Let's Make a Deal

July 9, 2005

...which door are you going to choose?

We have been working on trying to find a new word to replace "master" in the book, and the word "netter" has come up as a possibility. I think that would probably be a good word. The only one problem would be is there is a real difference between a netter and a master. You have to become a master first and then you can volunteer to become a netter, but you do not necessarily become one. Unless you leave part of yourself, your shadow and your shekem in your mummy and the rest of you goes on and works on the path of creation, as a worker on the pathway of creation for a period of time. Then you are a netter and can incarnate at a different level. So we can't necessarily trade that word out, because there is too big of a difference between the two. We are getting close though, and we will find something. We do not want to confuse the public too much. We want everyone who reads the book to be able to understand.

The thing that is really good about the Book of Mirdad so far, are the many things that have been said and the expression of the opposites. It talks about the servant and the master. These things that are opposites are really the same thing, just at opposite ends of the pole. To have a master you have to have a servant, to have a servant you have to have a master. To have high you have to have low, if you have long you have to have short, if you have night you have to have day. These are all opposites, and they do a good job of talking about opposite things in that book, which is fantastic.

Something came up in one of my meditations recently. Do people really believe that they have a spirit? Or do they just say they do? The people's religions, like the Catholics, or the Baptists, or the Mormons, or the Muslims, or the Shiites, or the Hindus, or the Buddhists. Do they think it would be nice if they had a spirit, but they really do not know? Where there is just a small percentage of knowing and unknowing about different parts of their life, but they do not really know. So they think that it just may be in evolution. Maybe they just sprung into being as a birth from a mother, on this planet and then after they die they go away and it is gone, it is a one time shot. That is what I'm talking about. That is what a true atheist would say, that it is a one time shot. It's a physical thing. They do not understand where the universe came from, but at the same time they are still looking for the cause of the universe. And until the cause of the universe is absolutely known, they won't be able to know for sure whether their atheism is correct.

The Christians and other religious people, the Sunnis and the Shiites, the Hindus and the Buddhists, Muslims and Jews would say it was created by a Creator. Some kind of intelligent force created it. The evolutionists would say maybe it was created naturally but there is a possibility that there is an underlying essence. So there are a variety of doors.

Does anyone remember the TV show where the prize was behind the door? It was called "Let's Make a Deal." We have played "Let's Make a Deal" in here before. I always say to everybody, let's make a deal! So, let's play tonight.

What I am going to do is give you a choice of doors. The door of Atheism; as soon as you die, that is it! Lights out! For someone Edith's age, that is a pretty good deal. I mean, as you get older, life gets harder physically. It is not as easy as when you were 16. It is more of a struggle. Do you spring out of bed and dance around the yard, with flowers at 4:00 in the morning? Life does slow down as you get older. So, you have seen people where it would be nice for them to just check out. Some of those people in rest homes, strapped into chairs, drooling, they have a bottle that feeds them. You know, stuff like that. That is door number one.

Then door number two would be you really do not know, but it is a possibility that there is some kind of life force that you have that could go on when you die.

Door number three could be that you could take the opportunity to find out if there is a life force.

Door number four would be that you find out that there is an essence.

Door number five, there always has to be an odd number, you find out for sure and you do something with it.

So we are going to make a deal tonight. Everybody has to choose which door they would like.

What do you have to do to choose door number one? Nothing. You do not have to do anything to choose door number one. All you have to do is say "number one." That's it.

What do you have to do to choose door number two? You might have to say "I am sort of wishy-washy, I have not yet made up my mind."

And door number three? You sort of already have an inkling that you have an essence and stuff. Would you spend your time at the mall, or a tiny little bit of time with introspection?

Door number four — you find out for sure that you have a spirit, but you do not know what to do with it. What do you have to do to choose that door? You would have to get involved in something, while you are here. You would have to go to the temple, go to the mosque, or the synagogue. You have to have some kind of interaction or relationship with it. The reason being is because if you did have a realization of an essence, you would probably want to take it somewhere, or be with it in some kind of condition. Not necessarily go somewhere with it, but allow it to have a condition. You would be with it, you are it. You have to give it condition. You would want to participate in one of those conditions. One of the conditions might be that brother and sister Smith show up at the funeral home, and say "let's go to heaven and we have a husband waiting there for you because you didn't like the rest of the guys that were there, and you can be sealed to him and go on to the celestial kingdom." You could be one of the wives in the celestial kingdom of Brother Smith. Or whatever she decides to do. If she were Steve's parents, she would wait there at the funeral home, and Gabriel would blow his horn and everybody at church would show up and everybody would have a seat on the right side of Jesus and play checkers, or sing songs. Pray and sing songs. You could do that.

Or you could, if you were into being a Christian or a Muslim terrorist you could blow somebody up, and have a lot of wives and go to heaven. If you were Christian you could do that too if you believed in the Old Testament. Solomon had lots of wives.

If you are choosing number five, you are spending a lot of time looking at it, being in it.

So, let's make a deal. The deal is which door are you going to choose? Because all of you, right now, are choosing one with the way you live your life, with your propensities. Su said to me one day, "we could be alive or dead and we don't really know if we are alive, we just THINK we are alive." And you know that is pretty true. You just think you are alive, and the things that you are doing right now you are acting out your propensities, the things that you normally do. It does not make any difference, where your attention is, is where you are. If you are your attention that is what you are in. If something comes along that attracts you, you are attracted to it and you go for it. That is why there are victims and victimizers. What is a victim? A person with a victimizer. There must be a victim in order to have a miser. So if you have got a victim, you've also got a victimizer. You have the two things going there. They are actually the same thing; just one is playing one side, and the other playing the other. It is like a war. There must be two people to have a war, or an argument. One person must be shot and killed, and so one can be the killer and one can be the killed. The victim and the killer. Or the hero for the country. If you do it for your country you are a hero. If you do it for your religion you get 57 virgins, ya know, and Taquito's on the side.

So if we make a deal here, you could be a victim. You could be a miser. You can meditate and find your essence. And you can be alone and you can be a nobody. Once you are a nobody, it is difficult to have propensities. Because you have to be somebody to have a propensity. You have to have something for it to be a propensity, but if you have nothing and you are a nobody you can't have too many propensities. I am speaking the same way as in the Book of Mirdad, with a lot of metaphors.

Have you ever had any propensities? Could they get you in trouble? I think propensities could get people in trouble, or they could become a victim or a miser because of their propensities. So if we are going to make a deal here, and you are going to choose door five, are you going to have to let it happen when it happens, or are you going to have to put some attention on it?

When? Why now? Why can't you wait until you are at the door to choose? It would be like studying for the MCAT the night before the exam. You will not be prepared. You will be there with a lot of "things" at the door, and a lot of "things" can't go through the door. We are going to call it a portal; it is a better word than door.

You can go through any portal you would like, because there are as many portals as there are propensities. They are waiting there for you. There are portals for every propensity that you can imagine when you leave this life, and you are in the in between. They are right there.

Ron brought up a very good point. We are under the Law of Destiny. Ron, do you think that there is a reason that those kids being born in Somalia, with flies on their face, and are starving to death, are born there, or do you think it is just happen stance? It has something to do with Cause and Effect. I will agree with that and sign on to that portal. Do you think it is their destiny to be there? Would you like that to be your destiny?

Do you think there are different destinies than that one? Is it possible to put your attention on a different destiny? Is that like choosing a door or a portal, portal 5, or portal 9, portal 11, or the clear light? Do you think that it takes much effort to be pumped out of the womb, in the savannah with flies on you and no food to eat?

Chris: I know so little about the Transference, I do not know what the competition is for a body in the first place.

Corky: Very good topic!! Competition for a good spot. Do you think there is competition for the presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Laguna Del Mar? The rooms start at $500 to $1500 a night. Anyway, do you think there is competition for some of the better rooms? I would say absolutely! Why? Because as above, so below, the Law of Correspondence. If there is competition here, there must be competition there. There is competition for the womb of a beautiful person in an elegant mansion, rather than the on the savannah with flies on you and a bloated belly. That would be an easy one to jump on.

Raccoons are on it. Maybe they could take over your place in the Bardo, you could be in a battle with a raccoon in the in between. You never know. There are lots of them out there. If you are in the Bardo, and you see an igloo, you are in for it! The womb door will slam shut, just like it says in the Bardo Thodol. You are sealed in, once you jump in. Hope for an abortion, if you got the wrong igloo! It's an easy incarnation but it's a hard trip to live.

It makes it very, very difficult for me to believe that no one would want to put the effort in to finding out what is on the other side of the portal.

If you get mummified you have the opportunity to become a netter, but most people that become mummified do not become netters because there is no such thing as time in the in between. It goes so fast, and someone will un-mummify your body and you will just decompose and you will have to incarnate. Like when they burned all those mummies from Egypt. They were only in there for five thousand years; they only got a chance to be there for five thousand years.

There are people that believe they are never going to die. Have you ever known anybody that is not going to die? Have you seen anybody ever that you know to be 300 years old? Everybody dies. When you are in the funeral industry they show up at the door, those people that believe they are never going to die. They have the right keys and all the magic words. But they embalm just as easy as the other people do.

Anyway, back to reality. Everybody has an opportunity to choose a door. The more effort you put into it while you are alive, when you get ready to go to the portal, then the more energy you have stored potentially that you'll be able to use kinetically as you drop all of your stuff to go through the clearest portal. Or, if you are lucky enough to get mummified, you can become a netter and work on the pathway of creation for 10, or 20 thousand years until someone finds your mummy or the planet blows up or something like that and you get to incarnate into a higher level and continue back to creation.

This is really pretty simple you guys, when you get ready to choose a door what you do, is you make a destiny's decision. It is destiny that you decide to do it. You cannot get out of destiny. But you make a choice in destiny, in a meditation. Because you stop your brain from thinking and you transcend it. When you really do a real meditation and you really drop out of time, you make the greatest leaps forward in choices. Because you get an opportunity to become devoted to... . The LDS church like Edith, go to temple and do your temple work. You can make this choice now, once you meditate. Or you could go to the Baptist church, or attend the Shiite mosque, or a Jewish Synagogue. You could become devoted, attend the Catholic Church, become a nun for the rest of your life, or become a monk up in Huntsville. They accept monks there, it doesn't matter how old you are. You could go join the monastery, they are looking for monks, but nobody wants to do it. It's a very odd time. You'd have to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, go do prayers and stuff, you know. They don't require a lot up there because they have so many assets.

Q: It is very difficult to do what you are saying.

A: You mean to make a choice, or to do a meditation?

Q: To meditate.

A: To do a meditation where you become devoted. Well, don't worry about it. The reason being is you have already had 8,400,000 tries — so another try won't hurt. You are an old soul. You have had 8 million four hundred thousand tries, but at least you are here, okay. At least you know there are portals. There are choices, there are opportunities, there is possibility! The universe IS POSSIBILITY! Don't worry about it. Don't get concerned. Everybody has a choice in destiny. To make a choice to become devoted to one of the portals. I would just suggest that you check out the portals. That is what I recommend.