The Prison of Argument - Part 2

January 22, 2005

Throw away your nets and come follow me.

Okay Bernie, you can dial the camera into the area here and then join us for class. It is different back there running the camera, don't you think? Don't you think Grace missed out for fifteen years by being back there? And then when I tried to make her come to class she got a mad on. Al, when you were in prison, when someone got mad could you tell them anything?

Al M.: No, you stay away from them.

Corky: You had to keep a distance? Because they were so mad, they tried to get you involved in their mad?

Al M.: Yeah, you get to a point where you just try to stay away from people like that.

Corky: Did they try to get you involved continually, saying all sorts of things about everybody else, about you, to suck you into their thing? Have you been sucked into it ever?

Al M.: Yeah. I thought it was mean.

Corky: What would be the easiest way you think, to escape the argument Shad?

Shad: To relax. To let go.

Corky: Yeah, but don't you think that's sort of difficult when you are in the argument?

Ron: Change jobs.

Corky: Change jobs?

Shad: Yeah, start a new business, that will save you the arguments.

Corky: You know, I think I would have to temporarily look at that from a different perspective, and say sometimes changing jobs is the argument. Rather than becoming the job. Rather than escaping from the job, surrender to it. Everybody can escape sooner or later. You can escape from San Quentin by going to the gas chamber. You escaped. Took your body away, cremated it, do whatever you want to do with it; your essence went on and you turned into a raccoon. You escaped.

The journey is in the surrendering. It is at every bend in the river. It is at every moment of change. Put that in the book. The surrender is at every moment of the change. It is at every bend, or curve of the river back to creation itself. Because if you can't surrender to the curve, can't surrender to the change, you fall on the bank of the river involved in your argument, involved in your trip, involved in your thing, in your propensities, in those things that are holding you back from being smooth. From being round. Your sharp edges are caught. Your sharp edges are caught.

Come to class Bernie, come on over here, it's okay. It's going to be tight I know, but you guys like to be cozy. Scoot over Al, Bernie is going to sit right there. It's okay if you put your arm around Al, it is okay if you put your hand on Al's leg. Honest. The only reason being is , it is okay to touch creation itself. It is a celebration, it's wonderful. Surrender to creation. That is a surrendering away from something society said, that you shouldn't touch. It is your blessing to be touched here. Only you can allow it. Only you can allow it, to be touched, in coming back for this work. All that I can do is suggest to you that you allow yourself to be touched by it also. Can you guys hear Buster purring? You can see it, you can see the communion.

If you can give yourself to it, you become it. If you argue with it, you separate yourself from the communion. Live life, celebrate in it, do everything that life asks you to do. But don't torture yourself in an argument. Come home. Come home. Come home. Into the front screen door, even though I was chasing your ass out there, you had to come home. Remember Al, when you ran out the screen door and your dad was after you?

Al M.: Yes, fly out the screen door. Fly!

Corky: But he always said come home.

Ron: You ran away from your dad?

Al M.: I don't look like I can move, but when I was young...

Ron: I wasn't allowed to run away, I had to go get the stick and bring it to him.

Al M.: He'd reach for his belt, and it was horizontal time baby! After burners!

Corky: Wait a second Al, didn't he always say to come home? Wasn't he sitting on the front porch saying come home?

Al M.: Yeah, but not when he was chasing me.

Corky: Do you remember him sitting on the front porch, saying come home, come home to daddy? I remember him sitting there, and talking to him on the front porch.

Al M.: Yes. I remember.

Corky: Ok. Now, that is the argument that goes on. Right Al Martin, isn't that the argument that goes on? Whether you think you are being abused, you think you are being taken advantage of, whatever your thinker is thinking? It gets itself into an argument. But Creation is always saying come home.

Al M.: Yeah it is, we don't realize it, we don't see it. It takes somebody like you to make us conscious of it.

Corky: It is not necessarily a "you," but maybe it is a consciousness... something speaking out of the nothingness.

Al M.: It puts a lot of white hairs on your head.

Corky: How about just a feeling? Don't you think that if anybody felt that feeling, they would want to go home to it? Cami, can you put that in the book? Uh oh, looks like Ron needs to drink two more glasses of nectar from the altar. Come home. Come home. My little kitty, come home.

But daddy — before I can come home, I want to be able to pee on the wall. Is that why he chased you out the front door Al? Oh, I know, you were totally innocent right? You didn't do anything to make him want to chase you out the front door with a belt buckle? You were an innocent babe? You were praying there before his feet, licking his toes? Or what did you do to make him want to chase you with a belt buckle?

Al M.: I usually had gotten into some trouble of some kind. I was mischievous.

Corky: Oh! You peed on the wall — in so many words. That is a metaphor.

Al M.: I was a mischievous kid, I was curious ; I was always checking things out.

Corky: Bernie did your dad ever get upset with you?

Bernie: You bet. Broke a window, broke a tree, hit my sister...

Corky: Wait a second. The window and the tree are okay, but why did you hit your sister?

Bernie: Because I was a meanie.

Corky: What did you hit her with?

Bernie: My hand.

Corky: A fist, or open hand?

Bernie: I think it was my fist on her back.

Corky: Jesse says he thinks that sounds like a cat bite! They know all the cues. Cat cues. They're watching this whole thing happen. You hit your sister in the back? I would have loved to have done that to my sister, but I would never have done it. I would not have dared do that! They would have sent me back to military academy. I never laid a hand on the family. My sister did on me, but anyway.

So, he chased you metaphorically through the screen door Bernie?

Bernie: Yeah, he really didn't have to chase me at all. I went to the room and I got the paddle.

Corky: Did you lie down or stand up? My mom had what was called a shillelagh, and she'd hold your hand and make you walk in a circle and paddle your bum while you walked in a circle. And Al just ran out the front door escaping from the belt.

Now, could we bring all those events back to right now, is it possible to take it right now... Is it probable, I know it is possible but is it probable to take it right now and put it off for later? Is it possible to surrender right now and become a disciple, a sanyasin, a student? Or put it off for later?

Donna tried to put it off for later. I mean Donna, my god, she escaped from here so many times! How many times have you escaped Donna?

Donna: Every chance I got.

Corky: You are running out of them, because you haven't got too many full tires and bank accounts to go with. So time is running out, you are getting old. The older you get the easier it is to stay?

Donna: Yeah! The less impetus to move.

Corky: What do you think Shad? You've been through this argument so many times! You argue this one every day in one way or another.

Shad: I do.

Corky: Whether it's the clear crystal or the dark crystal, or the easy path or the hard path. Why pay $145 when you can get it for free? That's a weird one isn't it? And you got a heart along with it also!

Shad: Right, exactly.

Corky: It is so easy to relax and surrender. And it is so difficult to argue and fight. Welcome home. Jump on the boat. The curves are easy, the ride home is smooth, but you have to work with it. You have to become a worker, rather than a demander. You cannot demand. That's the argument. "Throw away your nets and come follow me." Come back and grab one of the oars, and row on the sekhet boat of creation, helping the souls and essences evolve. And when you join the company, where you become, you are the pathway of creation itself. Can you put that in the book? When you join the company, when you become it, you are it. You surrender to the, whatever you want to call it. That is what you become. When you surrender to the world, that is what you become. When you kiss, like the kitties just did, you become. You had a question Al?

Al M.: No.

Corky: It disappeared in the nothingness. And you say to yourself, how come there are so few [people in class]? It is so easy to answer that question, when you go out there and you see the argument that is going on everywhere. They are on the battlefield of life, all dressed up in their costumes. And that is their destiny. And you just temporarily dropped out of your destiny, because it is difficult to think when you are in here. And the only way you can be in your destiny is when you are thinking. That is what destiny is, it is just a plane of your destined thoughts. Because all thoughts are, are manifestations of your reality. When you are taken out of thought, destiny goes. Transcend it.

As Osho said, you can be a master of yourself and be in it, or out of it. You can jump into thought, or jump out, but at least you are capable. Come home. Come home. Come home.