The Cylinder of Evolutionary Absolute Time

January 13, 1985

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You have habits.

Note: During this presentation, Corky references a chart with diagrams.

Beginning with Nothingness — or point A — Totalness or All Possibility — or point B come into bond in a harmonic manner at point C. AB is to AC as AC is to CB. What takes place here is this bond goes into bond and out of bond an infinite number of times in a finite moment. Let us look to the Universe for a moment.

Big Bang Theory — the sciences of today tells us that billions of years ago an explosion took place, and from that center point of that explosion expanded out, the universe and all the parts and mass of the universe traveled away from that explosion. We would add to that a little bit and say that this explosion happened infinite times in a finite moment. Now, time is relative. It depends on where you are and what speed you are traveling at, or when you were there what kind of time is taking place. If you look at our universe from our small perspective and say that an explosion took place several billions of years ago, and it is expanding out. From some other consciousnesses perspective, that time could be a finite moment. That explosion goes out and collapses back in, goes out and collapses back in. Science today has discovered black holes. This is real interesting, I remember in 1974 I was talking about these spots in the universe where the universe collapses back into these places and then expands back out. I started giving these lectures in 1975 and 1976. We could call it a black hole, where the collapse would go back in and the resonation would take place where point A and point B come into bond, and on the other side of the black hole, an explosion or a new universe is born. Then that universe collapses back in. This happens many places simultaneously and at different moments in space and time. Time and space are all relative depending on upon your position of your consciousness within it.

This leads us to the Cylinder of Evolutionary Absolute time. Here we have point A, and point B. We'll call point B total-ness, and we'll call point A nothingness. And these come into bond at a point C. It falls on the formula Phi, the magic ratio, the divine proportion, and the additive series — all meaning the same thing. We'll call this line — the absolute — this is the path of time of evolution, things could change. Now, when this resonation or this explosion of the universe takes place at point C, a universe is manifested, or these waves of energy comes out, and there are infinite number of point C's in a finite moment. There may be a point C here and a point C there. They both explode on different planes and when the waves of energy contact each other, they form what science today calls a Standing Wave, or an energy source that doesn't move, but balances itself and creates itself in a standing vibration. Science also tells us that matter is energy. And energy can be formed into matter by reversing the process. This is a thermonuclear explosion where we take matter and we explode it and it turns into energy. Reverse the process we take the energy and condense it, compact it and it turns into matter. What takes place is these two great energies form standing waves, and they form matter, because of the condensation of the gigantic energy explosion. Energies form matter like hydrogen. Physicists would say that the basic element of the universe is hydrogen, and combinations or deviations from the hydrogen through other energy applied to it or other wave forms applied to it would transform it into other elements. And the hydrogen would form water and gases in space and time, and matter would come up with planets. And these planets would come from the big bang, exploding them out from this source of point C, into what we would term within this class as an eternity. On this diagram, what we have here is the logarithmic series or the additive series demonstrating this eternity.

(on diagram) This would be point 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. - out into infinity these eternities would go, or states of time. We call this the line of evolution. Let's talk here a little bit about how this comes about. These forms of energy let's say form an atom. Science has told us today that an atom has a form of memory. With electron microscopes they have taken photographs of atoms, what they'll do is start at an origination point and they'll follow the path to a destination and they'll come back the exact path and they'll come back to their origination point. We could also call this a habit. Everything in nature is similar. You guys are just like the atoms. You have habits. You get up in the morning and you brush your teeth in a particular way. You turn the faucet on; you adjust the temperature to where you like it. You put a similar amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, you stick it in your mouth and start in a particular area, and you brush your teeth in a similar manner. Everybody has a different habit of doing this. You have a habit of practically everything that you do in your life. It's like the deer in the forests. We can go up into the mountains and there will be trails all over the mountain, up the side of the hill here, and up the side of the hill there. The deer have a habit of following a particular path to a specific destination and then following that path back. It's called a habit. This habit is very similar to harmony. Harmony is what Creation is, or what God is. Harmony. Harmony is thought. All music that sounds beautiful to our ears is designed on phi. The pictures of nature that we look at are designed on phi. The beautiful things that we see in natures, some of the paintings and buildings in the past that look beautiful to our eyes, are designed on phi. We feel a pleasant feeling when we observe these paintings, buildings or pictures. The reason that we do is because they are in the harmony of phi, (pointing to diagram) this formula here, this additive series here, the divine proportion. There are things that are out of that harmony that are irritating and unpleasant to us.

Now this habit or the Engram that takes place with evolving nature is the thing that creates our soul or our spirit. Now let me explain how that works. As this resonation comes out here, at point C (pointing to diagram) an eternity is created at the very source a lot of eternities. This eternity adds to the second eternity, and a very subtle energy form is formed on the first explosion. This subtle energy form has a habit, or a harmony with creation. Like the atom, which is a far more complex matter form, it follows a particular path and originates back at its origin, goes out to a destination and comes back to its origin. And it does that many, many, many times. Everything is in motion in the universe. Everything moves from an origination point to a destination and back.

Now, an atom is very simple. It follows one path, from its origination to its destination. But when one atom joins with another atom it becomes more complex, a bond takes place. What they do is they mutate. Then the two atoms go together and they follow a third path, a new path from a beginning to an end. We can call this a molecule. A molecule has a particular behavior, just like an atom. It may have several paths, depending on the type of molecule and the path that it builds. And this is all under the law of Cause and Effect. There is a cause, and then an effect. It can all be explained mathematically. We will talk about it simply today.

Let's just say that this is the origination point (point C), and this atom is created through the force of the bonding of A and B at point C and it comes out into existence or manifestation, and it evolves around in this eternity until it has experienced a fulfillment. And nature fulfills itself. When something becomes satisfied or completely fulfilled with its activity, it ceases its activity and it drops back to this center point, or dies, gives up its body. But the Engram, or the knowledge or the intelligence that is placed in the atom for the path, doesn't go away, this is the energy state of it. And it evolves down, as it bonds with another atom, down this path of evolution, of the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time. And it may pop out — down the line, let's just say at the 21st eternity. In the 21st eternity, it may be something more complex, it may be an amoeba. An amoeba acts in a particular manner, it is a one cell organism. Where it got it's intelligence from was a gathering together of all of the Engram of the atoms that make it up, all of the habits of those atoms, that are constituent parts of it. And it will pop out to the surface of manifestation with an organization of intelligence of the Engram of all those atoms, and it will manifest itself and live the life of an amoeba. It will swim around in a pond, exactly like amoebas do and duplicate itself and it will gain habits. And it will have offspring, and its offspring and itself drop back down into the center again, and they continue to evolve out until we have higher forms of life, such as trees. Trees will have habits, like a pine tree has a habit of growing pine cones and pine needles, and it grows in a particular way. This is because of its constituent parts, or the energy knowledge within it. We go further down the cylinder of evolution until we come to higher forms of life, like a squirrel, or a mammal, or even ourselves. And what we are is a combination of all of the engrams, of the constituent parts of all of the energy states of cause and effect that has brought us to this point. This continues on down the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time, until we would look to some force, or some intelligence that has organized itself because of cause and effect, through the cylinder, to where we could call it a god, because it would be overwhelming to us, because of it's harmony with the cosmos. Because of its understanding of the knowledge, the actions and the harmony of Creation.

· The following are questions from students following Corky's presentation ·

Question: Is that is why we use the term god, for something greater than ourselves that we can't understand?

Answer: when we were little children we were told the word God, and when we were little children that meant something that was beyond us, something that we couldn't understand. Something that was an answer to why we are and an explanation to what everything was. When we talk about God today, we understand that it is the result of the cause and effect of the bonding of total-ness and nothingness. To an evolutionary process of building up of the intelligence of the engram of cause and effect. It is something that has evolved farther on, further than us, which is in harmony with Creation, or the grand cause.

Question: Because it has more engrams, and more knowledge to draw from, the entity does?

Answer: It is self realized. The entity, I suppose we can call it an entity of you want, but it doesn't really make any difference. That it has allowed itself to sing the song of creation. It is in harmony with creation. It has an understanding of itself and its creation and where it came from. And so, we could call it god. Now, the animals may look at us as being gods, because of their state of consciousness.

Question: We don't know that do we?

Answer: When you play with your dog, wouldn't it do anything for you? It would give its life to you. It looks to you as a god. It hurts, it loves, and it may feel bad because of a scolding you give to it. It may look to you as a supreme being, or a god in its eyes. Everything in nature is similar, we can look to nature around us and we can look from its source of nature to its projection on nature. The reason we have a difficult time dealing with god, or being god, is we aren't allowing ourselves to harmonize with it, or being in harmony with creation. When you allow yourself to sing the song of creation and become it, you are god. Because it's within you.

Question: Would you equate then, the universal idea of The God, then with Creation itself, rather than an entity?

Answer: Creation is Creation. All the gods are created by creation. Creation is an automatic process of nothingness and total possibility going into bond, because they automatically create each other. They create god. Everything is a creation of the two grand opposites.

Question: What is singing the song? Please expand on that a little bit.

Answer: It's like a choir. When you take someone into a choir and you say to them, we want you to sing in harmony with the rest of the choir members, we want you to not allow your voice to be out of harmony with any of the tones that are produced by this choir. The first day you are there, it's difficult. You have to find your own way into harmony. For me to be able to tell you, an instant answer of how to do it, would be taking away something from you, which you need to work for and find for yourself to become a member of the choir. You need to work at it, singing the harmony through processes of meditation, submission, through work, to become part of the choir. To become part of creation's harmony. Rather than in rebellion to it. The rebellion to it, is self identification with the "I" or the ego-ism of oneself. That you are the center of the universe, when all you are is part of the choir of Creation.

Question: Would that mean in simpler terms, as if the choir was singing one type of song, and you started singing your own song?

Answer: Exactly. You would be singing out of tune with the choir. That's what happens today in our society, is everybody is singing their own song, rather than singing together with nature.

Question: Moving back to the big bang — is the big bang a result of one point C, forming a bond? Or more than one point C?

Answer: There are an infinite number of big bangs, in a finite moment. The universe that we look at is a finite universe, to the extent that the universes that exist are infinite. This universe that we could say we are involved in is 365, between 233 and 377. It is one finite universe, we being so minute, looking out into it, believe that there could be nothing larger or grander than this one universe. Out entire universe is just one particular universe in one particular state of time. In a thousandth of a second, there could be another universe corresponding next to it, larger than or as large as the universe we are in. In the same place because of the distortion in time, a shift in time.

Question: In the same space?

Answer: Yes. It maintains the same place. It's like where you are sitting right now, you can get up and I can go sit there. Who is maintaining the space? You were maintaining the space a moment ago, a moment later I'm maintaining the space. So if a micro-second takes place in difference between us maintaining the same place, we can both occupy the same space. A different dimension because of a time shift.

There are infinite numbers of universes happening, in the same space. Because there is no such thing as space, it's an illusion. It is created by a variation between time and speed.

Question: So, that's why we don't run into what we can't see?

Answer: (Laughing) sometimes we do run into what we can't see! Your relativity isn't in its relativity.

Now, there are minus signs and plus signs above the universes shown on our diagram. These don't mean that they are bad and good numbers. What these represent are polarities between the harmonic dimensions. We would call these eternities, or harmonic dimensions. We evolve down the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time, until we are about at 365, we are in polarity, between 233 (-) and 377(+). This cause a polarity in our existence — causes opposites in things, such as sexuality. When we look at in the very beginning stages, such as atoms they evolve as asexual. Things seem to evolve out of the universe, become asexual. But in the middle of the two harmonic dimensions, all of the eternities in between there are in a state of polarity, or sexuality, or opposites - male and female, high and low, light and dark, backwards and forwards. On the harmonic dimensions — which would be collapsed to the point C, the center if they were drawn properly — there is no polarity. We evolve to these points. To a harmonic state where we rest, a sort of absolute for a period of time, and we evolve out of that absolute back into the next eternity, a polarity. This brings up the lecture on mummification. For mummification to take place, and the reason that it has to take place for the allowing of the expansion of the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time. We have to maintain every eternity in its integrity. It has to be fulfilled with its constituent matter and energy. What causes us to evolve on is when we become fulfilled with singing "Mary had a Little Lamb," after we sing it for eternities, we go onto a new song. Just like the engrams within the atom, when it becomes fulfilled with its path from its destination back to its origination it drops back to the center line and goes on. But it has to duplicate itself before it can go on. During the mummification process a doubling of the identity or the energy source within one's soul takes place. That is mummified and preserved, let us say, within this state, or this eternity to fulfill it, and then we evolve on to a new state within evolution.

Question: What is the catalyst for that process?

Answer: Fulfillment. To the extent that we become bored with the mundaneness of being a human. Nature automatically does it. We allow the barriers to be taken away from our consciousness, the things that prevent us from evolving on. When they are taken away, because we become bored with where we are at. We remove those, and we see, anew.

It is natures own catalyst. It is a natural fulfillment of where we're at. For example, when you were a young child, you probably played with models. You played with models and models until you were fulfilled with it. Your barrel filled full of water until it overfilled, into something new. It's natural. Nature takes care of it automatically. Now, some people take a long time to get fulfilled. And others evolve faster than others. Some are very slow, and some are very rapid.

Question: The more we learn to sing the song, the more our barrels become fulfilled?

Answer: It's like the more models you build, the fuller your model-building-barrel becomes. And you flow out of it into something new. Just like the atom and the engram in the atom that follows that same path back and forth until it becomes bored with it and it evolves out of it. Just like the deer on the mountain that follows the same path, back and forth, until it becomes bored with it, and takes a new path.

Question: You said we are on the 365 on the cylinder, does that have anything to do with the amount of days in our year?

Answer: It is just an approximation. Each individual is in a different state of evolution, we can look at people around us and see people that are more evolved than us, or not quite as evolved as us, in our consciousness. And the consciousness or the self within is the engram within your evolutionary soul, which causes the manifestation of the type of body you incarnate into in each eternity. I wouldn't worry about the 365, it is just a mean average point, and this is a generalization of where we are in evolution, this universe, on this planet. This is a farm planet, a planet where souls are farmed off of. You are on this planet, in this universe as a growing soul. As your soul reaches a particular state of evolution by becoming fulfilled with the things that take place on this planet, you evolve out to anther planet with different types of things taking place on it.

Question: Rather than believing this as a form of belief, allowing to understand it as a philosophy, how does one experience its reality?

Answer: Through meditations that allow one to resonate on the center point (point C) vibration, this harmonic resonation of phi. You experience it, it talks back to you, and it shows itself to you totally within nature. That comes through submission to it, you experience it through work, through meditation.

Question: You talked about mummification, so to go on beyond 365, that is one of the ways is through mummification?

Answer: That is the only way. To allow one's soul to break the bonds of the polarity universes between 233 and 377 one needs to evolve out of polarity. And to evolve out of polarity you cannot collapse the polarity by taking something out of it, a mummification takes place, which was spoken of in the East, where the identity would be held within the absolute. This engram of what you are is held within the absolute, to fulfill the energy state of those eternities. But the identity that evolves on, continues to grow, and go beyond the old identity. It duplicates the engram, or identity. It's like duplicating a tape or a sound. You take the first track off of a recording, or make it the first track of a tape, and you duplicate it and add to it as it evolves on, and create another one, two, three, to an infinite number of tracks and it continues to grow with this identity. Just like exactly what took place with it at the source.

Question: Is this the first time since ancient times, in the cylinder of time that mummification takes place?

Answer: No, it's been going on continually through the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time. A duplication of the identity. You see it in duplication of the lower species, like the atoms, are duplicated identically. One oxygen molecule is exactly like another oxygen molecule. Why? It's a duplication process that takes place. It came from a hydrogen form, through evolution. A duplication takes place for a particular reason. Some of those oxygen molecules bond with hydrogen and form water. So they transform themselves into larger substance. It's within nature. All the answers are within nature, all you have to do is look at it. DNA does the exact same thing, repeats itself and duplicates itself, building a structure. Then a mutation takes place and something is added to it, and something larger and greater beyond happens.

This is written within the hieroglyphs. We are just viewing a few billion years here, this has been going on it has no beginning and no end, to us it seems that it has beginnings and end because we are involved in a particular state and point in time, that we think is very relevant, which really it isn't very relevant. This is nothing new, it just is.