The Portal of Mummification

September 8, 1985

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... life goes on, passing us by ...

If we consider what is going on in the world around us for a moment, we can witness a vast number of events that really are very distracting to our evolution. Humanity has created a world and set up an infinite number of things to get involved in. Events and circumstances to take your attention away from the overall picture of what existence really is about. We get involved in all of these little, meaningless details. We entertain ourselves with a little bit of working, a little bit of playing, a little bit of fighting, a little bit of loving. All of these little things that we do on the planet, and life goes on, passing us by and then one day, it is over with. We get consumed in all of these things that we have out there to do, and yet, nothing ever really happens.

One of the things that mummification does is complete one's ability to deal with the day as well as with the night. For example when you were a little kid you would go outside and play. As soon as the sun came up, you ran outside to play with your friends, and you had a good time and everything seemed wonderful. But, as soon as the sun went down and it got dark outside, you had to go inside and go to bed and in this method, gradually, you began to be afraid of the dark.

As you became older, and wiser, you became less and less afraid of the dark. The more time you spent outside after dark, you became more and more at peace with it. You became more comfortable with it. Perhaps you even began to look forward to it, as a period of rest from the work during the day. Night became a reprieve from the activities you were involved in during the day. Still, remember that everything has two sides.

There is something very interesting going on in this world. Everybody is concentrating on living, putting all of their energy into it, investing every breath they have, every dollar they earn on living their lives. Nobody is putting any attention into dying. It is one thing that everything has in common, everything dies sooner or later. I don't know of anybody that gets out of dying. It is very interesting, life is just a movie. You walk into the theater, you watch all of the entertainment and get completely captivated by it and then you leave the theater, and you go find another movie. The Egyptian Book of the Dead instructs us in the process of moving from one theater to the next one. The Tibetan Book of the Dead references the same process.

Thousands of years ago, in the temples and in the pyramids, the ancients performed initiations. There were people back then enlightened enough to know that there are beings on the other side working on the pathways of Creation, and when the individuals on this side would make contact with those beings, then they also became workers on that pathway. This is what mummification assists with. In order to become a worker on creation, you have to be mummified or you will reincarnate. So what happened in ancient times when a person started to die, the workers would go to the person that was dying, because everybody dies, and they would talk to them and give them instructions that they had learned throughout their lives. These instructions they would read to the dying person, offered comfort and gave that person direction on how to get out of the theater in the easiest manner possible.

It is a very conscious thing to pay attention to. Their spirit or soul would leave their body, and the initiation would take place. The workers on the other side, in combination with the workers in the temple would go through a 77-day period of instructing this individual where to go, in order to move as far as possible in evolution. To help them find which theater to go into next. These instructions would provide the dying person guidance on what to look for, how to move through the in between and how to deal with all of the obstacles that come up along the way. It is what the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of the Dead were about.

Unfortunately this initiation got lost along the way, throughout the centuries of time. Now, when you drop dead, most religions just say "Oh, that guy is dead. Let's have a funeral and send him off, on his own. That is his problem. We have too many other things going on, we have things to do here on the planet. Too bad he died. Let's go play golf."

Nobody is working as a master of the day and a master of the night. Nobody is working as a master of the whole cylinder of evolutionary absolute time. All they are doing is living their lifetime, hoping these people that die are going to make it to another incarnation.

Another thing that happens when you die is you find that there are an infinite number of different places you could go. There are as many as you can imagine, and much more. Pay attention to your attachments and your attractions. Even though they are something that seems pleasant right now to you, because you enjoy that attachment, when you die it is something that draws you back into it, it can suck you back down into the depths of that ocean. You want to be able to set sail on the Sekhet boat, not be weighed down by your bonds of attraction.

Everybody should get prepared for their own death. If you have the opportunity, you should prepare for being mummified. It is just a process that helps you understand how to move from one theater to the next theater in the easiest manner possible.

During the process, your spirit or soul, or essence is still there with your body. You stay with your body until something causes you to leave the presence of it. The instructions given to you will help you to deal with all of the things that come up during your time between incarnations, and help you know where to go.

For example, you could immediately incarnate within a few hours. This was done in the temples of the past, where initiations would take place. In that community, people would deliberately copulate nearby where the mummification transference was happening, to allow that person a gateway to be reborn into that same group of people.

Or a person could be instructed how to incarnate into an energy being, or get off of the farm planet and move on into evolution. There is nothing mystical about it. If you are mummified you are welcomed by the workers of creation on the other side that help all of the people that are dying, to move along in evolution. You become workers on the pathway of evolution. Once your mummy is destroyed you then move on in evolution but, you have to do the work to earn it.

Most people are not doing mummification on this planet. This looks very weird to all the people out there. Most people are asking why not just put the dead in the ground? They are already dead! But they are not dead, their soul is still alive, and they do not know where to go or what to do. They are lost. Our job is to help them get instructions on how to move from this movie theater to the next theater.

Nobody is doing this, because they are too caught up in trying to live. Nobody has been prepared to do it. They are busy playing games, wandering through life without any thought of their death. There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful life and trying to enjoy it, that is what the movie is about. But at the same time you need to learn about the entire thing, you can learn to be a master of the night and the day. Not just a master of a part, or only one side of it. You should have wonderful, fulfilling life of the day, and a wonderful fulfilling life of the night. It is a full circle, a complete cycle.

Most people are afraid of death. Nobody enjoys discussing it, or even thinking about it. People will go to great lengths to avoid it. Masters have said for eons of time that as you become familiar with it, and you examine your death you will no longer fear it. Then, you can walk away from this movie and walk into the next one. Nothing is happening with you until then. It is like being afraid of going to a new job, or afraid to get out of bed in the morning and meet the world. This is a common thing, this fear of the new.

People are dying, and re-incarnating. When you die, it is an automatic process. You go through a whole group of different events. First, you become conscious of the highest realm possible for you to go to. If you do not go there and you are unable to hold that realm, you slowly get drawn back down into the earth because of all of your bonds to it. You witness your family weeping for you, and you long to be here with them again. Your attention in your spirit is drawn to people, and you are seeing all kinds of events happening around you, games, work, war, laughter, crying, copulation, and you are drawn back into it. It is very natural. If you are a gambler, you get drawn into gambling. If you are an alcoholic, you get drawn into alcohol. If you are earth-bound, these things draw you back to earth. You are magnetized towards it, and to be able to evolve as far as possible you have to break as many of those bonds as possible. That is what the mummification instruction is about.

The in between is exactly like it is here except you are in a dream state. Have you ever had a dream that seems very normal. You think you are alive, and you can't figure out why you are not. But eventually, you realize that you are dreaming. It is similar to that. All of the sudden when you are dead, it is as if you are in a dream. You wander around, and you look at your body laying there dead. You cannot communicate to people around you. You get more and more drawn into your bonds, and what you are attached to and you find yourself in a sort of black void which is the womb, and you are born out of the womb again. You are back in a baby body. You cry, and wiggle, you fret and grow. You catch the measles, chickenpox, and you bump your head while riding your bike. You repeat again, all manner of things. And it takes until you are about twenty five years old to realize what has happened, and it then occurs to you-"Oh! Well, here I am, again!" If you are lucky you begin to get conscious to it.

Now, I want to be very clear about this, that everybody that gets mummified are not necessarily going to get off of the planet earth. They are not. Most of them won't at first. Later on they will, they'd be born back into the same community of people and consciousness, maybe the second or third time around, the mummification will hold.

Keep in mind the divine paradox. There is time, and there is no time. You can be mummified for ten million years, and it is also just a blink of the eye. In a dream, it is very hard to keep track of time. Have you ever watched the clock in a dream? In a split second you can have a five hour process happen in a dream. So there is no such thing as time on the other side. It is a paradox. The instructions are given from this side and it helps the person, because they relate to it, and there is no time to them. The mummification process is like a dream to them, but the instructions help them keep their focus.

This dying process is something you do over and over and over again in life, and the more times you do it, the closer you get to becoming a master of it. It is teaching you to avoid fear after you die, to become a master of death and a master of life. You have to master both sides of the coin. You are not going to get out of incarnating again, because there is a very long distance between where you are, and the evolving back into creation. A very long distance. So you have to learn to become a master of it. You have to surrender to it. You will have no fear of anything then, you will have become a master of it. Right now, you create your own nightmares to stay involved in them. The letting go or surrender that we talk about, allows you to move on to an entirely new thing.

This is a very important thing, people can get to a certain point in evolution and recognize this event, and understand it. It is like climbing a mountain, the view gets better as you go up the mountain, but sometimes the climb is very challenging.

After you die, you will find you do the exact same things you did while you were alive. It is like when you wake up in the morning, you end up waking up in the same bed you lied down in the night before. Wherever you happen to end up, you do the same thing as where you left off. Everything has two sides, just because you look at the tail of the coin, instead of the head does not mean that the coin itself changes. If you leave this life as a nickel, you are going to wake up as a nickel. Nothing mystical, or dramatic is going to happen after you die. You are not going to transform into an entirely different being. You do the exact same thing there as you do here.

Everybody is stuck in a cause and effect life. The way that you act within that cause and effect in your soul is what transforms you. For example, let us suppose that you are in an airplane crash. You do not get killed but you are in this torment of terror throughout the entire event. There is another possibility that you are calmly trying to help people through it, and you gently work your way through it. The same circumstances happened to both beings, but it is how you are dealing with the event within your essence that transforms the event. This is the only transformation you can make on this planet. What you do in the in between, how your essence is directed and your attention controlled, will guide you to your next incarnations circumstances. What you do in your body controls your spirit, and what you do in your spirit controls your next body incarnation. But your movies are the same, we are stuck in the law of cause and effect and destiny. Everybody spends all of their time in life on feeding themselves, getting new cars, fixing their yards, keeping up with the neighbors, and an infinite amount of other reasons why their whole lives are spent caught up in events on this earth. No transformation happens in their soul because no attention is given to it.

We do this an infinite number of times, millions and millions and millions of incarnations. That is why that takes so long for transformation to come about. Everybody is stuck in incarnations over and over and over again, everybody is doing the same thing. Every once in awhile there are little changes that happen inside of people when they move to the other side.

It is a common belief these days, and I hear people say this repeatedly, that all different paths lead to the same place. They are right. They do. They all lead to death. They all lead to this one little point, the crossroads of existence. There is a portal called death that everyone moves through. Everybody meets at this transition point. Every single path leads us to where we die. At that point there are workers on the pathway of evolution. What the workers are for, is to give you instruction and help you find where you are at in your karma, and reincarnate back. What I am pointing out is that all these paths are going to go through one crossroads, through this portal. From there the guides take everybody along giving them instructions on where they are going to end up. Most likely you are going to end up at the same place that you left off.

People tell stories about completely skipping reincarnation. They say they will avoid being born again into another body by going into nirvana. If you are involved in the things you are doing on this earth, how do you expect to just cut loose from it? I have got four thousand habits, a habit of putting on clothes, a habit of drinking coffee, a habit of staying up late, etc. All of the sudden when I die, I'm going to break all four thousand habits? This is not likely. This is very unlikely. There is nothing wrong with having habits. Just don't get caught in the illusion that you are going to go directly to heaven, or nirvana just because you learned how to meditate, or say the right prayer. You are a regular person on the planet. This is normal. You are not going to have a dramatic transformation when you die.

To become a master means to be a master of both sides of it. To be a guide on this evolutionary path, rather than being caught inside the path. You begin to work with the cause instead of being a pawn of the effect. You have the opportunity to make this transition now, within the way you react inside of your life. Begin to pay attention to your habits, and where your attention resides. By becoming aware of them, you can cut all ties, break all of the bonds you have here. You cut yourself free from that, from tradition, from habits, free from the mental prisons that you live in. Break all ties, and see tomorrow with new eyes. Those things have to be cut or broken for anything to change in your existence. Everyone needs to realize that the purposes behind your life now, it will be the same spiritual essence in your next life time. If you could see what will come to you on the other side, you would be convinced at how important it is for you to recognize this opportunity. There is nothing wrong with the way you choose to live your life, but recognize that the way you spend your energy and attention is exactly what you will experience when you die.

There is nothing wrong with being normal. Being normal is like everybody else. The only thing that is a problem is when you are being normal, but you say that you are different. You are fooling yourself and saying, "Well I am going to do this type of meditation, or that type of spiritual thing and I'm going to be better off for it on the other side because I'm doing it during life." But you are not doing it during your life. You are doing the other normal things in life. Unless it is your priority, unless you make it your life. There is nothing wrong with being normal, and living a normal life. I am just saying that it is not fair to fool yourself. As soon as you go through the portal, you will be called on your honesty.

Honesty is what the universe is made of, the clarity of the mathematics of it. And you have to harmonize with the clarity and honesty of the cosmos. As soon as you get out of that harmony, it takes you apart and tries to put you back together, to get you to be honest. To bring you back into harmony with the universe. It calls you on every lie that you tell along this process, so that you can incarnate as honest as possible. The level of honesty that you live in is the level at which you will be born. This process of life, death and the in between will destroy as much dishonesty in you as possible. It is corruption and dishonesty that has been identified through the ages as "sin."

It is better to have control over your attention, and to be honest with yourself about your priorities in life. I'm trying to help you see that it is an illusion that when you die that everything is going to be okay, and that everything will be different. It won't be. Nothing will be changed dramatically for you. Find out what the path of creation is really about. Pay attention to your essence. Awakening to your essence is a gradual process, and as you do your meditation, it will happen.