The Quest - Part 1

May 14, 2005

You can emancipate yourself...

Corky: So, what is class about tonight Al?

Al: Tonight's class is about what we read and talked about on Thursday in The Opening of the Way by Isha Schwaller.

Corky: Aren't you guys thankful that S reads the book to us? I would rather drop out than read that book. I used to skip the days of junior high when we had to take turns reading out loud! So Al, tell us all what class was about on Thursday.

Al: I have had a very interesting time the last week and a half. Just to let some people know if they haven't figured it out by now, I'm pretty incompetent with books.

Corky: You dropped out of learning in the seventh grade right? So you had a hard time learning?

Al: I dropped out of learning by the time I got out of the sandbox! I've had a very difficult time learning throughout my life. This book to me is very much like the Patanjali Sutra's, or like reading the Klingon language. It might as well be in Chinese. But I can go by the words as Su reads and that makes it easier to understand.

So I was asked a week ago to do this class and I said I can't do the class with books. I didn't say I couldn't do it, I said that I am not able to do it; I am not capable of doing it.

Corky: But you are capable, aren't you? Here you are, doing class. If you're going to substitute, you better hurry; you've only got 3 minutes left.

Al: I was able to relate a lot to the Summum book, because the obstacles in this chapter about how we suffer in our road through life. It is kind of like when a storm comes and the trees and the plants dig their roots in. Out of this chapter, the book says "It should not be confused with pain. Pain is a result of a disorder between personal inclinations and inclinations of your providence."

I looked up the word providence, and it had about two little meanings and it said "guardianship" and "divine care." And boy, it threw me through a loop because I never thought it would have that meaning. And you know, even though this book has been extremely difficult for me to get a message out of it, one thing I do know about it, is that it is talking about freedom from your propensities that we all have and liberation of the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind. All these things are in here, but hooo boy are they woven real carefully, and in this particular chapter some of those things came out which made it easy for me because I needed a lot of help in that. She talks about change in her chapter here and change is the only way to grow. As we were working in the yard we all saw change in everything. The grass and plants were different this year than last year. You can tell that it has changed. Everything changes, everything grows. When I was asked to do this and I said that I'm not capable of it, immediately in my mind I said to myself it is like asking me to fly like superman. That is how remote and how far away I feel from being able to talk about some of the things from this book, which is really ironic because she uses the term superhuman for those who are trying to break into the spiritual life and free themselves from their worldly propensities and hungers.

Steve: I have a question, didn't she use the term Supra-human?

Ron: It means the same thing, Super and Supra.

Serena: So all of it means past being human or beyond human.

Corky: That's interesting, I hadn't thought of it like that. So it is talking about how you need to become a Netter to be free? It is interesting to consider. Ok, that was wonderful Al, thank you for being willing to do that part of class.

Corky: The next time we are in California Bernie, we need to get one of these incense bowls at the super giant Asian market they have down there. They are great incense bowls, and I want the kind that has fish on them, like the tea bowls I have in the house. Incense burns better in bowls that have fish on them, don't you think? These fish are a special symbol that the Chinese have, and they are a particular type of fish that Buddha ate. And they use that symbol on a lot of their tea ware. Has anyone ever heard of the tea ceremony? It is a meditation and a ritual and it lasts all day. It takes place in a temple and you bring people in and take them through the tea initiation and it is a special tea. It is a tea from the highlands in China. The Buddhists grow this tea, and the higher you grow the tea the better it is; the closer to Buddha it is. But that is just a myth. But there is a difference between the tea they grow in the highlands where it is dry and cool and down where it is real humid and warm.

I think it was back in about 1982, Ron and Jim Hilbert were standing there at the door and I had been given permission to use the Siddhi powers. And so I used the Siddhi powers here in the pyramid for a brief period of time. Because I had permission to do it, and we did some really bizarre things, but it was fun. Anyway, Jim and Ron were standing at the back door and I had an opportunity because when I was young, just ten years old, I was told about these Siddhi powers. Then when I was in high school I had another really interesting thing I was allowed to do, which I will tell you about that...maybe, probably will...if you promise not to look.

Anyway, there was a Siddhi power where you can make people young and you can do things to them and you can transform their body and I made Ron and Jim Hilbert very muscular and young. And I said "everybody look at those guys." It was sort of like during the transference, there is a stage of pillars where you go through the transference and you have to turn your attention towards the Buddha and you become eternally young. It is a type of transformation that you get in the transference. If you get to go through the transference.

It is really funny; Chris finally just discovered that there is such a thing as the transference. Can you believe that, he has been coming here all this time and he finally just discovered it? Honest he did, he told me that he says he discovered it. And he's been coming here for how long Chris? To this place, this exact location you've been coming here how long?

Chris: For a year, 50, I don't know, how old am I? Since 1980 or 81.

Corky: Twenty four years, and he just discovered there is a transference. Is that difficult to believe?

Jill came to class, I mean came in the building since 1989 or 1990 and just came to class the first time about a year ago and it freaked her. She was doing camera and everything else other than doing class and she got freaked. Remember how freaked she was sitting over there and then she sat down here and then she really got freaked and she said "You're trying to break me, you're trying to make me awaken to this" and I said "No, I'm not. You can do anything you want around here. Everybody does whatever they want around here." They show up if they want to and they don't show up if they don't want to. Nobody makes you come here right Al? So you decided not to come today right?

Al Martin: I'm here today.

Corky: No, I mean this morning when all the work was happening.

Al Martin: I am very lazy and very irresponsible.

Corky: That is a real cop-out isn't it everybody? Everybody who believes that is a cop-out raise your hand.

And so Chris asked how much an insurance policy would cost. I said he could probably get enough money together to get cremated and if he saved enough he better get a pyramid made and we can keep him here in the pyramid for as long as everybody wants to keep him. Or they can stick him in the mausoleum someday. Salt Lake City wants us to go out of business because that is the last sentence they wrote in the approval for building our mausoleum, but I am going to make them take it out of there.

Ron: The last sentence they wrote?

Corky: Right Bernie, what did they do?

Bernie: They put some off-the-wall sentence in there that says the exemption they gave us is in effect unless we go out of existence.

Corky: At this location. What that means is that they would try and put us out of existence if we allowed them to keep it in there. But it does not say that in any of the other exceptions they gave, because Heber C. Kimball's is up there and he went out of existence, and so did Brigham Young and the LDS Church does not own the property but it is a private cemetery. And that is all we asked for was the same thing that they had and so they have to give us the same thing.

Ron: And they stuck that in the back of it?

Corky: Well the city attorney did because he thought he would trick us. I have been waiting for one of you guys to catch it and no one caught it and so I thought I better bring it up because I don't want it to be there for a whole year without having them change it.

Steve: What does it mean?

Corky: It means that if they decide to put us out of business they can take away our cemetery, and we don't want them to be able to do that.

Steve: How would they put us out of business?

Corky: Sue us and take away our assets and say you guys no longer exist.

Steve: Dig up the cemetery and throw our bodies away?

Corky: Yeah!

Steve: Bastards.

Corky: I agree. So we are not going to let them do it. But nobody caught it, and I was waiting for somebody to say something about it and nobody caught it, because I am trying to get everybody awake enough because when I am not here everybody is going to have to do the job.

Steve: How could we have caught it?

Corky: You should have read it because it has been on the wall for a year. I put it up there and I have been telling people "look at that, read it." How many times have you been in there when I've told people to read it? I need you to read it 10 times.

Ron: I read the first page. Actually I read quite a few pages but I didn't read the whole thing.

Corky: What do you think of that last sentence?

Ron: Well we talked about that last sentence. They're not going to put us out of existence.

Corky: But they could try. If the city wanted to, or anybody wanted to and they had enough money they could just take you to court long enough and make you pay enough attorneys fees that you go under. It is simple. I mean if you don't play the game and you lose, they put you out of existence. Or you play the game and you could use all of your assets paying attorneys fees and then you are gone, unless you are the Catholic Church or the LDS Church or whatever. And so we can't let them have that sentence in there.

Anyway, when I was ten years old they gave me these lessons and everything that I got when I was older, but I remember how to do some of what they taught me. And one of them was that you can make yourself look anyway you want to look. You can transform your appearance and no one will know that it was you. For instance right now, I could make myself look like I was 19 years old, as long as no one is looking. You can look right here or right here and you guys will discover that I can do that. But I may do it or I may not do it. But if you get caught looking then I can't do it.

Su: The pillar of salt.

Corky: Right, the pillar of salt. So all of that reminded me of a story I want to share with you guys. Just out of high school, I was digging holes for Jack Chandler for work. God I wish Bob was here, he'd really tell this story great. But I was digging holes with Bob, and Elizabeth Taylor and her husband bought a house in Cowlin Heights, where they built homes in the 1960's that are probably 50 million dollar homes today. Anyway, Elizabeth Taylor bought a house and I was working, putting in sprinklers and stuff like that and this lady came out of the house, and I didn't know who she was, but Bob said it was Elizabeth Taylor. Bill Percelli said he was in love with Elizabeth Taylor and I said I didn't even know who that is, and then Bob said "We are putting sprinklers in her yard." I'm not going to tell the rest of the story from them on but it was a real interesting story.

Chris: I was in love with Elizabeth Taylor when I was 5 years old.

Corky: I got to put the sprinklers in her yard and everything.

Anyway, Psychokinesis is a really interesting thing. I think you taste it in a lifetime so that it causes you to put enough effort and work into it so that you can evolve into it. So that you go through a transference, so that you can evolve into a state of consciousness that allows you to be as you are rather than as you think. Or rather, as your essence can be, rather than as society allows you to put yourself in a prison of it. You can emancipate yourself and liberate yourself so you can transform, or evolve or whatever you want to call it.

Why do you think you just barely found out about the transference Chris, is it because you had your attention some other place?

Chris: Most people don't want to think about that.

Corky: I know, but don't you think it is beautiful?

Chris: The more you discover what it is, I think it is.

Corky: I mean just think, it is sort of like you have been going through life denying your present. Always looking to something you hope for in the future or something that happened in the past, and you have been staying out of your present, and then you discover the transference saying "Wow, the present is really unbelievable!" It is all there really is, it is everything. Every stage of it is so wonderful and so powerful and you have to have so much attention in your present that you understand it in total, instead of missing any of it. Why have you been missing it? Didn't want to see it?

Chris: Kind of a resistance there. Something I have been dealing with forever, its just kind of kind of hurts to just let go of thoughts. There is a hurt, or a pain, kind of a death or a hurt at first.

Corky: No, I mean why have you been avoiding the present? Not death. Just the present, why?

Chris: Because that is the death of your hopes.

Corky: No. I mean, why couldn't you be just who you are in the present, a nobody, in the present and enjoy it? Why did you want to create some kind of illusion?

Chris: Because girls don't date nobodies.

Corky: What's it got to do with girls?

Chris: It has everything to do with it. I am just answering your question, and I know what you are saying and you are right. I am telling you why I avoid it.

Corky: Chris has got his attention on girls instead of nobodies. Why do you have your attention on girls?

Chris: Because you are taught that it is a kind of validation?

Corky: Yeah but you have a girl inside of you. So why are you worried about any of them out there? I mean you have all that you need.

Chris: That is a really interesting thing. I need to go into that.

Corky: I mean there is only one person. Honest, there really is only one person. And if you have got both sides of that person and you are the one person... and you always have been just in yourself haven't you? It is true that you have always been in yourself? So there is only one person right? So why have you been trying to imprison yourself by creating an illusion that there is a girl outside? The girl is inside. I mean she's got a vagina on you and you can touch it, you can feel it. You don't have to worry that you got a thing sticking out of the vagina, that's your problem. But you still have a vagina. And so you can do everything to it that you want to, you don't have to do it to anything else. You've got your own. I mean you don't have to look for any. And all the girls have a little baby weenie. But size doesn't really make any difference because it is like planets and atoms. An atom is the same thing as a plant.

Anyway, don't look too close. That thing with Elizabeth Taylor was really weird because I didn't discover Elizabeth Taylor until after I got through with digging all the trenches and putting in the sprinklers. I remember seeing her husband going to work, it was really interesting, she would always come out and ask "Would you like to come in and take a shower after your work before you have to go to school?" At the time I was attending Orange Coast College. And they had this courtyard that you would go through and they had an open shower inside the house with a sliding glass door that you had to go through to get into the shower. It was really weird though to the extent that Ron and Jim Hilbert did the exact same thing at the door over there back in 1981 because I made myself look old. Because I was only 19. Remember guys when you wanted to grow whiskers and you would go into the bathroom and shave when you had peach fuzz. I remember there was this big deal that you had to have hair on your arms and your crotch and your face. And so all the guys used to go and shave because there was this rumor that if you shaved it would grow faster and so I did it and all of a sudden they started growing.

Anyway it was really a weird story and the reason I thought about it is because Chris told me that story today because he read this new book and started thinking there is a possibility, there is such a thing as the in-between or the transference. That made me remember that, I don't know why.

Chris: I had known objectively, but the translation helped me to connect with it, with the way he talked about it.

Corky: But at the same time, you knew it was there but did you want to do it?

Chris: No

Corky: Why?

Chris: I did not feel ready for it.

Corky: Interesting. Let's take a break!