Inside-Outside Balance

June 30, 1985

... we go through life like a movie.

What takes place during our incarnations on this planet is we go through life like a movie. In the movie of life, everybody is involved in their own movie and all of those movies are under the law of Cause and Effect. As you view the movie certain things take place inside of you, at the level of your essence or soul. During the movie of life the essence or soul is affected by how you deal with what it is going on during this movie of life. It is affected by what your attention and determination accepts as part of yourself. What you consume, you absorb. Where you place your attention is where you are. Just like a movie at the theater, you mentally drop into it and each of you are affected differently inside yourselves by it. Then, you go back out into the world, and because of seeing that movie, you act in a different way than you did before you saw that movie. And then you go to another movie.

So all of these incarnations that we go through are like movies. What we try to do in the pyramid at Summum, is draw the things that are deep within your essence up and bring them to the surface. We do this by examining some of the things going on in your movie life, and discover how you are dealing with them and how you are working with them. All the things we do in life are really incidental events, they are not really that important. There is always a lot of cause and effect happening, but we get so caught up in these events trying to determine what we are going to get, what it is that we have to have, or what it's going to do for us. But that which is significant is the long term substantial essence.

One movie that you go to is not that significant. What you do over many lifetimes becomes significant. It is like the two hour movie in your real life is not that important, but what you do over your lifetime that is important. A life time is like a moment of a movie, or an angstrom of a second compared to your overall essence life in your manifestation out of creation in spirit form.

So we try to allow people at Summum in the pyramid to touch that and get in balance with it, so they can see what is happening inside of them rather than what is happening outside of them. To discover what they really are. To see what the causes are behind their motivations, not necessarily the mental causes, or the things that are taking place out in the world, but the things deep within their soul that make them the way that they are. That is the purpose of Summum. To stimulate the soul or the essence so it can gain control over evolution. It is like a dream when you are asleep at night and you are lost in the dream, you have no control over the events that take place with you in the dream. But once in while you say to yourself while dreaming: "I am in a dream. Maybe I can control this dream. Maybe instead of allowing this person to attack me or allowing this event to take place I can say, "Let me design the dream. Let me become the master of its existence." So that is what our purpose is at Summum, to give you a look at it, and then you become the master of it. Nobody else does it for you. Nobody else can do it for you. Just you, alone.

Let's go back to the worst pain you have ever had in your life. Dramatic pain. Go there in your mind now. Remember distinctly what was happening, the source of the pain, the situation around you, the way that you felt about the pain. How does that feel? How do you feel now, thinking back on the pain?

Now consider the most pleasurable moment you have had recently. Maybe it was while looking at the sunset, or spending time doing your favorite hobby, or maybe a sexual orgasm. Go there in your mind now. Remember distinctly what was happening, remember the source of the pleasure, the situation around you, the way that you felt about the pleasure. How does that feel? How do you feel now, thinking back on the pleasure?

I ask you, who is in charge of your life? Who finds pleasure or pain within your mind? Could you find something painful about this last week, something that did not go quite right? Could you find an equally pleasurable situation? Have you ever looked to the future to find pleasure? Have you ever been in a state of consciousness where looking into the future was pleasurable? But who is doing all of this? Who is conjuring these feelings of pleasure or of pain? Where do those feelings originate? Have you ever heard the word "masochist"? It is a word to describe someone that consciously chooses to experience pain. What is the difference between a mental masochist and a physical one? Nothing.