The First Encounter

January 6, 1985

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The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of an enormous pyramid...

The reason we are getting together today is because a number of you have asked a question about how this all got started, when I got involved in it, and about the experience I had that you may have heard about. Since I have not told anybody about this in a formal manner for a good number of years, and we wanted to get it on video tape so that people in other states who cannot come here could view it on video, we thought we would record this today. Feel free to ask any questions as we go along. Interrupt any time you would like. We'll make this as informal as possible.

I'll go back in my history for a little bit to talk about what caused me to come to Utah. My father lived here in the state of Utah and I grew up in southern California. I moved here in 1964 to work for him building houses because he was a general contractor. I was 19 years old and had been in college for a few years in California. When I first moved here, he insisted that I attend the LDS church even though he was not active in the LDS church at all. But he figured it would be good for me since it had a lot of nice things about it. He was in the building business, and at that time was building a private club on 3900 South and 1100 East which is the liquor store in that area, for anybody who doesn't know. That is in direct contradiction to what the LDS church is about. So I helped him work on that and I worked for the bishop in the ward on several construction projects around town. I helped the Church build one of the wards up in the Mount Olympus Cove area.

After about a year and a half of living here, the LDS church asked me if I would go on a mission for them. So I volunteered per say, with the pressure as it was to go on a mission for them, and I went to the Central States mission for the LDS Church. While there, like every good LDS missionary knows, you teach the lessons as they are laid out and memorize them. You teach the people and then baptize them into the church. While I was on my mission, you could say it was a very wonderful thing to the extent that it gave me the opportunity to meet with a lot of different people and gain confidence in my ability to be able to speak with and communicate with many different people back and forth.

I had a great feeling for the teachings of Christianity or for the goodness found in it: doing to your neighbor as you would have them do to you, or going the extra mile to help somebody else out. I had a good feeling. I had a belief system but not a real knowledge in the LDS church. I felt it was a really good thing and that I was doing people a great service by teaching them about this church and baptizing them into it. I was a district leader after a few months of being in the mission field and then I was a zone leader. Then I became an assistant to the mission president, which is about the highest rank you can get to as a missionary in the mission field. I served a very strong mission, came home and attended BYU and then the University of Utah. Then I met a girl by the name of Annette Hall. We were engaged for 6 months, got married and lived in a little apartment on 3300 South and 1900 East. We had a little baby girl named Julie and then we built a home behind where my dad's home was near the Mount Olympus area. Then we had a little baby boy named Rex and we got divorced in 1974. We were only married for four years. We were married in 1970. And I moved out of the home and moved into an apartment at Woodlake Village. I started to date a girl by the name of Chris Miller. I am generally skimming over the surface events that lead up to all of this. I hadn't been real active in the LDS Church for about the last three years prior to that time. From around 1971 on I wasn't real active in the LDS church. I would attend their meetings and go to different functions and stuff like this, but my heart wasn't in it. Let's just put it that way.

So I moved into Woodlake Village and began to date Chris Miller after my divorce. This is in the summer, May, of 1975. And I was just having a regular old life like everybody else has. I would go to the clubs in town, and dance, and have a few drinks, and party and get involved with different people. I was working for a company called Vanguard Graphics selling printing.

It was October of 1975 when this initially happened to me. Prior to this time, when I was married and living in the Mount Olympus area, I would frequently go down in the den and I would sit very quietly. I would turn my attention within and listen to a sound inside of me. I did not know where it came from and I did not know really why I was doing this. I would just sit down and start listening to this really high frequency sound which was inside my body. As I would listen to it, it seemed as if it brought great peace to me and I was very comfortable with it. It seemed like it would answer all the questions I would ever have or do away with the questions I had about life.

One afternoon on October 28, 1975 to be exact, I came home and I was staying with Chris Miller in her apartment in the Avenues area of Salt Lake. I sat down on the couch and I started listening to this sound and it gradually got very, very intense. It sounded like it was inside of me, and it was outside of me. It was so intense that it just seemed to engulf everything around me. The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of an enormous pyramid and I was on the South side of it. I walked around to what seemed to me to be the North side of the pyramid. On the North side of it there was a large round, oval type building. It was not a building though, it was very large and round, but it was flat on the bottom and it looked like it was made out of black graphite. I walked up to it, and noticed that it did not have any doors. All of this happened very, very, very naturally. I was not questioning anything in my mind. I was not saying "What in the world am I doing here?" It seemed as if I was supposed to be there. All of this was just naturally happening. I walked right through the wall of this building or this craft or whatever it was, and inside, there stood a group of individuals. I call them the Summa individuals. They are similar to us, but not exactly like us, for instance they did not have any hair on their bodies at all. They escorted me across the room and I looked in the middle of the floor at this piece of energy, what looked like a very large crystal came out of the floor and I looked into it and I saw all the things that were going to happen about building the pyramid and making the nectars.

So there, during that first time with them, they explained to me the first five basic lectures that we give during classes here. They taught me about Phi, about mummification, about meditation, about the Patriarchal and Matriarchal expressions in existence and many of the other things that we teach. I left the building after that and went back and found myself sitting on my couch. There were many times after that, whenever I tried to get out of telling about this that they would work with me again, and they would say "You have got to do this. This is sort of what you have to do. This is what you signed up for." Even though I did not like doing it. John can remember me telling him many times "I am quitting. I am not going to do this anymore." This is how I felt many years ago but every time I would try to quit, they would get me again and make me a real believer that I could not get out of telling this story and about the things I learned while I was with them.

Some people ask me if I got this information out of books. Prior to this time I had not read any religious or spiritual books other than the Bible and the Book of Mormon. John said to me: "It says stuff like this in the Bhagavad-Gita," and I did not even know what that was. Or Patanjali Sutras. I knew there was a book called the Egyptian Book of the Dead. After all of this happened about a year down the road, we went and bought a few Egyptian Books of the Dead and started reading through them. That book does discuss a lot of the stories about what this Summum thing is about but it does not go into great detail. Ron Zeffer found some great books that had a lot of quotes that spoke directly about what we were teaching here.

Does anyone have any questions?

Question: Did you have difficulty in your relationship with the Summa Individuals? Did you feel they were forcing you against your will?

Answer: Yes I did. After the first encounter as I have told John before, I went home to my apartment at Woodlake Village and I found it very difficult to go to work. I would stay home and sort of hide under my covers and that phase lasted for about six months. This entire time I was going through an inner struggle with myself where I thought I was going crazy, that I had somehow hallucinated all of this. Every time I would get to the point of saying "I am not having anything to do with this stuff. I want nothing to do with religion or philosophies or going out and telling people this story! They will think I am crazy." I started telling some people about it and they really did think I was crazy.

I had written a little article on meditation and posted it on a little flyer and John read it. He asked me about it and I told him about how I did not enjoy it but I was sort of stuck with it. I remember telling him I could not get out of it because every time I tried to they would get me again. Not necessarily in the same place but they would come into my presence and tell me "This is what you have got to do. This is what your life is all about. You have to go tell people these concepts and then go build a pyramid and make this nectar." I said "Yeah SURE!" but it all happened, all of it. I did not say that in those words really, to the extent that when you are in their presence it is not like a conversation, it is sort of one way. They do the communicating, they know what you are thinking and they just give you the instructions and there is no room for argument in their presence. The argument comes when they are away and you are alone, and in your head you conjure up all these reasons why not to do it.

Question: Who do they say they are?

Answer: They are evolved individuals, just exactly like we are now, except they have evolved further down the Cylinder of Evolutionary Absolute Time. Which are the infinite states of evolution that go on after we evolve out of this state into a higher state, and a higher state after that. They are assistants on the path of evolution and that is their entire purpose, to assist souls through evolution. They work with lots of people on this planet, in different states of evolution. They assist them along through evolution. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead they call them door keepers, or gate keepers. They are individuals who help others, guides helping others in evolution.

Question: Do they have names?

Answer: They do have names, but they did not give me their names. They have names in an understanding way rather than spoken words. They speak telepathically with each other. They speak to you in the same manner and they know exactly what is going on with you. It is in concepts rather than in words. Does that make sense at all? Like when you are thinking, all of the sudden the entire concept is present, but when you are speaking it takes a lot longer to get the whole picture. It is like a movie in your mind. It is not a movie, you do not see it, but you understand it and have an immediate knowledge of it.

Question: Do you now understand them as loving teachers?

Answer: Yes. A lot of times in the beginning especially, I was in a great battle with them. I was in hate mode for them. Where I did not want to do it at all, I just wanted to be regular. I wanted to just go around doing what everybody else was doing. Rather than wasting my whole life going around telling these people that would show up for lectures, these crazy stories that everybody thought they were. It got to a point though, where I could not do anything else, except for do that or I was not at peace with myself.

Question: Can you communicate with them at will or is it only when they want to communicate with you?

Answer: When I have a strong enough desire to, I could communicate with them. But most all of the encounters have been at their choosing not mine.

Question: Do you feel like you leave your body when you encounter them?

Answer: That is a really great question and I have heard that one a lot. It is exactly like you are right here, right now and I am here right now, and I would say to you "Do you feel like you are having a hallucination or that this conversation is just a dream?" What would you say to me? This is what most of your life has been like and all you could do is compare it with the rest of your life. I can only compare it to the rest of my life to the extent that it is as real as right here and now, or any other day that I have had in my life. I usually never asked them questions. I just listened to what was being presented or felt it or understood it as it was being presented. It really seemed crazy to me at first to be honest with you. I thought "This is just the exact opposite of what I would be telling people that this life is about!" It is very contradictory to what I understood at the time, and to what I had been taught my whole life.

Question: Their whole purpose is to help people evolve?

Answer: Right. Also, to build a pyramid and to make the nectars. The purpose of the nectars is to put information into them and allow people to use them, which allows their evolutionary purpose or change to take place inside of them. There are 27 different nectars, most of which we have not made yet. The first one we made was Meditation, and this allows people to begin meditating so they can turn within themselves and find themselves within. As long as their attention is on the exterior world, nothing really changes except they become involved in the things in the exterior world, rather than the changes that are necessary to take place. Because your body is not going to go on, just your soul will evolve. Your body is going to drop dead and be buried in the elements of this planet.

Question: If I understood you right there are other people they are working with on this planet right?

Answer: Yes. I am positive that there are. I do not know any of them personally but right after my first experience with them, it was really interesting about how a lot of consciousness and interest was generated about pyramids. Not many people were very interested in pyramids and then all of the sudden a big wave of people started talking about pyramids at that time. The same thing happened at the turn of the century in the 1900's. A lot of people got involved in pyramids and tried to discover what the sciences were of the Egyptians or those who built the pyramids. They tried to figure out why there are pyramids in South America, Europe and Russia. There are pyramids all over the planet. There is a definite reason, for all of the sudden this shift in consciousness or some type of injection of information that was put on this planet for a lot of different people because it popped up in isolated incidences all over.

Question: Corky, a lot of us who were brought up in a religious environment were taught to believe that this religion or that religion is the right one. That it is the only way to go. Is this then in your opinion, or their opinion, the only path?

Answer: That is a beautiful question. The instructions they gave me were that all the religions were necessary and every one of them were right. What they do is they fulfill the evolutionary needs of the people that are in them. For example all the people that are in the Baptist church, their needs are being satisfied by that religion and if they follow the teaching of the Baptist church and really live those teachings they would become better people within themselves. They would do as Christ said "Love thy neighbor as thyself." So the Baptist religion is very necessary. So is the Lutheran, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Jewish, Mormon, all the religions, if the people would just live their religion it works with their soul and it changes their soul within. Their teachings are if people would really live their religion rather than just talk about it. So, there is no one right way, all the ways are right; all religions lead us to a higher state of evolution.

Question: You mentioned at that time in your experience that there was a wave of consciousness about pyramids and the science of pyramids, my question is do you anticipate new waves coming in, in terms of Summum in the future?

Answer: There will always be new waves of evolution, no matter what planet you happen to be on or what stage of evolution you are at. It is very natural. It is like in nature when you go to the beach and you watch the ocean waves come in and land on the beach, and go back out. Everything happens in cycles. The sun comes up and it shines for a whole day and goes down and then it is dark. Then it comes back up again. Everything happens in cycles or waves. It is a very natural thing for it to be that way. It is like all of you in your lives. You have experienced different waves of evolution throughout your life. Where you have become very attuned to yourself within, and then there has been dry spells where you have not had any new experiences or evolution at all, and then a new wave comes about. That will always happen. Another interesting thing looking at John, I remember writing this article on meditation, and he told me "I am with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi," and I said "Who is he?" "Oh he is a great master from India that came to save the world," or something like that he told me, but I don't remember exactly what he said to me. But, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi did a very beautiful thing. He brought a beginning meditation to the people of the West. In the West everybody is running around trying to gather material things on the exterior world, to try to gain some kind of satisfaction or gain some pleasure that will never last. It will always go away. There will always be something new to gather. The Maharishi brought a meditation to millions of people within the United States that allowed them to begin to turn inside themselves. He told them that some of them may take several lifetimes, and some of them will take only a few years, but as long as you start turning your attention within, that is all that is important. As long as you have a beginning to do this, that is what is important.

Question: What was the first thing they told you?

Answer: The initial thing they told me was where god came from. That is one of the lectures we give or one of the presentations we give, because that question has not been answered for most people. Most people in the world today are running around in the West, asking where god came from and they are told by their religious leaders: "That does not matter to us here. That is beyond your comprehension. It is a mystery we are not meant to know."

So they explained to me in a very beautiful, mathematical and a divine, perfect way about how everything came about. What it came from and why it is. They put it all together in examples throughout nature and creation where it shows where god came from. And that is the greatest question I think, that could have ever been answered. How everything came about, rather than just this mystery that you could not understand.

It is called the lecture on Phi and I will give that in a separate lecture on film. I will explain to you what they explained to me. It is really interesting, the first time you hear this explanation about where god came from, you do not always understand it the first go around. But after a period of time it will click, and you will say "Wow! That is unbelievable!" So when you first hear it I would say do not jump to any conclusions and catch yourself in "Wow, I cannot understand that!" Just allow yourself to be open and allow it to be within you and an answer will come about. It sort of sings a little song to you and tells you what it is, why it is and how it is. It keeps growing and growing. Isn't it nice to know how the universe came about and what it is and where it came form? You cannot put the whole story into words, it talks back to you. After you look at it for awhile, you will see it in everything you look at, you will see it in everything in nature, how phi interacts and the grand opposites in nature.

Everybody asks me how long I stayed there. It seems to me as if it were a lifetime, every time I went there, what they told me and what took place. Except I know that I was not there for a lifetime. It was a shift in time, an alteration in time where the amount of information and things they explained to me and the effort in trying to get through to me, so that I could understand it, seems as if it were a lifetime. It would be like a continuous day that lasted fifty years long and then they would let up on me, and I would go try and recover. And as soon as I was recovered and started getting cocky again, then they would get me again. You know, that happened on a regular basis over a number of years until I started complying. I did not have a choice per say, but now that I look back on it; I would not have it any different than the way that it was done.

It is sort of like when you go on an initiation here. It is the same thing, except on a larger scale. You say "What in the world am I doing here?" explain that feeling. It is just like that except it was more intense.

Question: When was the last time they visited you?

Answer: About a year ago or so. I thought I was going to die. I was not really dying, I just thought I was. It was here in the pyramid one weekend when everybody was having a class and it took me several days to recover from that. It was during the summer, about a year and a half ago.

It was real intense. It was like I became accountable for all my actions and I experienced what is going to happen to all of us when we die. When we go on or when we do not go on in evolution. When you are called accountable for everything that you have ever done or what you have not done is the problem. That happened with them, while the class was in session. I was still in the class, I was conscious. It was not like when I was with them before. They were in the presence of this room and they were working with me and it was all the things I had not done that were the problem. It was not the things that I had done. It is the things that you do not do that really cause a problem. All the things you avoid doing that come down on you. If you do not do them, you come back to do them anyway, over and over and over.

Question: What about the Neters?

Answer: The Neters are the cosmic laws of nature that put cause and effect into motion. For example there would be a Neter that would be somewhere in the cosmos that would be enforcing gravity. Making sure that it is functioning within its area of operation. Gravity would not be the only thing that Neter would be responsible for. It is like an organization of ants that had a community and each type of ant is responsible for doing a different thing in the community. You could say this ant is in charge of carrying sugar for the community and that ant carries sugar back and forth. You could compare the Neters to the personalities of evolved souls that have taken on the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the cosmos. They are entities. They have lost their people-ness, their humankind-ness. The forces are generated by them. They always will be, because they are made by Creation — the entities and the forces are one and the same. There are lots of gods. The Creator is not a person, it is a force. It is the force of phi or the resonation which is called ohm, and I will explain it later in the lecture on phi. And everything in existence is a distortion of that.

Question: Are the Neters collectively the creator?

Answer: They are a result of the Creation; they are created by the Creation. They carry out the functions of the distortion of phi. The Neters are spoken of in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is very interesting. The Neters always seem to be present when the weighing of the heart ceremony takes place. When a person is allowed to evolve on, or when they are hindered from evolving on. You could sort of compare the Neters to the Summa Individuals, they are very similar to them. Although, the Neters are not the same as the Summa Individuals that I have spoken about having dealt with. They fulfill similar functions. The Summa Individuals are working under the guidance of the Neters.

Question: So there is a literal hierarchy right?

Answer: Well, sort of. It is like light. When pure light shines down and you put it through a crystal prism, it breaks up into a rainbow of colors. So, we have all the different colors, and we could call those colors the Neters. They came from an original light source and they were broken up and they all have a different job of manifesting a different color. So, if you want to call it a hierarchy, I guess you could. The hierarchy would be the pure light shining into the prism, and the prism would generate the colors, and then those colors would be a hierarchy over other colors. So it is a natural thing within creation, it is not something somebody chooses to do.

I was always under the belief system before all of this happened to me that you made your own destiny. That you chose to go out and create and make it yourself. You were the hierarchy and you could become this hierarchy. Then I discovered that you are molded into it. If you will sing the song of Creation and become like it, then you are in harmony with it, or in unity with it. And you are with nature rather than separated from it. We are separated from it by allowing ourselves to get stuck in our ego and believing that we have control over it, rather than it controlling us.

Question: Are the Neters innumerable or are there a set number of them?

Answer: There are nine major Neters that deal with this cosmos. But there are 27 Neters in different depictions of those. They come in sets of nine which is really interesting.

Question: Do the Summa Individuals ever present themselves here within the pyramid?

Answer: Yes. They are always sort of hanging around to be honest with you. Once you have gone through some of the initiations they are there, riding on you. There is an ancient saying that says "You are born with a thousand devils and angels on your shoulder." They speak to you and talk to you. When ever you are avoiding something that you should be doing, or doing something that you feel is not very wise to be doing — they are there talking to you. A lot of times they are very difficult to ignore. They make it beautiful and uncomfortable sometimes too, when you say you are going to do something, this is the problem that I was speaking about a moment ago, the things that you do not do after you have committed to doing, after you have set your path and given your word that you will do that and then you try to sneak out of it, avoid it or deny that you ever said that you would do it. This is where the dishonesty comes about in a person's soul. So it is the things that you do not do, that you have committed yourself to, that are the problem. Not necessarily the things that you do. It is a paradox.