Surrender - Open Discussion

December 29, 1985

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Most everybody is doing their own thing, and refuse ... to become larger than their own little bunghole.

What I want to talk about today is something very important to everybody's life. It is so simple, except everybody makes it so complicated, it is unbelievable. It is amazing to me. It seems no matter how many years go by, no matter how many times we tell this story; everybody wants to make it complicated. I want to explain why it gets complicated, and why it is actually very simple. Let us go back to the Creation, where we have the Nothing. Now, this is on the other side of creation, a billionth of a second before the big bang, where there is no space, no speed, no distance or time or anything, there is nothing there, and then because of nothing, it has to be possible. Now, this is a philosophical observation from this side of the big bang. So we are saying to ourselves "Well how can those things be there? They really are not there. This is a philosophical examination from the side of time and space looking at it. It is subjective in nature. So we have the Nothing and it has to be possible for Nothing to be. And if there is Nothing then there must also be Possibility. Automatically they create each other. They go into a bond, like sex, an infinite number of times in a finite moment. Now what that means, an infinite number of times in a finite moment - is there is no time yet, there is no space, so that is the big bang. The intercourse, the bonding between those two Grand Opposites an infinite number of times in a finite moment creates everything that exists or ever will exist in the universes in that finite moment. And all time, all speed, all distance, all space comes out of that intercourse between those two oppositional subjective states. Now, that is a little abstract I know. But if you give yourself an opportunity to do the meditations and stay here in the pyramid it becomes clear as pie to you, as to how that works and how creation comes out of it.

Now those are the two Grand Opposites; the Totalness and the Nothingness. They represent gender, male and female. Everything has its opposite. So the question has been asked of me, "How come everybody has all these problems in their lives? You know, this person has this problem, another person has another problem, and everybody goes through life with a problem." What happens is everything comes out of the infinite number of strokes in a finite moment, it explodes out and we have time and space. It is a giant explosion. It expanded outward and it is still going out, and then it collapses back in on itself. Then it will come back out and then it will collapse back in on itself. But we think of the "going out" stage as a very long period of time. Billions and billions of years go by as it is expanding. As the energy comes out of the explosion this energy turns into the electromagnetic forces, gravity, the strong and the weak forces. These energies form together to form other energies, and those come together to form electrons, quarks, and all the little tiny things that make up matter, or energy states. Molecules come together to form matter, and matter sticks together to form planets and suns, and all kinds of things like that. We have a full universe coming into form.

And at the same time we have the underlying essence of the universe which is the intelligence of the universe that knew what it did. Because everything came out of it, and all is there. Everything that possibly can be is, in this universe. But what takes place is this essence comes out of that bonding and takes on a manifest state. Part of this totalness, a whole seed of it, separates itself from the whole and incarnates into a human body. And we find ourselves as humans as we work ourselves up along this scale of evolution.

We separate ourselves consciously in this knowledge from creation and the all, and what knowing everything is, and we do it on purpose. We do this to hide from the reality of the enlightenment. Because the enlightenment is boring. Because the enlightenment is alone. Because the enlightenment is oneness. If you are one, and you are everything, then it is boring. But if you believe through ignorance, through obstacles and barriers, that you are separate from, then it is exciting to try to get back to the oneness. See how that works?

Let me put it this way. Let us say you were the only thing in existence. There were no people, no animals, no work, no play, no planets, absolutely nothing except for you. Wouldn't it be sort of boring? So what you have done is divided yourself up into an infinite number of particles and confused yourself and the particles. You are allowing yourself to believe that each individual one of you is separate from the actual whole. That is the difference between non-enlightenment and enlightenment. Pure enlightenment I am talking about here. Where you believe you are this individual person, and you are not this original oneness. If you were the original oneness then you would be bored. It is like all the cells in your body think that they are individual cells, that have individual consciousness but they are in the community of harmony together that make the body work as a whole. They each have their own little identity, but they have given in and surrendered enough to become part of the body. Become part of the community of this body or this whole.

This is what happens to us as we go back closer and closer and closer to Creation. We surrender, we give in, and we become part of the whole, more of it. We, all of the sudden take away an obstacle that stands between us and enlightenment, and we have to laugh at it, and say "All this time, I thought that I was 'I', when I am all. I am all of you guys, and we are all the same." And it gets less and less and less and less and you become less separated from everything.

You are in this evolutionary process headed back to Creation, everything will start moving back in on itself. But it is still expanding away from its center, which is why there is not much harmony here on this particular universe. You need to move into universes where the universe is on its way back in to creation, where the harmony starts to begin, real harmony. Here, everybody is trying to do their own thing. And when somebody does something that is not your own thing and you are involved with them, it upsets you or it bothers you. As we see from the teachings from all philosophies, everything comes into balance. The sun comes up for an equal amount of time, and then it goes down. Everything balances out and equals out over a period of time. Everybody is all pissed off right now in 1985 because they do not have everything that they think they should have right now. They are separated from this whole thing and they are not part of it. They ask themselves how could Creation do this thing to them to make them feel so separated from everything. When in actuality they are allowing themselves to be separated because they choose to, because they are afraid of the enlightenment because it is so boring.

Does that make sense? It is too peaceful. It is like the meditation that you do, isn't that the most peaceful state you can find? When you get back into enlightenment you are in the meditation, you are in pure consciousness, you are everything. When you come out of it, it goes into confusion and in an argument on the battlefield of life. You try to get the high and then you get the low, and you swing back and forth throughout your life. When you are on the low end you are bitching about it and when you are on the high end of life, you are celebrating about it but you do not remember that you were ever in the high end because when you are on the low end you have to bitch about it. And it is your own game that you are playing, believing that you are separate from this whole thing, trying to cause confusion and keep yourself away from it.

It is not really boring but people look at it as being boring. When they get close to it, it scares them to the extent that it is hard for people when they first learn to meditate to actually sit down and meditate because they say that it is too boring. And then once they really discover what it really is, it is blissful, it is beautiful, it is divine. You are back in the bliss of knowing. It does have its compensation or balance to it, that this world out here becomes very painful. Everything in this world is a high and low that are all painful, there is nothing better than that state of meditation. Nothing can beat it. But the people who are afraid of it, argue because it is an unknown to them. They do not know what it is and it seems very boring as they move into it, because it seems too peaceful for them to be in. They are so used to and so programmed with agitation that they have to have agitation to exist. They have got to have turmoil. That is why all the wars and arguments, and highs and lows; they have to have agitation. They have got to have a party.

This is one of the things that Rashneesh was trying to demonstrate. With the dynamic meditation, he was showing everybody that the party is corny. He would let them party and party their heads off, and party like crazy! And then they would eventually be finished with that and go "Oh, here is the peace here, and the party is over there." They are hung up on this excitation or this agitation. The dynamic meditation lets you get it all out, and you can squirt it out all over the place. And then you get bored with squirting it out, all the excitement and everything all over the place, and then you rest out in the meditation.

And so when you have this low swing, you blame it on somebody else. It is somebody else's fault that you are feeling bad. Somebody said this, or somebody did that and you feel bad about it. That is not to say that you have to go hang out in a sewage pit and say that it is all okay, or let the sewage pit hang out on you all day and say that it is okay. There are some places that are more harmonious to hang out than others. But everybody is responsible for their own life, or their own existence. Because they are separated, so they are doing their separation thing on their own. They are totally and completely responsible for themselves, until they get into a community that allows them to evolve back to Creation. And you are not going to evolve back there tomorrow, or this lifetime, or the next lifetime, or the next lifetime. There are billions of lifetimes ahead to go back there, and you have just begun the trek to head on back. Most everybody is doing their own thing, and refuse to submit it all to do a community thing to become larger than their own little bunghole. They are doing their little thing here. Then they will incarnate right back, run around on planet earth, try to gather all your wealth and all the things you want, all your wishes, wants and desires, all the highs and lows and everything until you drop dead. Then you incarnate right back into a womb here doing the same thing. You do this until you make a conscious community decision to become something larger than yourself. Until you surrender to a community of a whole that is going to go on in evolution, where there is found more harmony of a larger body togetherness. Rather than doing your own thing as a little cell, and you continue to be an amoeba in a little pond, you are going to come right back as an amoeba in the same pond. Until you join together as a body of a larger whole and become a larger creature going through existence. That does not mean you lose your identity, your identity is still there. But you cooperate with the whole, you give up your selfishness and your selfish desires, and all of your corny wishes wants and desires that hold you to the sewage pit of this planet.

Everybody wants agitation. You are involved in it because you allow it to affect you because you are on a planet of agitation. I have had a game going on with a dog in the alley recently. He is a very loud dog that likes to bark constantly when it is outside. For awhile I wanted to shout at it, or bark back at the dog. And now I just started ignoring that the dog even exists. Rooster and Butch used to bark at this dog all the time. They would get in a big dog fight along the fence. But now I have started ignoring this dog, ignoring that it even exists and now what is funny, is the dogs are ignoring that this other dog exists. It comes out and barks its head off! It is still barking, but Rooster and Butch go right by that dog like it does not even exist. They do not hear that dog anymore, and the reason that they heard it before was because I was hearing it. See they were turning in to me getting upset by this dog, so they were getting into a dog fight with it. Now this thing about "giving it good vibes," and "throwing it white light," that's a bunch of horse shit. Just ignore it. Pretend like it is not there, put it out of existence.

What if that dog was biting me on the leg? The reason in the first place that he wants to come out and bark and bite me on the leg is that he knows that he gets me. He knows he is getting me into a dog fight inside. That is why he is biting me on the leg. If I just stood there and let him chew me on the leg and had no response to it, that dog would give up on chewing on me after awhile. Now he might chew on me a few times, but if I just gave up and quit, he would not even be interested in chewing on me anymore. That is what you have got to do. You have to let the dog bite you and ignore it.

Pay attention too. There must be something going on or the dog would not be biting. There is something the dog wants out of you or the dog would not be biting in the first place. What that is, it will come to you as you pay attention to it. I promise just give it time.

So, it ends up being everybody else's problem, like the dog that is biting you. And there will always be dogs to bite on you no matter where you go on this planet, there will always be dogs to bite on you. No matter what. Look at Rashneesh he got bit on a lot recently and he just decided that he was not going to stick around and get bit on anymore. Now you can do that too but there are some things that you cannot get away from. You are stuck with the dog and you have to just let it bite you. Like the government. Let it bite, bite, bite, bite, until it is finished biting, and then it is over with. It is a karmic thing too, that relationship of why it is biting in the first place. But if you give it a reason to bite some more, like kicking back when it is biting, then it builds up the karma again for it to bite some more. So you just have to ignore it. Do not say anything to it, do not do anything to it, just let it bite.

The aggravation is the belief system that it has you involved in it. That is the agitation and aggravation. That is the low end and the high end. Let us just say for example, in your life have you ever teased anybody? It is part of the game. When you were teasing them, you were not really serious about doing anything, but you were sort of teasing them right? Do you think that it is possible that they thought that you were not teasing? But on your side of the game, you thought it was a game, you were not serious. But to them, it was a threat. Do you think that the person on the other end could have been irritated and agitated? It made them nervous. It made them agitated. Do you think it had any effect on their sleep at night? Or do you think when they got home, they forgot about everything, and the whole world was beautiful and they slept like a baby. It could affect them right?

That is called karma. Everyone gets a turn. You did it last lifetime. You are going to incarnate right back into this one again, if you do not become part of something larger of what is going on here than the every day person. Most people won't. There are very few people that get out of here, off the farm planet. It is a continual mulling over of the old elements, over and over and over and over. All these souls stay here, and you have got to get your act cleaned up and move on to something larger. You do it through the meditation. You do it in the participation and surrender into something larger than your own thing in life. The meditation gives you peace if you will just hold to it whenever you are confronted with one of these nightmare things in life. Go to it, hold to it, and then dedicate your life to something larger than what everybody else dedicates their lives to. Most people will go to church or they will join groups and pretend to be part of something larger, but they really will just continue to do their own life. And that is all they are doing, is their own life. And they will just incarnate back and then join some more churches and groups, and do the same thing over and over again, and incarnate back.

But sooner or later they will get tired of it. Like you are saying to me, "I am SO tired of it! How come I am always on the bottom?" It is because you are seeing the bottom end. How come I am a loser in this deal? How come I am feeling bad about it? And what I am saying is you do not have to! If you will allow yourself to quit and surrender to something larger and become part of it and give all of your problems to it. Take care of yourself, but give your worries to it. Say "I am not going to worry anymore. I am going to give my worries to this thing." Give them away and give your life to it at the same time. When you give your life to it, you can give your worries to it and your problems will go away. And then you evolve off of the planet into something greater. Until you do that, you don't, you just stay here and you continue to incarnate back into another amoeba pool.

Most people do not surrender at all. Most people are doing their own thing. When you surrender, the problems go away. It is like a big bubble of joy lands on your brain and happiness arrives. You have to keep knocking down each little obstacle, keep surrendering and giving in and giving in and giving in, until it dissolves your selfishness, and you become a part of the whole.

Part of the trick we play on ourselves is not seeing what we need to do in life. We create barriers between ourselves and people that allow us to attack people, and then we wonder why people are acting weird around us. Then we refuse to see that attacking them is not okay. And then every once in awhile you finally reach a point, with a glimpse of enlightenment and say "That is stupid what I am doing! Why am I doing that? It is what I am using to keep myself away from people, from this larger thing and becoming part of this whole." You get a shot of scenery of what is really happening. That is what is so miserable around Summum. You begin to see what you are doing in your life. If you hang around here long enough and do your meditation, you start seeing it, and it makes you change.

You can go a lot of other places and spend your whole life and nothing will ever happen. You can read a lot of books and pretend to change, say the words just right and nothing will really happen. You will drop dead, incarnate and do the whole thing over again. Here you will get a shot of it, if you will do the meditation and follow the program it automatically makes you do it over a period of time.

Right now you are on the bottom side of a swing. The problem is, you notice them more now than you did earlier in life, because you have become more sensitive than you ever were before. That is what happens. Don't you get more sensitive when you come here? You were numb before and the highs and lows were not so relevant, they were foggy. Before, you did not see it as clearly, when you come here you get very conscious. You see them all very clearly. Before you were on this roller coaster in life, and at the top of the hill something would take your attention away and as you started moving down that hill, your attention was not on going down it was on seeing what was happening at the top of the hill. But now you have control of your own attention because of the meditation. As you get to the top of the roller coaster, your attention is focused on going down over that hill, and it is intense! You head down and it is so intense it is like a thousand times more painful than it used to be. Try the meditation, it works honest! It does. But it is a fight. There will always be something to try to keep us away from it.