The Altar

May 25, 1986

The forces of nature are in the altar.

There is a good percentage of society that has a real stand against giving to charity, against doing things for charitable groups. They have a thing that says unless you do it just for yourself, or your family, a daughter, a son, your mother or father, then you should not do things like that. And you are stupid if you do. Does anyone know someone like that? They say it is a stupid thing to do to help out someone that you do not know. If you do not have personal relationship with them or if you do not see them directly benefit from your gift then what is the point of giving? If it is an indirect association, for example you give to the Humane Society and they help out some dog that got picked up and they gave it a shot and it lives. That is a very stupid thing to do because you did not know the dog, and the Humane Society was the middle person between. There is a whole group of people in society that are like that, which is okay. That is just fine, it is the way that they are.

But there is an opposite, just like on all poles. There are people that are very giving to charitable groups and people that are very anti-giving to a group. It is the opposites on a thermometer. That is just the way that it is. If people belong to a church they feel very good giving to it. For example, if they were Catholic then they feel good giving their money to the Catholic Church. But there are people who are not catholic that think that the Catholic Church should not have any money at all.

It is all a very interesting consciousness that everyone ought to look at in their own lives. To consider why you are doing that. Why are you giving? Is it a giving thing when you give to the church because it gives you something back? Or when you give to the bum that walks by on the street? Or you take care of your family and it gives you something back? Or you give something to an organization and you do not directly see the return on it, you do not get anything back. That is one thing that I wanted to talk about today.

But the important thing that I wanted to talk about today is something that happened here in the pyramid that was very interesting to me. It was really bizarre to me. What it has to do with is the altar. Is anyone here under the impression that it is okay to touch the altar or to do anything to it? You know, dance around on the altar. Take the crystals off of it and put them in your pocket, take them home, and then bring them back. Feel them, move things around, drink the wine that is on there, light the candles on the altar. Does anybody here feel that is okay to do? I have tried to impress everybody over the years that you are not supposed to that right? For quite a long period of time I have given that instruction.

Anyway what happens on the altar is it is sort of like a very nice little print circuit. It does not move or anything. It just sits there, stationary. When you light the candles it turns it on. It is like the energy for it. It has a memory and everything in it. The crystals store the energy in their memory. If someone disturbs that in any way, it would be like someone coming in and taking a soldering gun and doing the welds differently on the print circuit, or pouring something on it, or picking it up pulling it out of the machine and sticking it back in just to screw with it. I want to open this to discussion so you guys can ask me what it does and why it is not appropriate to touch it. It is not a thing that a person would come in who is a "bad" person who would touch it and hurt it. It does not have anything to do with being bad or good. It has to do with the way that the altar is. It does not need to be messed with. To the extent that the way all the crystals and everything is arranged on there and the energy that it builds up. If somebody comes in and picks up one of the crystals and moves it around or touches it, that is like messing with the printer circuit and unsoldering the circuits and the whole thing loses all of its energy. It is like turning on someone's car when they are not around, and draining the battery. Or the generator is running to support all the life support in the hospital and someone comes around and unplugs the generator. They think that they have the right to do that or that they are special or they are going to get some special energy for themselves out of turning off the generator. Or they can charge their own car up with the power from the generator.

The altar is a special thing and it has an effect on everyone that comes around here. So it is not fair for us to open the building up, and let people from the street come in here and pick up the crystals and move them around and everything. It is not fair to you guys because it has an effect on you guys when you come in here. That is why I have asked everybody not to mess with the altar. It does not do any of us any good, and it does not do the altar any good and it is not fair for somebody to take that for themselves and mess with it, because they do not know what they are doing.

Have I ever told everybody that they can't build one of these in their own home? You all know you can build an altar of your own at home. You can make five of them if you want. You can build your own pyramid and put an altar in it just for you. The altar here belongs to Summum, it does not belong to any one person. Now if it belongs to Summum, does that give anyone that is a member of Summum the right to go up and mess with it? Some people would believe that, but it does not. It is used for a particular purpose. It affects all the other people around, to the extent that everybody is dependant on the altar doing its job. It is unconscionable in my opinion that we cannot persuade a person or people to leave the altar alone. It is sort of a real interesting incident that happened here the last time we had class, and I was not here. A glass of nectar was taken off of the altar and passed around in a very deceitful manner. The person wanted everyone to drink the nectar, and yet he would not drink any of it until everyone else had. Why do you think someone would do that? Did anyone see this happen?

Do you think that he thinks that I want him to mess with the altar? Do you think I publicly left any room for anybody to interpret that they are supposed to touch the altar, take things off of it, or to rearrange everything? Do you think people think that they will get something special from the altar if they touch it, something that nobody else will get by messing with it? People make up many different excuses to touch it. You will always here me say "Don't touch it!" It is a very powerful altar. There is no question about that. So a person would have a tendency if they were trying to get power for them selves to try to mess with it.

Anyway, I guess to put it into a modern term, I will put it another way. You see, the altar, it cannot do anything. It is helpless, it is just sitting there, and it cannot defend itself. The people around here are the only ones that can make sure that nothing happens to it. It was sort of like a rape that took place on the altar the other night. It was violated and there was nothing it could do about it. Usually I answer every question that anyone asks me. If I was asked what the yellow stuff in the glasses were on the altar, I would tell them "That is the nectar publication of Transformation." If they asked me "Well, what is it doing up there on the altar?" Then I would say to them "That is an offering to the forces of nature, or the Neters. It is a gift to the gods per say, or the forces of creation." If they were to ask me, "Why do you put it up there?" I would answer, "When we give something to them it is our respect and honor that we know that they are there. We give things to the forces of nature to establish in our own consciousness and everyone else's consciousness around here, that you give things to the forces and you harmonize with it and everything works well for you, rather than trying to fight against it." And then I would have to go on and say "But if someone took the offering off of the altar, or stole it off of there, or used it off of there, a gift to the forces of nature, that is not a very conscious thing to do. Here we are giving a gift to the gods. A gift or a present to the forces of Creation and someone hog dogs it down for themselves. That's not real logical in my opinion." It should not be that we have to cover it up or lock up the altar if a person is a member around here they are supposed to be helping Summum out. If they are a part of Summum, we should not have to bolt it up or put a big wall and padlock up so that people cannot get to it and mess with it, so that everybody else's harmony with the forces and gifts to creation are not disturbed.

So indirectly everybody at Summum is raped by the altar being violated in this manner. By an event of this nature. You guys are too. Not just the altar. Because it is your altar. Does that make sense? So, the whole issue was raised about this event, and what to do about it. There is not much we can to about it. The person who did this does not have to go away. But keep in mind that the only thing people will listen to is peer pressure — that if you guys start sharing with each other how you feel about it when they disgrace the altar, the message will be made clear to them

So, the altar is cleaned every week, and then I arrange it I reorganize it. It is a specific arrangement that I do. People that mess with the altar do not want to clean it, they want to mess with it and take energy from it. After it has been cleaned, it isn't "on." It is not in its "working" mode. People that want to mess with the altar, want to do it when the energy is there.

I ask people to light the altar once in awhile, but only when it is appropriate for that moment. For those individuals that have a motive of taking from the altar, I cannot in good conscious ask them to light the altar. Let me put it this way, if you know of a man that just got convicted of raping little boys, would you ask them to baby sit your son? Absolutely not! I do not want to ask people to light the altar that are of that nature, where all they want to do is mess with the altar.

If we give people the power of the altar, are they going to do it for Summum? No. It will be for themselves, and their own power trip. There is a problem with that. It is the same story with the arc of the covenant. You do not just give everybody the access to what is inside. There really are no secrets, when a person is ready to understand it they are given it, because they have earned it. You do not take the arc of the covenant out, and throw it down to a bunch of people who are going to jump up and down on it, and try to steal all the gold out of it. You keep it sacred. This altar is sacred.

You cannot just say, let this person do what he wants to do to the altar. Or to just let him do some of the things that are important to be done to it, like lighting the candles, or arranging the crystals. It is not appropriate for him right now. Because he does not want to do it for the altar's benefit, he wants to do it for his benefit.

I do think we ought to offer the ability to work with it while it is being cleaned when it is not working. We take the crystals off, and put them in water and we wash them off. Then I rearrange it in a very specific way so that it works properly.

The forces of nature are in the altar. The forces want to be in something that respects them. We give an offering to the forces, so that we honor them.

If we talk to him like a family, I want to get everybody into a context of what the bottom line should be. I feel personally that what makes the altar work are the forces are in it. The forces are there, not because someone who comes along and has an ulterior motive, says the right words and they jump into the crystals. The forces are there because of an accumulation of the years and years of dedication to the forces. Like anything in nature. If you are going to store a large body of water, and you have a large valley near a mountain, all this water runs down the stream. You build a small dam, and pretty soon you have a small lake. You keep enlarging and enlarging the dam until you have a huge ocean of water with an immense amount of energy behind it. It is not there just because you built the dam. It is there because the water wanted to be there in the first place, because if it did not want to be there, it would find its way out.

That is the way the altar is. It takes a long time to gather the forces within it and make it work. It is very easy to punch a hole in it, and mess with it, and not allow it to work if somebody wants to do that. The forces will just avoid it and go away, and eventually they will come back once they feel really comfortable there with it. This happens especially if you make an offering to the forces, a gift to them, and someone comes along and steals it off of the altar for their own use or because it "feels good." The altar does feel good. There is no question about it. It has a real interesting energy to it. It is not electrical energy, it is something beyond that. It is an opening to a higher consciousness, an opening to another universe. It is an opening, a clearing. There is all this clarity on there. In the Egyptian book of the dead it says in the ceremony of transference of a soul in this life to the next life, that "the gods stand as crystals." Isn't that amazing!? And the forces stand as crystals to liberate, and to bring back the speech, sight and resurrection of this soul going on to the other side. Now, that is not the exact verbatim of what the book says, but that is the basic idea. What it means is the gods stand as an emblem of crystals. They are in the crystals to allow this transference to take place. The book shows the image of the tools they held up to the mummies and everything and the original tools they used were crystals. We started using the crystals about ten years ago, and about five years ago all these new age groups jumped on the crystal band wagon, that there is something in the wave of consciousness that people are discovering what crystals are about. The demand is increasing in the past few years, because everyone wants them now.

The nectar that is on there right now is Transformation nectar. It has to do with Mike, and it has to do with Oscar, and all of you guys with the things that are going on around here. Let us just say that all of your well being depends on the nectar on the altar, and someone comes sneaking in here and drinks the sucker. Is that fair?

Sometimes it takes the effort of the community to explain this to people. When I tell people directly, it does not seem to do any good. I have said to everyone outright, "Do not touch the altar." I have said it over and over and over through the years. Nobody is welcome to touch the altar, or put things on it, or move things off of it. No one has permission to touch the altar, unless they have been invited by me to do something specific, in that particular moment. I will teach everybody how to work the altar, and how to set it up for themselves when the time comes.