Mummification, Kung Fu, and Ale

March 2, 1986

It is necessary to make the body old to begin to move the attention to the soul.

I always liked watching the television show Kung Fu, not because of the action or anything although that was always entertaining, but the thing that always amazed me about Kung Fu was the lessons they had in the TV shows. They were unbelievable! Like when Grasshopper would go back to the monastery and he would learn from the teacher and all the stories they would tell were so perfect, they were so true and they were so real. When we take those stories and look at our lives here in the West and really look at what we do with life, it turns out to be just corny. They got most of this script from the I-Ching, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead which is the transference.

The other night I was watching a re-run they had on. And there was this guy was holding a gun to the main character Caine's head. And he said "Caine, you are going to have a very short life!" Then Caine started looking back into the monastery teachings that he had been through in his mind, and he started looking into going from one life to another life in the teachings he was given, and he said to the guy holding the gun to his head, he said very calmly "A long lifetime and a short lifetime are just like a moment in time in comparison to all the lifetimes that we live." It was so true, it was just amazing. Because each of these lifetimes we are in are just like a little tiny movie. But we get so caught up in them, and all of the things that happen to us when we're in it, like it is such a big deal. It is just amazing.

It just amazes me because I can look back on my life thirty years ago and see that I looked at life and I thought it was so important. Now I am not saying that anyone should do away with the value of life, or the quality of their life, but it seems as if most people have an all or nothing outlook. They say to themselves it is an all or nothing, and I have got to get as much as I can out of it. I have got to get as much pleasure out of this one little thing I am doing tonight, for tomorrow I will die and then it is all over with. Then there is nothing beyond that.

I have a lot of friends in a lot of different Western religions. No matter what their religions taught, they all have the exact same outlook. No matter what religion they say they believe in, or whose church they go to, or how many times they did their postures during the day, or how many prayers they said during the day or whatever, they were all still in a position of looking at this life time as such a big deal. This is the one chance that we all have to get it all in here and we better do this thing big. What this position did is it made things so dynamic that it took away the ability to take an honest look to the other side. It hindered the ability pay any attention to what happens on the other side of the coin as we leave the darkness here and go to the light of what we call death, or the passing on to the next thing. To observe going back to the front side of another lifetime and then back to the other back side again of passing through to the next. All they are, are front and back sides of coins, everything has two sides to it and it is still the same thing. We look at a coin and we say "Oh, this is the front side!" and we forget that it is a coin with two distinct sides. We are so concentrated on looking at the person's picture on the front, that we forget that it is a coin. If we flip it over, there's a picture on the other side too! We get so involved in our lifetime. What is really weird is that when we are concentrated and caught up on the other side in the Bardo state, looking at that picture on that side of the coin, and are in the paranoia of it, we forget there is a front side to it and that it takes the whole thing to make up the coin.

This process of awakening, is learning to be in a consciousness with the self and with an identity, so that you know that they are two separate things. So that you know there is a vehicle, your body, and that there is also a self. This process goes on and on and on, and it eventually begins to get easier. All the schools of philosophy, in one way or another teach that. What is amazing to me is most people have such a fear of death. If you could arrive at a consciousness where you are able to recognize here is the spirit and the vehicle is over here the fear of death would disappear. Some nights, when you have put in a good hard days work and you lay down your little head, don't you welcome going to sleep, where you know you will wake up tomorrow? Isn't it a wonderful feeling? Don't you look forward to that?

Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if people could be enlightened enough to know that when we lay down this body to go to sleep that we will wake up the next day in another life, that it would be just as if going to sleep after a hard days work and it was welcome and enticing and we could walk calmly into that sleep? Rather than being plugged into some machine trying to keep our ass alive for a half a million dollars, or plugging in a rubber heart, or sticking in somebody else's heart, thinking that we have got to hold on to this awake-ness of life with every living breath that we have got. We have to grasp on to it with every penny in our pockets and make our whole existence about trying to stay here rather than making life a beautiful transition from one side of the coin to the next, back to the front, back to the back, allowing things to be smooth without all the paranoia. Only sick people are paranoid about death. And most everybody out there is sick because they are afraid of it. They do not know what it is, but they can find out if they will just let themselves. It is really simple.

So that is the purpose, to allow people find out how easy it is to go from lifetime to lifetime. Now, don't misinterpret that we do not put a great value on both sides of the coin. They are both very beautiful. We are not trying to destroy the front side of the coin or destroy the back side of it. We are trying to keep both of them as perfect as possible. But we do not want to cling on to this side so hard that we refuse to go to the other side, and make it a trauma by going there. That is what is taking place with most everybody in existence. They are trying to make it a trauma going from one movie of life to the next movie of life. And they are doing everything they can to never grow old because growing old is not acceptable. They are trying to take every vitamin, do every exercise and do everything so that old never comes. The only thing that is acceptable is young, that is what society says today.

Everything is in a balanced state. It is really unbelievable. It is necessary to make the body old to begin to move the attention to the soul. If you do not make the body old, and some fresh young thing comes around, then all you will think about is playing! So you have got to slow it down. Nature has given us a divine thing called age, to slow us down and allow us to look inside to the soul to discover that it is there. So old is beautiful in its balance of things. So is young. Everything is perfect just the way that it is. It is just a different state of the song as we begin to arrive at old, and we get ready for the bridge and if we are wise in that age, we have prepared during our lifetime to be able to make the bridge to the next song very beautiful, and transitionally smooth to the next song. Or if we were not wise, we have stored all of our treasures on earth and none for the bridge to go to heaven. None. They are all here and we just plop down and expect god to take care of us. And who is god except for ourselves, because we all are Creation. We all are that union of the two Grand Opposites together that resulted in an explosion and all we are is an effect of It. There is no one person that is up there going to get out a little book and say "Well, you did this on this day, and that on another day and it looks like you have done enough to make it through to go to this little room over here with five angels working for you, paying your bills and picking up your pooper scoopers as they go along through heaven world." Everybody is their own god. They make their own creation of their own god within themselves.

So the Catholic Church has done some unbelievable things. When a priest or a monk at a monastery dies, they go out and bury them in the back yard. If you have ever been to a nunnery or a monastery, you may have noticed that they have a little graveyard. Within the actual Catholic churches they take the priests and bury them underneath the floor in the building, right in the church. So in all the State codes, there is a little paragraph in there, which states that churches are exempt from the laws of burial. For example, like some of the Buddhist lamas are mummified, covered with gold and put right in the church on the altar. They are in Buddhist monasteries in the East. They keep them right in the building. The mummies used to be done like that until the period of time happened where society started to come in and steal them and use them for the gold in the mummies, or the jewels. They used to use the mummies for fuel for train engines, or whatever so they began to try to secret them away where they could not be found. Or after Christ's period of time, some people would take the Christian mummies and grind them up into powder and sell them for medicinal purposes. Because this powder from mummies would actually help people that were sick. What is really amazing is they just did a study and found out that they had tetracycline in their body. That is why they were curing people, the mummy powder they called it and were selling it as a healing powder. It was in an article in Omni magazine, they discovered it in a museum. In this article the speculated how it got there, and stated that they must have had some kind of scientific knowledge of what tetracycline was and here, we just discovered it, what maybe thirty years ago, and we think we are hot stuff! They had it thousands and thousands of years ago. Isn't that amazing?

Further, there are some really interesting stories about Atlantis. But what's really weird, is there really is no valid recorded history for Atlantis, because you cannot find it. There is some mythology surrounding it, but we have not had the archeologists over digging on it. You cannot find it. There have been documentaries on how Ancient Egypt was 25,000 years old, and a large speculation that it is what is referred to as Atlantis. Using the word Atlantis is inappropriate to the extent that it is not accepted by credible science today. It is a myth. Myths start in one way or another and they usually have some kind of basis. It could have been ancient Egypt, 25,000 years ago and they could have said the sciences practiced in Egypt was an Atlantian type science, and then removed the Egypt term from it. Carl Sagan mentioned a lot of the records of history were burned out entirely from the fires that were set in the libraries, so we do not have that history anymore. I remember seeing that on Cosmos, which is a really great TV series, I think everyone should watch..

Anyway, we do have writings today that have been based on teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, and handed down through time. One of these records is called the Kybalion. Other people pronounce it the Kabala. It is ancient magic of the mystic schools passed down through history. When they talk about Hermes, what Hermes was supposed to have done was he was a great philosopher thousands of years back, pre-modern Egyptian, around 10-15 thousand B.C. and he was supposed to have taught in the pyramids. In the recorded history of these teachings, students would go into the pyramids and there they would listen to Hermes and then go out to all parts of the world. This is where Hinduism came from. They said that after Hermes taught, there was a split from Egypt. The Arians populated Europe and another group went into India. Then Buddhism sprung out of Hinduism, which is a philosophy or religion that came out of that. And so from the teachings of Hermes, it seems to me, that all religions came from that one source being taught in the pyramids. Christianity came from Christ, who was also taught in the pyramids when he went to Egypt, for his whole youth he was in Egypt being taught about it. The only reason I am bringing up Hermes and the pyramids, and the ancient part of it is I wanted to talk about the ale today. I wanted to lay a little ground work for it first. So we go back to the pyramids and we look at some of the records that we have, hard facts that we have today and we look at some of the papyrus that was buried with some of the mummies that have been dug up. And with these sets of papyrus, they came up with a book called The Going Forth by Day or The Egyptian Book of the Dead. This is the name that Wallace Budge put on it after they discovered the Rosetta stone back in the 1800s. And the Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of the funerary ceremonies that were practiced with the deceased.

Now, this thing, this deceased thing is a real interesting question. We have a lot of people in the world today who feel that there is some kind of essence, soul, spirit, fire, logos within the body that continues on after death. And then there is a whole group of people that believe that the only thing that exists is the body and it has the life force in it and when we die, that's all she wrote. The way I look at that is like auto insurance. You can drive your car without auto insurance if you believe that you are never going to get in an accident. And a lot of people do drive their cars without auto insurance and never do get in an accident, and that's all fine and well. Although, if you carry insurance and you happen to get in an accident it covers your ass and usually pays for the accident. Now, what could it hurt, to carry a little soul insurance, even if you did not believe that there was some kind of spirit, essence, or force within the human being? Even if you did not believe in it and it was something that does not even cost you anything. That the story in the Egyptian Book of the Dead where it is said that those who work in the Bardo or the Halls of Justice, where the twelve pillars are and where they perform incantations or magic, where they would take away the karma as they remove the viscera from the mummy and place them into the Canopic jars, they remove all the sins from the soul of the person. And the person and their sins would now be separate. As they would go down the hall, the priests would say things to whoever the gods were or the controlling elements of the cosmos, they would say "This person, Osiris and I, as spoken of in the Book of Going Forth by Day, has not done any sins that his viscera had, they are over there in the Canopic jars." That is the insurance policy, like on your automobile.

Now, lets just say there is just one out of a million chances that there does happen to be something that goes on after you die, it could not hurt to go through the Transference. It is amazing some of the things that have taken place in history or the magic that the Egyptians were able to do. You read about it in the Old Testament, and you can read about it in history. And it all comes down to Hermes teachings; who was the father of all these philosophies, who taught in the pyramids, who had the pinnacle of these sciences in the pyramids. And what he says in the Kybalion is that there are forces or natural laws and it is not really magic, it is understanding the natural laws. That by certain tones and resonations and vibrations things were moved and changed. Thought is far more powerful than a physical movement because everything is formed in a thought before it manifests itself. That thought turns into a resonation or a vibration and it changes things and this is the magic they speak of in the Kybalion and the Kabala. These are the natural formulas that they used to severe away the sins or the karma of these individual who were going through the Transference into their next life.

If it were possible for a priest to take a person through the Transference after they had been mummified, and as they were going through the mummification and that would allow their next destination to be more enhanced, to be more peaceful, to be more wealthy than it would have been if they did not go through the Transference, what could it hurt to go through it? It is one in a million chances. And if they were not doing anything it would be a sort of game they would be playing with a mummy going down the hall through the Transference. The mummy hasn't got anything to lose at all. What is the mummy out? Nothing. But that one in a million chances that there is an essence or spirit, or soul or life force that can be affected by those incantations and the magic in those halls, why not give it a shot?

There is an argument on the other side, there has to be. It seems one of the biggest arguments people make is that it seems to be too materialistic. This is because of the wealth and the items that were stored in the tombs with the mummies. What is really interesting, the way that I understand it, is the things that were placed in the tombs during the transference of the mummies, the essence of those things or the spirituality of those manifested objects went on with the life force or the soul to its next destination. And so this person's soul or life force or essence arrived with a wealth of goods, rather than arriving naked and barren and penniless. It arrived with the essences of those things because those things were sealed away not to be used or touched by the people running around on the planet. That is what is really interesting about the ale as it is talked about in the hieroglyphs. We look back at the magnificence of that society and realize they had to have something together to be able to do that. I mean, those guys weren't just running around in the jungle. They had the greatest society in recorded history. Even greater than the society that we have today, some of the things they were able to do and build we cannot duplicate today.

Your cause and effect nature, or your Dharma is with you today from your last lifetime. Everything is under the law of Cause and Effect. You are born into say some physical genes so you are going to normally look like your parents, and you are going to take on some disposition of the genetic message that your parents passed on to you. You pick up some environmental genetic messages. But then there is always an underlying thing that is your Dharma, or your work in life that you work out, that everybody seems to fall into as their life's channel, because of cause and effect that can be possibly be recognized but there is no proof to it. This is what is amazing about the possibility whether there is a life force that goes on or not. There is just no proof to it. It would sort of be like expanding time.

For example let us just say we were all micro-organisms and we will only live for a couple of hours, and we had that conscious and we were able to expand time. And I was sitting here telling you guys "When this night comes, when the sun goes down, it is going to come up again tomorrow." All the micro-organisms would say to me, "How the hell do you know? You can not prove to us that the sun is going to come up tomorrow because we all only live for a few hours. When it goes down it is down, and nobody is alive to know or to tell everybody else that it came up because everybody that was alive, died." And the word got passed down in a little book that the sun does come up because we saw it come up, but the life expectancy is not long enough to make the cycle around to see that those things do happen. They can never prove that the sun does come up again and shine the next day, because the micro-organism only lives for a couple of hours.

So, there is no positive proof that there is any essence that carries on, and there is no positive proof except for hallucinations or speculations within us as living humanoids, saying "I feel that I have a propensity towards a particular type of Dharma, or cause and effect, or action in this lifetime because I may have had some previous lifetime to this, or some experience prior to this." But there is no proof to it. Nobody can prove it.

It can all be attributed to your genetic makeup or your environmental upbringing. In most circumstances someone could figure out why you felt comfortable being a warehouse manager. Because when you grew up your dad worked in a kitchen and he warehoused all the stuff on the shelves. That is an argument for it. And so, there is an argument for saying there is no essence before life and no essence after death. My argument is the odds. What do you have to lose? I mean, you have not got a thing to lose. If you are just dead meat as soon as the lights go out and that's it, write it off. It is not going to hurt if some crazy loony drags your mummy down the hall and says a bunch of incantations to it.

But, in that one in a million chance that there is a life force that goes on, like those Egyptians said there was and the possibility of doing something with it and enhancing its next destination, is rather compelling. Paying attention to the possibility of allowing it to arrive in a state better off than it would have been by not going through this Transference and guidance to its next destination, and enabling it to take the essences of these things with it. So instead of arriving in Europe with just the clothes on your back, you can arrive with some money in your pocket. So you land in the new country or another state of existence and you have good passage, a nice smooth transition and trip. One in a million chances, what could it hurt? And you could still do everything, eat drink and be merry while you are here. Do all the things here that you want to do in life. There are no rules in the game, because all the viscera had all the bad things in them, and you took them out and put them in jars. It is all the same philosophy. It is the same as what Christianity says, it is just looked at in a different way. When Christ tells you that "All you have to do is call on my name and all of your sins are forgiven." That is alchemy. That is magic. It is the same thing as in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. They all say the exact same thing, they all came from the same source, they just have the story presented with the cover on their book, but it all came from ancient Egypt.

The thing that is really amazing about the ale, as spoken of in the Egyptian Book of the Dead how the ale is to be used during the Transference of the mummy. What you do is you give an offering, and these offerings are practiced in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, in all religions. You make special ale and cakes and it says that this essence or this soul is going to be able to drink ale on the other side. So they pour a glass of ale and give an offering for the mummy and the person taking them through the transference has a little bit of the ale as well. They use them as offerings, and these things are never eaten those guiding the Transference. Then they pour them onto the ground and allow it to go back to the earth as an essence, and these essences are supposed to go on with the person who is deceased to the next side. That is why we make the ale so we can use it during the Transference. The message in the ale is, whenever you drink the ale there is no way that you can have an argument with anybody.

It is interesting the practice of mummification is not just Egyptian. It has been practiced in every religion on every continent. That is really weird that they would do that all over the planet like that, mummify people in South America, North America, Central America, China, and Russia. Every place that they found mummies, like with the Peking woman they found a pyramid under the ground, why would there be a pyramid in China? Pyramids are in Mexico, China, France, Greece, India, all over the world. Something to consider, why would so many cultures and so many different people do this? That is all for today.