Summum Philosophy

July 6, 1985

All things that are imaginable, and all things that are beyond imagination are created in that explosion or that resonation.

We have a philosophy here that says something like this: that there is a creation that creates everything; everybody has a different name for it. Some people call it God, some people call it Creation, some people call it the big bang theory where the forces got together and caused a big bang and the universe was brought into existence. We agree with all of them. Our philosophy says they are all correct. And the spectacles, or the spectacle of our viewpoint they are all correct and they have a perfect place within understanding. And it may be real difficult for one person to say "Well, if this one is correct, then how in the world can this other one be correct, they are opposites of each other." And if you give yourself a moment to look into our philosophy you can see how they all are correct. We say there is this thing called Total-ness or the All or Being, and then there is the opposite of that which is Nothing or total possibility, these are just philosophical states, they are not actual physical states. And if there is possibility then there has to be nothing. And if there is nothing, it has to be possible. They automatically create each other. Let's just say there is no existence, no universes, no creation, no time, no nothing. If that is, then it has to be possible for that to be. Those two things are, and they come into bond with each other in a harmonic manner. It is sort of like sex, they join together and they create a vibration or a resonation, Mathematically a point called "C" or Creation and it's like an explosion. This explosion comes out and creates this universe and millions, billions, infinite universes and states of time. All things that are imaginable, and all things that are beyond imagination are created in that explosion or that resonation. Hindu's call it Om, Carl Sagan calls it the Big Bang, and Christians call it God, the Father or Christ, Jewish people, the Israelites would call it a force, the unspoken word, Elohim. In our philosophy they are all the same thing, Creation came about.

What happens is this explosion this resonation, this vibration causes an involution, it forces everything out away from itself. It's a real simple process, the old in and out theory. Everything goes way out, away from it. Then evolution begins. This is the exact opposite of what was in the energies at the center, it all goes out because of the combining of nothing and total-ness together, all this stuff is way out there, and it tries to collapse back in on itself. It's like a nova explosion and it goes out and collapses back in on itself and causes a black hole. It goes deep within itself, in and back out. So evolution begins, and we are here, believing that we're very important, but we were just blown off this point "C" like everything else, we came straight out of Creation and here we are, way out, very far away from it. A particle of matter, maybe an electron an energy force, maybe an atom, maybe a molecule, something that begins to combine itself to come back to this creative source. If we look at what we learn in our educational process, in our schools we see a process of evolution. During the process of evolution, what takes place is very subtle forms of life join together with other very subtle forms of life, and by doing so they create a larger form of life. For example we could take several electrons, some neutrons, and a nucleus and join them together and we have an atom. Combining those things together or the joining of those things creates something larger than the individual parts. We take one atom and another atom and we combine those things together and we have a molecule. We take several molecules and we organize them in a harmonic manner where they cooperate with each other and they say: "Oh! Let's not worry about our own individuality of being an atom of oxygen or being an atom of nitrogen or being an atom of iron and let's join together and make a molecule of iron in harmony." To be able to make iron the atoms have to join together in harmony, they sing a song creating a resonation and vibrate at a particular frequency. As they join together in this frequency, as they bond in this harmony, this song together, they become something larger together than what they were individually. Then these are assimilated, let's just say an iron molecule, a water molecule and a variety other things, and then they form a living organism such as an amoeba, with all these different elements organized together in harmony, working for a purpose or a cause. The cause of an amoeba. Then an amoeba joins together with some other form of mutated plant life, and becomes something beyond a one cell organism, such as a worm. Then the worm evolves by joining itself together with other elements of evolution and turns into a salamander. So all of these things evolve and we witness these things in nature, as they evolve they become larger and more expansive, by allowing themselves to forget that they are a worm, and forget that they are another evolutionary item, they join together as one, and become something as a combination larger than the two, they become the third. This is all done in a very harmonic manner called the systematic law of learning, which ties in directly to the magic ratio, the additive series, and the Fibonacci series. It's a mathematical theorem that the whole cosmos is designed on.

Everything that seems to be in nature in subtle forms, or basic forms is designed on this golden mean or phi as it is called. These things join together and get larger and larger and larger, until lets say we've reached an evolutionary stage which we call the human being. In the humanoid state, we tend to believe, just as every other state of evolution believes, that we are very significant, that we are the center of the universe. Because we stand in our consciousness in the present, and as we stand in the present, we see change taking place all around us, but here we are standing in the present looking at all the change. So we find ourselves in the belief system that we are the center of the universe because we watch as all this change takes place around us.

There is a story that I've told many times about a fellow named Osiris, and he tells a story about when he was a tree, looking back in his past lives. He remembers when he reached the humanoid state. I remember when I was a tree, and I knew god was a tree like me. The reason I knew that god was a tree just like me, is that god created the sun to rise up in the morning and shine down on my leaves; therefore god had to be a tree just like me because he created it just for me. And god created water so that when the sun lifted the water out of the ocean and carried it thousands of miles through clouds to the land where I, the tree was, and allowed it to fall down on my leaves and wash them clean, god I know is a tree just like me. Because he created everything just for trees, he created all the soils and all the minerals to hold my roots deep in the ground. He created all the nourishment from those soils just for me, because god is a tree just like me. He created the wind that blow through my leaves, he created the birds that sit within my branches, and I know for sure that god is a tree just like me, because he created these humanoids to come and sit within my shade, and worship god, me, the tree.

He told that story twenty thousand years ago, to a lot of different people, to show those who heard the story that everything believes that it is the center of the universe and everything was created for it. Every one of us believes that everything is revolving around us. Until we get to a point where we allow ourselves to see a consciousness that is larger than just ourselves. Until we get to a point to where we can lose ourselves so that we can find ourselves. It's a very famous statement. Because we cannot find out who we are, until we forget who we are. Until we turn our attention away from ourselves within this presence of the now, and turn it to something far vaster than ourselves. Turn our attention to the whole and everything else out there. To see that all we are, is a part of the totalness that came out of creation and put us into individual particles, allowing us to believe that we are the center of the universe or that we are the most important thing within the universe. That consciousness comes about by participation in all of the philosophies of life that allows us to look to a cause of existence. All the religions are there for this specific purpose. So when I said a before, that all the religions are correct and all the philosophies are divine and perfect, and that they lead us back to creation, they are. They are all created by creation to allow us to gain an understanding at a different point within our evolution of what it's about. It doesn't matter which religion you belong to, it's created by god, or creation. And it's the right religion. They are all right. They all take us to an understanding of something larger than ourselves, each one is perfect for us. Because we are at a perfect place, each one of us. Each one of us has been created by creation, and there is nothing that can be outside of it. It encompasses ALL of it.

So the arguments that go on between religions, that this one is the right one, and this one is the wrong one, is a joke from our philosophy. To the extent that it's the toe saying to the hand, I'm the right thing, and the hand is the wrong thing — when they all together, make up the whole body. The whole body of creation. It's like the right hand, arguing against the left hand, when both of them in unity create our existence. But because of lack of understanding and ignorance, sometimes in our momentary points in evolution we get confused and we get caught up in these battles. This life experience that we have on the farm planet called Earth is just a sheer moment, compared to all the billions and billions and billions of incarnations we'll have. We get caught up in these arguments in life, about which religion is right, and which path is the one to take, or even if there is no religion. They are all right — life is a paradox, there is no religion, there is no god when you look at it from the wholeness. But there is at the same time. There is and there isn't. There are two sides to everything. There is a front side and a back side of a coin. There is a day and a night. And everything does exist and everything does not exist. That is our philosophy.

In the pyramid, there is a zone or a womb that a lot of people come here to try to allow themselves to sing a song and join together into a larger thing than just themselves. It's sort of like a regular womb, where there is an impregnation that takes place and it grows from two little cells into a very large complex creation. That's what we try to do here, we try to join together, become something larger than what ourselves are, and lose our personal attention towards ourselves and put it on something larger. Life is like a river of change, the masters of life sail on top of the water in what I call a Sekhet boat, and allow the river of change to flow beneath them, and the change passes by them. They sit on the boat unaffected by the change that goes by. Because the change continues to go on, but they watch it and observe it and see it happen, as they go through evolution, but they try to prevent themselves from being caught in the river. What happens to most people on a farm planet, which we are on, is we see a piece of exciting change, a fifty cent piece, a quarter, or a silver dollar. And we jump on it and get involved in it. And we get so caught up by it, we believe that's what life is, those particular happenings. It is called Creations Love of itself. Creation creates this activity or this thing going on and it turns its attention, which you are to creation, to it, and it gets so involved in the love of it that it gets lost within it. It doesn't know who it is, and it can't find itself until it gets fulfilled with it. It's like all of you are probably getting fulfilled a little tiny bit with riding the bike, by the time you get home you'll probably want to take a break from it. When you first got on it, and you left it was a fresh breath of air, a take off. But now, you have gained a satisfaction with it, you are satisfied or fulfilled and you may even get a little bored with it. That's what life or creations thing is about, we get fulfilled with things, it fills the barrel full and we flow out of it into a new thing, or falling in love with something new in creation. Now, the masters of evolution sit on the top of the river of change of all these things floating by. And they participate in them by observation; they also have to take activity in their lives. But while they look at the observation of these things, they say "It's very interesting what's taking place here in creation," but they do not get lost in it, to the extent that they do not lose their consciousness in it. I'm saying that there are many things in life that we can get caught up in.

The philosophy here is to allow yourself to find the boat and get in it. It doesn't necessarily say that you're not going to fall out of it when you first find it, you get caught up in the change. But to find the boat, or the present, the Sekhet boat I call it, from ancient philosophies. In this boat you sail through evolution. When you first find the boat there will always be something that comes along and drags you out of the boat. Either a war dance, over here on the left of the banks, a bunch of fancy dancing girls, or dancing boys, a new car over here, a new house over there, you get involved in the things off the side of the boat. It doesn't matter how big the house you build, there is always a bigger one. It doesn't make any difference if you own Los Angeles, just think you could own the whole planet! Maybe you could own your own universe! There will always be something larger to take you out of the boat of the present to get you involved in doing something over here, to get your attention away from what you are. You are a part of creation. To clarify this, there is nothing wrong with getting out of the boat. That's what creation is all about, to get involved in these things. Although it becomes a lot easier to become wise, to become astute, and to become a master of dealing with the change of life, rather than it sneaking up behind you, grabbing you by the neck and pulling you under the water, out of the boat and having you drowning in the depths of the water.