The First Supper

February 8, 1997

Come to the wedding, but come in the easy way: the back door.

Corky: It is sacrament. We don't call it a wine, we call it a sacrament. They go out into the field, pick grapes, and put them in big vats and ferment them. And then they sell them to the public to drink, or they sell them to the Catholic Church or the Lutheran church or whatever, and then the Catholic Church puts the wine on the altar. And then the bishop or the priest comes up to the altar, and he transforms that wine into the blood of Christ. And then those people who are there who take the sacrament are drinking the blood of Christ, and that is their sacrament. In the local church here in town they used to use wine, but now they use water. They bless the water, they give it a transformation, and they make it consecrated and holy, and that is their sacrament. And then they drink it.

What we do here is, we take grape juice, and the minute it enters the door we begin our meditation, we begin our religious worship with it, and we place it in the vat. And we sit in a large circle, and we hold hands around the vat, and we imbue into the sacrament an energy of what that sacrament is. We have numerous ones we've made since the early 80's when we first started doing it. We have the "Song of Creation," which is a song that creation sings, and when you take that sacrament, the song of creation sings inside of you. We have "Transformation," which is the sacrament of changing from what you were into something that is beyond what you are. And we have "Cause and Effect," which is the sacrament of a realization that everything is under destiny, and there is no such thing as chance, everything is under law. And we have the sacrament of "Meditation" which we started out with tonight. And we have the sacrament of "Neutralization," and we have the sacrament of "Sexual Ecstasy," and we have the sacrament of "Devotion." There are twenty-seven total sacraments that we will make over the next period of time. We do them one at a time, gradually, over a period of years, and we save the sacraments from the first time they are made so that we can use them in our sacramental meetings like tonight. And so we differ greatly from what a winery is. What a winery does is they make wine, and they sell it to the public. What we do is we take grape juice, and we use it as our religious worship. It is our exercise of religion. And it starts from the moment that it enters our temple here.

So the reason I'm saying this is because we have an argument with the government. The government says we make wine, and we say, "No, we make sacrament." We don't sell it. We only use it for one purpose: for religious worship. That's the beginning and the end of the story. It is used for religious worship, that's all it is used for. And we also eat bread, and since this is the first supper, we've got these wonderful little pieces of bread here to have with our sacrament. And so what we are going to do is a very quick silent meditation, and I'll hold the bread; I'll smell the bread first because it smells great... we're sort of informal in all of our classes because, you know, all of those costumes that the religions wear, and all the hocus pocus stuff and everything that goes on, we see as a little bit corny. Let's get real and get down to earth, and talk about reality rather than costumes and pretend, and those things that the blind leaders of the blind have got them so involved in over the years.

Would everybody like to have a little bit of sacrament? We'll have a silent meditation by listening to the silence of the sound.

Everybody is welcome to take some sacramental bread. The title of the class tonight is, "The First Supper." And I hope that we have an infinite number of suppers here, and that everyone continues to have suppers at this location as long as the planet happens to be around. It's a beginning place. It's a place where things start. As we look back on history, we see how everything is sort of like a seed, and it blossoms, and when it first starts out on the ground, everyone sort of sees it as a nothingness. And then after it has transformed from a seed, it is no longer a seed, it has turned into a plant. The transformation... changed, and it changed into itself, and it became a tree, and then it gave birth to other trees, and kept on going, and kept on going. Everything is that way, everything within creation starts out that way. When the original thing reaches its highest state and its pinnacle, and then what it does is, it dies, and transforms, and goes back into the elements, and is reborn as something else. And so there is really no such thing as death. For anything. Science tells us that. Science says that there is no way to destroy matter because you take matter, and you change it into energy, or you take the energy from the sun, and you transform it back into matter. And so nothing ever really goes out of existence, it just keeps on happening.

And it has been asked of me today, it has been asked of me for the last 20 years, how is Summum different from most religions? What is Summum? What is it about? And the word Summum is a Latin word, it means "sum total." And what it actually is, is a reconciliation of all religions and all philosophies and all science into a oneness. And once someone understands the principles of Summum, they realize how everything is an expression of Summum, or a part of it, and that Summum is the whole, and it is the Sum Total of All. The situation being, though, that as evolution starts and continues, consciousness begins at a minimal level. The consciousness of the minimal level is able to comprehend only certain things. And in the comprehension of those certain things, it is incapable of understanding something larger. The yogis from the East have a term called "cosmic consciousness." Anyone here know what that means? Su, you must know what that means, you were a TM teacher.

Su: No, I wasn't.

Corky: Oh, Kent was, right? But you learned, didn't you?

Su: I learned the meditation.

Corky: Bernie, you must have a good guess at what cosmic consciousness is.

Bernie: Yeah, I could guess. A consciousness of the cosmos, of the underlying principles that give the cosmos its existence, form its framework. The principles that express the cosmos to be what it is. Having a realization, not just an intellectual thing, it's a realization.

Corky: A being with it. What would Christianity call that? If we put all the nine thousand different forms of Christianity into one religion, what would Christianity call that? Being aware of Christ?

Unknown Voice: Christ consciousness.

Corky: Christ consciousness? Being aware of the teachings of Christ and the bible, and that there is this grace that Christ can give you that will allow you to become conscious, and be in the same domain as Christ would be. And so, as in evolution, everything is really sort of identical. You cannot separate religion from nature. They are the same thing exactly. Nature is religion. And religion is nature. Everything that happens in nature happens to you, because you are part of nature; you are a creation of it, you are an expression of nature. This expression is what everyone is trying to call God, they have a term for it, and they have lots of names for it. They have all of the different terminology. And the religions, to be able to keep the attention of their followers, have to tell their followers that their religion is the "correct" one. Because if they didn't tell them that they had the right one, and the best one, they'd go buy a Lexus, or they would trade their Lexus in for a Cadillac. You know how the world works. You know, if you haven't got the best one, or the biggest one, you are supposed to get a better one.

And so it is a necessary element of most religions to tell everybody that the one they belong to is the "correct" religion, and the only "true" religion, and the "right" religion. And in essence, all truth is only half truth, and so they are really telling the truth. So for all those people, it is the right religion, it is the religion that allows them to walk the path to the summit of attainment, or awareness, or this cosmic consciousness. Which is just the beginning of another path, and continues on to the infinite, because it never ends, because it is infinite, it goes on forever; there is no ending to it. You guys are stuck with it, you are part of it. You may think that you can avoid it, you may think that you can die and go away, but it seems as if you wake up every morning and there it is where you left off yesterday, here you are today. But the only reality in it is right now. You are not yesterday, you are not tomorrow, you are here now. Do we need to take a quick break?


Corky: I'll tell you the reality of the situation. The reality of the situation is called the golden rule. Anybody heard of the golden rule? He who has the gold, makes the rules. Ok? And they have all the gold, and so they make all the rules. The legislative body within the state of Utah is about 90% members of the LDS church, and so anything that happens in this state has to be approved by the LDS church. Now, you can challenge it, but you need a half a million dollars to challenge it. And we don't have a half a million dollars to do that. Now, the American Indians, they had the money, and they did, they challenged it, and they said that it was a constitutional law that they had a right to their sacrament, which it was, because they were practicing that sacrament for a thousand years before any of these gringos came over here, you know? The white man, or the Europeans, or whatever you want to call them. Because this was their land, and that was their holy sacrament, and there is nothing wrong with what the Indians were doing, and that's what the Supreme Court of the United States recognized. But they had some gold, and we have no gold, and so the only thing we have is the media, and so it's sort of wonderful that the United States has been set up in a position so that there is a balance of powers. There are the people with the gold, who make all the laws. And then there are the people with the truth, and those people argue back, and then there is the press that looks at both sides of the issue, and publicize it to everybody, and make the guys that are breaking the laws of the land.

Gracey: That lady that came by today was the one that produces "America's Most Wanted."

Corky: Was she?

Lenny: What was she doing over here?

Corky: She was producing the UK's show. And so, our situation is, we don't have a half a million dollars to be able to practice our sacrament. To be able to take it to the Supreme Court. And this is exactly what Steve Barr said, right? He says, "Well let's see you come up with the money, let's see you sue us, let's see you do something about it." And I said to him, "Well, you know what happens in the end if we do get some volunteer attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union, or the Jewish right to exist defense league, or someone who really believes in the constitution of the United States, and doesn't want to suppress every other religion, and say that only their religion is correct?" Because there is a theocracy running the state, and they take it to a federal court case, they reclaim all of their attorneys fees in the end, but there aren't that many volunteers to do that in our society. And so that's where we are at. So we pay our tax, we allow the federal government to tax us, and regulate our religion and our sacraments, but we speak about it. Because a time will come when it will change, because everything changes. All plants grow. There's no reason for us to be sad about it, we should be happy that we're just here, and able to do it tonight. But we're still up for change, we're still up for evolution, still up for progression, we're up for a pathway for all souls to arrive at the domain of god.

And so if we get caught in an unhappiness or an argument on a lower level, and we just get stuck there, that's where we remain. And so we need to obey all the laws of the land, we need to do everything that they ask, but we need to plead and pray with them to obey their own laws. And so first of all, never violate a law of the land. Secondly, never own a firearm, or take the life of a person, and give your life first. And thirdly, turn within yourself, and find God inside of yourself, and there is nothing else you need to do.

You don't need to join any church. You don't need to do any rituals. You don't need to wear any costumes. You don't need to do any pretending. Just relax, and be who you are. Because everything in creation is perfect, from a cosmic consciousness.

Now, you felt the cosmic consciousness. I tried to explain that to these TV people, and they said, "Well how do you take all these people inside of the pyramid, and stop them from thinking when they come into the class?" Because everyone's mind is going so fast and stuff like that, and it is a real difficult situation when they first come around here to realize that the naturalness of nature allows for all of us to be totally in the present. Totally right here and now. Anything that you think or remember or imagine comes from something, some part of storage off of a hard drive in your brain from the past that doesn't exist, and the only reality is... I keep on... your name is so beautiful.

Gracey: Her name is. I always want to call her Olive.

Corky: I always want to call her Oil.

Gracey: That's because I always call her Olive.

Corky: It's French. It's very sexual. Very sexual. It is a sexual thing, because creation is a sexual thing, and existence is sexual. It is a copulation between two opposites, and the idea or the melting into the oneness of the cosmic consciousness is the joining those two opposites into one, until it goes into timelessness.

We have a book, it is called, "Sexual Ecstasy from Ancient Wisdom," and it shows a bunch of people playing with each others' organs, and talks about a bunch of words and stuff like that, that's how some people read it. But it also says in the very beginning of the book that there are some very important parts... I'll try and paraphrase a bit... you have to have trust, you have to have devotion, you have to have monogamy, you have to have love, you have to have a oneness with the person that you are with. You can't just hop from sack to sack and make this work. And the reason being is, because you need to bond with, in a permanent state, with that oppositeness. And within every one of you is both of the genders, the male and the female. And as Christ said, or that person they named Christ, or the people, the Gnostics which were talking about it back then, that if you can take the outside and turn it into the inside, and take the inside and turn it into the outside, and make them one, you are in the domain of God.

Unknown Voice: The Isis and Osiris.

Corky: Right. It is all the same, it is in every religion. It is in every religion. Everybody says it, except that most people don't understand it, because they're being led by blind leaders. And those blind leaders want to get them into ceremonies, and they are more interested in building buildings, and collecting tithing, and having followers, than they are in stopping talking, and listening to creation itself. And telling the people to listen to it.

Osho, one of the greatest prophets, one of the greatest saints, one of the greatest incarnations of God in our time, sings a song of a thousand books. His words are a symphony of creation. But he's saying one thing in the thousand books. He's saying one note in the billion words. He's saying, "Stop thinking and fall into the domain of God." But it takes a billion words, and it takes a thousand books even to get the attention of some people. And then the three million followers that were following him didn't even get the message. And he was an incarnation of God on the planet. He was a Christ, he was a Buddha, he was a Krishna. And the reason they didn't get it, is because their attention imprisoned them. Because they put their attention, as Christ would say, in the world. They put it on their wants, wishes, and desires. On their want for love, on their want for material things, on their want for acceptance, on their want to be right, on all of the things that you can imagine to want, human kind puts their attention. And you guys come to this class once a month, and you get a chance to be silent within your mind. I know it is pretty difficult to think right now. Everybody in their religions say, "We are gonna go to heaven." But you got to die to go to heaven.

Loralee: That's a drag.

Corky: That is a real drag! And so what we do here at Summum, is we go to heaven before you die. In the olden days they used to call it the flying carpet. Did you ever see those shows where they used to fly on the carpet? Here we come into this womb of creation, and we go to heaven. And the way that we go to heaven, is we silence our minds. And by silencing our mind, we make it possible for all of the meaningless stuff from the past to be gone. No one is going to care about what you think fifty years from now, or a hundred years from now. Jo, who is going to care about you being employed at Laser whatever it is, one hundred years from now?

Jo: No one.

Corky: Who's going to care about what you thought, or what you cried over? No one, right? It's a meaningless game. It has no worth, it has no value. The only value is here right now, inside of you. You can go to a heaven with gold paved roads. You can go to a heaven with mansions with fifty thousand rooms and a hundred thousand servants. You can go to a heaven with singing angels and flapping wings and air conditioning, and the right type of sun and the right type of heat and everything. BUT, you'll never be in a heaven like you can be taken to here. Or that you can allow yourself to go to in the domain of God. And the reason being is, it is timeless. When you enter the domain of God, there is no time. In the domain of golden roads, in the domain of servants, in the domain of mansions, in the domain of power and authority and governments, there is time. But in the domain of God, there is no time. It is a state of total consciousness. It is the state of realization of what is creation. Of how ridiculous a golden road is, how phony a mansion is. But those are the prisons that the blind leaders create for you, and guide you to, and tell you that you ought to have. And the consciousness of the evolving soul gets caught in those places.

This is why they sailed the boat down the Nile River. Our Egyptologists may make some incorrect interpretations, but let me tell you this story. I remember when they placed my body on the Sekhet boat. I remember the spiritual will that was read to me. As I sailed down the Nile towards the domain of God, there was only one place that I stopped. I didn't dock at the local mansion, I didn't dock at the golden roads, my boat didn't stop with fame. My boat didn't stop with love. My boat sailed to the veil. As they took my soul and my body - my Ka, Ba, Que, Eu and Shekhem - inside of the womb of creation, and there I was allowed to evolve on. That's the story of the Pharaohs. It is an old story; it is not a new story.

I know you can make it very difficult. I know you can build up enough energy to struggle against it so hard! I know you can find a million reasons why not to relax, and let go within it. Because this is what you've been taught. This is your programming. As long as you think about it, you are in the prison. And your only release is to stop thinking. And you know what's so funny about it? I'm not thinking right now. In fact this isn't even me saying these things. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I don't prepare for these classes. I just sort of sit down in here and it happens. It's sort of like that little hole up there in the ceiling, does everybody see the hole? It's a portal. Now, let's look at the hole again. Now, how many people see a flying saucer? Raise your hand. Everybody sees the flying saucer, right? Now I want you to look at the little white spots, those are coming from the hole on the other side. Now, can you see that? Everybody saw the change right? That's the divine paradox. It's both. It is here, and it is there. But to be able to go through it, you need to take your attention off of here, and as long as you are thinking, you are here. But once you totally silence your mind, even from music, when you totally silence your mind into the nothingness, the veil opens. And you go back into creation. Now, it would be the greatest blessing of my heart if any of you could stay there. But just a moment there is enough to make you continue on your path to the summit of attainment, or of the mountain. Just one moment there. So we'll go there. And that's what we do here. Everyone who is on the path, we take them there. And it's in the silence, it's in the nothingness.

Nice huh? There is no time there. There is no struggle. There is no change. Because everything is there. That's what's so funny about it. All the mansions are there, all the gold roads are there, all the love is there, everything that you could desire, and search for in your prison, is where you just went. No one can do it for you. At one time, I believed someone would do it for me, and I discovered that I had to work it out on my own. Nothing smoother than that, is there? And once you taste it, you are a goner. Sorry. You can get all pissed off, and run away from here, a lot of people do. Don't they, Donna? It makes them so mad. But you will always come back to it. Not necessarily here with me, or whatever. I am totally insignificant in this whole thing. It is the state of being, is the consciousness where you are going. But once you taste the consciousness, once you know that it is there, the gold becomes valueless. The mansions are meaningless. The power of authority or whatever, or the costumes fall off, and you become who you are. Right, Kevin?

Kevin: Right.

Corky: Now just a second here. You knew I was going to call you on this one, didn't you? Tell us about the costume. Right now, you could look at those flowers, and you could say the beauty in those flowers is more beautiful than anything that could be created by man. Look at them. They are alive. They are living. And everything that humankind creates is dead. Because as soon as they create it, it's in the past, and it dies. These are right here now. Just like you, you are alive. But you are only alive if you are all here. If you are thinking, you can't be all here. Because you are drawing from some illusion of the past, and so you are partially dead. Now, I'm not saying that you can go out there in the world and not think. Something might jump on you, ya know? One of these transients that come by here and get bread might sneak up on you, and steal your glass of water or something like that.

But you are alive. But the only way you can be totally alive, totally alive, is when you stop thinking. And it seems to be such a paradox. It seems to be such a struggle, doesn't it, Jo? I mean, my word, you just keep on saying, "How in the world am I going to stop thinking, it's all I've been doing my whole life!"

Jo: I know. It's the only way I've survived.

Lenny: It's the only way we've survived.

Gail: You know, one of the things I've arrived at in the last little while hanging around you, is I'm going to miss this place.

Corky: The place that Gail just spoke of, the aliveness that Jo mentioned, the survival that Lenny just mentioned, the costume that Kevin is thinking about... the survival, the survival of it, was told about in a story two thousand years ago. It says take no thought for tomorrow. For creation, god, knows who you are, because god is inside of you. Take no thought for tomorrow, the lilies of the field don't think about it, they are just in the presence of it. When the sun comes up, they open their blossoms and they absorb creation. Now, it is possible to do both. It is possible to go to work and be in the now, to be honest with you. Because sometimes you get so involved in the now at work, that it just happens and the day is just gone. And you still survive. But the problem comes when you stop the work. And you come home and you worry about it. And you wonder if you did it right. Or you are concerned about it. Or you look at someone else and you project on them your feelings, because you are not conscious enough to pull them to yourself.

Unknown person in class: I think that's why I love little children, because that's the way they operate. Little children are spontaneous, and they are so impressed upon that realization of existence of things around them as they are, there is no lie living within them, only a sense of things as they are.

Corky: They have to be very, very, very little. Because as soon as they get above about two years old, they are pretty well programmed. They have to be very, very, very young, and then they have to have very good genetics. Because an interesting thing that happens is, as we do our next incarnation in our next life, we choose our parents. And when we choose our parents, we take the next step from where we were into where we left off, and so we choose a genetic familiarity of what we were because it's so familiar, that's where we feel comfortable. It is sort of like, you don't leave this life and wake up as a giraffe. You wouldn't feel too comfortable being a giraffe when you woke up tomorrow morning, would you? You wouldn't know what to do.

Gail: I know I'm going to miss this place, but I know I'm going to like the next place better.

Corky: Right. And so the silence and the letting go keeps on happening, keeps on happening, keeps on happening. It's like sailing down the river until you come to, Osho talks about it, the waterfall. And as long as you don't dock, and you keep on trying to let go of these places, and you keep on sailing down the river, you reach a point where you fall over the falls into madness. And you come out of it conscious. That's the hard way.

Jo: Oh good.

Corky: But there is an easy way. Now, there is something about humankind; they are all so stubborn, they all want to do it the hard way. They got this big thing on about survival and holding on to what they believe they are, and who they think they are, and what they are, so they all do it the hard way. And they keep on trying to be who they think they are, and trying to have a position and be "right," and be correct, and do it the right way...

Farra: You know what? I don't mean to interrupt you, but do you think it's because of progression? Like, if periods of time go by, and generations keep getting smarter and smarter, and more information is released and everybody gets further down the line... do you think that's what it is?

Corky: No. That's a continual thing. The argument is within the nature of survival. You are not really concerned about your body surviving. You are concerned about the survival of who you think you are. The survival of who you think you are is what is important. And that survival is the obstacle. Tell us about the costume, Kevin.

Kevin: Well...

Corky: Let me help you for just a second here.

Kevin: The costume is what we put on and go through life pretending we are, without really knowing what we are... spend all of our lives putting all of our energies into it, work on it our entire lives, we get there and take it off and find out really it isn't what we were looking for, so we are still at that point of starting again of searching for what we were looking for when it comes from success. I know when I was young, all the bricks we were putting in our building that we are building for ourselves in heaven, every brick doesn't really matter, and I guess the bricks turn out to be the obstacles.

Corky: What I would like to do here is just have you tell us about your costume. Oooh, this is a dangerous spot isn't it?

Kevin: Yeah. I've got a lot of costumes.

Corky: Is this a dangerous spot? Does this feel dangerous? Feel like you're at the waterfall? Does this feel like all of the sudden you could fall off the water fall and totally be exposed? Now, don't say another word. This is where everybody arrives at a point sooner or later, right Vern?

Vern: Right.

Corky: Poor Vern, huh? They arrive at that point, at a certain point on the path, that they admit to themselves that they've got a costume on. I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do tonight Kevin, okay? Everybody reaches that point where they look back on their costumes, and then comes the dilemma; it's a very frightening situation. Because a death comes up. You literally drop dead. But you are reborn into a nothingness. You still may have the same name and the same body and everything, and still go around and do the same things that everybody else does. But when you are reborn into that nothingness the UFO turns into a portal. And everything that you desire is yours. All the struggle is gone.

There is the back door and there is the front door. The front door is very difficult to get in! They make you show your I.D., you've got to have the right clothes on, gotta have the right costume, all those kinds of things to get in the front door. But if you slip in the back door, it's real easy. But it's a paradox. The back door, you gotta get naked. Back door, you can't come in as one of the guests of the bridegroom. Back door, you gotta come in as a disciple to the master. And no one wants to do that! I mean, everybody wants to come in the front door as one of the guests! In the front door with a uniform on, a title and a costume, don't they? They want to be the ambassador, or this or that or whatever. They want to be the holka-polka man, or the hokey pokey man, or the hocus pocus person, or the religious leader with all the answers. No one wants to go in the backdoor naked, as a disciple. There are one billion Christians on the planet today. And there were two people that had the tits to go drag Christ off the cross after they crucified him. Two women. And the rest of them bailed. And it wasn't until 300 years later that they started to write the stories down. Let me tell you, it's not in the balls, it's in the tits. Because that's where the milk of creation comes from.

I struggled. I hid under my covers for two weeks twenty four hours a day, and then for six months for periods of time afterwards. About letting go of who I thought I was. Of who I had to be. Of what I wanted or desired in life. Or what I thought was important. The only reason it was a little easier for me than you, is because I've done it a little longer. I'm probably the oldest one in the room here, spiritually. But don't worry. You are all going to get old! It's called birthdays. No escape. You'll all get your turn. But the message that I have is go the easy way! Go through the back door. Don't make it hard. Make it easy. Relax with it. Don't take it on as a fight, or as a struggle. Just be with it. When I tell people that everybody that comes here gets to go to heaven, they sort of think I'm kidding. But it is not a joke. You guys are there! It is not a costume. It is not a title. It's not a building. It's you, getting naked and becoming a disciple. Entering the domain of god. Once you enter, no longer are you a disciple, you are god. Someone asked me what happened to Osho. Someone asked me what happened to Buddha. I said, "Oh, they became god." They did.

When a parent talks to a child, they try so hard to give them the wisdom of the life that they've lived, saying, "You know if you just sort of do this, this and this and this, it'll be a lot easier." Because they've been down the road. And the kids are just little rebellious suckers, aren't they?! They just got a little rebellion on. And that's a pretty old story of all the religions. They call it Satan or the devil or whatever. They've got a little rebellion going on inside their little costumes, don't they Kevin?

Gail: Don't you get to be both? A little bit of Satan and a little bit of God? I want to do it all!

Corky: You are, you are doing it all! The thing that you try to pass on to your children or your family... because you are my family... I don't know who told this story, I may have told this story a couple thousand years ago, but the story goes something like this: a family showed up at the door, was knocking on the door, and said, "Let us in, we want to talk about family business." And I said, "Go away, I'm here talking to my family. This is my family." Because these are the souls that are my family. They may be my blood relatives, but they are not my family. And you are my family. And I don't try to say that I speak to you as children, but I speak to you as one to one. I try to persuade you, entice you and seduce you, and molest you, to go through the easy door. But as all of you know the difficulty that comes about, trying to give your experience to your children. It is a gift from god. Just take it. It has no price. It has no requirements. It is there. Just walk in the back door naked. Don't try to go through the front door with a costume. You will get through the front door with a costume, but the whole time you are in there you won't be in the domain of god because you'll be in the prison of your costume. But when you go through the backdoor naked, you are who you are. And when you are who you are, everything is yours. There is nothing to attain because you are there. You are in the timelessness of creation.

You do feel it don't you? Time to go back to the world for a break.


Corky: Are we ready? Everybody ready? Now we'll have the second sacrament of the first supper: cakes! This time I'm going to take mine off the end first. Pass it around real quick. Now be careful you guys, get paper towels. Everybody got one? Nice sacrament? Isn't this a lot better than going to the local ward?

Gail: There is bread and water and no guilt! I love the no guilt part.

Corky: Hey! You don't even have to donate! A toast to sacrament; to creation, to god, to the god within every one of you. Don't leave yourself out back there Al, you're in on this class. How does this one feel? Let's get the class started, we're going to start and finish at the same time.

It's so easy to confuse ourselves, or to confuse yourself. It's so easy to walk out the door and forget where you've been. It's so easy to forget that you just walked on the gold paved streets of heaven, and the gold was meaningless. But the domain or the existence of the state of consciousness was the value. It's so easy to do that. It happens in a split second. You saw it happen just now, we just took a break out there and you were back doing prison.

It's so easy to do it because you are so ingrained in it. I want you to know that it is so easy to take off the costume, to get naked and walk in the back door to the party. We used to talk about it as a "tank" in the old days, remember? That everybody's got a little tank, you are driving along in your tank, and you come to another person in life, and you pull up your turret and you shoot a whole lot of bullshit on them, and they shoot one back on you. And everybody is pretending to be what they are in life because they have got this facade on, this uniform, this costume of whatever that they think that they are. Because they are not natural. They are not relaxed. They are not who they really are.

So what we do here, what I do, is I invite you to come out of the tank and come back into the Garden of Eden. And all of you do know that Adam and Eve were naked. Isn't that the story? They were naked because they weren't pretending to be anything. But when they left the Garden of Eden, they had to put on clothing and pretend to be somebody, or a facade.

Come to the wedding, but come in the easy way: the back door. Come as a disciple, rather than as an ambassador. Come to the wedding as a disciple rather than as somebody. Come to the wedding as a servant through the back door, the easy way, for all the blessings and the food and the mansion is yours. And the guests that come through the front door as ambassadors, they have to leave. But you get to stay, because it's yours. Come to the marriage. Don't make it hard. Don't confuse it. It takes a leap. You have to leap out of yourself into the arms of a master. Scary, huh Kevin? Isn't that scary?

Kevin: Well it used to be, but it's getting easier.

Corky: Is there still something in there? Little road blocks, so you can't take the leap? Take the jump? I used to tell this story about all these little swimming pools; the whole planet is covered with swimming pools, and everybody is standing on the deck and they're all looking at the water, and they're all saying, "Do I dare jump in?" But they've never swam before. Ever. And they are old. They are very old. They've seen all the shows where all the people drown from jumping into the pool. But you know what happens when you jump into the pool? Just you die, and god lives! Lives inside of you. But you need to take the jump first. Because until you jump into the arms of the marriage of the master, you still are on the deck. You still refuse to let go, you are still holding on to something that clothes you in a clothing, that protects you from being totally naked and exposed for who you really are. And when you expose who you really are to the light of creation, the darkness all goes away, and the only thing that is left is god within you. These are the songs of Amen Ra. We're finished for the night, let's go eat.