Meditation and Words of Power

May 25, 1986

Everything has a particular resonation.

Everything has a particular resonation. For example a crystal glass has a resonation within it because there is a natural resonation in it, and when a person with a particular type of voice sings, it can shatter that crystal glass. It will disintegrate that glass. From mountains to pieces of sand, to every element, to every type of form in existence has a particular resonation. A human has a particular type of vibration. Their vibration is their aura that they are putting out. They have several different vibrations that are about them. Everything within nature, everything within manifest existence has a particular vibration. The planets have vibrations. They call them the harmony of the planet. The solar system puts out a basic hum with its vibration, and the universe puts out a basic hum also. Scientists can listen to it now with certain instruments. They can listen to the vibratory rate, the harmony of the universe. Everything has a particular vibration to it.

You can get several different singers, and they can all sing the same sound and the same note but they are unable to break the crystal glass. It takes a very fine, perfect position of resonation that wills the crystal to break. It is an art, or a science that a person masters, that allows them to do something like that.

What this means to us, in the use of that knowledge for the meditation, is the exact way or pronunciation of the word of power is critical. And it does not matter whether you were told the word of power, it does not make any difference, the sound will come from within you only after you have reached a sincerity of the proper use of them. For example, you could write the words of power down and tell people how to say them, and they will not say them right and they will not repeat them correctly, until they have raised a character within themselves that will allow for the proper use of them. You cannot steal them in other words. You cannot take them, or usurp them or misuse them.

Anyway, the Egyptian Book of the Dead is completely full of all of these teachings. It has instruction in the use of words of power that will allow the soul or your spirit after leaving your body, to go to its next destination. Everyone here is going to pass away at some time or another and your essence will evolve into the next destination whether it is liberation or imprisonment in the hell worlds, or into the heaven world or wherever it happens to be going. And just because you looked at the book or read the words in the book it does not mean you have control over your essence. In other words, it takes a dedication within your character, and within your physical body to have adapted to and involved itself into purity within the use of these resonations, or it does not work. So it is a life's devotion to the work towards it. The thing that is important about this, when people discover what it is, is that once people know how to guide other peoples spirits and souls through the Bardo Thodol, or through the Double Hall — Maat Hall, which is the Halls of Justice and has both sides to it, then the initiate or the guide taking the soul through this state can use the words of power to open the way for the other persons soul.

So that would be very valuable for anybody who was about to die, and they did not know where they were going or what was happening, if they had a guide to take them to their next destination, or to deliver their soul to that area. It would be the most valuable thing that you could have. I cannot think of any other trip that you could take in life that could be more important. Your entire existence in your next life is dependent upon what happens during this critical movement of your soul as it goes from this life into its next existence. So it is really important that people at least begin to gain an understanding of it and then are in a proper position or state when they leave this life and go to the next. That is what the Egyptian Book of the Dead is all about. It talks about those formulas in there and everything, but it does not matter if you read them, because of the way it is written it is sort of an automatic secret, unless you would spend enough time with the teachings, and devote yourself to it within your lifetime, then it becomes an automatic discovery for what it really is. Rather than just grabbing it and trying to take it. You cannot just take it, it is impossible. It is something that comes very natural to you. It is sort of like the same thing that happens to you in schooling.

Have you ever started out with a subject in school that was very unfamiliar to you, and it was a total mystery to you. After you have been in it for awhile, all of the sudden it becomes really clear and becomes like second nature to you. You find that it has become very easy to deal with. Have you ever discovered that within you life with different things? When you spend a lot of time with them and you are with it all the time, when you do a mediation, and you are in that meditation and using a particular word of power, after awhile you get very familiar with it and you find that it is with you all the time. Like the second meditation around here, it is with you all the time.

Once you become real familiar with it, and spend time with it, it stays with you all the time. To really be honest with you, I cannot think of anything more important than that movement from this lifetime to the next lifetime. Because there are so many lifetimes, it really is such a critical point. And all of the dramatic things that could take place between this life and the next life, and where you are going to end up are so critical. It is sort of like getting on an airplane with no steering wheel. It is like getting on this rocket and blasting off, and where you land, is where you land. Rather than having some control, or having a pilot that will guide you to a chosen destination. They would not take you to a place that you were not welcome or comfortable. They would not take you to a place where there were only pure souls, and you were a corrupt soul. They would take you to a place where it would be most appropriate for you, to the nicest place possible for you. You could end up anywhere, some really nice place to go, like a nice vacation spot on the Riviera, versus some terrorist camp in Libya or something like that. It is really critical what happens in that movement of the soul. Nobody is doing anything about it right now; they have not been for thousands of years. It is sort of like "Wherever you land is wherever you land! We do not really know! But do not worry, god will take care of it! Just like god takes care of it down here."

As above, so below. Why would anybody be so stupid to think they could just go out of control as soon as they die and everything will be okay? But at least they have enough control here to keep shelter over their head and food in their belly, normally. They get enough control to get up and do that for their lives, they are not wandering around getting hit by cars in the rain or anything like that. But they expect when they die that there is no need to have a pilot to control the missile towards a destination.

Anyway, so the words of power that are used during the critical movement of the soul, that is talked about in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Old Testament, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, all of them speak of this movement of the soul from this life to the next life, and state that you are confronted by negative aspects that would have you drawn off the path and have you bonded with that type of incarnation. What those words can do is dissolve those energies entirely, and clear a path or clear a way or a direction for you to choose an incarnation where you might be born to religious and wealthy parents where you might find that you have an easy time in life versus a nightmare in life, where you were starving and swatting flies off of your body and looking for a morsel of food to eat just to stay alive. Now, I am not saying you will be born into lives like that if you do not go through the guided transference. What I am trying to say is that you can break loose from this farm planet Earth, this prison sphere and move into higher levels of incarnation and evolution spiritually if you will just take the time to look at those things, and spend some time with them and be with them and start to gain an understanding of them. How many hours are there in a week? There are 168 hours per week and we spend about an hour here per week, so we spend a 1/168th of our time finding out about this, the rest of our time is spent doing things out in the world, all of which is going to go away. When you leave and you get old, and your breath stops, and your heart stops, at that state, does it matter what congress is doing today? Does it matter what happens in the space program? How well your grass is growing, or how much is in the checking account? If your car has an oil leak or a full tank of gas... .none of those things even matter anymore. Isn't that weird? It does not matter, anything happening in this realm here on this planet, but you now have a whole new set of parameters to deal with. If you take one out of 168 portions of your time and effort and you look towards trying to understand that movement and where you are going to go, and dealing with the transference from this state to the next state, you are not devoting too much to the understanding of that. And the way that you get a really good understanding of it, is through the meditation and participation within the understanding of it. Spending time within the place where transference would take place, and working with doing transference of individuals.

It is like the fact that you have a pretty good understanding of the English language, right? Did you get that by ignoring it? No. You got that through participating in it — and you did it probably more than for one hour a week out of your 168 per week. You got a degree of mastery out of it, and now it is fairly simple for you to communicate in the English language. But you are going to leave that language behind; in 60 years from now there will be no more English for you, all of that will be here in a meaningless state on the planet. Your soul will go on and it will speak soul language. I am not saying not to learn the things of the world. All I am saying is to gain a better perspective on the things that are going on in lifetimes, moving from one lifetime to the next lifetime to the next lifetime. That is why in the Bible it says "Do not store all your treasures on earth, store some of them in heaven." Get a feeling for those things that you are going to have to deal with. Educate yourself in those areas so that you are not illiterate when you get to that point.

Another thing that is very interesting. Say we take that 168 hours per week, and we take one of them out of it when we come here on Saturday and then we do a little bit of meditation at home for a half an hour when and if we can find enough time in our schedule to do it. But the really important things to us are over there and over here, and out there and everywhere else. And it is really a consciousness of the importance of those things that makes a difference. It is the feeling you have about English when you decide that you need to learn it, you have gained a love for it and it came and became real to you versus it just being there, and saying "I guess now I have to go to class!"

Everybody has had that experience in learning anything in life. Like when you take a math class, you can just attend class and get the periphery of it and then it goes away and becomes irrelevant for the rest of your life. Or you could fall in love with it, and gain a mastery of it and then it is always with you. It is like a meditation that you do, in the second meditation where it becomes part of you, it gets inside of you and it permeates every cell and it is everywhere after a period of time when you devote yourself to it.

Now the nectars are very critical too. They have the vibrations inside of them. In the beginning was the word or vibration and the vibration was god. The nectars have the vibrations inside of them, and what they do is they dissolve away those things that stand as an obstacle between you and this knowledge. If you use them, just a small amount of them, and meditate with them it is like tuning in to the harmony of those words of power when you use them. That is why the nectars are so perfect. They adjust that word when you say it in such a way, that you can say it in a very relaxed way and it allows you to become open to an understanding of the meditation, to what the meditation is doing. That is why they are so important, is the vibration that happens to be within the nectars. The nectars sort of clean away the peripheral areas of obstacles that stand between you and a clarity during the day. So that is why we make all those things and they really do work. If everybody has experienced them, how you meditate with them, those things really do happen.

So, I wanted to talk about those things for a second because I wanted to tell everybody about what is happening with what we are asking the State to do so everybody has a clear understanding of it. So nobody is confused about what the nectars are and how we would like the people on the outside to see them for what they are, rather than what they believe they are.

For example there is a type of wine where a Rabbi comes in at different stages and he blesses the grapes, and he blesses the crushing of the grapes, and he blesses the juice of the grapes, and the fermentation of the juice. There are many different blessings given. It allows for a purity of a wine to be made and it is used for meals, to be taken with the meal as a blessed food. It is taken out and sold to the people in the world so that everybody can have pure wine. It is a food product, a blessed food. It is kosher wine. It is clean and pure. It has blessings in it. It removes any disharmonious karma that can get on it. It is sold to the public as a specific food product.

There is an interesting thing that happens in the United States. A great seal of the United States is found on the back of the dollar bill and there is a pyramid in that great seal. Isn't that interesting? Then there are all those guys that happened to escape from Europe and all the restrictions that went on over there, they were unable to practice their religions and stuff like that so they came here to do it. And they established a nation that had a place for god, a place for anybody's god, a true freedom of religion. They said, "What we are going to do is have separation. We are going to have a government that is going to control the welfare of the people, and we are not going to let the religions do anything bad to the people, we are not going to let the government take over the religions, and we are not going to let the religions take over the government. We are going to keep a separation between the two." They did this because in Europe, the Church of England would take over the government and say everybody has got to belong to the church of England, and if you do not we will cut your things off or whatever. The Catholic Church went through Europe and did a bunch of crazy stuff like that too. Then there were times when governments said there will be no churches and we will have no religion at all. If anyone belongs to any church then we will have to take them out too. So what they did was establish the two sides, the religion side and the governmental side. And it is impossible not to let them touch each other, but they are not supposed to impose their ways on each other. They are supposed to be a freedom between the two as much as possible, without hurting the government itself or hurting the general people imposing one religion on another person because of what is happening at the time.

I want everyone to understand what goes on with the nectar and its relationship to the government and the licenses and regulations that they are giving us. I want everybody to understand what this really is, rather than when somebody asks them about it, they give an incorrect answer because they do not understand the issue. So listen very carefully.

So, what we do here is we gather some juices together and put them in the vat in the pyramid, and we come in here and perform a religious right, which takes place around the clock for 77 days. We have not been able to do that the way we are intending to do it, because the government will not let us do that at this point in time. And I am going to tell you why. When we first started the religious right of creating the nectars back in 1975, we made it in a black barrel inside the small pyramid and we took turns meditating on it. We put grape juice in there and some sugar and diluted it down and put other things in there, which are all completely legal things that you can go down to the market and buy. Nothing about it is illegal at all. It is not against the law to buy those things or put them in a vat together. But when fermentation started to take place and alcohol was produced, the State and Federal Governments believed that they needed to control the alcohol because there was alcohol in it. This was because of the tradition of wineries and the State and Federal Governments control of alcohol. There are a lot of exceptions for the use of alcohol. For example physicians are exempt; laboratories are exempt, a lot of other people that use alcohol for printing purposes, and a lot of other purposes other than a beverage to drink with your meal. Those types of consuming things, they have taxed because they tax food and it has nothing to do with religion.

What they did was allow Christian brothers to make wine. And then after making the wine, they take the wine to the church and then they take that wine and they bless it and transform it into the blood of Christ. The difference between us and them is ours is transformed during the actual creation of it. Does everyone see the difference between the two? Theirs is not transformed until after it is wine. Ours is a religious right during the creation of the wine which begins during the very first step of it being a grape. If they want to tax grapes that is fine, if they want to tax all the ingredients that is fine, they can say those things are taxable. Although if it is being used for an exclusively religious purpose the Constitution says that it should be exempt. For example, when the LDS church goes out and buys some furniture to go inside the temple, it is tax exempt because it is used for an exclusively religious purpose. Or when they go out and buy a tractor to use on a welfare farm, it is tax exempt. They don't tax it because it is used for religious purpose. It is the separation of church and State. Anything used exclusively for religious purpose is tax exempt. And the government leaves it alone, as long as it is not breaking the laws of the land.

Now it is not against the law for us to manufacture an alcohol in a vat. That is not breaking any laws. It is not, for example, like going out and opening people's front doors and stabbing them. That is illegal. They don't let people do that. So we are not imposing by practicing a religious right inside of our temple here, inside our pyramid. It would be like the LDS people over in their temple performing a washing and anointing with some oil. They rub oil on people and give them a blessing. Now that is not against the law. The city commission does not tax the oil and does not make them buy a license to be able to perform that ordinance inside their temple. Because it is used exclusively inside their temple.

Now what has happened is the State said that we have to become a winery. And the Federal Government said that we have to become a winery to be able to practice our religious right. But they look at it as though we are like the Christian brothers that make wine and then we bless it. But we don't. The whole creation of it is a religious right, the way that it is done. That makes it different from any other alcohols process, where alcohol is made together.

So, once you become a winery you can only use certain ingredients inside the manufacturing of it. For example we are not allowed to make it like the real formula was given, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Because now we have a winery license that says you cannot add sugar, you cannot add crystals, you cannot add this, this, or this. And it has got to be done like this, this, this and this. So by making us a winery they have prevented us from practicing our religion. So we cannot use the formula that we want to use, that is the dictate of the religion and the religious right. We have to use a formula to make wine.

So by Summum being so small, they do not really understand what we are doing yet. Because they did not want to listen, they did not want to hear. They just wanted to say "You are small, and it is too bad that you are so small because there is nothing you can do about it anyway. We will just stomp on you if you do not want to do it our way, and squish you away." Because there is such a difference in size between the government and us, they are all pervasive in the State government. Most of them could care less about any other religion except their own, and this one in our State is predominantly Mormon.

So, right now we have an issue before the State liquor commission that says, we are asking the citizens council and alcoholic beverage control to exempt every establishment of religion. There is a difference between an establishment of religion, and a church. Anybody can go out and say "I belong to the church of me." It may not get tax exempt status or anything like that, but you could call it the church of you. An establishment of religion is a religion that has been established over a period of years, it has particular dictates and the government recognizes as an establishment of religion. Summum is an establishment of religion. The Constitution says that the government shall not make any laws against you as an establishment of religion. Last year they changed the liquor laws to tax us more for practicing our religious rights, which is unconstitutional. They do not do that to other churches. They do not tax their religious rights, and what they do within them. Now, if we were going out and were selling the nectar to the public for a profit for Summum, then that would be different, but we are not. What we do is take donations to Summum to allow the nectar to continue to be made. It is like paying the electric bill for the LDS temple grounds. You have to have the energy to make it go. You have to have the maintenance and everything to continue the work. The money is for the purpose of continuing the work.

So, it is very important that all of you understand what that is. When we are required to have a winery license, then we are taxed, and the government controls how we do it, when we do it, and where we do it, the practice of our religion. The issue is we have asked them to exempt establishment of religion that manufactures alcohol exclusively for religious purposes, and religious use and nothing else. We've asked them to exempt establishments of religion that use this alcohol among their group of people that do a particular type of religion like meditation. This would affect nothing else, except for us. That would not affect any bars or stores or anything other than our small group. Now a person could go out and start their very own church, and say I want to make this exclusive religious wine. The government would say you are not an establishment of religion, you cannot do that. He would say well it is my religious right. And they would say back where does it say that? It says only establishments of religions can do that in their religious rights. You can say you are doing that, but you are not an establishment. So it prevents anybody new from doing it also. So it does not open up the door to for anybody who is going to start their own church and try to make alcohol for free. At the same time it states that you can only use it within your religion.

There is nothing that we are doing right now that is illegal. Nothing would change if this law were to pass right now. All it would do is remove a controlling system, and a taxing system through the State that has gotten outrageously expensive on us. Nothing would change at all except for them taxing our religious right. We would still do everything exactly the same because we are not breaking any laws. We would still make nectar, we would make it under the same formula that we wanted to originally. It violates no laws because all those things could be purchased at the local market. We would still make it and distribute it in the same manner that we have been. The public would not see any changes. It would still be used for meditation in our religious right, privately in our temple.

It would just be instead of paying thousands of dollars per year to the state coffers to have them tax our religious right that would stop. Are they taxing the Jewish people whenever they read the Torah? I don't think they are. I do not think they are taxing the Catholic Church for taking the sacrament. I do not think they are taxing the Mormons for giving blessings to the water. Just because a local religion sees that alcohol is so powerful, it is unbelievable. It is such a powerful thing. You know the Mormons have it right in the Book of Mormon that there is opposition in all things. All things have a good side and a bad side. They have all jumped up on the pulpit and said that alcohol is the worst thing in the world. That it destroys people lives. And they are right, it does. It kills thousands of people every year on the highways. Turns families into nightmares, people become alcoholics, all kinds of horrible things that are done on alcohol.

With that knowledge we ought to know that there is something very unique about it also, that it must have an unbelievable good side too. If it is so bad. It is sort of like fire. We could burn down a lot of buildings with a fire, but if you put the fire in a little box, and control it just properly, and you put a fan underneath it and a heat exchanger, it warms your house in the winter and keeps you from freezing to death. It is called a furnace. On the opposite side, it can burn down all these buildings, and burn out all the forests. It can do some horrible things. It turns the turbines over at Utah Power and Light and makes the lights go.

But it can do all these very creative things. It builds the nation. The use of heat and fire causes the milling machines to run and all the equipment to work at the hospitals. It is the exact same thing with alcohol, it can be very destructive. And that is what the local people see, they only have a narrow vision of it, they do not have a large consciousness of what it is about or the proper use of it. It says right in their Doctrine and Covenants book, that you use wine in your sacraments. But they do not do it, they use water instead. It says right in the word of wisdom to use it only in their sacraments. That is what we want to do. But they do not want anybody to do it. So a small use of it in an appropriate manner can create. Just exactly like fire, alcohol can destroy, fire can create, and alcohol can create if it is used properly. That is why it is so important that we get this message over very clearly to anybody that wants to understand it. Most people do not want to understand it; they just want to argue with it because they have a set belief system that it is only bad.

So we are proposing this to the State Government if they would implement this new section of the State Code, without going to court because we do not have the millions of dollars it would take to go to court, so that we can practice our religious rights inside our temple, which are not against the law. It is not like we are going out and making the nectars on the street. We are not. We are not passing them out to the public. They are used exclusively for a religious purpose. This is the separation between Church and State that the Constitution guarantees and the nation was founded upon. It is really important that this cause or consciousness be established as a seed so that people understand it, so they will gain an enlightenment towards it; especially within this community. It is important that people get the vibrations that are in the nectars, because of the power of what is within them.

What I have said to everybody is to use just a small amount. Have you ever heard me tell someone to drink a whole bottle in one sitting? No. One day we will become uncontrolled by the government, they will realize what we are doing, when you hit them in the head long enough then they will start listening. You have to get their attention, and we will approach them from their own constitution and maybe they will look at it. But when that time comes, we will have to restrict the distribution even further. If someone around here is found to be abusing it, we will give them little ounce containers and pass it out in ounce containers, instead of a whole 28 ounces. Or we will not let people have it, if they have been abusing it. When people do that, we will cut them off, which is what we do now. Anyway, alcohol is very powerful. It can destroy people's lives. Especially the nectar with the resonations within it, if you abuse it, it can destroy your life, or if used properly with the meditation it can make your life wonderful, the consciousness it will bring you because of the openings and enlightenment it will give you.

A lot of times when you move into a new womb, you go into a fog because you have gone into a new place and when you emerge from that everything becomes very clear. It is not an easy path. It is a very difficult path. It is very powerful, and as it takes you to a new level it can get really intense. It is almost as if you begin to ask yourself "What is existence for?" Because the enlightenment is so intense, you do not even want to look at it. It takes all the things you were living for and shows you how mundane they were. All the things you thought were the goals of your life and existence become meaningless and they lose their value. On the other side you gain more enlightening goals in evolution and existence, more expansive ones. It is like you said "I am living life to collect snails" when you were a little kid. And then you grew out of that into something larger and become more expansive.

This is the seed of something that is unbelievable that is going to take place on the planet, if you guys could see the future of this. Which is not really important, you need to work within the now, and not dwell in the future. But it is a very powerful thing that is taking place on the planet, with the availability of the nectars. It may not be the largest thing on the planet in your lifetime but it will be, as people begin to incarnate back into this era of what is taking place. That is all I have for today.