Mummification Discussion

January 25, 1986

... people throughout history that have practiced mummification historically are more spiritually inclined than those that do not.

Do people ever ask you, why would you want to be mummified? It seems that when anyone asks this question there are different answers for everybody because everyone is so different, and you have to find a place in the mind of that person that will give them an appropriate answer as to why you are choosing to be mummified. Let us just talk about that for a few minutes. Do you have an idea of what you would want to say to them?

Have any of you tried asking other people what they want to do when they die? Do they want to be buried, or cremated?

A lot of people say "I just want my body to rot away, or cremated because my body won't mean anything to me when I am dead." Some people say "I do not like this body and I do not like the life that I am leading. I just want to get rid of it and next time get something better."

Things do not just change just because you say, or you hope they are going to be better. There is always a new day, this is true, but you have to actually get up and make things better. They do not just get better on their own. You have got to work for something better.

What we are discussing this morning is some ideas for each one of you to be able to deal with this question appropriately. So when you get in a discussion about our practice of mummification, you can expect the question to come up about why you want to be mummified. That is usually the first question that comes up. Right then, it is a good time to ask them how they would like to be cared for when they pass on. Some will say they are not going to worry about it, they will let their family do it. Some will say they want to have this done, or that done, or whatever. After you have covered that issue and you have let them get that off their chest, then they have nothing else to say. They are ready to listen. You see before, they are ready to tell you why you should be buried in the dirt, or why you should be cremated. But after you let them tell you how they are going to be taken care of, then what else can they say? They have to listen from that point on. It is probably a good idea to ask them what they want done, and how they want it done. After they get done telling you all of that, then you could say "Well possibly, there is an alternative to that. Mummification causes a transformation or a metamorphosis. You can tell people that it is possible to go through a transformation or metamorphosis. You have a worm body right now, but a caterpillar takes its body and wraps a cocoon around it transforms it into a butterfly. That is exactly what mummification does. I'm just asking you to look at it. Not believe in it.

You carry on a conversation with these people and rather than telling them how it is, allow them to work their way into the questions. The key is letting them tell you what they want done. Then you can go on, and explain history and the different cultures that have performed mummification. There is one thing that really gets to most people that are religious. Most people are religious to one extent or another, they may pretend not to be but there is an underlying religiousness there that says they believe, or hope for an after life. You can tell them that sincerely religious people and spiritual people throughout history have always leaned towards mummification. That is because it is a religious observance to the extent that you do not just throw the body in the ground, or cremate it. What you do is have a spiritual or religious observance of leaving this life and going to the next.

People do not understand what the ancient Egyptians were about, people think that they know about them, but they do not. You do not want to let your understanding of mummification fall into just the Eyptians. You must tie it in to the Old Testament, to Abraham, Issaac, Jacob and Moses, and all the old testament prophets that have nothing to do with the Egyptians. Lazarus was mummified and wrapped up, Christ was also mummified. So you have to put it into Christianity. All religions fit perfectly into mummification. It is not part of any one type of belief system. It is a part of all of them.

If you take it any further than that, it is just a waste of time. All you are doing is getting into a lot of dogma that does not make any sense or mean anything, or allow these people to feel anything. They could care less about that. All they want to do at that point is argue technicalities and big intellectual scientific arguments. All the physicists are still arguing with each other about how the cosmos was created, and they will be arguing about it until it goes away. It is just an intellectual argument. Let us prove it mathematically and do all of this, but nobody has ever put it into a harmony with each other. They are caught in the argument of how it was created, rather than the point that it was already created.

The thing that you need to stress here is that people throughout history that have practiced mummification historically are more spiritually inclined than those that do not. To the extent that they realize there is a transference that takes place as you move from this existence to the next. They work with that and they guide within it and they have as much weight put into their treasures in heaven as they do in the earth. They do not just slug their relative into the ground, and go out with their inheritance and have a big party and forget all about their loved one.

Tell them to look it up the information on their own. You cannot prove anything to them. They have to find it out on their own. You cannot do it in life. You cannot get into a big long discussion about it, all you will do is create an argument. It does not do any good. If you are arguing them, they are going to feel that you are trying to convince yourself of it just as much as you are trying to convince them. There should be no argument about it. There should be a seed planted. A brief presentation, and that is the beginning and the end of it. It should not last over five minutes.

You will control your incarnation through mummification, you can also transform into a higher incarnation and be liberated here. Everybody goes through mummification at some point or another depending on their spiritual state. They can choose to be disposed of in whatever way they want to be disposed of. There is nothing wrong with being disposed of. But you are not being disposed of, you are being transformed.

It is a spiritual transference. The point you should make is that the truly spiritual people throughout history have not just thrown everything away at death. Many times it is a natural mummification that takes place. If people want to argue about it, then just don't argue with them. What you are doing is fine, what you are deciding to do with your body at death is just fine. Go ahead and do it. All you are doing in telling them about mummification is planting a seed. They can go look at it later. You will never convince them on the spot, they are going to have to discover it on their own.