in a state of being or in the realization of your essence itself. Using your attention to master your will to take it from relativity into the quantum field of transcendence.

You have done it, haven't you? You have taken your will from stopping thinking and taken it into transcendence of the quantum field and saw the bliss of being, and you did it with your attention. But there was still an argument going on. To get out of that argument you have to have a devotion. To get out of any argument, as above so below. It does not make any difference what kind of argument it is. It could be an argument with your neighbor, an argument with your kid, an argument with your husband, your mind, your bank card, with the world... you have to have a devotion to get out of the argument first of all. Then after you grab a hold of the devotion, what do you do with it next? You surrender the problem, and deal with it. You stop arguing and you deal with it and do it. It is an argument until you do it. As soon as you do it, that is called the surrendering.

As soon as you surrender, what happens? You surrender yourself and unified yourself with it, and it passes, but it is never totally gone. It is always there with you, but it is no longer a wall. It is no longer an obstacle. That is the master key formula to dissolving obstacles and brining unification.

So, to be able to become celibate Osho says you need to fuck like mad, everything that you can. But don't get a disease! Have long relationships that last 13 years or something like that, don't sleep around. And once you have decided that you know sex, once you have decided that you know it, you have befriended it. It has become your friend rather than your enemy. You may continue to have sex, but you no longer have sex because you want sex. The only reason you have sex is because you unify. It is no longer sex. It's called unification. It is essences joining together and they become one. And then you become celibate. Because you have unified, and once you are unified you are celibate. You are no longer male or female you are both, and they are one. It is a natural thing. You are going through the initiation privately. It is not a public initiation. You do it by yourself, it is an aloneness. Osho is talking about it right now. You become totally alone. You begin to wonder about your gender. It is easier for a female to do this, than a person in a male body. Because males are stuck on their dick. Females have a dick, plus a bunch of other stuff. So they have a more evolved body, but that does not mean the essence that is in them is more evolved, but they have a more evolved body because they are the ones that can surrender easier. So, if you get a chance, incarnate as a female. But make you sure you do not pick a past incarnation, pick one that is smooth. So there is not too big an argument going on, and you don't have to have babies, you can have pod kids. And they are born at 21, they are already all educated. Or, just have cats.

Unified means it is just one hand clapping. Isn't that a funny thing? Everybody always wondered what that meant! You just finally got the answer. It is funny to hear it. If you guys knew what I have been through the last thirty years, you guys would have mercy on me, honest. You would have mercy! I have been trying to solve problems for thirty years, with one hand clapping. The problem is, I dropped in to an incarnation that was a job rather than just living life. So sometimes it is "Why did I do this?" I think everybody has to do it to pay their dues. Everybody pays their dues at certain points in evolution. You either become a worker of creation or you try to draw off of creation or use creation. But the thing that really messed with me originally was, when they first got me, I really thought they were going to do all the work, and I just would just attend class. And then they said, "Okay, class is over. Now it is your job!" Oh! You mean I have to work!? Yup. You gotta go to work.

Hmmm... I thought I was getting out of work here, by listening to you guys, or going to classes or whatever. I did not know you were going to give me a fucking job! Hello! I thought I was going to retire. I did not think that I would end up with a job, in this life and the next one, and probably the one after that! Oh my god, I did not realize it was in the work! I thought it was in the play on the stage of life, rather than in the work of the quantum. Because everything happens in the quantum. Everything is just played out on the stage of life. Quantum is the state of creation, and the stage of life is just the manifestation of it.

As the Egyptians said, they spent their whole lives preparing to die. That sounds like all they were doing were digging graves and making coffins and stuff. They weren't doing that. What they were doing was meditating. They were spending their whole life mastering their attention upon their will so that when they did die, and when they went through the transference they could create a world that they were going to incarnate into. And they painted on their walls because they knew they could create what could be. Some of them took it into having 72 wives, and some of the said I want nothing to do with wives, I would rather play with myself. Some of them took it into whatever design they wanted. Some of them took it out of sex totally. Some of them evolved on into an Odo from Star Trek. He comes out of creation and transforms into anything he wants, because he became a master of creation. They call them the founders. It is pretty close to that, what happens with the evolutionary soul, or essence.

The Egyptians wrote it on their papyrus, on their walls, on their tombs that what they did in their life was they spent their whole life taking their attention and putting it on their will and storing it as potential energy for their transference. And when they went through their transference they sailed down the river Nile in a Sekhet boat, going through the transference above the water, floating, it was an amazing ceremony.

God I would love to sail down the river Jordan in my mummiform! What a classic! If I drop dead you guys, you have to put me in this mummiform, fill me with good resin, at least two inches all around, sail me down the Jordan river and let all the channel news film it, so that if sailing down the river Jordan is part of a religious ceremony and with this new state law... we got it made! We can do it. We have to apply for the permit right now, in advance maybe, so if we have to, we can fight for it. You have to put it in a nice boat. They have lots of great boats up and down that river. Just to sail along with the current.

Anyway, what they did is, they designed their next life. The way they did it is they used their attention to take their destiny will and put it in potential like a storage bag, because they kept their meditations going and they were out of destiny and they didn't spew their sperm upon the ground and waste it, they saved it, and they put it in their potential to use their essence to create their next incarnation. Those are all metaphors, but they are reality too.

Then they were able to choose the path of the Buddha. There are an infinite number of Buddha's. Buddha is sort of another name for path. It is not a person, it is a vibration, or a way. All those joining with the Buddha metaphors, are describing a way, a path. In your transference you choose one of those paths. But, so as to not be dishonest with you, sometimes it is very difficult to drop your propensities, habits and nature, wishes, wants and desires. It is difficult to drop them. Because if you have been entertaining them constantly in life, the moment you drop dead out of life, they are not going to go away, you are still going to be entertaining them.

So it is a personal initiation. It happens publicly in here. But it is a decision that each individual makes. It is not a decision someone gives to you. They can tell you about it, they can say surrender to it, they can say do it, but you just happen to be holding yourself out as somebody when in reality you are nobody. That is the only barrier.

I really want to clarify one thing. What I am saying is god is surrender, surrender is god. Because once you join all those elements together, they are one. At the beginning or the end of it, they are one thing. They are encoded in parenthesis and above it is written "the way to god," or just one big word "god." All I am saying is it is your personal surrender. It goes no further than that. What happens is because the mind thinks, it tries to escape that quantum state, and make another path. To create any kind of discussion. Once you are in it, it is so silent and so clear that it is yours. And it has no questions. It is question-less. It is nothing. It is nobody. That is the bliss about it. But the thing that tries to take you out of it, is a thought. And any thought is painful once you are in it. It is the orgasm of Creation itself.

What's going to happen tomorrow is written in destiny, but it depends upon where you are into, tomorrow. Where you are at, when tomorrow happens. That is the paradox of it. If tomorrow happens, and you decide to be in the destiny of it rather than the meditation of it, it happens to you. But if you are in the meditation of it, if you have transcended it, you are in the being of it, and then you are in the field of all possibility. It does not take away probability because possibility has some probability in it. It is like if you roll the dice a million times, there is still chance. But sooner or later that probability of walking through the wall is going to take place. If you try to enter the wall, a trillion times, the odds are on the trillionth time, you'll do it. So, the laws of physics are saying this is true.

Don't get caught feeling that you are so evolved that you prevent yourself from finding yourself. Because to be able to move into that state of unity, you surrender to a devotion, to a cause that is beyond yourself. It is something beyond what you expect of yourself. What you expect of yourself is your easy path. But to surrender to something that is going to catapult you forward in evolution, is a surrender to something that you believe is impossible for you. That is what causes evolution. It is the quantum. It is the impossible becoming real. That is the quantum. It is the impossible becoming real. It is the being in the chance when the odds are played out, and your will is so strong that you control the chance and become a master of chance. And you cause the chance, by your mastery to become destiny. This is the divination that the Egyptians used. The divination that the Buddhists try to practice. The divination that some hinted to in the old and new testament. The divination that Christians pretend to practice. It is really there.

What a formula huh? And it is in parenthesis and above it is the world "The All." That is the All, that is the formula. There can be synonyms for each word. Osho calls the unification, love because they like that word better. Unification is love, it is love making. That is why I am saying this formula is in a parenthesis, it is sort of like the love act. You relax, you focus your attention, you begin to feel, you fall into the feeling, and you sail down the river of ecstasy. Is that a poetic way to say it? How else would you like to hear it?

There are infinite ways to say it. What they all are, is the exact same thing but they are portions of the quantum element. Like they are the positions on the string of creation from the nothingness to the all, and as you ride down the string it vibrates different vibrations at different states, but in the end it is the all. It comes out of nothing, and it is time and space. To get the human consciousness headed in that direction you need to talk to them in their own realm. So Osho used love, and we need to use time and space, so we have a beginning and an ending, but it is still the ending is the beginning and the beginning is the ending, they are all the same thing. The first word is relax. If you just relax it will take care of the rest. It's the same as the rest. The next word is focus your attention. Soon as you relax and focus your attention it's the same thing as the rest of the words. Then there is feeling. You start feeling. Then, you start sailing. That is the poetic way of saying it.

That is how I answer questions. The only reason being is I can only give you a solution to your question, because there is no answer to any question. There is no answer to any question. There is no answer to any question. There is no answer to any question. Because once you begin to question, all there are, are questions. There are no answers to any question. There are always infinite amount of questions. But there are no answers to those questions. It's like the clear Buddha. It is so clear it has no questions on it. It is clear, it has nothing on it. And only your attention can initiate you into it, if you put your attention on the silence all of the sudden you will discover a clear light in your presence. It is so easy to hear isn't it? When you surrender. But it is so difficult to hear when you are thinking.

It is so easy to be a nobody, you know why? Because it is true. Because there is nobody only because there is only one person. The reason being, is because there are all those other people! If there are all those people, there has to be an opposite of all those people, because everything has an opposite. So, if there are all those people, then there are no people. That is the no person. Once you discover the no person, then you can have sex with it. Fun! Fun, fun, fun, play, play, play!! Single handedly. When you single handedly have fun with it, you put as much attention in your hand, as you do in your male, and you can find your female. When you find your female, you can say "Wow, I have a female! And I've got a male!" It is really funny if you are a male and you find a male of a female. It's fun.

If you become a female you can find a female. As long as you are a male you will never find one, because you do not know what they are. You have got to be one to know one. You can become a girl like me.

If you relax enough and you can allow your attention to be in your female while you are with yourself, you can discover the only reason you are feeling good is that you have two sides, but you have your attention on just the one feeler. Don't you think if you had a heater with two elements in it and you just turned one on, it would only get so warm. But if you were able to turn the other one on, it would get pretty hot and you would have a nice warm room. So you have got to be able to turn both sides on, both sides of yourself. All you are doing is turning one side on. You are using your female to turn your male on. So you have to surrender your male to your female and they both get turned on. No one can initiate you into it, it is something that you just discover. Sort of like learning how to drive a car, except on a different level, on a quantum level. So after you discover that you can't go back.

Life is always behind. If you surrender to being behind, it becomes so easy. It is sort of like vacuuming the floor. I got the vacuum out and had it out for a week, I only vacuumed three times but kept telling myself that I had to vacuum just one more time. It is an obsession. Just relax with it, it will come out in it is quantum destiny. If you put your attention on the quantum part of it.

It is really interesting how close the scientists get, but they refuse to let go of reality and move into the subjective which is philosophy. It is sort of like being a man and saying I'm going to always have a hard dick, and never be a woman and I'm going to let them have it. Weird huh? It is so easy to think. But the paradox is, it is a thrashing. Thinking is a thrashing. Even if it is controlled thinking it is a thrashing. But you need some of that to keep your muscles toned.