The Will, Predestination, & Reincarnation

January 18, 1987

The teachings of Summum say that this is a movie of life...

It's real interesting, we have been here since 1975, telling about the Summum philosophy and everything going on in Summum; the methods and the formulas to discover all the things people are running around out there in the world trying to find. And from the very, very beginning, all the answers have been there. And it's amazing to me how difficult people make it on themselves. It's amazing to me how even though they have the money right in their pocket, when they go to the restaurant they tell themselves they don't have any money in their pocket, and they are starving to death. It's sort of like they have all the resources already at their disposal but they refuse to use them. Does that make sense to anybody?

Let me tell you why I say that, to the extent that from the very beginning of Summum, we've explained the law of Cause and Effect. How life is like a movie, and everybody down here on planet earth is going through a particular movie, and there is nothing you can do to change the movie. The movie is set, from the moment you are born to the moment you die. Now, the way you look at the movie, and the way you observe the movie is different. Now, you can observe the movie in such a manner that it is the pits, or you can observe the movie in such a manner that it is a bummer. For example, Rooster was running around a minute ago putting her drooly lips on everybody. Now, we could sit here and we could say "Oh this is horrible! I'm trying to meditate, and this dog is disturbing me! What a horrible, bad thing!" Or, you could observe it and say "This is interesting. I am practicing my meditation and this outside force is trying to distract me from my meditation. Let me see if my will is strong enough to hold myself with my meditation, rather than taking my attention out of my meditation onto this dog." So it's a good thing, because it is there to help me with my will, to strengthen it. See the two scenarios? The two different ways to look? But the same thing is happening; the dog is going around doing its thing right? You are not going to change the dog going around doing its thing because it doesn't matter what happens, it's still going to be. It's just the way that you observe what's happening that determines how it affects you within your inner consciousness, and the kind of vibration it puts on you. And as we all go around in our daily lives we run into all different kinds of vibes. We run into vibes that are good vibes, as we perceive them, and bad vibes and different kinds of energies that try to involve us in their vibe. It is sort of like millions of different songs that are being sung in the world. And as we go through those different songs we get caught up in singing that song that is probably similar to us, or one that we really like. Rather than controlling our own, we are a pawn to the songs around us.

And what Summum has said from the very beginning is that there is a meditation that you are taught in the second initiation that controls your vibes. And it gives you the ability within your own will, deep within you, to allow the position and the consciousness of your own will to dwell where you want it to dwell, rather than being tossed about in the world by the movie of life. It is like you can go to a theater, sit down and watch a movie, and you can be deeply involved in it, or moderately involved in it, or mildly involved in it, or not involved in it at all. And you can be so involved in it that you believe you are becoming part of it. Situations in your daily lives can come along and grab you so hard, that it seems like the world is coming to an end in this one particular situation. Like what happened to Chris last weekend at the Green Parrot, when he went there and nobody else showed up. It was intense wasn't it?

Chris: After the class, not the incident. The incident was not all that intense.

Corky: Right. We're just going to use that incident that whole weekend as an example, don't worry about the details or anything, it's no big deal. You know what I mean? Let's use it as an example of how all of us have an incident that comes along, or a happening, or a thought or whatever, that captures us and draws us into it so intently that it is the paramount pinnacle of the happening and existence on the planet. Does everybody know what I am talking about? Sort of like that after class Chris? Was it overwhelming?

Chris: Yeah, at one point.

Corky: For a moment? Describe what it was like, just the feelings, not the details of the incident, just the overwhelming feelings of what it was like.

Chris: It's like paralysis, is what it is. There is so much, this happens a lot. There is an inner pain that is so intense that it just overshadows everything else, and that there is nothing else but that pain and you just want it to go away.

Corky: Does it have your attention?

Chris: I would say so, yeah.

Corky: So it has your attention. Does it have walls?

Chris: Walls?

Corky: Imaginary walls that you can't get out of, when you try to run from it, it follows you? It's a prison, an incarceration, a mental incarceration. Is it a mental torture? Does everybody know what we are talking about here? Has everybody here had those before? Where do they come from? Does Butch create them for you Bernie?

Bernie: No.

Corky: Does Rooster create them for you Terry?

Terry: No.

Corky: Who creates them? Each individual creates them themselves, don't they? Their own mental prison. Have you ever been given anything to deal with them?

You know, the teachings of Summum say that this is a movie of life and everything that is going to happen is going to happen. And where you are in the movie, if you know the truth you will be free, and if you don't know the truth you will be a prisoner. And the truth is that it is a movie. There is nothing you can do about it. It is going to be the way that it is. But you can be free within the movie or you can be a prisoner of it. At certain times within the movie, you choose to be prisoners of it and tortured by it. And other times, if you know the reality that it is a movie, and you just let it be and be with it and observe it, you are free from it. What happens is, everything is a vibration, and your consciousness comes down and vibrates with that point of the movie, and you get so intently involved in it that you believe you are it. And it is all an illusion anyway, what is going on with it. But it captures you and messes with you, but you are given the technique in the second initiation. You are given a bond with a resonation that is of a higher spiritual state; that if you will do what you were taught in the meditation and you turn your attention to that resonation, it takes you out of it, and raises you to a higher level of strength and firmness within the mind and in the spirit. It takes you right out of the prison and makes it impossible for the prison to be there. It takes you to a higher level of consciousness.

The same thing is happening to your body, but you are now up here, instead of down in it, and this is moving away from the swing of the pendulum that is coming back to smack you with the reverse swing of what's happening, but you are up here above it. It may happen to your body but it doesn't happen to you. It may happen to the vehicle that you are in, or the car that you are driving, but it doesn't happen to the driver. You can always take it to the body shop and get it fixed, or trade it in and get a new one. But it doesn't happen to you. And the whole message is there within Summum from the very beginning. The whole system of dealing with existence and the movie of life, and there really is nothing else to be taught to you other than those basic things. Now, there are other initiations and meditations once you get that one down, that deal strictly with the soul, but nobody is even doing that one. Because as soon as they start, there comes an argument. Like Al right now, Al has been told a million times, when you get into that position, the whole time you are walking during the day, your consciousness, you get rid of your thoughts, wishes, wants and desires with the resonation. You repeat it over and over and over while you are doing your daily stuff. You just keep that in your mind. Go on and do your daily work. Then when you sit down to meditation you turn your attention towards the sound, which is the resonation or the frequency that takes you to a higher vibration than what you are, and releases you out of that prison. But the stubbornness, of not wanting to be there, not wanting to be free, but wanting to be incarcerated, makes you not do it. And people would say "Well, I forget to do it." And I'd say "Well, that's because you want to forget to do it in your movie." But it is THE answer. It is THE thing that works. It is THE thing that is beyond the physical realm. I can't think of anything else that would work better. Nothing. Can anyone else give me an idea of something that would work better, if the movie is going to be?

And in the nectars, it is the same stuff in the nectars. The nectar of meditation has the resonation right in it. You use a little bit of nectar and do the meditation during the day, and no matter how intense it is, as long as you will do it, it will go away. It will take care of itself. You will be able to overcome. And the more you do it, the stronger you become in doing it. Until you become invincible. Questions? Statements? Objections?

Chris: I don't know, I may be just making too big of a deal of this, but I wondered if you felt like commenting, you kind of gave an advanced - you said something very new to me, in terms of the technique a few weeks ago. You said that eventually you get so good at it that the sound will replace the word, even during the day.

Corky: It is with you all of the time. It never goes away. It is in your sleep. It's constantly with you. It is on top of your skin. It's in the walls. It's in the wood. It's in everything around you, it is everywhere. It comes through practice, or firmness. You become established in it.

Chris: So that is a natural transition.

Corky: It is a natural effect of your participation in it. It's sort of like building a new vision. Like right now you have color vision, and you can get infrared vision, so that whenever you look at anything you could see the heat within it. It's a natural phenomenon that comes about through the practice of it. What happens usually, is you gradually... it'll be there for awhile... and when you get caught by the movie then it goes away totally. But then it will come back as soon as you build strength in it, and it'll be a permeating thing with you all the time. Then you will discover the play back and forth between having it and not having it, how deeply you get caught up in the movie, and how deeply you are back here, and all of the sudden it becomes a permanent thing. The movie doesn't change. Everything is still as vivid and real around you, it is just you are building strength within, or a firmness within the mind for it to be there all the time.

It's like, I saw a show on TV the other day, which was really great. I love watching nature shows and educational shows on Discovery channel and they discovered - I don't know how old this was, but it seemed like a brand new show, a recent break through - they've been trying to figure out how the genes in a cell make a new cell, except some cells are made into skin cells and some cells are made into liver cells and some are made into eye cells and stuff like that. And they still haven't got the answer for it. But the thing that they have gotten close to, is that certain genes turn on and turn off at precise times. They say that with cancer, what happens in cancer is a gene turns on at the wrong time, and produces certain kinds of cells, and it gets out of control and turns into cancer and the body dies. So there are thousands of genes within each set of 46 chromosomes.

These genes are in DNA chains, and one will get really big, and then they start putting out energy, send out like a radio wave, or a resonation to the cell, or a vibration, and a gene turns on. It is the same thing as the turning on and turning off, the in and the out of nothingness and totalness. It's the exact same thing. So it's manifested within the genes. So what I am saying to you Chris is turn on, and become the controller of your will, and turn on the sound. When you turn on the resonation, it takes you out of the movie to a consciousness that is universal, where you see the whole thing, that it is just a movie, and you are able to stand back. But you have got to be the controller within your will to be able to turn it on, instead of it turning you on and off. Right now, what's happening is the movie is turning you around and up and down and in and out. But you can be the turner-on-er, inside of yourself. You can be the controller of turning which gene on and which one off through your own will. But it doesn't change the movie, it just changes the way you see it and are with it. You rise above the wave. It's like being in the ocean. You are still in the ocean right? There is nothing like standing there letting the ocean smack you, and bury you in the sand. Or when the same wave comes, you jump up above it and it goes through your legs. Same wave came in didn't it? But it just affected you differently.

Chris: I was asking more of a technical question; naturally over time the word becomes a sound.

Corky: A sound or a vibration. It is a vibration. Does everybody hear it right now? Can everybody hear it? It's in your head. It is in yourself. It's beyond thought. It is inside of you. All you have to do is look to it at first, and then the bond that you were given in the initiation is a real interesting one. The Summa Individuals bond you at a place with that resonation, if you will look to it you'll discover that it has a real different resonation to it. The first time you go through the initiation, a lot of time most people don't even hear it. But the more they look inside they find it. It is the resonation of the next harmonic dimension on the cylinder of evolutionary absolute time, which is 377. That's a pretty mellow resonation.

Terry: It's interesting, about a week ago I was watching one of those Discovery channel shows. They were talking about the cells, and at the very conception the cell splits into two, and then into four, and then into eight, and then all of the sudden it turns within itself.

Corky: It's called gastrulation. Exactly. It turns inside out. That is the exact same thing that happens in nothingness and possibility, when they come into bond, they go in to bond, and they turn inside out, and it manifests the spirit and creation. That's the exact same thing that takes place in the basic creation. Everything... it's really bizarre... all of us are looking. The scientists and the physicists are looking way out there in the cosmos to understand what happened, what it is all about, and what the big bang is, and where god and everything came from, way out there, way out there in space someplace, and here we are on planet earth. But it's all... the whole Creation is inside of us, and it is in a mental thought. Every person, because the whole universe is in a single unit, the exact same thing that is in the whole universe is in one cell. Everything that is in the universe, all the principles and everything, is in the cell. Everything , the whole universe is inside of us, in each individual, in each unit, so the whole thing is the same as the single thing. They are all the same thing. All they are is separate units. But they really are not separate, they are one.

Terry: It's a beautiful picture.

Corky: Right. Exactly. So the meditation that everybody is taught in the second initiation is the answer. There is nothing you can read, there is nothing that you can go do that is better than that meditation. It is the answer to it. Now, you can do all these other things out there that are going on in the world, which are okay because they are part of your movie of life, you can go to psychics, you can have your astrology done and everything, but the real basic answer to the whole understanding is that meditation that you were given in the second initiation, it will take you there, it is the vehicle to the strength within your own will.

Now if you want to stay deep within the movie, there is nothing wrong with that. Because that's what most people do, that is what the masses do because they are entertained by the movie of life and they don't really want to find out what's going on. But if you do really want to discover yourself and be in control over yourself, that meditation will take you to it. If you will do the walking meditation during the day, and then do the other meditation at least once a day, it will work.

There is nothing else to really say about it. It is so simple. We can make it as complex as we want, but in reality it is really simple. We start out by verbalizing a resonation, and then we look, and we find it, and then we take it as a vehicle, and it takes our attention to ourselves inside. Into the creation of the cosmos, which is right inside of us. Within everybody. It is the gastrulation. The outside of our body is the exterior of the cosmos, the interior of the spirit inside and the living force inside is the creation itself, in every individual. The whole body is within your own mind, and within each cell within the body. Within each atom of existence is the whole creation of the cosmos. In each little tiny unit. In each little tiny quark is a whole universe. All the elements. Well, let's take a quick break.

We were talking earlier about meditation. About how we go through this struggle of life, trying to control the events and circumstances around ourselves. And, most people never, ever come to a realization in a lifetime like this, on farm planet earth, that there is nothing they can do about the destiny of their life. They believe they have some control to some extent. They have an argument within themselves, that refuses them the ability to set themselves free consciously, to the extent that they are totally trying to control their set of circumstances, and events, and the things that are going to happen to them. So they are totally involved in the movie of life and the situation that they are in, trying to do something about it. They are stuck in the trying of it, rather than just being with it.

Janie: How does this fit into the philosophy of other metaphysical groups that say you create your own reality?

Corky: Well, you do. It's called Dharma and Karma. Right this minute we are creating the next minute's reality. And it will be the effect of what we are doing right now, and the thoughts that are going on in our mind. It is set in a train of cause and effect situations. Let me do a little rehearsal here, on this whole thing. We look at the cosmos, we see all the planets that are in perfect, precise motion and movement. Exact. It is called the harmony of the spheres. It can be calculated to within millionths of a second. You look at chemistry, is chemistry an exact science, as much as they understand about it Chris?

Chris: I guess, yeah.

Corky: Doesn't it seem that way? You add a little of this to that, and you're going to get a calculated response. We look at everything within nature, and it's all under the law of Cause and Effect. We look at an incident, give me an incident that has taken place with you... the toothpaste fell off the end of your toothbrush bristles into the sink this morning. The way you put the toothpaste on there, the way you held the tube, the way that you passed the brush along there, was set by your mood and your mind, which are all causes and effects, from previous causes and effects, that add up to the event that you didn't get it on there, and it fell off and landed in the sink. Because of the physical laws and the nature of the movie that we are in. They all had their causes and effects that went up to the toothpaste falling into the sink.

With the airplane crash, there was the one airplane that took off from the airport, and the one that arrived at that precise time, they were meeting, all the events were causes and effects that lead up to the planes meeting at the same time and at the same point, and there was a crash, and everybody that was there was supposed to be there. Now, the ego has this big thing about being in control of this movie of life. But all the film is set. There is nothing you can do about it. Because it is under the law of Cause and Effect. And the prison that we put ourselves into, is the belief or the illusion that you can control the events. That's what they talk about being free from the prison, when you realize that there is nothing you can do about it, only observe it. Except for, at the movements on the backside of it. On this side, you can't control it. But on the flip side, you can choose your next incarnation. And as you go through that consciously, you can determine your next movie. If you can, through using the strength of your will, in that state, unload some of your karma.

But the struggle we have in the movie of life is that struggle. It is the struggle of controlling the events of a movie that are uncontrollable. It's like when you go to the theater and you sit there and say "Oh, I wish he would kiss her! Oh no, I wish they would do this or that." While you are sitting in the movie, and you are hoping and wishing and believing, and all the anticipation... the things that they put in the movies in the theater are the same things as the movie of life, except the movie of life is more dramatic. Because you are involved in it. You are in a body, and you actually jump into a movie, and you're running around on the stage of life believing that you are going to create the lines, but the only thing you can say is to draw from the information that is there, that has already been put there. What other source do you have to go to? Let's hear you speak a little Swahili language! You can't do it, because it's not there is it? Now, you could go learn it and put it there and draw from that resource.

But it is a dilemma! It's a dilemma within the mind to surrender to that. That's the great surrender. Surrender to the reality that there is nothing you can do about life. Because believing that you have control over life is denying the reality of the natural laws of the universe. Everything in the universe is under cause and effect. Except for you? You are an exemption right? People are exemptions right? They don't belong in the universe? They are not part of creation? They are not under cause and effect? But it is a hard pill to swallow. Because what it does to the ego is it says, "Hey I'm not worth much. I don't really have much control over the situation and everything down here and now it all seems hopeless." And then despair sets in. And on the other side of despair is, they call it cosmic consciousness sometimes, to the extent that you become part of the cosmos as a functioning unit of it, as it is supposed to be, and in harmony with it, rather than trying to do your own thing within it. You float in the flow of the river of existence, rather than try to swim up the stream.

Steve: The conflict lies in the words that are used. Philosophers and people in general talk about will and surrender as being opposites. Don't you think so?

Corky: I would say so. Or maybe it's the interpretation of the people. You surrender to the will of the cosmos, or the naturalness of it. And then you are there with it. You surrender to the song that is being sung by creation, rather than try to sing your own, within your own will. And the only thing that is out of harmony is your will. It doesn't observe it properly. There is nothing you can do about anything else, it is automatically happening, but just the way you are with it, whether you are in the harmony or out of it, it is just a mental state. That's the only thing that can be in or out of harmony.

Steve: Or to put it the opposite way, which is always true in paradox, you will yourself to surrender.

Corky: Both meaning the same thing. There are probably lots of ways to say it. The formula and everything is in the second initiation, that is the song or harmony of creation. That is the song. When you use that meditation it takes you to that place, but everybody has a difficult time in gaining a firmness within themselves to be able to do that. Because they get so caught up in the movie of life that it overtakes them. It overtakes their attention. And it becomes the pinnacle, or the drama of existence, rather than being in observation of it. So it's really all a pretty simple thing. And that's what we talked about the last hour.

Steve: But the majority of religions on the planet still allow for some place of "free choice" they call it. Like you have some choice about the matter.

Corky: Well, it is a paradox. You DO.

Steve: The only choice you have is to choose what is. Which really is no choice. Philosophically speaking it is mumbo jumbo.

Corky: Right. But you do have a choice on the flip side, it comes about when you drop dead. See, if there is a spirit, if there is an essence that goes on, at that point the rules change. Because we are not in a movie anymore. We are not caught in the elements, because we have moved to a higher resonation or spiritual level, which is under another state of the law of Cause and Effect. It's a spiritual law of Cause and Effect. And at that point, the will can direct itself into a different movie of its next incarnation, if it does incarnate. But it is under a higher law of Cause and Effect. If it stays with that law, it can drop some of the dharma for the movie it chooses next time. And that is what is taught in all the Eastern philosophies. Who knows whether it is true or not, or whether it will be, until we go through it. Unless you can remember your incarnations. It is the transference from one life to the next. It is from one theater to the next. You have a whole bunch of theater doors, and the one that you choose is chosen by the will, or the spiritual will. So, the longer you stay within your spiritual will while in a movie, and gain a firmness of realizing that you are in a movie, the easier it is to choose your next door. Because you are operating from a spiritual state rather than from an unconscious state of the spirit.

Steve: Wouldn't your willingness to stay in the space of acceptance or willingness be determined by previous incarnations, since everything is a function of cause and effect? So your experience in the "heaven world", so to speak, would also be determined by your experience in cause and effect?

Corky: Partially. Although I think what they are saying is valid, that you can choose to be either place with your consciousness. It is like irrational numbers. We have rational numbers that all add up to even amounts right? And then we have irrational numbers, which is the flip side or the paradox. There is a choice, but it is not on this side, and it is a phenomena, or a distortion in the matrix of choice. And that distortion takes place on the spiritual side, and not the fixed side of the movie, which is where we get deeper into the mass, and allows for variables, or allows for quantum physics within nature. Does that make sense? It is not so black and white, it is gray, a blending.

Steve: That's the same kind of thing that people are talking about in this realm. Where there is free choice, you have some determination over what will happen inside a movie that is already in the can so to speak.

Corky: You have the opportunity to choose the Is, or not. And that is the opportunity.

Steve: And you said that is different on the spiritual side when you have left your body behind.

Corky: I am saying it operates from a higher level.

Steve: What does "higher" mean?

Corky: It's sort of like a note. For example, let's say you have a low frequency and a high frequency. The higher note can be distorted, so from this point of view it seems as if you have a choice. But that choice comes out of creation. Does that make sense?

Steve: Not to me.

Corky: Does that make sense to anybody else? The choice comes off of that resonation, versus off the resonation of the manifest field here. They are two separate things. This manifest field doesn't necessarily affect that field. There is a correspondence between the two, but they don't affect each other. It is the manifestation on each state. It is like irrational and rational numbers.

Steve: This is one of the lingering questions I have, is that function of choice when these mystics and people talk about choosing the incarnation you go into. And I asked you the question a long time ago like, what do you do, go into a room, look at a bunch of movies and decide on one? Because I've always thought that everything was a continuum, that everything was perfect, that there was nothing you can do about the show of events.

Corky: That is the paradox. The paradox is, at that movement, at that critical movement the rules change. The irrational numbers come into play, and there are six lights let's say, instead of one light that you can turn towards. It is a paradoxical point. It is where irrational comes in, and the rational ceases momentarily. It is the warp in the matrix of creation.

Steve: Is that necessary so that evolution exists?

Corky: It is what causes evolution. It is a distortion of evolution. It is irrational. Otherwise nothing would change. It is the mutation that takes place in genes. But looking at it right from the source, it is fixed too. But it is still a mutating point. I don't want to say that it is not there, by saying that it is fixed totally and the mutation doesn't take place. That does away with the possibility where mutation can take place. So it is, and it is not. It is like light, it is both waves and particles. And you say to me, "How can that be?" But it is both. It is two things at once, that are in opposition to each other. That is the paradox. It is both. It is fixed and it is not fixed. It is, but it isn't. That is the mutation.

Chris: But it is. Because after the choice is made, isn't that just another preordination?

Corky: But it is not, also. So that is what leaves for the choice, at that point. It is the will. The will looks at it, where you are observing the movie from. Like you can sit in the theater and you can't change the movie can you? But you can change your involvement in it, the way you look at it, can't you? You can get really deeply involved and believe that you're almost part of it, or you can stand back a little bit and realize you are in the theater and just observe it. But the movie is going to stay the same. You are not going to change it by the way you look at it. Just the way it affects you. But it is still going to be the same. But when you leave the movie, the consciousness that you leave the movie with, determines the way you are going to go into your next one. See what I am saying? How far you were into the last one, or how much you were drawn in, or how much introspection into your will do you have?

Steve: Like when you go to sleep watching a show for instance, and you have dreams about the show?

Corky: Yeah. Same story. The more you get into the spirit and the soul, you gain a lot of strength and firmness there, and put a lot of time in to it, at least 50% of your existence, it gives you a different perspective at your next movie change. Into maybe being less involved in what's going on with the movie and less torn by it.

Steve: And they also say within those Eastern scriptures that you can do away with a lot of karma, by your past lives so to speak.

Corky: Right. Because of the consciousness as you leave the movie, you have a new perspective and you are going to go into another movie door as soon as you go out. If you are withdrawn, rather than in the emotion of it totally. When people leave this life, what they are caught up in, they come right back into. You can't do it during a movie because the movie is set. But you can do it as you leave your movie; try to make it easier leaving life than coming back into life.

Steve: That's interesting. It seems like most health care professionals around these days are giving people a chance to re-experience some tragic event, or something that has encumbered them, and in doing so they can release it. And then they are not at the effect of it.

Corky: I think that would be set in their movie of life, whether they were going to go through that release after they are into it. It's sort of like, what you put in, is what you get out. So, in the spiritual state after it leaves this life; if you can work with it when it is on the other side in that spiritual state before it goes into its next womb, before it moves into one of the six lights, at that point of irrational numbers, at that point of distortion, at that point of the will directing it to its next theater, and as it leaves this life it can go through without the traumatic experience of a violent death. Or as it goes through leaving this life, in a directed manner, so that it automatically allows the spirit to come out of the body rather than being jerked out of its body, whether it is a natural process coming out or not. The birth takes place instantaneously, because there is not time on the other side. It is a paradox within the spirit state. No time takes place. So we don't wait around for a womb, it is an instant process. Time takes place in this movie. But as it goes back into its next life, it is an instant process that takes place. So the transition that the spirit is taken through as it is guided to its next incarnation, would be more vital than after it is set in a movie, because whatever is going to take place with it after it is already in its new life is going to take place. All the words that are said to it, every releasing, every anointing, every palm reading, every tarot reading, every astrological reading, every drop of water that it is blessed with is already set. Because it is chosen as it goes into the movie, and is born out of it with the genetics of its incarnation.

Steve: I'm just saying with the proper understanding of someone's past lives, you might be able to facilitate a releasing which would unencumber them to move on through evolution.

Corky: And what I am saying is all those past life regressions and all those blessings, and all those readings, and all those releases are all set before they get into the life.

Steve: And inside a specific time frame, in a manifest world, you'll either have that knowledge or you won't. What I am saying is, I think there is a consolidation coming about. This is what I am hoping actually, it doesn't have anything to do with thinking. So it's just a big guess on my part, that all these schools of thought will get together and share their information and, in doing so, it'll become consolidated.

Corky: Yeah. All these schools either have, or have not, and those are all movies that you can choose. For example, when you leave this life through that critical point, and the manner in which you leave this life, and what takes place in that critical movement of the soul, determines whether you go to a lifetime that has all of those things in it already, that it has all of those movements in a unity already , or not. Because all those things already do exist in movies of lives, and that choosing point of those things... rather than try to struggle with the flow of whether or not they are going to be within this life, because this life is already set, if they are going to be or if they are not going to be there. That choosing is in that place of the spirit in transference... rather than saying 'I'm going to change the world', because the world is already set. This planet's motion and karma is already set. Everything that takes place in these movies on this planet are here. And the irrational numbers are on the back side of the set movie that you drop into.

There is a real good saying, I can't remember who told it or where it came from or whatever. But this person said, "First of all I am going to change the world, and make the world a better place. And bring all the groups together." He tried that for fifty years, and then for the next ten years he said, "Well I'll just change my country I'm involved in." After he tried that for the next ten years, he got to be sixty, and said, "Well I'll just change the local groups and get all the local groups together." And he tried that until he was 70 years old, and then after that he said, "Well I'll just change my city. I've given up on the state, the state is too big, I can't get in touch with them all." Then after he couldn't get the city changed, he said, "I'll change everybody on my block and we'll get a block group together here." Finally, when he couldn't do that, between 80 and 90 years old he said "Well, I think I'll just change myself."

That is done in a very personal way, inside. Because everything is set at that critical movement of the soul when the distortion, or the mutation of creation comes about. And really nobody really changes anybody else, everybody just changes themselves.

Steve: Is that what you think I'm up to?

Corky: Changing yourself? Yeah. Everything else is just a story.

Steve: I'm talking about integrating things. I find that these characters that talk on TV who are of different philosophies are all speaking the same language, and a lot of them know it, and it's brought them to a higher consciousness where they really surrender to something larger than their tiny little philosophy. And they acknowledge it. And I think it's a natural function of getting to the top of any school because everything is the same anyway. There are still a lot of schools of thought around who are holding themselves up, who are digging ditches and battling each other for the sake of holding on to their own way of looking at the universe.

Corky: But it is supposed to be that way, because that is the way it is. Like you said.

Steve: That's okay. I'm just saying that I think there is a time in the future where I think these kinds of ideas that haven't been around as far as I know up until maybe 50 years ago, when people had the ability to perceive it... I mean, there were isolated individuals but I'm just saying that given the communication facilities on the planet right now there are all kinds of people who are able to learn about quantum physics for instance. Or be exposed to a lot of different philosophies. And in doing so, I think eventually there will be a group of individuals representing a lot of different schools like chemistry or biology or anthropology or physics or mathematics, where they realize they are all speaking the same language, and in doing so will create a harmonious union between the schools. And there will be a change.

Corky: It's real interesting. It's sort of like when this planet will get invaded by space people, ya know? And the people on the planet will say, "Oh, we gotta get in harmony with all these people from outer space and we have to get the whole universe together!" And what happens is, if we look back at history, there has always been an in-flow of chimpanzees that come into the farm planet, and then there is a group that flow out, and everybody finds their own thing within themselves. It is not found within the world. It is really bizarre that way. It is sort of a paradox. We look to try to get the harmony of the planet together and say there will be no starvation, no wars or anything, but there will always be, like Christ said, the poor. There will always be the conscious, there will always be the unconscious. It is a personal thing, it is not a mass thing. It is an individual thing. Because that is the nature of creation, where there is always the conscious and the unconscious. There is always the fight and the non fight. And it happens with each cell individually, or the units within themselves, and people find the unity for themselves rather than finding it for the planet. It is just a personal thing.

What I am saying is there will never be harmony for the world, because it is not a natural thing for this planet. Harmony is found within yourself rather than out in the world, or within a group. It is the personal understanding that each individual finds. Now, people always go to a group, like you say, and discuss these things, and toss them back and forth, but it is a personal experience that each soul has in its evolution. They don't get it from the group, they get it from themselves, from inside.

Steve: Then why have groups? Don't you acknowledge that groups facilitate people turning their attention inside themselves?

Corky: There is a lot of stimulation on the outside and everything, but it is the decision to go inside that gives it to each individual. It is an individual thing. The group can't do it for them. They can assist in making available the tools, but then it's up to the individual to find the peace themselves.

Steve: I agree with that. You don't think these different schools...

Corky: They're supposed to be just like they are, apart. Just like it is, is perfect.

Steve: To integrate mathematics and physics and chemistry...

Corky: It would take the fun out of it. At this point to try to change it.

If we didn't have full people, we could have starving people. If we didn't have fat people we couldn't have skinny people. If we didn't have ignorant people we couldn't have smart ones. It would destroy it. It's a matter of perception.

Janie: I disagree with the starving people. I think it's terrible. That just shows how undeveloped this planet is.

Chris: So if you go into this transition point and you don't stay with your will, the individuals who do not even know that they have a will...

Corky: Are automatically just under their Karma.

Chris: It's more of a continuum, is what you're saying.

Corky: Yes. It is a natural continuum. There is not as much irrational potential, and mutation potential built up. It's like kinetic energy and potential energy. You are under kinetic energy, when you go through on the pendulum, you go through without much attention on the will. But if you build up potential to a higher resonation with your attention on the will during a particular lifetime, you'll have more potential energy to swing the kinetic energy when you come down with the direction of the will from the higher point.

It's just a choice from a higher state is all. It is still, like Steve would say, predestined from the major cause. From a higher cause, rather than a lower cause. All I am saying there is you can make things smoother by building up potential energy.

Chris: Is it like seeing more doors, like seeing six as compared to two?

Corky: Yeah, I'd say so. But you still have a set amount, depending on your potential. You have maybe two instead of one. Or maybe three instead of one. You might be able to choose your sex, if you have your attention on your will, and the understanding of what gender is. It's real interesting, people who incarnate as gay have gone through a real interesting thing in their last choice of incarnation, through cause and effect or whatever it happens to be. It was at a critical decision point.

Anyway, before we stop today, I don't want to give anyone the impression by the words I am saying - from the movie I am involved in that I can't change, that I'm already programmed to say - that I would espouse or suggest that anybody should drop out of the movie of life, and not actively and energetically participate in it. I think that everybody ought to go for their movie, and make it as intense as possible! Make it as fun as possible. Keep as much observation as possible in it, and try to build some potential within your will or your essence or whatever you want to call it, so that during your next transference that you can see more than one life. It's not time to drop out of life and say, "Oh well, it's just going to be what it's going to be and I'm going to get all depressed about it or whatever." Because there is that, as you go through that valley of death, I guess you could call it, as the ego dies and you move into a consciousness of viewing it from a different state, it is gloom for a period of time until you pass out in a kind of fog on the other side. When you come out of the fog on the other side, it's very interesting to see what you got yourself involved in, and what's happening, and how really neat it is, and how much fun it is, and you can have everything still happen and take it with a really good heart inside. It's great.