Become Female to Surrender - Part 2

February 12, 2005

Females don't have sex. Females have love. Females have god.

Corky: Is the new tape in and going? I have my glasses, and I made some highlights in the book we're reading by Osho: Love, Freedom and Aloneness. Osho says:

"The whole old idea is so stupid! It is as if the moment that your husband goes out, you say to him, 'Don't breathe anywhere else. When you come home you can breathe as much as you want, but only when you are with me can you breathe. Outside hold your breath, become a yogi. I don't want you to breathe anywhere else.' Now, this looks stupid--but then why should love not be like breathing?"

There was a real interesting thing that happened here just recently. It happened to Ron and it happened to me. There was this woman that came from Texas, she said she was from Austin, is that what she told you Ron? And she was this horse lady, and she had this Jewish guy with her that refused to admit he was a Jew, and when he refused to admit he was a Jew, I knew there was a problem. I mean, if you are a Jew, you are a Jew and admit it. But he was a Jew and not admitting it. That was a problem. Anyway, during the whole thing she never asked me any questions. I answered everything that she could have ever wanted to know about Summum and everything, but her whole trip was she tried to rub her tits on me. And she used it, she must have had a boob job, but her ass was flat, must have been dragging to the back of her knees. She could have been how old would you say, Ron? Oh, if she sees this, she'll sue me.

Bernie: I think I know who you're talking about, and I told her to watch classes online.

Corky: Oh no! I didn't touch it. But how old do you think she was, 40 to 50? She had to be at least forty don't you think? She said she had a three year old and a thirteen year old. If she was in her thirties, something was wrong with her genetically. But if she was in her forties.... I think she had maybe a 23 year old and a 40 year old or something like that. She must have had a boob job. She wanted a picture of what was going on here, and when we stood over there she was rubbing her tits all over me. Did she do that to you Ron?

Ron: No.

Corky: She just showed them to you? Oh my god. Anyway I thought, what was that all about? And then I realized that's what a man in want does. A man. A man in want tries to use their tools. When you are a female, like Osho says, when you surrender as a female, you give yourself away. Not to everything out there. But you give yourself away to Creation, which is weird, because all you want to do is create. So you don't give yourself away to sex. Because sex is a want or a need or a desire. You give yourself away to Creation. You do not give yourself away to sex. You surrender to Creation, not to sex. Right Cami? Is there a difference? What's the difference?

Cami: Giving yourself away to sex, you are still bound. You are still imprisoned.

Corky: Aren't you the male when you give yourself away to sex? Because only males give themselves away to sex. Right? Only males do that. You can't be a female and give yourself to sex. You cannot have sex if you are a female. Which is really dangerous to say but true. Only males have sex. Females don't have sex. Females have love. Females have god. But it has nothing to do with your body. Guaranteed. Because everybody has one female, and everybody has at least one male. Or you have two females, and four males. Or whatever. Someone recently said to me that I've been saying over the years, that you need to double your identity. Do you remember that Chris? What did I say about that?

Chris: It's something that happens in your evolution, you double your identity.

Corky: When you are getting ready to evolve on, you double your identity right? How long ago did I say that? In '75, '76, '77. The only reason being, is I saw it happening. They showed it to me. What happens is that you discover your male and your female and they become one, and you become a nothing. There is a whole group of netters that are nothings. They all join together as one. But you at least get two together that lose themselves totally and they incarnate or evolve as a single identity, but the two identities joined together, so you double your identity and the two become one. That's what the evolution is itself. The two become one. It does not happen in sex, honest. It happens in devotion. Right Cami? Sex is not in the ball park. It's in another city. It's in another state. In fact, it's over there in another country, or maybe another planet. Way out there right? From what?

Cami: Yeah. From devotion.

Corky: From true devotion and surrender, and union. You feel it right? It's an invitation is all. It's not a sex thing. It has nothing to do with sex. It's an invitation that happens in a space like this. The minute you add sex to it, you destroy it. You can be in a special place, but you can't have sex in it. Because then it's so far away. Isn't it far, far away from devotion itself? Because in sex there is no silence. It has to be silent. Boy, Osho really got accused of a lot of bad things didn't he? Then the diseases showed up. Chris, there is something on one of those papers I gave you, that is totally a trap. The first letter is S, and then O... it's a trap. To turn you against it. Does that make sense? Cami, tell Chris what a trap is to turn somebody against something.

Cami: It's an ulterior motive, that lures you in and gets you to trust, and then...

Corky: What it does is take a hold of your weakest point, right? Draws you in by your weakest point and then sends you in an incorrect direction, that's called a trap. Tried to turn you against something and uses your weakest thing to do it. It's interesting don't you think? Isn't that what a trick is? A trick and a trap are the same thing. Pulls a trick on you and says that you wanted it and turns it into something that is the last thing you would do in life. Amazing huh? Wow. Anyway, we'll go back to the book. This guy is pretty sharp!

"Is there life after sex? You become capable of losing yourself in yourself. Now, another world of orgasms, the inner orgasm of being within oneself arises. But that arises only through being with the other."

What he is saying is, you need to begin by being with the other. When you are with the other, starting at 14 until 42 and you wear out on it. Once you wear out on it, then you find yourself inside and discover the orgasm inside of yourself, and it becomes so great that you and the other decide to become one. It dissolves you. So you find your other inside and you become one inside, and then when you drop dead those nothingness's bond together and the two become one. You double your identity. You join the company of nine netters. Did everybody here go through the joining? You all joined at least nine netters. We went back to nine because people weren't ready for twenty seven.

Anyway, all those things are possible but they are all in a state of surrender, in their female state. They are all females. Even though they could have a male body but they are still female. When they started out they could have had a male body, and they have surrendered, not in the male female surrender, but in that nothingness surrender. And those things are going to come back together and evolve back to Creation. And it doesn't mean you don't do normal life. It doesn't mean that you don't live life. It doesn't mean that you have to drop your job or stuff like that. All it means is that you gain a consciousness and you live life in that consciousness. You still do all the regular things you are supposed to do, that society tells you to do. It's just a consciousness that you gain.

"But by and by you will be able to make an inner circle alone. But by and by you'll be able to make an inner circle alone."

Nobody likes that word: "alone". It's like surrender. God, surrender comes and then you gotta be alone.

"Because inside of you also, you are man and woman. Woman and man. Nobody is just a man and nobody is just a woman."

God, I started saying those things years ago. When did he write this book? He could have plagiarized it. Published in 2001. He was dead in 1995, they printed this in 2001. That's when they wrote the book, not when he said it. He could have said these words years and years ago, like I did.

"Nobody is just a man, and nobody is just a woman--because you come from a man and a woman's communion. Both have participated; your mother has given something to you, your father has given something to you. Fifty-fifty, they have contributed to you; both are there. There is a possibility that both can meet inside you; again your father and mother can love--inside you. Then your reality will be born. Once they met when your body was born; now, if they can meet inside you, your soul will be born. That's what transcendence of sex is. It is a higher sex."

If your mother and father can meet inside of you, then your soul will be born. That's what transcending sex is. When you start transcending sex, that's what happens. It is a higher sex. The law of correspondence applies. [To Jesse the cat] Oh Jesse, you are so pretty! It's dangerous to say be alone. Because society says be together. But he's not really saying be alone. What he's saying is be together, but be alone. Be together, but be alone. Don't depend. Be an ascetic, but with, not without. Be together, but recognize your aloneness. You've recognized that haven't you Cami? But the problem is you can recognize it, but being honest about it is the difficult problem right?

Cami: Takes a long time yeah.

Corky: Why is being honest about it hard?

Cami: Because you're conditioned to be with someone.

Corky: But the problem is, it's good, because you don't want to change because of the danger.

Cami: Yeah, it's dangerous for sure.

Corky: Would you say it's dangerous Al? Having a partner out there in life is dangerous today because what they are saying is going on out there. Did you know one of nine Japanese high school girls has HIV? One out of nine. It's probably higher in the United States because they don't test here. It's mandatory testing there. It's probably one out of every six in the United States. But it's not the disease itself that's the problem. It's the thing that causes the disease. Because they are not alone. They are in need. Like Osho says, before you are 42 you are in need, but after you are 42 you are not in need, you are capable of making the decision. How old are you shad?

Shad: 29.

Corky: Oh god. Cami?

Cami: 28.

Corky: Oh Jesus. You poor guys! They're not capable of making a good decision are they Su?

Su: They have a lot to learn.

Corky: Oh my god, those poor kids! Look at Chris over there, all he does is cry naive, but he should know better by now right?

Chris: Yeah, I should.

Corky: It's better to listen. Once you feel like you can listen, it's better to surrender to it, it's easier to just become female and surrender to it and become it. Rather than get on the battle field of life and be male and argue. You gotta be on the battlefield of life and male to argue right? If you are totally surrendering you can't argue, right? Donna, is that why I told you all I saw was a male, you were saying, "my female right side or left side was saying this", and I said all I could see is that both sides are male. Remember me saying that? Did that bother you?

Donna: Yeah.

Corky: Why? Because it's true?

Donna: Probably

Corky: If it wasn't true, it wouldn't bother you would it? If it weren't true at all it would just pass right over you. But when it's true it bothers you. I've said from day one that it takes a surrender, and I say today. How many different ways do I need to say it? How many ways have I said it Chris?

Chris: Tons of ways.

Corky: Do you think I've said it in enough ways for anybody who really wanted to do it, could do it?

Chris: If they wanted to. But people just dart in and out.

Corky: But if they wanted to, they could do it right? All the ways I've said it. Because every way that I've said it has given everybody a path. Like the eight million, four hundred thousand incarnation paths, to be able to do it. But to totally just drop it and become that union of your two things with-inside, ends up being a surrender in itself. Which is a female womb for creation in itself. It is like a touching stone to most people. They want to touch it, but they don't want to fall into it, because they don't want to lose themselves. They are still holding on to who they are. Right? They want to be themselves.

It's funny, they tell little stories like, 'surrender to the feet of the master', okay. I can remember putting my feet on a disciple and they felt it. I can remember putting my feet on other disciples and they didn't feel it at all. I mean literally putting my feet on them, like on their head. When their head touched the feet of the master they felt it. Only because they discovered it for themselves. Because they became one within themselves, they couldn't have discovered it unless they decided to join their two opposite things together, their male and their female before they touched it. It's sort of like, you can't take a square peg through a round hole. It needs to round its edges first before it'll slide through. So it needs to let go of its shape. Needs to let go of its propensities. It had to become one with itself to be able to become the doubling of the identity to become one with another, to become the one. So all those little stories that you find in writings and everything are metaphors for an experience that people go through. They are just metaphors. It wouldn't make any difference if there were a thousand masters lined up on state street, and you went and put your head on their feet. Nothing would happen. Honest. The only thing that happens, is what happens inside of you. Then when it touches you, you can feel it.

It's sort of like, you can't hear until you decide to hear. You can't feel until you decide to put your attention on a feeling. That you can't smell until you turn your attention from some other place to the smell. You have to be there with it. You have to put your attention on it. Put yourself in it. And as long as your attention is in yourself, the way you are feeling, rather than the way you are touching it, you'll never be with it. See, you have to surrender so much, to become so silent, that you can touch it in such a way that you are it and you feel like it feels. You feel like it feels. And then you know that you are there with it, because you become it, because you put yourself there. You surrendered to it.

Do you think it would be difficult for a real large group to get it? Because they'd be talking to each other, their attention would be on each other. So it can't be too big of a group because it loses itself in the chaos, and it turns into an HIV plague. Like they had up at Osho's camp. It's got to be tiny. It's got to be celibate. But that's something that most people don't want to hear. They don't want to hear that do they? They don't want to hear anything about celibacy, when I told that to Jill she freaked. That I was celibate. She wanted to have it a sex thing. Don't you think Chris?

Chris: [nods]

Corky: Are you covering your ass, or what's going on over there?

Chris: That camera scares the shit out of me.

Corky: Don't you think she wants to be something other than celibate?

Chris: Yeah.

Corky: Something other than celibate. So that was a bad thing for me to say? When I became celibate, she got very upset. What did she say?

Chris: She wouldn't talk about it, but she'd say that it's even worse now.

Corky: Oh, he became celibate. Oh no, that dirty dog. He didn't want to do sex. Bad thing, oh well. Guess that's what happens to you when you become an old man.

Sometimes in here it's got very weird energy, can you guys feel it? It's weird stuff don't you think? There is like a message on the altar, three short candles and six long ones. They're hotter than the long ones because they burn faster. Logical wouldn't you say Al?

Al M: Of course.

Corky: What would you say you got out of this class Al Greco? Nothing? It was a waste of time?

Al G: Kind of. Lot of contradictions.

Corky: Kind of? Lots of contradictions? Don't you think life is a contradiction? Does it come to you after you leave sometimes? Sometimes when you are in the class it doesn't make sense, but a month later, two months later, a year later all the sudden it made sense?

Al G: Something happens, but I don't know what it is.

Corky: Doesn't it make sense later?

Al G: In a way, but not like word for word, ya know? Not in a text.

Corky: I know. I agree with you. But like something I said two years ago, makes perfect sense today?

Al G: Yeah. The identity thing, I know what you are talking about now.

Corky: All that stuff makes sense now right? It'll all make sense one day. Chris, it's an inner fight, and inner struggle, but it unfolds and makes sense right? Cami, doesn't it give you an orgasm, makes you feel like what in the world have you been doing away from here?

Cami: Yes, it does.

Corky: It has nothing to do with sex. Nothing. But if you told that to Shad he'd get jealous.

Cami: I think he understands really.

Corky: But if you told him it were sex, he'd get jealous. Because it is right? But don't you think he ought to become jealous? Come on Shad, get jealous for just a second. Punch the couch, or hit yourself on the leg or something. Pick up the couch and throw it or something. It's like I'm holding her hand. Isn't that what Osho said? I'm holding Cami's hand. Shad should be jealous don't you think? I'm holding her hand. Shouldn't he be jealous?

Donna: That's the standard way.

Corky: But I'm holding his hand too. Her hand. His hand. Our hand. The Nothing's hand. So in that sexual content there should be no space for jealousy should there? But when you make it sex, there is jealousy. That's what Osho was saying, as long as you make it sex there is jealousy. Drop the sex. Just hold hands. Wow. That's a great orgasm.