Mummification Discussion

February 23, 1986

The mummified body acts as a talisman...

How many of you have ever sky dived, or jumped from an airplane? Can you imagine yourself being ten thousand feet up and looking out of the door down to the ground? It is a very long way down! Now imagine opening the door and jumping! What do you think it would be like?

I would have to compare jumping out of an airplane the first time to most people's experience as they go through life anytime they have a thought about what is going to happen to them when they die. It is sort of an unknown area. The first time you stand in the door, you do not really know what is going to happen when you jump out that door. You see all the other guys go out there, and their parachutes open and they float down to the ground. But you just do not know for sure whether yours is going to open when you jump the first time out of that door. Usually what happens is they kick your ass out, because you usually are not able to jump on your own, and you do not go head first, you jump out feet first. The sergeants at the door just throw your ass right out of the airplane. For the first while you are just floating through air, and that ripcord hits and pulls your parachute open, and you just sort of float down to the ground. But the thoughts that go through your mind before you go through that door are really intense! All of your adrenaline is pumping, it is a new experience. You really do not know what is going to happen for sure. You always get a chance to stand at the door and look down before you go out, and you see all these cars that look like little ants. It is like a fairy tale, you look down and see the tiny ants, and you do not really know what is going to happen when you jump out of that door.

Have you ever paid attention to the thoughts of death you might have that run through your head? Your immediate reaction is to look away, but if you are able to sit with it, you'll see that some of the thoughts that happen go something like this: "Boy I hope this death thing goes really fast!" It is like jumping out of the door of the airplane. "I hope it comes at me very fast and I do not hurt while it is happening. Like if I get in a bad car accident, I hope that the steering column does not stick me in the neck, and I lay there and look at it for awhile, feel really bad and have it hurt all over as I gradually die. I never want to be in all this pain that hurts so bad, that it just yanks the life out of me as I die."

I think everybody goes through that scenario, of you having to have the life yanked out of you before you die. Do you think that might have some kind of relationship to a previous death, that fear that you have inside of you? Everyone has gone through that scenario. Nobody is exempt from that one. If you talk to people, everybody goes through that scenario, when they have thought about it a little here and there, of thinking in their mind of different kinds of death and different ways of dying. Most of the time what people think they prefer is the scenario where you are lying in bed really sick with some kind of disease, and you hope that they shoot you with a whole bunch of drugs, and you go to sleep really peacefully, and you wake up in heaven. You wake up in happy land with all the dancing angels, and birds, and nice little fairies and stuff.

But you do not want to have to lay there, and feel a bunch of pain and everything, and just hold on to life, and as you go to sleep you just wish you could go into your sleep and pass on into the nothingness, or the next incarnation, or into whatever that thing happens to be. Everybody has fear of pain having to yank the life out of you.

Usually people see two scenarios. One where you go to sleep and you wake up in fairy-fairy land, or the other one where life is yanked out of you painfully. Have you considered that you have already been through both of those scenarios? That you have died both ways? Most people spend all of their time avoiding it. Avoiding even the thought of death at all. There is a little knowledge over there that you avoid, a little room where you open the door once in awhile, really fast and take a quick peek! Oh my god, that was horrible! And you close the door really fast! It was like a snake pit. It is where the blood gradually oozes out of your body until there is no more life in you, and you just have to go away. It is a tearing of you from your body, and going on to your next existence. Why do people avoid thinking about it? That is what I want to know. Is it to take the easy way out? Is there really an easy way out?

Do you think it is very easy instead, for people in our society, in the Judaic Christian metaphysical world that we live in, to say, "I will leave it up to god. God will take care of it all! All I have to do is drop dead, and I will find myself in the arms of god?" That is the easy way out. Does god take care of it here? I mean, in your daily life, does god get you out of bed in the morning, drive you to work? Does god the chauffer open the doors for you, take you in and sit you in front of your desk? Does god do your work for you? What I am saying is that you have to help! It seems illogical to me, to think that all of the sudden when you die, all of the rules change.

That you have this servant up there waiting for you and says, "Oh I am god and I am right here to wait on you hand and foot! Let me lift your arm for you and let me put the food in your mouth. And let me know whatever I have to do for you." It is so illogical! How come all of the sudden god would do all of this stuff, whatever god happens to be? How many times in life did you get down on your knees and really pray for it, and the next day you had to get up and make it happen? When the time came that your checking account balance got way down low and the bills kept coming in, you had to go to work. You get in your vehicle and go down to work to produce something. You take some kind of action so that some energy in the form of money could come back in and take care of the depletion from the other end. As your barrel was draining out of the bottom end, it was you that had to put some stuff into the top of it to replenish it.

Now, it is wonderful to have god on your side to be able to make those things work smoother. That is the grease of evolution and creation. But didn't you have to get out of bed and do something to make things happen in life? You couldn't just lay there in the grave and say, "Here I am. Carry me away and make me happy for ever." It just does not seem logical to me. The story that most of us believe as we have been raised in religions in the West is that god is going to take care of it all, and we are not going to have to do anything. All you have to do is lie down and die and god will take care of it. You do not even have to grow wings; god will grow them for you.

How does god do all of this!? Where does he get all the workers? How come all the angels have to work and you do not? So you are getting a reward, because you came down here and suffered in life, but now the angels get to suffer in heaven? When you really consider it, doesn't it just seem ridiculous?

There is something called dharma and karma. It is really interesting. What it does is follow you from one incarnation to your next incarnation to your next incarnation.

Dharma and karma are things that we carry with us from one life to another. It really does seem interesting to me, if we just examine it from some very simple issues. If we examine the little secret door that we open up and look in and we see this scenario of leaving the body or this yanking the life force out of the body or the knives or the bleeding to death. This is the hard way. Or there is the other door where we see clouds and angels and everything and we see that we just go to sleep and have god carry us to heaven. No matter what religion we have been involved in prior to a certain point, we say "I have good faith and real strong hope and belief that god is going to take care of me on the other side and everything will be fine. But... if the fuck there isn't one there — well I just hope that it goes real quick and I just go to sleep permanently forever and nothing bad ever happens to me, so that I will not have to deal with it.

Those are the two bottom line answers in the West, for all the religions and all the metaphysical groups. Everybody here in the West saying, "Well if there is a god there I hope he is ready to carry me away and rapture me up and make sure everything is fine. But if there is not one there, even though I know I have got a lot of faith and I have been paying my tithing and going to church and saying all the right prayers and everything. But there is that little part of me, just that one percent that says "Maybe god is not there." And if that is the case, I sure hope it goes fast and I go right into silence so there is nothing around to bother me, because I have no knowledge on how to deal with it.

I do not have the faculties to be able to take the engine out of the car, and rebuild it. Or to take it off the rim, break it down, fix the holes in it and then put it back together and be able to go down the road of life."

It would be like a person that has never had the opportunity to be educated about vehicles being stranded in rush hour traffic on the side of the freeway in Los Angeles, California, with two flat tires and no spare. Would that be a panic? Everyone is honking and yelling at you "Get off the road!" There are cars that are lined up for miles behind you and everyone is looking at you as they go by harassing you. There is no escape from it. You are there to be tortured. It is the traffic torture city in traffic. You get tortured for not being prepared on the freeway, not being able to change your own flat tire.

Another thing that really amazes me is all the religions in the West say "We know exactly what happens when you die. You are going to go to heaven, to such a happy and wonderful place you know, it is just fantastic!" But as soon as somebody dies, everybody starts bawling. And then they quick shoot them up with some juice, throw them in a coffin and burry them in the ground really quick so that nobody has to think about it too long. Then they just move on with their life. Everybody is in a giant emotional state of upheaval, but this person is supposed to be going to the best place in existence! They talk about heaven like they cannot wait to get there. But everybody is just bummed out that they died. It is weird isn't it?

I would like everyone to consider mummification for a few moments. What do you think the self would do if it had total knowledge of itself? If it were in the consciousness of eternity and Creation, it would need a vehicle to do something. If it were ready to stop doing, it would probably stop having vehicles. If it were not ready to stop doing, it would probably create new vehicles to get incarnated into and come back and continue doing.

This idea of understanding the self inside; where there is a real deliberate definition of the body and the self inside the body, where a person in the life existence that we are in right now, could just lay down their body and walk out spiritually. And let our body just lie there and take the breath of life out of it. It would cease breathing, and we could walk off as a consciousness, that would be a liberated person with no sensation but a total consciousness. They would be consciously aware of everything but they would not be able to feel or sense. Because feeling comes from similarities. For example to be on the scale of cold and hot it has to be a temperature, you cannot get those feelings in colors. Cold and hot are not found in red, yellow or blue.

So, you need physical faculties to be able to deal with those things that are similar or relative. The things that cause us to reincarnate is our attraction towards the sensation of those things. The attraction towards cold and hot. The attraction between smooth and rough. The attraction towards night and day, light and dark. The attraction to our highs and lows in life, the thrills and the depression. The attraction towards those things causes us to reincarnate.

If we wanted to stop reincarnation, what would be a good way to do it? It is really interesting the theosophical society published a book called The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. In writing this book, the author did a lot of research on leaving this life. In his commentary of mummification he says that it is a very definite fact, that only those people who went through some sort of initiation were mummified. The reason that they mummified their body was to make it a talisman. A talisman is like a recorder, or an effigy of what it is like to be in the body so that you do not have to incarnate again. Your body is preserved as a talisman to prevent incarnation again. That is why mummification was performed. That is exactly what it says in the Egyptian Book of the Dead; it causes liberation of the soul. To the extent that it gives you dance lessons to go to the ball with. During the critical part of leaving, there is a propensity for people to just open the door really quick and peak at it very fast, and go "AH! I cannot look at that!" and then shut the door real quick. You know, people avoid looking at leaving this life and going to the next. They want to make it a fantasy door, where there are angels carrying them to heaven with gold paved roads, where everyone is feeding you, and giving you spiritual essence, playing music for you, and waiting on you. If you take some time and really get comfortable with looking at this little secret door here, what happens is you get dance lessons at the critical point as you get ready to go to the ballroom dance. The dance lessons allow you to realize the significance of existence.

Most people are so lost in life that they could care less about the dance, because they do not even want to look in there. How many people go in our society and meditate on death for a couple hours a day for their entire lifetime? Nobody does it. They want to avoid that thing completely. It is something we are taught to avoid or stay away from entirely in life. When they take a little peak at it, they find it is so frightful because it is so unknown, and they do not even want to consider it, they do not want to learn this lesson over here behind that little door. They want to keep it closed as much as possible.

The mummification and transference that a person goes through from this life to the next is dance lessons at a very, very critical point in existence while you are going on to a new existence. If you have no dance lessons you are driven by the same propensities of the spirit that existed in you when you left. The longing of the beautiful rainbow, the snow covered mountains, the hot and the cold, the smooth and the rough, the elation and the depression, the goal to attain and the misery of failure. All of those sensations, those are the songs that are being sung in your head. That is what you listen to, that is what you are familiar with.

If someone who loves jazz music in life all of the sudden dies and gets incarnated again, they would probably like jazz in their new lifetime, because that is what they like right now. What is going to change instantaneously and make him stop liking jazz in a split second and start listening to new age music? Can you imagine that happening? It is not logical, it is not natural. Everything in nature moves in a natural manner, and so do our spirits. They evolve in natural manners. They do not evolve in some ridiculous manner where all of the sudden we are doing one thing and it turns into the opposite thing in a matter of moments. It is a gradual swing of the pendulum. Back from one side to the other. We do not go from an immense powerful high where we just received a million dollars from Publisher's Clearing House, to the next split second in the depths of despair wanting to commit suicide. No! It does not work like that. It takes a little while to swing down there and get to the other side and then you swing back up to the other side. And so someone likes jazz as he leaves this life and is ripped out of his body because it is no longer functional, when he finds himself in another lifetime, he will have a natural attraction to jazz music. We do not automatically change all of our wants, hopes, wishes, desires and beliefs as we evolve into our next incarnation.

So everything in existence goes through evolution until it reaches a consciousness of the critical points in existence. Has everybody heard about the philosophy about being in the right place at the right time? Everything has to do with timing. Is timing critical in mechanics, in moving parts? How important is it that one hydraulic valve moves to accommodate a flow of something at another time? Or could it wait five minutes to decide to do it? Timing is very important. It has a lot of relevance. When you listen to music, is timing important? Smooth timing makes the difference between beautiful music and poor music. The way we go from one note to another note, the amount of time and the precision of it.

When we see beauty and harmony in nature, it is because all of these things are so perfectly and so smoothly put together. Could it be possible that as we leave this life and we go to our next life, that as we leave this note and move to the next note, that the timing and what takes place in the space of that song is critical? Could that be possible?

Do you think that the ancient philosophers, the saints and the sages throughout history, would say, "Oh it does not make any difference, do not do anything special with me when I die, just throw me in the ground or burn me up, and everything will be okay?" Or do you think that those people had some reason to understand the timing, and the critical movement as we leave this life, and that the way we go out determines the way we come in? The way that this note is displayed it sets the mood for the next note of existence.

The choice of exit determines the choice of entrance. If you go out burning, you are going to come in burning. If you go out stinking you are going to come back in stinking. It is true. It is not anything new. It went on in Atlantis, the Egyptians inherited it, and most saints throughout history were all mummified and went through a divine transference. It took a minimum of 49 days as told in the East in the Tibetan philosophy, up to somewhere around 100 or an average of 77 days. They did this to guide the person's soul into an avatar's incarnation, and liberate them from as many of the bindings on this planet as possible. Maybe everybody won't be completely liberated but the karma is broken. The high surgery is done with the soul and it is prepared for its next divine incarnation, rather than the regular old slob's incarnation that most people get in life.

The initiates and the people who understood what was really going on were all mummified. The reason they were was because of the liberation of the soul that takes place as a result of it. Some saints are mummified automatically without anyone doing anything to them. In history it shows their bodies have not decayed and they still have them around. They don't treat their bodies with anything. They say "It is time for me to leave." and their souls are so advanced they just leave their body and their bodies remain preserved. It is called a natural mummification. They are so advanced they just step right out of their body and their bodies do not decay or deteriorate, it stays a natural mummification.

Other people need to use the critical time from leaving this life on their way to the next life. It is like going from one section of the song of music to the next section. It is the bridge that takes you from one type of movement to another type of movement. The bridge is critical in music, if you mess up the bridge the whole piece of music gets screwed up.

But what takes place most of the time, when someone dies is everybody shows up and the preacher opens the book and says, "Here in the new age metaphysical group, we know the deceased person is moving on into a higher resonation of vibration. They will be with the angels of all creation and they are going to flap their wings on them, and he will move into liberation and be with the cosmos forever." Then they shoot him up with embalming fluid, throw him in the coffin and stick him in the ground and then two weeks later he starts rotting.

Then this person that died is left standing there saying "WHOA! What's going on here? These people all think I'm dead! I feel great. I am in the rapture (which lasts for about 7 days). Everything is just fantastic, I can walk around, I can dance, but I cannot talk to everyone, they won't listen to me. I can hear everything they are saying. Home is here, and I think I'll go home and sleep next to my wife. Everything is great here, I just feel fantastic!"

Then some days roll on by and they say "Whoa! All of the sudden these people do not want anything to do with me anymore. What am I going to do? What is happening here?" He starts trying to get a hold of his wife, but cannot grab her because he no longer has the tools to do it. Then he says, "Whoa, something has to happen here." Then he begins to look to other people in the same situation as him, and they say "Hey, where are you?" He says "I do not know where I am." And they say back to him "Oh, you paranoid sucker you!" Then all of the sudden he moves into the days of paranoia. There are a minimum of 40 days of paranoia that scare people out of liberation because they do not know where they are at. They do not know what liberation is.

You are used to touching, hearing, and feeling, so this is what you are trying to do on the other side when you have died. But you do not know how. It would be like putting you up in the space shuttle today and say "Okay, now fly it." You would not know what to do. These rocket engines are blasting off and there is a lot of energy up there. Paranoia sets in.

There isn't really the same kind of state there. It is like a dream state in the spirit, compared to the physical state. In the physical state you have things to hold on to within the brain; smell, touch, taste, feeling. But right now, if we were able to give you an injection of some kind of drug and you would lose all of your sensations, you would go into paranoia. That is what brings on paranoia. Where your whole body gets real numb and you cannot feel and you lose your tactical feelings. So, you get afraid in this state, paranoid because you have no ground to touch, no familiarity of anything, you are in paranoia. So then within yourself you create these demons that come and hack your body to pieces, but you do not die. You go through the experience of being hacked to pieces and the fear that would cause, but you do not die. And they put you back together and then come and hack you apart again. But you never die. You go through this over and over and over until you are so afraid, you leap into a womb to incarnate back into a vehicle of familiarity so you can touch again, so you can taste again, so you can see again, so you are back into a human body. This is what causes you to incarnate is this paranoia, you are fleeing from the liberation, back into familiarity.

What the transference practice provides is when a person starts to leave there is a person with them that has a familiarity with some of those guides on the other side, so your soul is spoken to from that side and from this side. You keep an association with your friends through the transference. There is someone here on this side, and there are friends on the other side. They are there with you, and they stay with you. They tell you "Hey, do not pick that mother. You will be born over there, and then your dad is going to beat you. Then you will wind up having a difficult time growing up. Then you will get married, and this will happen, and that will happen, if you pick that lifetime right there in this situation. What you should do is wait here, and look for a divine mother. A mother that is going to take you into a spirituality that will bring you more liberation. We cannot bring about total liberation in one lifetime, because nature does not work like that. Nature works in a smooth, natural manner. So, the guides are there during that 77 day period, to take away a lot of the undesired karma you have, to take away a lot of the undesired attractions towards the manifest and material world. This is not to say that you won't incarnate again. Most likely everybody that gets mummified will reincarnate. During the mummification process where your body is treated very divinely, rather than throwing it in the ground and allowing it to rot, a greater, extended period of time is given to you to allow you to find a choice piece of property to come out on. Rather than saying, "Man, I gotta jump on the first thing that comes by!" This is what the transference is about.

During the days of the Bardo if you go through the transference, you are shown all of your life incarnations. In the spirit you see every incarnation you have ever had. As you are leaving the body and you are with your guide who takes you through the Halls of Justice as we call it, or the Bardo, they allow you to look back at all of your incarnations to date, as a facility to help you choose your next incarnation, or to get more liberated. You see some of them and say "Oh god, I don't want to do that one again! I do not want to do that one again or that one either."

So, it does not leave a lot of choices, because what you have done is incarnated into those situations because of your appetites, and your thirst and your hunger for the fight, or the elation, or the dare, or whatever it is. With the fight comes the pain. With the elation comes the depression. You see all of these things in your instructions during the transference through the Bardo. The initiates work with you about all of these things, and this allows you the time to choose a more divine incarnation and become more liberated.

The mummification takes place while the instructions are being given. The person is there with the body. It takes weeks and weeks and weeks to mummify the body. The body is brought inside the pyramid, in a mummiform and the creative energies of phi get radiated into the mummiform and transform the physical body and suspend it in time so it will not deteriorate. The soul is right there with it. Now, if you go through a perfect mummification the soul is doubled. The alpha helix of the soul is split and it is called the doubling of the identity. One soul remains in liberation totally within this universe, like the llamas, and all masters. The other soul evolves on in spiritual evolution and incarnates in another state.

We all came from one soul, God the original soul. It gave birth to another soul which made two, and it gave birth to another and all these are spin offs of the original soul. These duplicate, just like the process of mitosis that takes place within your cells. Everything in nature practices mitosis. Crystals grow from mitosis. Suns break off of suns. Planets break off of planets. Spirits break off of spirits. It is the same process.

The mummified body acts as a talisman, so that because his body has not decayed, he can see what a body is. That is his body. He can remember and identify with the last incarnation and confront it. Rather than having nothing there, because it has decayed away, and then they are left with "Let me jump back into what I thought this really was." That is why mummification was practiced in Atlantis, Egypt, and all different cultures and with most of the saints throughout time.

Now, it does not guarantee anything. The guarantees come with the person who does the work, who ever is being mummified. The work they put into it while they are given the instruction. Instructions can be given, but people do not have to listen. The soul does not have to listen either. It can just ignore it go off and incarnate back into right where it left off. It does not have to listen to the bridge in the song. It is nothing new. It has been done by millions of people, and has been around for tens of thousands of years. We can be in a music chord that is really poor music and then we have a bridge that moves us into a divine melody. That is the bridge of the transference and the mummification.