Submission and Surrender - Part 2

January 28, 1985

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You have got to abandon yourself, and lose yourself in it ...

What I am trying to say is this is a farm planet here, and bodies evolve from pterodactyls to dinosaurs, to chimpanzees to human bodies; souls and spirits also evolve here. In the evolutionary process things enlarge themselves and become more complicated and more sophisticated. This is a farm planet and we are stuck on this planet, in this state of the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time for several eternities. We evolve from one eternity to the next eternity but we are still in this zone or region of this planet, similar to this planet, if not this particular planet. If we allow ourselves, or let ourselves turn our attention away from our basic desires and needs, wishes and wants, we become larger and our attention goes away from our animal body and it becomes a part of a larger thing. If we abandon our attachment to just ourselves, we allow our soul to become larger. We allow it to sing the same song of the higher souls around us. We move into the choir of Creation and we harmonize with that. Our consciousness and attention increases its area of comprehension and its area of resonation and becomes part of that larger area. It becomes enlarged or awakened. In this consciousness, at a certain point in time we allow our consciousness to sing the same song as Creation, the vibration that causes all things to be. The harmony of phi, the magic ratio, the divine proportion and when we get in harmony with that, you could say we are in Creation's choir, we are part of it.

There are methods to get there. We teach those methods here. We invite everybody to come here to learn those. Just because you come here and you hear them, it does not mean that you are going to do them. It is a total dedication of your life, as we said before. It starts out with you hearing the story and it sounds nice, and if you leave at that point nothing happens, it is just a nice story. But if you are strong within your will inside, if you are an evolved soul at a certain point where you can let go of, with the strength from within, the things of the world and move your energies into the things of creation, you will experience creation. It is the same thing Christ said, do not put your energies in the things on the earth, put your energies on the things within heaven, or in your soul. You can say it any way you like, it is the same story.

So people will come here and some will have the will within to do it, but most people won't. There are very few people that do it. Because most people are very weak within themselves, that they do not have the will to transform themselves. No one is going to transform you. You have got to do it yourself. This is something that happens with each person individually. It is a strength within you. No one is going to do it for you. Because if they do it for you, you would never have the strength to continue to be there or to stay there. You build your own strength to be there, and to stay there. We use the example of falling in love when you were a little child and the bliss that you were in being in love. Where you could not get hungry, you could not eat, you did not have any wishes wants or desires. You were in this bliss, this love for someone that you had run into. But it went away because you turned your attention back onto yourself. You started worrying about the fear that you built in this relationship with this person. So you could not maintain it because you didn't have the will within to make it a permanent thing.

So it is a great work that you are allowed to do if you choose to do that work. It is a work to build your will and your soul so that it can resonate in harmony with creation or god. You need assistance to do that. That is why we have Summum. We create guidelines, so you can be in the presence of some of those that resonate with that song, and when they do you can hear that same song. When you hear that song, you start to sing that song, your start to become that song, through your work, through your will, through your concentration, through your efforts, through your diligence of making that your primary storehouse of your treasures in life, your soul within.

The world is full of all of the distraction, all of the things that you can do to keep you away from it. All of the things that are purported to be so important and so valuable. Everybody chooses their own destiny within it. The things that you seek are the things that you will receive. Where you put your attention is what will come back and what you will become like.

We can carry this a little further with an exercise that shows where one's will is. All of you out there at one time or another, has made some kind of verbal agreement with another person. One such verbal agreement would be marriage. Where you go to the county courthouse and take out a marriage license and you go off and get married. The bottom line of the whole thing is, how good is your word? Is your word any good? The word that you give to this person that, "I will be with you and we are going to practice here a monogamous situation and I will give my loyalty to you because I give you my word to be loyal to you." Time passes by and all of the sudden the person that you gave your word to, goes out and breaks their word. They go off and bad mouth you. They go off and have another relationship with somebody else. What kind of license then, does that give you? Why doesn't it give you license to retaliate and do the same thing? Isn't that what most people do out there, when the person out there has violated them? It gives them license to go out and do the same thing.

It comes back to the same basic laws, wherever you put your attention, or wherever you plant your seeds, is what you are going to reap. If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. If you live by love, you are in love. No matter what the other person does it cannot take your love away, if you are whole within. It is like when we speak of the animals around here that we have as pets. We can do something to hurt our dogs, and violate the relationship with them in our minds, but the animal will come back to us and love us unconditionally. No matter what we do to them. They are living a higher law, than most human beings on this planet.

The thing that is really simple about it, the thing that is really unique about it is if you want to find an excuse to do away with your treasure in heaven, or stay away from god or creation, the world is full of them. You can find lots of them! The world is full of them. You can find anybody you want to, to make an agreement with. You can find the type of person that you know will break it, so it will give you an excuse to do the same thing they are doing. So that is where you put yourself. Rather than living by your word, or your strength within, or the things that you say you will do.

This is the exact same thing as the encounter you have with another person. The rage comes up within you. You feel the rage surfacing, your heart beats faster, your body gets warmer, the rage is there, and many people commit murder in their minds on other people. The higher law says if you believe it, or think it in your mind or heart, then you have done it. It is a natural law. What you are doing is thinking about it and doing it, the action is taking place within you, within your soul, within your consciousness.

What has to take place here is you have to be able to walk on this planet to evolve, and to be next to this creation, and you have to not be affected by it. Those thoughts cannot come up within you. So a process needs to take place. This is the process I have been talking about. You need to give your life, devote your life to creation rather than the world. As long as your life and devotion is given to the world you will always be there, doing like the world does. Those things will always be coming up inside of you. You will never get rid of them. You cannot be in a blue vat of dye, and come out another color. You will come out blue. If you want to be red, you need to get in the red vat of dye. As long as you dedicate your life to the things of the world, you will always have that within you coming up. Until you move over the apex, or the high point with your energies and the activities in your life are given to creation and you submit to it and give yourself to it totally, will you be able to be in those situations, and have nothing rise within you. Those deposits from your evolutionary past, the seeds within you will have to be brought up and exposed and those effects must be put back into their causes, through realization of who you are and what you are. It is a process that you go through, it does not happen over night. It is a life long work. It takes great strength within to do it, to give yourself to it, to submit to it.

Until you start submitting to it now, it does not ever start happening. Until you surrender and give up, you can not work on it. You have to do this, on a regular basis. You have to begin at a point in your lifetime, where you give yourself to it, rather than the things of the world, where it becomes number one. It becomes your life or your purpose in life. It becomes your goal, your full determination to do it. Not a sideline, because the sideline is just a whim. It is a thing that you read about, or hear about and you go to do it on the weekend. "I will go to the ashram on the weekend and chant with the other fellows. And then I will go back and do my regular thing the rest of the time." No decision has been made to store your treasures in your soul or in heaven. No permanent change has taken place. It will never happen until you do that. You will never become red, you will stay blue as long as you are in the blue vat of dye.

So we ask people to come here and do this, and make it their life. Not a sideline, to make it the whole part of their life. Everyone will come to a decision within themselves. Do I want to do this, or do I not want to do this? Do I want to be of the world, or do I want to be of Creation? Do I want myself to be continually disturbed by these rages within, as I move through the world in life? Or do I want to allow myself to gain total control of my soul within and allow it with my personal strength to enlarge its consciousness to fill the cosmos? Everyone makes their own choice. No one makes it for you. You do this on your own. No one can do the pushups for you in it. You have to do it yourself. There are all kinds of little slick deviations to get out of it, to say that you are doing it when you are really not. It all comes down to the basic element, and the basic element is surrender to it, and to the cause of creation. Where it becomes your number one goal in life, and your number one destination, and your total direction is towards creation and god.

You can find any excuse you want to. You can find family excuses. Christ said, "He who gives up houses and family for the kingdom of gods sake, shall receive a million fold." Because the world becomes your family, all souls become your family. You can be with every spirit as family. Rather than bonded to your isolation, with the ignorance of believing only someone with the same blood as you have, could be your family.

Many souls besides Christ have given up their physical life for it. There were so many people in the past that were so dedicated to god, that they gave their lives for it. It does not matter what church or religion it is. It is a feeling inside, within their consciousness. It is a devotion to god and creation, and to the higher resonations and laws of evolution. It is a devotion to the honesty of it, rather than the deception of it. Rather than finding a way to con yourself around it.

It is not easy. All of the people searching for the easy way are out there in the world. All of the strong ones, the individuals that hold strength within their souls, are trying to get next to creation and god. It is very easy to get mad. It is very easy to be disturbed by the things around you. It is very easy to lie around and not do anything. It is very easy not to work. It takes strength to work. It takes strength to do your meditations. It takes strength within yourself to jump off and surrender yourself to god and creation. It is easy not to do it. It is hard to do it. Only the strong, like in nature, survive. As above, so below. The strong souls will continue to evolve. The weak animals on this planet die off and are eaten by others. The laws are the same. There are higher states of the same laws, one above the other, like a thermometer. It is all degrees in temperature. As the temperature goes up, the vibration gets higher in the elements within the thermometer. As the temperature goes down the vibrations are lower and grosser vibrations.

That time as a child when you were in love, deeply in love, so infatuated that you could not eat, you could not even be hungry; you had no cares because you were in bliss. It was the greatest strength within you. You could have moved a mountain with it. You have all separated yourself from it by allowing yourself to be lazy and turning your attention away from the number one thing, becoming next to god or creation. By finding some excuse why not to do it. Why not to work on it, why not to be with it all the time. Something to play in the world with, to distract your attention from the pure reality of what creation is all about.

Everyone says that they are in life to be happy. How much happier could you have been when you were in that bliss of love? There is no greater happiness. You can not gain it from owning material things. You could have a million children, and that won't make you happy. The happiness is found within. That bliss is within you, within your consciousness, within your awareness. It does not matter what you manufacture out on the planet, it is all inside of you. It is a state that you allow yourself to work towards. It is a state that you allow yourself to let go in. It is a delicate paradoxical balance. You work as hard as you can towards getting next to god, and then you let go and surrender to it and you are there. It takes both, the strength of the work, and this letting go, letting it be. Let there be light within you.

It takes all of your strength to do it. To make it happen. It takes every ounce of your strength, and then the one behind that one, the ounce you never knew you had. So the answer is within you, you know it as well as I do. Who can do it? Only you can. It all depends on you, there is no other excuse. We do this ourselves. We do this alone.

It is a paradox, you listen to the teachings, you follow the teachings, and you question them. You ask as many questions as possible about it. Then you need to do what with it? You must do the work. Doing the work means you put your life into it, and become it and let it be. Then it happens. Then you are in that freedom of total consciousness where you are invincible. Where you are beyond this problem of being concerned about what somebody said, or what somebody has done. You are invincible because you cannot be stimulated to raise hate, fear or anger, because it is not within you to raise. It is gone. It has been disposed of. It is out of you because you have freed yourself from that resonation. You do not sing that song anymore — it is not there with you.

Christ said "You shall not fear." All the teachings are in the books, and you still just have to do it. It does not matter how many times you read it, you have to make it a part of your life. As you enlarge your consciousness, and stop worrying so much about your own self, the fear begins to go away. It does not make any difference whether you are alive today or tomorrow, because you are there already. When you are there already it does not make any difference because you are there, and there is no place to go from there.

So you reach a point that there is nothing that can bring you fear, because those resonations are no longer within you. Because you are not what you were. You are something different. You have abandoned that fear. You were at a resonation that allowed you to have your attention on something about your body, something about your personality or something else that you wanted to maintain. And then that resonation changes because you surrender to this process, to creation, to god; you become like it.

And when you are like it, it cannot go away because you are it, and you went away in the past. So there is nothing that can kill you. It may take your body away, but you are still there. You are now something larger than what you were before. You are all those who are around you, all those souls, that are in that consciousness of enlightenment.

The question I would ask is, why would Christ have bothered saying to the apostles, "Go sell your houses. Go throw away your fishing nets. Go abandon all of those things that you were doing in the world and come follow me." What did that mean?

Do you remember when you were in love with that person as a child? When you could not eat? What was it like? Could you have bought that feeling? Could you find it in a catalog? What did you do to get it? You surrendered to it. You gave up everything and let it happen. Was there anything prettier? It was so beautiful and so encompassing that you would die for it. You would jump off a cliff because you were so in love with it, right? That is how in love you need to be with god, and creation. Be there. You need to fall in love with god and creation, just like that. That same feeling every one of you had at one time or another in your life.

When you let that happen and you put your work into it, the life of your work, the work of your life, you will be next to it. You will be in it. You will be it. We talk about this so that all of you know where you are headed. So you will know what the destination is. I have told it to you before. It is something that you need to be next to, in the same environment with, within the resonation of it. It becomes a permanent thing when you make it permanent. When you let it become permanent. The only way you let it become permanent is you make your whole life about it.

As long as you are in the blue vat of dye, you will always be blue. But once you change vats, and put all your energies and yourself into the coloration of creation and god, you become it. You abandon all those things because of your presence in it. It gets all over you, it covers you from head to toe. In one initiation you are taught about the resonation that will go from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes and it will be all over your body. You may feel it now. That is the same resonation. It is there with you. It can be there all the time. All you have to do is let it be. Stop doing the things of the world. Start doing the things of god, the things of creation.

What are you doing out there in the world? Do you find yourself at total peace? Are you in a fight and a struggle with your work? Where are you? What kind of job can you think of that you would find that peace in? It does not matter what kind of work you do — it is about your consciousness while you are in it. You could be delivering the mail and be in god consciousness and you will be delivering god's mail. When your reward is the things of the world that is where your consciousness is. When your reward is the things of heaven that is where you are at. It does not matter what kind of work you do.

What you are working on while you are at work has nothing to do with it. It is the things that you do with it after you get your reward for delivering your mail. It is the effect that you put it toward, or the cause that you allow to take place. The next day that you go to work, it has that resonation on it. You go to work for eight hours and you bring home money for that time and you look for it as something material to the world. You look at something to take care of yourself with. To pay your rent, to pay for your utilities, to buy you food, buy a movie, or whatever it is. When you allow yourself to put your energies toward those things, under the law cause and effect, automatically, when you go back to work the next day the job resonates with materialism of the world. It drags you down into the pit of hell. Hell within your own mind, pain within your own mind, the conflict and the fight of doing the job, rather than the dance, the song, or the fun of creation and being within it. Do you see how that works?

Everybody creates their own heaven or hell, on the job or off. The perspective won't make any difference, it does not matter what you think about it, it matters what you do with it. It is where you are while you are working with it, and after you get off work, what you do with it.

When you go to work, you earn money. When you get it, what are you going to do with it? Maintain you. You use it for maintaining your body. You are trying to get your happiness through these dollars and your body. By giving your body food, and giving it creature comforts. You are looking for your happiness through the body, and not through the soul. Where you put your attention is where you are.

Have you ever tried to maintain your happiness through your sex organ? How long did that last? Your sex organ gets satisfied, and then it looks for something else to satisfy itself. After going through this, numerous times, you discover that there is a limit to that satisfaction. During this time, did you ever feel like you did when you were in love, like when you were young, when you submitted yourself to it totally and you were so deeply in love that nothing mattered? Did it even come close to that? The sex organ versus the deepest love, which one was permanent? The love was permanent. The sex organ deteriorated.

You cannot gain this heaven, or this god consciousness through your body. You cannot gain it by doing something for your body, sheltering it, or feeding it, or clothing it with pretty clothes. It comes from the soul. No matter what kind of wheels you buy to drive it around in, or clothes, or diamonds or pearls to put on it, or foods that you put into it, or buildings, or grand halls that you stick it in, or other bodies that you rub it on, you cannot go to that god consciousness through the body. So, all the things that you work for on the planet are in vain. You cannot get there with those things. It is impossible. No matter how many of them you get, or how many of them you store up, you can not get there. The road ends. It is earth bound. It ends right here on this planet. You get stuck and magnetized to the earth and the elements of it. The only way you can get there is to let go, and let your soul enlarge out of your body.

Do not worry about your maintenance. Christ said "Take no thought for tomorrow." Do not worry about where you are going to live. Do not worry if the rent is going to get paid. It will automatically take care of itself, if you give yourself to god. Like Christ said, the birds that fly around in the air, they stop and build a nest once in awhile, but everything is provided for them.

Remember how large you felt when you were in love? How all encompassing it was? It had no bounds. There is nothing worldly that you can do to achieve it. You can get lots of money and you will get old and go to the hospital and die, like everybody else does. You will never have that bliss consciousness. You will never have that god consciousness unless you let your soul do it. Unless you put your whole life into it. Unless you put all the energies of your work into it. Unless you are going to work for a cause other than your own body and yourself. If you let go and you say "Okay, I'll give this a shot. I am going to go to work, and I am going to go to work for god, and a cause of Creation and I am going to put everything that I have got into it." Then it will happen. It is a very simple mathematical formula. It is very easy to see.

How could you ask for a more beautiful thing in existence than being in love? All those other things go away. All those material wants and wishes that we think we are going to get pleasure from, and happiness out of, are meaningless. It is love, and love is god. As soon as you start building things and gathering things to maintain the love, your attention goes to those things instead.