Spiritual Will and Ocean Slime - Part 1

April 9, 2005

So everybody ought to write a spiritual will.

We have had some interesting posts on the Oracle board lately. I think they are from George Gatewood, and he is talking about getting old because he is getting old. He's got a friend who has Alzheimer's and is reading all these books about what happens to you when you die. I guess when people get old they start thinking about the fact that they are going to die. Like Cami was talking about, what did your mom say Cami?

Cami: My mom said her goal is to live to be 110 years old and bury all of her children.

Corky: So, then what?

Cami: She thinks she is going to be twinkled at the second coming of Christ. She has a friend going through chemotherapy and it is hitting very close to home for her, and she refuses to even consider the fact that she's going to die.

Corky: Wow, people are really afraid of death. It's amazing. People get so close and then they run from it. It's amazing.

One thing I was trying to explain to George on the oracle board. George is saying that he wants some kind of experience because until he experiences it, it's just a belief. And that is really true. Everything is really just a hope or a want or a wish or desire until you have an experience with it. So what he's saying is he wants to do a past life regression, and go into his past lives and see what they were.

The only problem with that is it is not really an experience. All that is, is a glimpse of a possibility: A past life regression. Because after you do the past life you come out of the past life regression and you say, was I being lead by that person and told all those things happened to me in my life or did I really see those things, or was that really real? The only place that you can really experience anything is in meditation. The only thing that you can really experience in meditation is that you have an essence and it is alive, and it always has been alive and it always will be alive. And that you are a nobody. I discovered the title of the book. The title of the book is Everybody is a Nobody.

And once you have that experience, that realization, that awakening you begin to get familiar with the essence in you. Isha Schwaller was talking about it, she uses so many words. That book, The Opening of the Way, must have been rewritten, because she talked about radio in that book! It must have been updated. It was translated and updated to modern times when it was translated into English. Anyway, she does talk about the observer, or the essence; your eternal essence, your nobody, that is part of the All or the Whole itself. It has divided itself off temporarily but it can join back with the All or the Whole by going into the nothingness, by becoming a nobody and joining with the other nobodies, becoming one nobody and going back into the nothingness itself.

Or you can do like the Tibetan Book of the Dead says, and you could go to a heaven world. There are lots of heaven worlds. There is a Catholic heaven world, a Baptist heaven, a Methodist heaven, a Lutheran heaven, a Pentecostal heaven, a Mormon heaven but they only have about ten million members. Does it depend on how many members you have, how true your religion is? Or is it the fewer members you have the truer it is? It is an interesting topic isn't it.

Did you know there are one hundred million Catholic babies born every year? That is amazing. The Mormon missionaries have a lot of proselyting to do just to keep up! They have to bring the word to one hundred million people every year, new ones. That is a lot of babies, and that's just the Catholic babies. Then you have the Hindu babies, and there are over a billion of those born every year, and a billion Buddhist babies too, over a billion Muslim babies too, and they are pretty down on Christianity. The Hindus are sort of mellow. Mormons have a lot of work to do if they want to keep up.

We don't have to worry about the world coming to an end is all I am saying. Because until the Mormon missionaries get a chance to let everybody have the word, nothing can end. Your mother may be right, Cami. She may be one of those people who gets to be around. It could be another thousand years before the world will come to an end. Before they get enough missionaries to go out there and tell everybody the word. And then they have to catch up on baptisms for the dead, because if everybody doesn't get a chance to get baptized, you can't have the end of the world. I don't know how many they are doing right now, 100 million per year maybe in the temples? Are they doing that many? That would make up for just the Catholics! You've got another hundred million Buddhists, and another hundred million Hindus, then you've got another hundred million Muslims, more than that born every year. That's a lot of baptisms! I don't think they have enough baptismal fonts to do that many baptisms.

So, the gist of my story is do not worry that the end of the world isn't coming. The end of the world is not coming, not in our life times and not in the foreseeable future. I do think that everybody ought to live as long as they can in a healthy body. But if you are on a tube system, you ought to have a living will and be allowed to check out. Let them pull the tubes and stuff like that. Everybody ought to try to stay out of danger, and live a healthy life and be a very giving person. It was very nice I think of Gordon B. Hinckley to go to the cathedral of the Madeline for the funeral of Pope John Paul. I think it was a very nice gesture to show up there for the funeral. It was another move forward, rather than backwards. It was a type of liberation for the LDS church, a relaxing, providing more of a tolerance for other religions. Because when I was a missionary for the LDS church we used to teach people that the Catholic Church was the great and abominable church. And they were the scourge of the earth and they needed to be destroyed before the second coming could happen. They changed that in the teaching plan though. They do not teach that anymore. That was in the 1960's. That changed and they've dropped that.

So I think there is a lot more tolerance happening now, which is really good. They will be able to grow more and have more members. They have a lot of general authorities that are different races now too. When I was there, they only had white guys on the block, they didn't have anything — no Mexicans, no Latinos, no Asians, no black guys, nothing. It was all white guys. Now they've got a whole bunch of general authorities in the seventies that are many different races. It's great!

The thing that we're going to talk about tonight, there is a section of the Summum book that says that you could enter the pyramid and come out as a student, or come out as an initiate, or you could come out as a mentor or you could come out as an awakened master that gets catapulted forward in evolution, spiritual evolution. As it says in the Tibetan Book of the Dead when you pass away you go to the transference and you could go to the clear light, or you could go to the Mormon heaven world, and do all the things in the Mormon heaven world that they do there. They have mansions and they have Jesus, and Elohim, and you can create some planets, populate those planets, you could create a few universes, stuff like that. Or you could go to the Baptist heaven world and you could sit on the right hand of god and play a harp. Or you could go to purgatory like the Catholics say. The Tibetan Book of the Dead says you have all these choices when you drop dead. And you could go to any one of these places and do any of these things. Or you could become a worker on creation. Become a Buddha. You could go back to creation itself where you came from, where god came from.

That moment when you do pass away, like for Stan, Stan is probably going to go to the celestial kingdom or a heaven world like that. A Catholic person, like the Pope, is probably sitting on the right hand of god, holding Jesus' left hand right now. Or he may be hugging him.

I'm not saying that he is, I am just messing with everybody. But that critical movement of the soul is so important, everybody should write a spiritual will. It is very interesting to know that the Pope had a spiritual will. It was 18 pages long! 18 type written pages, and it was in Polish. They are going to translate it into different languages, and he gave away some of his worldly possessions in his spiritual will. It only had a little tiny bit to do with his personal possessions it mostly had to do with where he wanted his spirit to go.

So I would think if the Pope, as busy a man as he is, had a spiritual will, all of you guys should have a spiritual will. Don't you think? After you write a spiritual will, that is where you start. Because then you have got to allow your spiritual will to happen. Because you can write anything you want, but it is a fairy tale until you let it happen. Until you allow it. That's why the Egyptians spent their whole lives preparing their spiritual will and preparing for their transference into their next life. They spent their whole lives doing that! I mean sure, they did other things, they went to the show, Richard Gere, Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, they went to the theater on Friday nights, out to the clubs on Saturday nights and danced, walked like an Egyptian. They did all kinds of things! But they started from the time they were very, very, very young. King Tutankhamen was only 16 when he died and he had written his spiritual will all ready. He must have done it before he became the pharaoh of the land as a very young boy. So he wrote his spiritual will as he as going to become the pharaoh, so he probably manifested and created that it happened.

But there are so many things to do in life, so many important things out there. Like getting a yellow Honda, or a white Toyota. Trade the white Toyota for a yellow Honda. Right? Or take a trip someplace. Or get a new water heater. Or run for political office. Or become a famous actor. I am not saying you shouldn't do those things, I am saying you should do those things. I am saying you should live as long as you can, do as many things as possible, but at the same time if you can always recognize that there is going to be a point that you are going to die physically, whenever you are doing anything it will change it. Because if you can always remember the beginning and the end at the same time, if there is an end as you are going through life you are not lost in the chaos of it, because it is a grounding. It's a grounding point. You don't get lost in the chaos of life.

But if you can keep attached to the end and the beginning, then everything that happens in between doesn't become chaotic because you are grounded in the beginning and the end. You are the beginning and the end. You are both. So if you can remember your birth and remember your death, and know that your death is coming and know that it will be, you are grounded in it. And you can't get too lost in chaos. It is difficult because you don't get so swirled up in the chaos of the moment of your hopes, wishes, wants and desires. The chaos of it that draws you into it, makes you a servant to it or a slave to it, it can't come land on you and take you away because you are grounded in the beginning and the end, you are the alpha and the omega.

So everybody ought to write a spiritual will. If the Pope can write a spiritual will then you guys can do it. Come on, the guy was busy! He knew seven languages at least. I mean he was busy every day and he was in his 80's. If the Pope could do it, you guys could do it, don't you think. Don't you have more time available than the Pope did Chris?

Chris: Can I ask you a question? Maybe you could just go into the basics, over the years I have heard you talk about writing a spiritual will.

Corky: It is the Tibetan Book of the Dead, you were here when we read that. It is the same thing except you put it into modern language. All you have to do is take the Tibetan Book of the Dead and read it again, and then put it in your language of today and decide where you are going to go. But you said you were going to jump the Buddha, I wouldn't suggest that.

Chris: I remember that night, I didn't say that!

Corky: He was going to sneak up on the Buddha and jump on him when the Buddha wasn't looking. That would be dangerous! That would be like jumping on Superman, or Wonder Woman. I mean, whoa, that would be asking for a dose!!

Chris: So a living will is more secular, if you are in the hospital and need to have your affairs in order, right?

Corky: That is a form you download and sign and give to your doctor. Keep one copy for yourself and keep one here, so if you write a spiritual will or a living will and you want Summum to help you with your death, we will do that and we will make sure your living will gets taken care of too. What do you think about spiritual wills Cami?

Cami: I think it's a great idea.

Corky: You are a great writer aren't you? You typed the whole Tibetan Book of the Dead. That was great, that was really nice. I think you could write one. If you did the Tibetan Book of the Dead couldn't you write it in modern language as a spiritual will? Why don't you do that and then pass it out as a sample for everybody, and then they can adjust it. Put it in Microsoft Word so they can take things out that they don't want in there, because Stan wants to go to the celestial kingdom and eat tofu. And Donna wants to go to Mesa. Donna is torn between being with her family and being sick of her family.

What are you going to do when you die Chris? Right now, let's just say that tonight when you went home you discovered that you had a stroke and half your body was paralyzed but you could communicate and everything but you couldn't move the left side of your body. Your right leg worked and your right arm worked, and you could move the right side of your nose and your right eye, but everything on the left felt numb. You were capable of dialing 911 and they'd take you up to the University of Utah hospital. Then they said to you, "You've probably got a 75% chance of dying and a 25% chance of living in the next two weeks." Then what? They were being nice. They always say that, they tell you the best possibilities. You actually only really have about a 1% chance, but they told you 25% so you don't feel too bad, so you've got a little hope. Then what?

Chris: I emailed my family already. I haven't written my spiritual will, but I emailed my family just in case and I told them that I am writing a living will. I told them that if I were ever in a condition like Terri Shiavo that I would not want to be kept alive, I wouldn't want to be in pain, and I would want them to remove the chords and bring my body to Summum.

Corky: You said that to them? That's great! So then what are you going to do, when you are up at the hospital? In actuality, while you are lying there in the hospital?

Chris: I want to make sure no one messes with my legal rights, I'll try to get a more formal statement of what I want done.

Corky: Are you going to call Shad up and make sure he takes care of your mummification, for you? Will Shad and Cami put up a poster thing asking for donations to take care of Chris' mummification? Is Shad going to do that for you? Who are you going to call to do that? You have ten phone calls.

Chris: Are you alive in this scenario?

Corky: Oh yeah, I'm alive.

Chris: I would bother you to start. I'd say here's the deal. I would not want Summum or its members to sacrifice because I had not paid off the mummification if it's too much of a burden at this time, I would say give me the second best thing.

Corky: Ron is it expensive to mummify someone? Why?

Ron: Yes, it's expensive because of all the materials.

Corky: Do you have to buy anything, what do you have to buy?

Ron: You have to buy the container to put the body in, you have to buy the fluids...

Corky: Nobody gives them to you, you have to buy them. You have to buy all the wrappings and stuff too. How much do those bandages cost that go around the casting bandages? The fiberglass ones.

Al: They work out to be about $10 per roll, and they take about 100 of them just for the wrapping.

Corky: You're going to need $1000 worth of just the casting material. Then you are going to need another $1000 worth of resin. Then you are going to need another $20,000 for a casket. Then you are going to need another $15,000 for a place to put it. Then you are going to need another $1000 for a vault if you are just going to be buried in the cemetery. Then you've got to pay for all the chemicals. Oh, I know! Al is going to pay for all of it. You are going to pay for Chris right Al?

Al Martin: I know what you are saying, but there is going to be a lot of publicity when the first human is mummified.

Corky: We've got so much publicity already that we are having to turn them away. We aren't doing any more publicity. The reason being is it doesn't make any difference, you could get lots of publicity but big deal, we've got BBC, Discover Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, Walter Cronkite, Katie Couric, Good Morning America, we've got all the publicity, but nobody sent us any checks to pay to mummify Chris. Nobody sent us any checks because they saw the stuff on TV. All I am saying is that everybody needs to be responsible. Everybody needs to be responsible for themselves. Nobody is going to do it for you to be honest with you. There is Bob, and there is Mike. We had no choice but to cremate them when they died, instead of mummify them. We don't have any money in the bank. We couldn't even pay to buy the chemicals to mummify somebody right now, unless they had an insurance policy. I have an insurance policy. You could pay for me couldn't you Ron?

Ron: Yes, we would cash in your insurance policy.

Corky: That's what I mean, if I drop dead right? And that would probably just barely cover the expenses. It's expensive stuff that specialized resin.

Anyway, that is all beside the point. I wouldn't suggest doing anything illegal in life at all. Don't take advantage of anybody, don't do anything illegal, don't press your thing on anybody else, don't put anybody in your prison, coerce somebody, or intimidate anybody into doing your thing. All I am saying is write your spiritual will, and take care of yourself and become responsible in life. And if you just want to you know, like everybody going to the celestial kingdom, they are going to go over to Redwood or Wasatch Lawn Memorial, get embalmed, get put in a 2 to 3 thousand dollar casket, and pick a cemetery spot. You could get a good funeral for about 8 thousand dollars.

Stan: What's involved in a spiritual will?

Corky: Cami is going to write one and then she'll give it to you. What it does, is say what you want to happen from the moment you die, what you want to have happen, what you are going to do. Sort of like, if you are a good Mormon you would say the moment I die, I would like to have the bishop contacted and the bishop to take me to Evans and Early funeral home, I would like my body embalmed. I want these people to come to my funeral and I would like these songs to be sung, and I would like this person to speak, these scriptures to be read, and I would like to be able to have my relatives meet me and guide me and take me to the celestial kingdom where I could be, since I've lived a pure life and everything, and lived all the principles of the gospel, that I will be able to be given my first mansion in heaven and go from there.

Or if it were me, I would say that when I pass away, what I would like to do is be with the Netters, hang out with the Netters and become one with the Netters, and wait there for the essences that are going to join and become this one Netter and then incarnate some time in the future, someplace that is not on planet earth.

I don't want to go to heaven. It's a dangerous place. I mean, all the wives are going to be fighting with each other. If you went to the celestial kingdom and you got to be a god, you have to have a son Lucifer and a son Jesus, and then you've got this whole war in heaven going on, and then you've got a big fight going on. You've got a big turmoil going on and you've got the chaos story again.

So I would rather just go to working on creation, being in the work of creation, being that female force and go on in creation. Help others come along in creation and evolve, rather than getting into the opposite so much. And then I'll hang out here in the pyramid, right here you guys, behind where I'm sitting. If anybody wants to come in here and talk to me, I'll talk back and I will help you with it. I'll be right here. Anything that happens in here I'll be in here watching, and if you need help, all you have to do is ask me, and I'll give you a boon. Honest! It's true. I'll be right here. I'll stand up here and help out with class. Whoever sits here will have help. And if anybody wants to meditate in here, I'll give them a boon, if they really want to surrender to it.