February 17, 1985

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... look towards the door ...

Everybody has some understanding of what meditation is, there are all different forms of it. I would like to just add a little bit to all of that. There is something inside of each of us called our attention. It is your awareness or your consciousness. You have the ability to place it anywhere you want. For example, I can ask everyone in this room to look towards the door and by doing that, your attention has now moved to the door. Or you look at your hand and your attention goes down there, we can put our attention anywhere we choose. The question that I would like you to consider is what is that attention?

Many times it is just pure intellect or mental processes that we are aware of, when we put our attention someplace and we begin judging what we see. We observe something and we judge it based on what we believe we see, and what we have been taught all of our lives. Our lives in the western world are designed so that our attention is always exterior to ourselves. It is someplace on our body, or out in the world around us, rather than someplace inside of us. We do not know where to put our attention inside of our body. It is always on the exterior surface of our skin, our foot, one of our organs, our headaches, or we see something beautiful, see something ugly, and it continues to jump from one place to another. We have all this attention that is moving exterior to this thing that is inside of us. Some people say you have a soul, or a spirit, or some energy force that is inside of you. But not many people pay attention to that.

This process that you go through called evolution, you eventually find yourself at a point where you reach a type of fulfillment. To the extent that all the things you look at out in the world, even your own body, you begin to say to yourself "I am sort of fulfilled with those things. They are beginning to bore me. There does not seem to be anything out there anymore that can hold my attention so strongly that it will prevent me from looking inside of myself and discovering what is there."

Through the ages there have been different techniques of meditations taught. Everyone here has heard the term before and have some kind of belief system about what meditation is, or some kind of practice of it. Everything in nature is a form of a vibration. The gross, subtle, heavy vibrations form what we know of as matter. The lighter vibrations form energy. Now what happens in life is we turn our attention away from that energy thing within our selves, when observing matter by looking through our eyes and listening through our ears, and we put our wishes wants and attention out on the gross vibrations outside of us, out in the world. We resonate on those vibrations and they come back into us, directly to this thing inside of us, and it resonates with whatever we put our attention on. So this fulfillment that takes place in evolution where one gets satisfied with all the chocolate you can eat, or all the people you can meet, and all the things that you can do in life, you will then find yourself learning some form of meditation that will allow you to turn your attention back into yourself.

Within Summum we initially teach a meditation where you receive a word of power. This word has a specific vibration to it, and it resonates inside of you and begins to raise the frequency of the vibration within you. Each word of power is chosen individually for the person that it is given to. You are also given a crystal. This crystal is a part of the crystal that resides in the apex of the pyramid. Because of the design of these crystals they resonate at a particular frequency. We also give you the nectar publication of meditation. Imbued within the nectar itself is a resonation, and by drinking it, you take this resonation into your body and it also begins to change your vibratory stateand allows you to bring your attention from outside to inside very easily. All of the sudden after practicing this meditation for a period of time you discover that there is indeed something in there. This is the entire purpose of meditation.

Some people call it self realization. What that self realization means is that there is a spirit or a soul within you, all of the sudden you realize that it is there and instead of identifying yourself with everything exterior to yourself, or identifying yourself with your body, you discover there is something beyond or inside of all of that. This self realization or turning to the spirit within, allows the spirit within to gain energy. Wherever you put your attention it gains energy. You will notice by putting your attention on one of your fingers, you can actually raise body heat in that finger. Wherever you put your attention is where energy goes, your attention is your energy source, so if you turn your attention into your spirit or your soul, what you are doing is adding life force to it, and it becomes stronger and stronger and starts to live. Then, all of the sudden it starts to gain a greater importance to you than the exterior things in the world. The wishes and wants that you had, for example that brand new corvette, loses a little bit of its need. You do not have to have that anymore. Your desire begins to turn within yourself, within your soul, to the heaven within. It is like Christ said, "Store your treasures in heaven not in earth." Store your energy within your soul, not on the material objects in the world. You can gather all the materialism in the world and it is not going to do anything for the spirit within you. You can chase all the things on the planet that you like and nothing will happen for your spirit, because you are putting your energy or attention out, rather than within your soul.

This is the first form out of the twenty-seven forms of meditation that we teach. The purpose is so that everybody can begin to find themselves inside. Take their attention away from everything out in the world, and begin to awaken inside. A lot of people think they are already doing this, by visualizing a white light within their mind, or by feeling things within their body. These are still exterior to your soul. What you need is something that is part of your soul, to be able to get your attention there. If you are doing something within your body, mind or your brain you are not getting into your soul. You need a technique that will allow you to begin to get directly into your soul. When it feels that energy of your attention, it begins to awaken and a whole new set of rules come to you, a whole new set of directions come into your life and you begin to look at the world differently. Nobody else changes. This does not change the world. All it does is change you. Because of the change that takes place in you the rest of the world looks different. It changes your ability to view things.

Anybody can do this meditation. It takes about 30 minutes to learn. It is very simple. It is not something that you do, it is something that you stop doing. It teaches you how to not do, instead of doing all the time. It is like the greatest rest that you will ever have. It is an experience of finding something that you never knew you had within yourself. When you find your soul or your spirit inside of you, it is usually an awakening for a lot of people. Many people believe that they have found it, because they are thinking around in their brain, thinking nice thoughts about god, or about their neighbors, girlfriend, or boyfriend. This is not your soul. This is your attention on something exterior to your soul, something you believe is going to bring you a fulfillment and it does. Then you go onto another, and another. One fulfillment after another. Until you find your soul within, you can not start storing that energy within yourself.

Everyone receives a word of power that is appropriate for them, there are approximately seven words of power. Most people are at different states of consciousness when they are taught their meditation. The consciousness that they are at, is where they are given their word of meditation. What that word does, is it resonates inside of you, along with the crystal and the nectars, and it allows you to turn your attention within. Only through practice does it happen. This is not a pill that you take and all of the sudden you see god. It is a practice of storing your energy within your soul.

It is like your whole life in all of your incarnations you have been pouring all of your energy out onto the planet, into the world, and that is why you are pulled back into different incarnations. You are caught by it. You pour all of your attention out to it. You see a shiny new car and your attention goes to it. You see a person that you think is attractive and your attention gets caught up in it. You see something in nature that you find beautiful and you get caught by it. Your attention goes there, and you have lost control of your spirit. You can not tell your attention where to move, it takes you. What meditating does is allow you to put all this energy back into your soul, and you become the master of your destiny. You gain control of yourself, your real self, rather than the thing that you believe that you are.

Where does one practice this meditation?

You practice anywhere you like and as often as you would like. There is a lesson structure to it, but you practice as often as you like. There are additional forms of meditation that you do continually throughout your day, all the time, while you are asleep, while you are awake, it is with you all the time, to the extent that as soon as your spirit starts to get energy from your attention it wakes up. There is a sleeping soul inside of you, and you take your attention and say "hello in there!" and it wakes up. Once it wakes up it discovers that it is, and it slowly becomes more and more awake, and more and more in charge of you than it has been before.