Submission and Surrender - Part 1

January 28, 1985

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The scriptures talk about those with ears to listen ...

Submission is the divine key. I want to talk about this again today, because a lot of you are dealing with a problem right now, or are trying to deal with the problem, but you are not dealing with it. You are close to it, but you are not using the divine key to solve your problems. You are using the old method. The method that you have always used, the method that you learned as a little child to try to solve your problems or to bring this thing about that you are supposedly trying to accomplish.

Let us go back to ancient times. Let's look at the Bhagavad-Gita, or the Bible, or any scripture really — because they all say the same things. They talk about the many different levels of laws. The Summum book discusses a set of resonations which make up the laws, which are created by the Neters. They create gravity, centripical force, light, and different forms of energy, under particular resonations or vibrations. When we as individual people are at a level of vibration or resonation, we become subject to those laws, and they have control over us. For example, gravity has control over us, until we evolve into a state of consciousness where we resonate at a level which allows us to discover the faculty that has always existed; that of wings on an airplane. It was always there, but our intelligence level as a species did not resonate at that level, until it did. So, as we evolved, enlightenment came to the human species. This enlightenment allowed the resonation to increase to the point where one could envision within oneself these wings. Different experiments began to happen with this vision in mind, the vision of humans flying. The Wright brothers were able to make an airplane that successfully flew for a distance, and now we have these amazing things that allow humans to take to the skies in many different forms. This was a wish or an idea within the evolutionary species of man for thousands of years. There are even hang-gliders that allow you to get in a harness, and leap off a cliff, and the fabric on the wings behind you catches the wind current rising up off the edge of the mountain, and you are suspended in the air, literally flying through the air alone. This is something that man wished to do for years. This was in the heart and the mind and belief system of man for years. But something had to come about, a change had to take place, technology had to blossom, intelligence had to rise within the human species' evolutionary process to allow us to arrive at the point where we could do this. This is the change. So we have gone from a lower resonation to a higher resonation, in intelligence as a human species to be able to do these things.

The same thing happens as we deal with our fellow man or the environment around us. Back in the caveman days, when dinosaurs were around, we were supposed to bite on each other for survival. Animals would run to the bushes and trees, and would kill one another to eat in order to survive. It was the survival of the fittest. We all bit on each other to survive, it really was a jungle. Evolution came about and we moved from the cavemen to the migrating farmers. We learned to cultivate the ground, to bring our food out of the ground, using the intellect or this higher resonation within the soul which was manifest through the intellect. So evolution continues through the farm planet. This has happened infinite number of times, this evolutionary process of souls going from a lower stage to a higher stage. It is a very natural process in creation.

Everything does this, moves from an unconscious state, to a more open awakened conscious state. As they awaken they are better able to deal with the environment around them. They are better able to deal with everything around them because of their understanding of it, and their actions are different based upon their state of spiritual evolution and physical evolution.

There was a basic caveman law, where you could do anything to someone for invading your territory. You were expected to kill someone just for invading your territory, and eat them for meat. Then the Old Testament came about with a new law and it said you can only take an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth. The souls being incarnated on this planet reached a point where they were given a higher law. You can only take the eye back, not the arm and the leg too. This was a big step for those people to do this at that time, because they were used to killing people for invading your territory. A higher law was given to the souls to experience in a manifested form on the planet. This planet is not special. Do not limit your thinking to believe that this planet is special. This is just one tiny speck in an in infinite number of specs throughout this universe and infinite other universes.

A resonation, a higher law was given to the people and supposedly Moses came down from the mountain with them. There was a whole group of even higher laws that they were not ready for. These higher laws were thrown away because here were all these animals crawling around on the ground, and they were having a hard enough time dealing with just ten of them. They could not live those ten. These were ones they had to work towards, and when they mastered the ten, then they would be allowed to move on further.

As time went by, there were always teachers. The scriptures talk about those with ears to listen, and when they are ready to listen, a teacher will be there to teach them. They are usually not ready to listen, because they are so involved in their own little thing, they want to keep biting each other. So at this point, Christ comes along, and brings the new law. He says to turn the other cheek. When someone comes up and hits you, just walk away.

A higher law has been presented, a higher vibration, above and more powerful than the old law. With the old law, as soon as your eye got plucked out, it gave you license to run over and pluck the other guys eye out. So it brought you directly into the conflict, you became a participant in this destructive nature. That keeps you away from god, because god is creation. If you are not with god, you are in the absence of god. By allowing yourself to participate in the lower law, you automatically took yourself away from god. You took yourself into destruction.

When the law was presented, we approach the law and say "What I am going to do here is try to control myself. When I walk up to someone and they insult me, I am going to reach within myself, I will watch as the anger flares within myself. I am going to grab a hold of my hands, grab a hold of my mind, grab a hold of my thoughts and hold on to my lips, and say no. I am not going to jump into this argument with this person. To the extent that this will put me into a void of destruction with them. It is going to take me out of the presence of my bliss, away from creation. It is going to take me away from god. Who chooses to go away from god? We choose ourselves. You are the one that makes the decision in that particular instance to go away from god. God does not banish you from its presence. You are the one that banishes yourself from god by your participation. Just having the anger come up within you, having the heat generated in the body, the stimulation of the adrenaline flow through the system, you have allowed yourself to be out of the presence of god. Out of harmony with creation. You are in turmoil but it is not manifesting itself. All you have done is put a lid on top of it.

What has to take place in this situation to prevent you from taking yourself out of god's presence? Your consciousness, your resonation has to be at a higher frequency, before all those things happen within you. When your consciousness has risen to a higher point, all of those things do not take place. If you are mentally controlling yourself, that is all you are doing; mental control. It is not a rise in consciousness or a change or a conscious involvement. You are still in the same place. You have already plucked the other persons eye out within yourself, you just have not yet done it physically.

So the story that Christ tells that as you feel it in your heart, if you have wished it, it is as though you have already done it. If you think it within yourself, if this anger comes up within you and you put up a control in it, or hold it back, it does not make any difference, it still takes you out of the presence of god.

By doing that, where are we putting ourselves? Would you blame an evolved soul, hold a grudge against one, at a higher resonation for not wanting to be a part of all this junk going on right now on this planet? It would be like a clean person who bathes every day, and eats a healthy diet, to go and live in a sewer and eat off of the floor in the sewer.

If you guys are not out putting yourself in the cesspools on this planet, how can you expect a higher being or evolved being to waste their time with you? What happened to the law: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

The balance is in a higher resonation. If you participate in the lower laws and you play the game of an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth, you come to one who takes your eye, and you have to play the game back again where you take their eye, then you are stuck. What one needs to do is evolve above the conflict. Evolve to a creative state of the law. This will allow you to evolve above the conflict, instead of participating in the battle that this person wants to engage in with you. Now, that is not to say that when you are called out, that you give them a smart ass remark back. That is not the answer. There is always a higher law above the lower law. Everyone will find automatically, as their evolution and resonation in their essence ascends, and becomes more awakened that there is a resonation, or a higher law for every lower law. It is a spectrum. It is just like a thermometer with an infinite top end and an infinite bottom end. One goes out of destruction, and one goes right back to the presence of god.

What you need to do, is raise your thermometer and go into god's presence, in whatever situation that you happen to be in, with that particular law. Use the resonation of Creation in your dealings and your actions. Everyone needs to decide that for themselves in each situation that they find themselves in. You cannot say that every law is exactly the same in different situations. All laws are different, and you discover them as you go along, and as you become more and more aware. For me to sit here and give you the answers for all of them, is ridiculous, they need to be personally discovered.

So, in this conflict where someone insults you, by walking away you automatically set up a new encounter. Because the person who just slapped you is trying to deal with you still, and you are walking away. You are operating from a different resonation by walking away rather than sitting there and participating in the lower resonation.

Let us move on. This same law of walking away has an even higher law to it. Let us discuss this on a more personal level with everyone. I want you to remember back, when you were a child, remember the very first time you fell in love with someone. You had this wonderful feeling inside of you called love. Everybody has felt it. It is a warm feeling, it is a good feeling. Some people say that god is love and love is god. It is true. What you are allowing yourself to do, when you allow yourself to think of this person, you allow yourself the presence of god. You are setting aside all the barriers between you and this other person, and you experience god when you are in love. This person can do no wrong. If they came over and farted on you, it would be the sweet smell of god farting on you when you are in this state. But this happens because of you. The person did not make you fall in love. You were not made or coerced to fall in love. All of the sudden you let yourself fall in love with this person. Do you remember how good it felt? How wonderful it was? Being in the presence of god?

The reason I am referring to this at a time early in your life, back when you were a child, is because after that there came a time when you were frightened by the experience of being in the presence of god, it was too wonderful. You became afraid of it. Fear came into you that you would lose the presence of god, or lose the love of this person. The love that you allowed yourself to have within yourself, it was not anything you could put your hands on. You could not put it in a box and mail it to a relative. You could not put it in an envelope and sell it on the corner could you? Isn't that what god is? You cannot speak of god, you cannot put god into words. You cannot package it, you cannot sell it, and you cannot buy it. You can just let it be. You can just let god be. So the fear came that god was going to go away, or hurt you in some way, or god would reject you. Where did the fear come from?

It was a creation of your own. You made it up. You did something within your self. You created your own fear to take yourself away from god, away from the presence of god. You stopped resonating in the god consciousness and started resonating in the fear consciousness. You stopped singing the song of creation, the song of god and you went to a lower law. Then with the fear in place on the lower law, you began to get upset with your lover. Displeased with the lover, because the lover was not doing what you wanted it to do. It was not bringing you god, like you had before from the lover. This is a state of confusion within you. Because in the first place, god was in you it was never in the lover. You just projected god onto the lover. Not everybody else on the block looked at your lover and said "hey that's god." No one else said "hey there goes god walking down the street." When you looked at them, it was god wasn't it? You felt it inside when you talked on the phone. It was god on the other end. But it was just a projection of your own consciousness. You took yourself away from god, you put yourself into fear, and then you created all the disappointment. It became your creation and your destruction of this other person.

So you see how you move from the lower animal law of human being, into god consciousness, and automatically right back out. You put yourself there, and you take yourself out. Now the only way you got there in the first place was you surrendered. You surrendered your soul to a higher consciousness. You surrendered your being in submission and you surrendered to a higher resonation of evolution, and you allowed it to be. And it burned in your heart when it was there, it was so beautiful! Your chest was warm with it, your being was alive with energy from it. You danced with it. It overpowered everything else. Nothing could stand in your way.

But you put something between you and it. The fear. Because you started worrying about yourself. You started being concerned with who you were, and what you were, and what you wanted, and what you have to have, and what you deserved. So it went away. God went away because god cannot be in the presence of the selfish. When you lose yourself, you find yourself and you find god. When you start looking for yourself, you find, not god, but you find yourself. When you start being concerned about you and your territory, and your thing, you find just that. Whatever you seek after you will receive. That is what you get, just yourself. You get this thing that happens to be you, that is not god. But if you walk away from yourself, if you walk away from that fear, turn your back on it, and you lose yourself in creation you find god in the bliss of it, and you are always with it. The only way you do it is through submitting to a higher law, a higher resonation. Give yourself to it. Die for it, and be reborn within it. And then it is yours! You will always be there with it, unless you allow your consciousness to go back and resonate with how important you are, the importance of your ego, the importance of your body. Your needs. Your wants. Your wishes.

How much did you want for food when you were in love as a child with this person? When you were in the love of god resonating in the creation of that bliss? You could not even eat, it was impossible to eat! You were filled with the food of creation, filled with the life force of creation. You did not need food, you breathed god, you saw god, you were god. And then you allowed yourself to slip away from it. Put fear between you and god, because you started to worry about your ego, about your body and about yourself. You put a barrier between you and creation and god. It is still there now. The only way to get rid of it is to surrender yourself to the higher law. Give yourself to it, submit to it, total submission, give your life to it and you will be permanently within it. As long as you are arrogant, or self concerned, or anything to do with yourself, you will never be there, never have it, never be in the presence of god. Because god does not want to be with that. It was impossible for you to see that when you were in god consciousness. In love, all you could see was divinity and beauty. Then the evil things that your lover did to you, you created within yourself. You created those things that happened by putting your attention back on your ego, your body, on the worldly consciousness. When the next time in that state that your lover farted, it really stunk! But it was sweet before.

A lot of teachers, gurus, whatever you want to call them say that animals are on a different state of evolution than we are and that we are at a higher state of evolution. In some circumstances I would beg to argue with those teachers. Look at the animals around us today. They would do anything for any of you here. They would give their lives for you. There is nothing that you could do to them that would cause them to not love you. How could you ask for more love than the love that animals give? That is unconditional love. You could fart on them, and they like it. You could do anything you want to them, and they like it. They are in love with you. They are in god consciousness when they are with you. They have more god consciousness than most people on this planet. Because they feel the bliss within themselves, every time you walk up to them. Because of the bliss inside of them, they feel so good all over. They quiver all over with it.

Anybody that has a dog in love with them understands this feeling that their animals have with them. We may have a higher resonation in creation than they do, but they have a higher level of bliss within them, because they allow themselves to be within the consciousness of god. Most of the people on this planet are fighting with it, orbiting their own rear end, worrying about what they are going to have for themselves. What kind of car will they drive, what kind of house are they in, who will say what about them, who will worship them, rather than who can they worship.

The story is really true. You have to lose yourself to find yourself, or to find god. You have to surrender to the cause of creation, to be within it. It is like a choir. You walk into the choir, and you say I want to sing angelic music with god's choir. Then you begin to sing the orbit-around-my-own-bum-song, and everyone else is singing the surrender-to-god-song, and you do not harmonize with the song that is going on. All of the sudden you find yourself out of the harmony of creation, you do it yourself because of the song that you are singing. It is your own choice. No one stands between you and it except for yourself. And it happens through the giving of your self, it happens through dying to the cause of creation. Of it being everything to you. Your hunger goes away. When Christ said that you shall not thirst, or want, or hunger — remember when you were in that state of love, you could not eat anything. You were getting food from god, you did not have thirst, or hunger, all your wants were gone. What I am saying is it is easy to get there. It is easy! All you have to do is surrender. Just quit doing your thing and do gods thing.

It is a practice, but the problem is within the person doing the practice, normally there are a lot of reservations. They say to themselves, I will practice if I get this or that, and I do not want my space disturbed, or I want this for myself. One can only get there through giving their whole self to god, or to the cause, or to creation. Giving everything. Not 5% or 10%. Not 99%. But 100%. Remember that feeling that you had when you were in love. There was nothing that you wanted. You could have stopped breathing in that state and continued to exist, and ask for nothing more because you were there. All you have done now is put a wall between you and it.

Now, the answer is not to go find some young thing and fall in love. That was just an example of god consciousness. The meditation can only be a good practice through the works of your life. Through being totally involved there. No matter how hard you meditate, no matter how long you meditate, if your life is not, through its works, dedicated to creation and to god, and you have given yourself to it, the meditation will not take you there. So it is a combination of a number of things, the meditation, the work, and the surrender and submission to creation. You can surrender in the meditation, but you also need to surrender within your daily life, within your work, and within all aspects of your being, for it to be permanent and for you to be there permanently. Because what you did is you temporarily surrendered when you were a young child, to this lover and then you stopped surrendering and then it went away.

What I am trying to do is give you the formula or the technique to get there, and the method to find it. You can feel it within yourself right now. It is there right now. But what you will do is leave this building and it will go away. Because you will let it go away. You will put something between you and it. You will find something else to worry about yourself, rather than this feeling within you now. You are allowing it to be there now, but you will go out and find some reason to get rid of it. You will choose something of a lower resonation, rather than creation or god to put your attention on. Right now you have your attention on god or creation, but you will just find some other reason why not to stay with it, why not to be with it.

With this discussion in mind, where have you been? Have you found god? When you are in that space, what was it like? How did you get into that space? Does working for something other than your body, or your ego help to get you there? Is it a fight to stop worrying about yourself? Is it a struggle? Is it like when your eye is plucked out, and the heat rises within you, and you have to stop yourself from plucking out their eye? What has to happen to stop it? You have to quit. You have to quit playing your own game. Surrender is the divine key.

Who is keeping you away from god? Only you are. Because you are being concerned about yourself for 99.9% of your week. The whole thing is mathematical, let me tell you how it works. There is a hill, and everybody has heard this story from the time they were three years old. When you get to the top of the hill, going down the other side is easy. It's called the 50% line. You walk up the hill on one side, and at 51% of the energy you have put in, there is only 49% energy left to make it down to the other side. You move forward, until you get to the bottom of the hill. You struggle, and give it your effort all the way up the hill, and then when it gets most difficult, you are there.

You say have a goal in life that you come here to find god, or to get there. All I am saying is that it is very simple. What you need to do is take 51% of everything you do, every motion you make, every thought you think, every function you do, and dedicate it to the service of god. Take no thought for yourself. Once you start doing that, working your way up, from 10% to 20%, up to 51%, then you are home free. It is up hill the first 50%, from 10, 20, 30, and you get really tired in the 40's, 47, 48, and 49 — and you reach 50 and you wonder what you are doing there! So you rest for a minute, and then you go down the other side. That is what you have got to do. Nobody, no one ever in existence, or ever to be in existence, does it outside of this law. That is how it works. If you think you can get around it, you are lying to yourself. That is exactly how it works.

A guru could tell you to go sit in a cave for 40 years, and while you are in there, you are in there 100% of the time, doing your meditation, if that's what you are doing. You will get there if you spend half your life in that cave. You can walk around on the planet, singing the song of creation and god, not singing your own song and get there the same way. It is more difficult sometimes in the world because there are so many distractions, but it is still possible to do it. You create your own distractions in your mind, in the cave, or in the world. You can conjure up just as many distractions as you want in your imagination.

So the answer is simple. You have got to devote more of your conscious attention towards creation and god. You have got to abandon yourself, and lose yourself in it, and you will find yourself there.

When you were in love as a little child with the neighborhood kid, how much were you worried about yourself? Deep in the throws of bliss love? You were not worried about yourself at all were you? You were 100% there.

It goes back to life is like a movie, and the movie is already set. It is under the law of cause and effect. Everything is going to be as it is going to be. You can view the movie in bliss, or you can be in the pain of the movie. The whole movie is there, and you can choose any consciousness that you want, to view the movie of your life. The movie is not going to change, it is going to be the same movie. You can be happy in the movie, miserable in it, or mundane in it, or you can be in god consciousness in it.

This is not to say that you cannot rise above the movie of life and work with it, and manipulate it, you can. However, when you are orbiting at least 50% of the time around your own rear end, you can't even consider that. You have to get loose 100% and you can go from there to work with the movie of life. So accept life as it is. Deal with it, be in peace with it, surrender to it and surrender to the creation that has come to talk to you in life. If you will do that, if you will surrender to the creation that has come to talk to you, that your ears are ready to hear, and be with it and allow god to be there within you, it will be with you.

Does it do any good to feel sorry for yourself and cry about it? Instead of facing it, and getting strong with it, you cry about it, and that never solves the problem. Part of the systematic law of learning is looking at it. And then one gets stronger and realizes the problem, accepts where they are at and they have to stop crying. Then they set a resolve to experience a new state, they make a decision within there soul, to never go back. It is like getting your wings on the side of a cliff and jumping off, and there is no going back. This resolve allows you to move forward. This is the strength of the soul. It is pulling inside of yourself and saying "I am going to pull my weight one more time, and it will make my body stronger." You make a decision one more time to never go back to one small point, and your soul becomes stronger and builds a stronger will within, and goes on in evolution rather than going back into the thing that it used to be.

Pay attention to your dealings with everyone around you. Are you doing one thing on the surface to make people believe something, but underneath you are doing another? It is like when Christ says to turn the other cheek and you turn it and in the same moment, you assassinate one thousand people a day in your own heart because they are not doing your thing, or the things that you would have them do for you. In doing this you are killing yourself, not anybody else.

What I am saying is that there is a higher law above turning the other cheek. It says you do not have to participate in the underlying cause of everything, as long as you give your attention to something other than yourself. This is the answer. As long as everybody is concentrating on themselves and their attention is on themselves, it does not make any difference if you are the overt person, or the person walking away, you are still in the same situation. You are both in the situation, and you are just as guilty as the person who feels the destruction within themselves.

As long as you are involved in it, all you have done is shift your participation in it. They are still involved in a pursuit. It is the surrender and submission that is the higher law. It is the dog that rolls over and quits totally and says: "If you want to bite me on the belly go ahead, but I am not going to do anything about it. Here I am, to be bit. I am not going to walk away. Here I am to be here for you." It goes beyond walking away. It is the surrender and submission to it. When you walk away you are still doing your own thing. That is still your way of dealing with a problem. Rather than surrendering to a higher law, to the law of giving yourself totally to something other than yourself. Because you walk away, you are maintaining you. Rather than giving yourself to something larger.

Now I am not saying go lay in the street and give yourself away today. What I am saying here is a philosophy that will allow you to relax and be there. By understanding it and letting it be within you, rather than arguing with it which is not surrendering to it, that is still doing your own thing. But until you surrender to that feeling, to that existence, to that presence and be with it always, you are not there, you are still doing your thing. You may find a fancy way to do it, where you believe you are conning everybody. You believe that you have it under control. Everybody sees through the surface level of it, and recognize the real thing. The real thing is recognizable, and it is felt.

It is a basic thing. The way to go about this is to devote your time, your energies and your life to a creative philosophy, with your work, your actions, and your efforts. It is all a percentage equation. Everything else you do is away from it. Everything you do with it, is with it. It is black and white. You can twist it or distort it any way you choose to try to get out of the reality of it, but that is the bottom line. It is a percentage thing, of the dedication of your life towards it.

There are a million things that you can do on the planet, there is a myriad of things you can get involved in out there. But it is very simple, if you will find the words that are speaking to you, and if your ears will open and you will get next to it, as close as possible, and dedicate your life to that purpose, to those things, more than 50% of your existence, it is all downhill from there. As long as you are finding reasons to go do other things, get involved in all the things in the world, you will never get there. You will avoid it. You will avoid it. You will find things that you feel are very dramatic and important in the world to get lost in. It is a very simple thing. Do you need to go to India to get it? Do you need to go get involved in some thing in the world to get it? It is there, it is always there. It is within you, and as long as your life is devoted to it, you will have it.