I Changed My Mind to Be Happy - Part 2

October 26, 1996

There really is a difference between chaos and creation.

Corky:There really is a difference between chaos and creation. You can feel the difference in it. We passed out a little mailer to everybody, to all the snowflakes, so that you could take something home. I changed the seventeenth chapter in the book. This book is the story that I told back in 1976. It's the same story. It's the same concepts that we put on the board, it's the exact same words but I added a little bit more to it and tried to refine it just a little bit. But Bernie, doesn't it say the same thing?

Bernie:Yes. It says the same thing.

Corky:It says the same thing. But I tried to make it a little clearer so that people could understand it and get a better grasp on it. Now the thing that is most frustrating to humankind is attainment. We're trying to attain something. Remember when I said there is no future and past, Mike? They are all illusions of the mind? Are those the same words twenty years ago?


Corky:It really is. I haven't seen Mike for 20 years. There really is no tomorrow. There is no yesterday. Because you are here, you are always in the now. That's where you exist. But your attention and your consciousness is set on the attainment; to attain something for tomorrow, or draw a memory from the past. I have a personal joy, let's call it that and I always make jokes about it, but it is a personal joy, about Ron. Ron has a pencil. And Ron has a pencil from the past, and the pencil is a TWA pencil. It's from when Ron and Rosemary were married, he had a TWA pencil. Did you see a TWA pencil lately, Ron?


Corky:Where did you find it?

Ron:It was in the bottling building.

Corky:Was it in the pencil holder? How could a TWA pencil get into the pencil holder, from 20 years ago when Rosemary was there?

Ron:You should tell me! I don't know.

Corky:All of us, all of the snowflakes look to the past, and draw things out of it that were the favorable pieces, or were the highlights of the moments when the music was perfect. When the audience appreciated what was really being presented. Remember that day? It brings welcome to our heart. But it's an illusion. Because you are here, you are not there. That doesn't exist. And everybody is looking for an "attainment," to arrive at a point of satisfaction. And so they draw on those memories from the past. They look to the illusions of the future, and they create them the way they want them to be, how tomorrow is going to be, so that they can have it. So they can have that attainment; that oneness, the pencil, that good feeling. And I talk about it in here as an obstacle in this little chapter in the book, and we call that obstacle "memory." I'll read it; nobody needs to open it up. Page six, paragraph 36, subsection 5... [with humor] this is like one of those religious books. It's not really in the words, to be honest with you, it's in the experience, and you'll never get it out of a book. But the only reason we put it in a book is so that you can sort of work with it while you are here, if you want to allow yourself to go beyond the words.

"Memory is a holding on, a mental recreating, a correct idea, a misconception, a fancy, or a sleep."

And all a memory is, is something in the way that you happen to perceive it when it happened. But the problem is the whole world saw it differently from you, because you were a different snow flake on the outside of the crystal ball looking in. Mike here saw Summum totally different than I saw it, didn't you? He saw it from his point. His is just as valid as mine, but he saw it differently. Everybody saw it differently, didn't they? Because everybody was in their world of the past and the future, they were never totally in the present, or that attainment they are looking for. They bring something in to bring complete satisfaction, at the moment, which is called an orgasm. There is an infinite number of kinds of orgasms. There is a whole universe, everything is an orgasm. I'll give you an orgasm right now, just a second I'll build one up.

That's an orgasm. It's a state of oneness, right? It's a state of being, it's not yesterday, it's not tomorrow; it is here now. And when you do have an orgasm, that's where it is at, if you all remember what those physical orgasms are like. We need to get Fran horizontal right here in the center.

Put your feet out Fran, and Loralee will take care of Fran. Okay, put your blanket on her, we'll put something on the blanket. It is okay Fran, we'll put you in one of those orgasms that you won't come out of, so you'll be okay. Ready?

Anyway, it's not necessarily really important. It's not necessarily really paramount. It's a state of consciousness that all of you continue to introduce yourself to. And after you introduce yourself enough times... and the many times that you fall from the heavens to the earth in your particular identity as a snowflake at that time, one of those miracles that will happen to you in the falling is that you will rise again. You'll rise as an element back into creation, which becomes a new beginning. And I talk about it in chapter 17. Christ went through it. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh went through it, he calls himself Osho now. Krishnamurti went through it. Lots of people have gone through it. It's a wave or an evolution that goes out, and they continue on, it's an eternal progression, they become like gods. And they evolve on.

The earth is a farm planet. It's sort of like where you guys are grown. And when you are ready to be harvested, you are harvested and you go on. But you'll stay here with all these philosophies and all these religions until you let go.

Anyway, this thing happens to certain snowflakes after a period of time. You continue to come, and you continue to land, you continue to absorb into the earth, and you get incarnated into a plant or human body or whatever it be, until a point comes where you decide that you are going to do something different. It's a personal decision. It's a personal happening. It is a matter of will. It's not necessarily anything to do with an accident. And it doesn't happen with a weak person, it happens with a very strong person. It happens with people who are in control of themselves, this attainment or this arrival into the inside of the crystal ball, where you can view everything as a whole.

It's that time when you fell in love when you were a kid, and you were so in love you were sick. You have a second opportunity to fall in love with something that will take away all your barriers, and will allow you to open the portal to creation. And that's the only thing that will do it. Otherwise, all your attention is, like Christ said, on mammon in the world. And you're all going to get old. I'm going to take you someplace real old right now. We've done this before in the pyramid. We've done all kinds of things in the pyramid; we've made people float in mid air, and we've done all kinds of interesting things here. But I'm going to take you to the door of death, because this is where every one of you are going. You are out here doing all these things in life, but you are going to the door of death. And I'll ask the question again: how many of you know anybody who has got out of this life alive? Does anybody know anybody who got out of life alive? How are your parents doing, Al? Are they getting close?

Al: They're hanging in there. They're 78, they're getting closer.

Corky:How close?

Al: I don't want to say closer than me, but you know, at 78 I think about it every day.

Corky:They're getting real close? You know, when they have a funeral, they always have food afterwards. Why don't you all have one of these little cakes. It's called the cake of death. [Passes out the cakes]

Anyway, see how easy it is to get caught up in chaos? Get drawn back into the world of self entertainment? Anyway, everybody arrives at that point of death. Everybody has wondered what they are going to think or do in that moment, or how it's going to come for them. And we're doing a lot of things to maybe get it all in before it arrives. Or avoid it as long as possible. And a lot of times, when you are really young, it's not relevant. A lot of teenagers die, you know, because they think they are invincible, and it doesn't come on them; "that can't happen." But there is nobody that gets out of being born as a snowflake and falling without changing from that state, because everything does change.

But you really don't die. But the problem is, if you stay in the context of the snowflake, you don't realize that. And the moment that you do let go of your body, you are automatically born again in the cloud, and are falling again to earth, and you are incarnated as a same thing as where you left off. And after you do that for an infinite number of times, you get fulfilled with all those incarnations, and you decide to evolve on. And you evolve on to a consciousness that is larger, where you can see everything. Where you can see all the perspectives of everybody, and it doesn't become such a prison to you, and it doesn't become such a painful thing for you to leave a particular life, because you stay within that now all of the time. And that's what your participation has been in Summum all over your different incarnations. This isn't the first time you've done this, or the first time you have showed up here. This is an old place for you. It wouldn't seem so familiar if you hadn't been here before. Not necessarily at this particular location, not necessarily having this person speak to you, but it's the same words that come out of somebody else's lips, or somebody else's book, and spoken those things to you.

But the first thing that you need to do, and we're not going to invite anybody back to this class until you learn to meditate. Because meditation takes your attention [away] from the illusions of the future and the past, into the reality of the now, and gives you a clue of what it really looks like. So you need to learn to meditate. And you need to do whatever is necessary to do that learning. And so we're going to make the class smaller, but you are all welcome to come on Thursday nights. When I'm in town, I'll be teaching the class after we read Osho's book, if you haven't learned to meditate. If you've learned to meditate, you can come to this class. But if you haven't, you won't be able to, because it's time that you need to be pushed on in evolution. You know, it's like the mother bird who pushes the little babies out of the nest; makes them do something in life? You know, you do that with your students, don't you Su?

Gale: So how do you know?

Corky:How do you know what? When you're ready to meditate? You are taught how to meditate. The reason being, it is sort of like when you strike the note C. But before you ever heard the note C, how did you know about the note C? Who told you about the note C? A teacher, right? And the teacher gave the resonation to you. All forms of meditation are correct, and everybody turns their attention in on themselves, but we all know that some things work better than others. There is always something that works better, or more perfect, or more refined that will work best for us. And so we're in a new age, or a modern age, a modern philosophy, where it works best. It goes down the road smoother. It flies in an hour and twenty minutes rather than riding in a horse and buggy that takes two days. Used to do the trip in the old days, you know, as a cowboy? Well the cowboy days are now gone. So you gotta learn it in the new way. And so the teacher teaches you how to do it, and then there is a place where, to enter the crystal ball, and to be able to look out from the inside, you have to be touched with the resonation of someone who is inside already, looking out. And I know it is an argument!! It is an argument. It's an argument to the extent that once someone says to you that you have to be taught something... it's like when you go teach a realtors' class, don't those guys argue with you? Why?

Class Member: They have to have a point.

Corky:They have to have a point on the outside of the crystal ball. Right? They have to have their position, their experience? But if they'd let go, and be on the inside, how would they be? Simple, right? They'd see the whole thing, right? They'd let go of it. It's the exact same thing; as above, so below. And so all the masters have said, "you guys have just got to relax for a second, and let go, and get initiated, and look at it from the inside out, and get the resonation. And if you do, you'll experience it, but until you let go of where you are at, it'll never happen."It hasn't changed has it? Been the same? I mean, you've lived a lot of years now, and it's still the same isn't it? Still seeing from that same perspective? You see that edge? It's sort of that edge where you say, "okay I'll do it." And it's a surrendering, and the thing that is interesting... it is giving up human-kindness, and becoming godliness. Humankind-ness is worried about your ass. Godliness is conscious of existence. It's just a new beginning is all it is.

It's when you decided to leave the reptile world, and become a mammal. It's like leaving mammal behind as a chimpanzee, and becoming Adam and Eve. There is a time when every consciousness evolves on, every snowflake lets go, and becomes something higher on the scale because of the experience of that identity; those trillions and trillions and trillions and infinite number of snowflakes. Did you feel this in Sedona, Donna? Did you feel it in Bakersfield?

Donna: No.

Corky:Where? It is really interesting isn't it? They're out there and we're in here. It's a real different feeling in here, isn't it? It's almost impossible to think anything. You know, sometimes the oxygen has gotten so thin in here it's been impossible to breathe. One time it was snowing on that side of the room, and it was the Bahamas on this side of the room. Snowflakes were coming down over there, and it was sun shining over here, literally! These guys think we're kidding!

Ron:No, I remember that!

Corky:Remember that butterfly that fell out of heaven, and landed on you? Is this better than morphine?

Joe: Oh yes.

Corky:Isn't that amazing? Georgia just got out of the hospital, and she was on morphine, anybody hear of morphine before? Did morphine feel better than this? This feels better than morphine?

Joe: Yes.

Corky:How could that be? I mean, couldn't you come up with some kind of drug, Vern, to feel better than this? It's a permanent state if you want to let it be. It can be yours. The inside. Rather than being out there on the surface. And it doesn't... you know the thing that is really funny about it, is everybody is uptight about "losing" something. And it's a paradox, the thing that is such a paradox about it, is you get rid of the prison. You sort of open the cage and let yourself out of it. I know there are a lot of people here at a lot of different stages of this consciousness, and we try to make it open to as many people as possible, but like I said, you're going to need to learn to meditate before you can come back to any of these classes. The reason being, is some of you try to think during the class, and it makes me work harder while you try to think. I mean your mind is thinking, and what I have to do is sort of go to it and say, "rest." And so there's too many minds thinking, and I have to hop around too many places to help everybody rest. So you have to learn to meditate so you can be at rest within yourself.

That's where it's at, huh? It didn't take any words, did it? There is really nothing to attain. It's all right here. It's the beginning. Come on you guys, stop being human-kind, come on and become gods. It's the things that entertain you out there, I know, seem to be fun, but you seem to become fulfilled with them or you wouldn't be here.

In the chapter of the words of people, in that little book that we gave you a copy of, it talks about being touched by a master. And all it is saying is that someone enters into your soul, into your spirit, into your life force, and gives you a resonation, and lets you look from the inside out. But it's not necessarily the master's job to make you do it. Because you are an individual identity, and you need to do it yourself, it's not done for you. And you'll never recognize one until you become one yourself. You gotta be one to know one, anybody hear that one before? It'll always be a mystery to you how it happens, or why it is happening. Something that you are trying to get, or attain, or become like. Mike used to say he could see it go through the air, remember Donna?

The words here that we talk about are really meaningless. The words don't mean anything, it's the experience that you are having; sort of a movie that goes on inside of you. The words just keep you entertained while it happens to you. Sort of like getting dyed. You know, you take a white cloth, and you stick it into some dye, and you pull it out, and it's pink. And you stick it in a little more, and pull it out, and it's a little more pink. You stick it in some more, and it gets closer to red, and red and red and red and pretty soon it is brilliant red. And then it's finished. And so you are placed into that state of consciousness here. I know you will go back as soon as the door opens. You'll leave the womb of creation, and do what they are doing out there.

It doesn't mean that you can't live life like you are now. All it means is you see it from a different perspective, from the inside out. You do the same things. But you see it differently. It's like the difference between seeing as a lizard and seeing as a chimpanzee, or as a chimpanzee versus a humankind, or a humankind versus what we would call someone who would be a god. It's just a consciousness. That's what Summum is. It's a state of consciousness. It is not really an organization, it's not really a church, it's not really a religion or a philosophy, it's not a place, it's inside of you, or you wouldn't be here. And it's always been there. It makes everybody come back, whether in this lifetime or another. Twenty years, Mike?

Does anybody have any questions? Don't tell me you are question-less!

Don't put it off. I have a wonderful life. I don't know why you would all want to deprive yourselves of what I have. Why are you depriving yourselves? Why do you continue to torture yourselves? Flagellation! For your orgasm, you have to beat yourself to death to have an orgasm. Come on, I get to have an orgasm for 12 hours at least every Sunday, I celebrate being in a physical body. I get to put my weenie inside a vagina for twelve hours, and have a continuous orgasm straight! What a celebration. And then the rest of the week, I get to have one inside, a personal one. And you guys are out there beating yourselves up.

It's time. The season is here. The full moon is at hand. The change from humankind to godliness is here. Reach out and take it. Hold on to it and let go of the old. Let go of yesterday. Let go of the memories. Be within it. Unless you... unless you... unless you let go of family, unless you let go of your mother and father, and your children, and your brothers and sisters, you cannot be married with everyone. You cannot become the whole. Because you are stuck in this small family. Unless you can walk out on the sidewalk, and find the transient from Vietnam that walked up today, and give him a loaf of bread as your brother, you are a tiny finite thing. Until you can be part of the whole consciousness, a vision of it from the inside out, you are still the single snowflake, you are not the ocean. But the ocean is just the beginning. The godliness is just the beginning of a new evolutionary stage. It's not an end. It is going from reptile to mammal, from mammal to humanoid, from humanoid to godliness, infinitely. It's infinite. It goes on forever. It never ceases. It's time to move on. You still live life. You still go to work. You still eat. You still make love. But see it from the inside out. All you do is change positions of viewpoint.

Questions? Statements? Comments? Smooth as that tequila isn't it? Better than morphine, huh? I bet it's better than heroin. I've never known anybody who did it. Oh Mike, you've done it? Is this better than heroin? Let's see if this is better than heroin. Have you ever had a rush like that before? We shouldn't do this too much, it's hard on the... .

Gale: How is that on you? What you just did? How is it on your energy? Do you lose energy, gain energy?

Corky:No. I am energy. Not Corky. Don't worry about Corky. It is a portal. Um, this guy decided to volunteer. This guy decided to volunteer for... to really be honest with you, god.

Gale: Your energy level for 14 hours, unaffected, right?

Corky:Yeah. Yeah. You okay Mike?

Gale: I saw how you did that, I like that. Can I be next?

Corky:You gotta learn to meditate, and then we'll do it. Let's all go eat some Mexican food!