Mummification and the Doubling of the Identity

November 17, 1985

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It is a worker in the Hall of Justice.

Corky: It's a polarity. So you are right back into another polarity incarnation except farther on in evolution. It's called the doubling of the Ka and the Ba. They say the same thing in the Tibetan Book of the Dead don't they? They say the doubled soul. The Tibetans teach it, the Hindus teach it, the Egyptians taught it, I'm sure it probably says something in the Old Testament about it. It's probably an all the philosophies. Plato even said it. Plato said that your soul gets doubled after you die if you get mummified. It's really amazing that the Tibetan Book of the Dead talked all about what Plato said and how he espoused the philosophy and Pythagoras did too. It's really amazing how all those old geezers in the old days got into this type of philosophy. But it's not a prison like state. It's a liberated state, to the extent that you aren't stuck into having to go into a karmic incarnation, temporarily. It's sort of like working out your karma by doing that, in a different way.

Mary: Where is the soul that you relate to as being, since you have two, which one do you go with?

Corky: You are both of them. It's sort of like mitosis. It would be like you saying to me, "Well, which cell are you?" When you started out as one cell and it duplicated itself millions of times, right? Which one are you? You are all of them.

Mary: Doesn't it get kind of confusing though?

Corky: No. Is it confusing to have all those cells?

Mary: Well, there is a difference between my physical being and my soul.

Corky: Well, only because you think there is. See, you think of your soul as an entity, as a single entity and that it has a consciousness. But as soon as you die, it goes into like a dream state. Have you ever been in a dream where you have been two things at one time? You never have? Some people have, where you can be two characters at the same time and you are talking or conversing with each other. Because you are the characters of everything in your dream, because you create all those characters in your dream, don't you? Is there anybody really there besides you? So you are the other characters aren't you? You are two characters at one time?

Mary: I guess so. I don't have the sense of being that.

Corky: You don't have the sense of it, but you are. It's the same thing with mitosis in the body. In the spirit you don't have the sense of two separate things standing there, because it's not in that type of consciousness to relate to it. But you create all those characters in your dream. And you are all those things. Have you ever carried on a conversation in a dream with someone?

Mary: I don't remember if I have, I can't really remember. I must have, but just don't remember.

Corky: Well, if you had, you would have been carrying it on with yourself. Has anybody ever carried on a conversation with a character in their dreams? Have you Chris?

Chris: I usually identify with one of them.

Corky: Yeah, you do. You identify with one of them, but you can also identify the other one to know the dream. Has that ever happened to you? Changed sides?

Chris: No. Not that I remember.

Corky: Well, who is the other character then? Who created them? You did, didn't you?

Chris: That might be fun to try sometime.

Corky: What have they said to you before? They've talked back haven't they? What did you say to them? Just give us an off the wall example.

Chris: I can't remember a specific one right now.

Corky: Go ahead, and just tell us. Make one up if you have to, and just change the details about it.

Chris: I don't know... I messed up on some cowboy's car. I ran into it or something you know. And I was trying to apologize and he was giving me a bunch of shit, he wouldn't accept my apology. Telling me to just go to hell and everything you know.

Corky: Well, who was the other character?

Chris: Me, I guess.

Corky: It had to be.

Chris: I guess, yeah.

Corky: I mean you created it in your mind, in your dream? That is doubled identity. Since you do it in your dreams. The dream state is a lot like the Hall of Justice or the Hall of Osiris on the other side; when you die here, your spirit is in like a dream state, there is no time. Like in a dream you don't recognize time. You can't stand there and count the seconds. You don't sit there and worry about how much time has passed or whatever in your dream. You have no correlation to time. Months and days and years can go on in your dream in just a few seconds. Or millions of years can go on in just a couple seconds in a dream happening. So that's what the other side is like, when your identity is doubled. One identity stays in there and works with the individuals. They are a very clear consciousness, helping them evolve and helping them incarnate where they want to incarnate, go to the heaven worlds that they want to go to. And the other one evolves down the hall to the next harmonic dimension. Until this universe goes out of existence or until the mummiform is broken and then it causes you to reincarnate again and the incarnations continues and continues until this universe collapses into a black hole or something like that. You know changes and reverts back into another universe.

Steve S.: I'm still not clear about what these two identities are or where they go.

Corky: One stays in this universe, in this state of evolution of all the things that are happening under the laws. Let's put it this way — there are certain kinds of laws here, physical laws. Like on the planet, let's call the earth one universe, and on the planet, you pour oil on top of water and it floats right? But out in outer space, just off of the planet if you pour oil in water it doesn't float does it? Because there is no gravity there. So there is a different set of physical laws out there. Okay, there is a whole set of laws that make up a particular type of universe in evolution. And all those laws are natural laws, and they work like centripetal force, centrifugal force, and gravity, attractions and genders and all these different types of things within one universe. As you are doubled, one identity stays in this universe and helps with souls who are evolving along, becomes a worker in evolution and helps these souls evolve as they pass from the light side to the dark side of the coin, to the back side of the nickel. And then they incarnate back to the front side, or they go on to a heaven world, or they go to a hell world, whatever their karma has destined them to do. But you become a worker there and you work out your karma there. By being a servant to creation there. The other identity that gets doubled during mummification, goes out of the universe to a harmonic dimension, which the Hindus call nirvana or bliss consciousness, or it has a lot of terms for it. Then out of that you evolve into another polarity in evolution that has a whole new set of higher laws than the laws that are in this farm planet universe that we are in.

Steve S.: So the Summa Individuals are at that way station, so to speak, between this universe and the next?

Corky: Right. The next harmonic dimension. They will evolve out too though. They are just ahead of us.

Steve S.: If some individual were mummified and went to that bliss consciousness, and his other identity which is still in the mummy — is that correct?

Corky: No, the other one is in the Hall of Justice. It can go in and out. It has all the facilities with walking and talking. I'm speaking the way it's written in the books. It has the facilities to fly through the elements of the planet. It's like a spirit. It stays in the spirit form until the mummiform's seal is broken, the time and space seal is broken, or the universe goes out of existence. And it is a worker in the Hall of Justice. It is sort of like a slave there you could say, a slave to Creation. It doesn't go around cleaning floors. It doesn't go around polishing light fixtures. What it does, is work with the souls coming through this part of evolution. When people die and they go into spirit form, they are in a state of panic or whatever; they are there to assist them into an incarnation or into a heaven world, or to a hell world depending upon where their destiny takes them. All the Lords of Karma are there. All the Neters are there, essences of the Neters.

Steve S.: So here's one identity in the hall, one identity at the way station?

Corky: One in the next harmonic dimension, which is what you're calling the way station, it's the same thing.

Steve S.: And if the seal is broken, does that draw the other identity back into this universe?

Corky: He will never get off of the next harmonic dimension into an incarnation. Usually it will happen within a few thousand years. Your seal will be broken, and the time in a harmonic dimension will go by in a snap! You know how the scriptures say millions of years of travel in a second? If your seal is going to be broken, it's going to be broken right away. It's your karma. It's your fore-ordination. It's your predestination. It's your cause and effect. You weren't ready to make the journey in the first place. Not many people do make the journey the first time around, they get mummified a lot of times before they do it.

Terry: So the identities that work in the hall, are these in addition to or do they replace those who have worked the halls before?

Corky: When some go in, some evolve out. It's just a flow. It's like when some evolve from lower elemental universes into this universe, some flow out of here into the hall or the tunnel or the highway, whatever you want to call it. They are all the same thing.

Terry: How many individuals are in the hall?

Corky: I don't know. I couldn't count them. Millions, billions I guess. Billions and billions as Carl Sagan would say. I really don't know Terry. That's a question I really don't have the answer for. They have all different kinds of functions, just like we do here on this planet. And there are people working here, to help people along in their evolution you know? And there are a lot of people just going along doing their thing here. And all those things are just part of creation.

Anyway, we try to encourage everybody to get mummified if possible, to the extent that it's a lot cleaner burial than being stuck in the ground. You don't have to worry about your body floating around you know, like in Mexico all the bodies pop out of the ground and float around. Or you don't have to worry about stinking too bad, if it's welded into a mummiform. Or some of the other advantages; some of them are, it's a real nice home for your body to be maintained. Nobody steals your teeth at the mortuary, and you don't have to worry about anybody cutting a hole in you and taking your brain out and mailing it off and selling it to somebody.

Steve S.: Should be worried about that?

Corky: Mortuaries do that to you.

Steve S.: But I mean should we be worried about that?

Corky: If you care about the preservation of your body, you should. If you don't, you shouldn't. And you don't have to worry about anybody performing necrophilia on you, or those other things you know? From what the Tibetans teach, and the Hindus teach and the old Christians teach, there is a real interesting thing that happens when you die; you hang around and watch what happens to your body until it is put to rest. And the mutilation of your body, and the way it is treated and some of the things that they do to it is horrifying to a lot of souls, because they have been separated from it. It is like going into birth. It's a great pain, being separated from your body you are trying to cling to it, or get back into it and seeing all those things that happen to it, viewing it and everything is very traumatic to the spirit and the soul during the swoon as they describe in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. When you become very clear in your consciousness and you see everything that's happening on the planet, with yourself and your family members and all the attachments and the bonds and everything that you had on the planet. Plus where you are headed in the directions you're going, you get a real clear consciousness of both sides.

Steve S.: I guess my question was, is there any reason to be attached to your body? Any good reason?

Corky: No. There shouldn't be, to the extent that most people are right now, and to say that you are not, you are lying. Or you wouldn't be alive. You know what I'm saying?

Steve S.: Have you ever had the sensation though of looking at your own body and having no attachment to it?

Corky: Yeah. That's an astral projection. Most people that are on the planet are here because they are attached to bodies, and the reason they are attached to bodies is they are on the planet and they are in one, right? Or they wouldn't be. If they didn't have any affection for a body, or their body, they wouldn't have created one like they've got and they wouldn't be in it. And so to say that most people or a person is going to die and instantaneously swim off and go away without any effect at all to their body is ridiculous. At this point in time, if they are walking around in their normal life and everything, that idea doesn't rest well at all to the extent that they wouldn't be alive. And they wouldn't be attached to their body, they wouldn't be taking care of it, they'd be getting ready to dig a hole and jump in it. It doesn't make sense? They are trying to keep it alive; they are feeding it, aren't they? They are getting ready to do something pleasurable to it. There is some kind of attachment there to it. So it doesn't make sense to me to say that they are just going to automatically have no breaking of a bond, soon as they die it'll just be over -- unless, they have gone through some kind of preparation to get completely detached from it.

That's what the transference is all about, teaching people as they begin to die, to let go of their body and go through the transference in a guided manner. Let go of it real easy without going through a real painful death -- have their body mummified and preserved so they can have their identity doubled -- not be attached to the body anymore, but have it preserved for the mitosis process of doubling the soul or the identity and then working out your karma and your attachments and not incarnating into another body. Giving up incarnation. Giving up the food of the flesh. Giving up the material things that everybody says they are not attached to, or free from. And going on from that point in evolution. That's what mummification does. It breaks those bonds, rather than be stuck to them and saying that we're not.

Now, everybody is entitled to their own perspective of this thing, but the way I see it is, it is making a move that would stop your incarnation would be a lot more difficult than just tossing your body off and going and trying to grab another one. There must be some reason why you are alive now. Who here hates to eat? Hates being alive? If you hate being alive, you ought to commit suicide. You hate your body. We had a fellow come in here a little while back when we had our party, and he said "There is no reason I want to be mummified, because I don't want this body anymore. I don't want anything to do with this body. I hate it." He had a real sickness. He looked sick didn't he? I don't know what he had, but he looked like he was getting ready to drop dead.

Anyway it's a real interesting thing, they've done it all over the planet; in Mexico, the Peking woman buried in a pyramid and mummified, all the Tibetan Lamas have been mummified and covered in gold, many saints like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were mummified, and there is some reason those guys were all doing it. Unless it was a fad that went through town. Somebody was selling lottery tickets for mummification... "Hey maaaan! You can get these five for a buck! If you win you get free mummification!" It's really weird to me, how in so many different places, it's hard for me to see why people don't understand, they did it in Mexico, all over the American continent, they did it in the European continent, and it's really weird why they are building pyramids and mummifying people if there isn't anything to it, and they are separate civilizations completely. Why are they building pyramids in Mexico and mummifying people, and doing it in Egypt and doing it in Europe, and doing it in Russia and China, and Canada? Why would they build pyramids and mummify people throughout history?

We had a guy come to class one time, his name was King, David King, and we met at the University of Utah. And he's came around in about 1976 and said, "You better not get mummified! It is an invasion of outer space people, and when you get mummified they snatch your soul for energy to put in the rockets, and the fuel cells of their space vehicles. So what they do is they come down and get a bunch of people to get mummified every so often so they can snatch their souls and use them as fuel to power their vehicles to take them from one place in the universe to the next." I thought "Boy, that's innovative!"

Steve S.: Were those mummies that were done during Egyptian times, legitimate? I mean, did they have the process and it was really working?

Corky: In my opinion, it deteriorated. The process deteriorated dramatically and that's why all the mummies are being dug up and their time seals are being broken. There was a group of individuals that went out, more than ten to fifteen thousand years ago, evolved out and a whole new load of chimpanzees evolved in, which caused the dark ages and we are digging our way out of it right now, on into a new cycle. Everything goes in cycles that I see. The sun comes up, it goes down. We have monthly cycles. We have yearly cycles: winter, spring, summer, fall. Everything goes in cycles. And this cycle of spirituality that comes to the planet that happens every ten to twenty six thousand years, and then it goes away and then it comes back, it just goes around in a circle. That's why I think we see all those old pyramids on the planet. They are leftovers or remnants from what took place.

Steve S.: When they radio carbon date them, they found that the newer the mummy, the more crude the process was.

Corky: Right. It was getting worse.

Steve S.: I never did like that load them up with gold, and here are all your riches to take with you into eternity and never die scam. That seemed like a real attachment to the physical body and they were trying to make their life eternal by being mummified.

Corky: I think the interpretation of the hieroglyphs and the stuff a lot of people put on it is really bizarre. For example right now down at BYU, I heard this on TV the other night, and it really bothered me; they said that the Egyptians believed in the resurrection and that all the hieroglyphs and everything talked about the resurrection. And if you read the Egyptian Book of the Dead, they believed in incarnation. They don't believe in resurrection. And I think it's the interpretation of different people who have interpreted what was being taught by the people, and then there were a lot of people that loaded a lot of gold and took it away, although, there may have been a purpose to that. It talks about it in the hieroglyphs. It says taking an endowment and putting it back into the earth, the riches that were taken out, and putting them back into the earth for a permanent reason, rather than using it on the planet or whatever. There is a whole section in the Egyptian Book of the Dead that talks about the endowments that people gave back to creation, or back to nature with their life. Like say if you robbed the bank, and then when you died you took the money and gave it back to them, instead of using it in your lifetime. That was some of the things that were said in the hieroglyphs about it. So maybe some of the interpretation about why they had all that stuff in the tombs and everything are off just a little.

Anyway, we've got our mummiform in the next building if anyone wants to look at it, the art. Have you seen it? Have you seen the clay model? I think we're pretty well done for today.