Where your Attention is, is Where You are.

May 24, 1997

They have landed, but mankind cannot hear the frequency because their attention is in mammon with the gold, within the world, within the mansions.

We have exactly one hour, so we better get our money's worth right?

What would you do if you only had one hour left in this life? I want you all to consider that. What would you do with just one hour left? If I were at my last hour, I would try to put my phallus inside the labia lips. For that is where the two come together as one. That is the union in harmony. Get comfortable in life. Let's pretend that as of right now, you have one hour left of your life. What are you going to do with it? Sue will read about one hour left from the book, Summum: Sealed Except to the Open Mind.

Chapter 2 - The Summum Philosophy

"The voice of wisdom is silent except to the open mind. The Summum Philosophy embodies the Principles of Creation Itself. From Grand Cycle to Grand Cycle the fundamental esoteric teachings of the Summum Bonum are taught to select advanced souls who then progress to new spiritual levels."

The Neters have always been, and they have many different names. You can call them what you like, it does not matter what you call them. They are the guys who pick up the balls on the tennis court. People throughout history, have gathered inside pyramids to hear their words and experience their feeling. The initiates are taken into an awakening, allowed to absorb the Neters and leap forward in an awakening that causes something to happen inside of them. It is different from everyone else and they seem almost isolated because of it. They seem like they no longer belong where they are at because of it.

It was about 300 AD, when Constantine who at the time was an Atheist, became the ruler of Rome. During his rule, the Christians were thrown into the abyss or the coliseum with the lions. They did this to watch the Christians try to stay alive, while being attacked by a lion. This was their form of entertainment. Like going to the movie theater. Instead of defending themselves, many of these Christians would put down their swords and give up their lives to the lion. Everyone in the stands applauded as the lions ate them.

It really happened, it is a true story. It has been recorded in history.

Constantine wondered why these Christians would lay down their life so readily. He discovered that they knew something. They had conviction about something that caused them to lay down their lives instead of harm another creature. He found it so inspiring that he converted to Christianity. But then, he had to change all the rules so he took out 9 books from the bible and added a lot of hocus-pocus.

You never will understand any of the words said here, because what goes on here happens inside of your heart. It is not found in the words of the story. It is an awakening.

Something from Creation allows you to lay down your sword like Ammonites in the Book of Mormon. Like the Christians did in the arenas with the lions. It is a breaking in half of your heart or who you think you are. You surrender to Creation Itself. So what you do is you put your attention on the principals. You jump off the side into the deep end of the pool, and begin to swim and really experience it. It is pretty simple - you have to experience it to become a part of it. You have to live it.

We are going to talk about where your attention is because we only have 45 minutes left of your hour. Pay close attention, you are running low on time. Now, where your attention is where you are going to be. Usually when you go to sleep at night, you wake up in same bed. This is the same thing when you die. When you die, you will be born into the same bed. Pay attention to where your attention is.

Up on the north wall of the pyramid is an old story called "The Judgment." It is the same as the weighing of the heart. There is a higher law that states you can get it under control. By using the lower law, you are destined to be incarnated again right where you left off. But, the higher law is looking inside of your self and holding on to the oneness of it. Resting in the silence of it and not letting those forces pull your attention wherever it is usually pulled to. It is called becoming a Master of your own attention.

It allows you to begin to be in control of who you really are. So when there is one minute left of your life, you are going to be able to put your attention on where you want to be, so you have more control over where you wake up in the next life.

Pretty simple isn't it? So if you can keep your attention all the time on where you want to be, when you wake up in your next life, you are there! You have already arrived. The secret is, there really is no place to go. It is the beginning and the end as Buddha said "I've arrived. I am there already, I have nowhere to go. I am in heaven already." Now, you have only one second left and your attention is on heaven. Because that is where I wake up everyday! It is now. There is no tomorrow — there is only now. You live in it.

Do not try to attain it, just be it. Do not try to become the winner, become it. Become everything right now. That is what the story of the weighing of the heart tells. It says you have the power within you. It has nothing to do with me or anyone else. It is your power; you are alone in this decision, all alone. As it goes on through eternity — you are alone in it. You will be able to hear the bells or the vibration of it. You will be able to experience the depth of it. You are the one that decides - no one else - where your attention is when that last second comes. If it is in fear you will wake up in fear. If it is in heaven, you will awaken in heaven

Where you are when you go to sleep is where you are when you wake up. You have been doing it now for many years. There is no such thing as death. You may leave your body, but you will still wake up exactly as you are today. You are not going to make some big leap forward. No pizza pie in the sky is going to give you all the things you think you are going to get. If you have your heart and yourself in creation, that is where you will wake up. There really is no such thing as death; it is only a transformation of energy from one state to another. Your energy leaves your body and goes on to its next state in life. It keeps going. It is reborn over and over. Like the sun coming up everyday, that's your signal. I don't know how plainer it could get!

It is very interesting how all these religions have been going on, millions of them and they write these revelations and scriptures and they all pray for this day for heaven to come and this cleansing and liberation and burning will come and all the good souls will be saved and the bad souls will be burned away and you will go to heaven. All of them are saying the same thing.

In the book of Revelations in the Bible it says "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had ceased to exist, and the sea existed no more."

It says a new heaven and a new earth and you won't remember anything before. What is going to cause that? Like a coma or some serious anesthesia? "But be glad and rejoice forever for what I create, for behold I create Jerusalem. For rejoicing and for her people and for gladness."

The Mormons say there is going to be a new Zion. The Jews say there is going to be a New Jerusalem. From the book of Revelations, "I will also rejoice in Jerusalem and behold glad will my people be." The new heaven and new earth is a prophecy that many Christians believe... supposedly believe in anyway. "I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth passed away and there is no longer any sea. And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. Made ready as a bride adorned for her husband and he who sits on the throne said, 'For behold I am making all things new.' And he said, 'For these words are faithful and true. I am the Alpha and the Omega." These revelations are all what is going to happen and we will continue reading them.

Remember you are going to judge yourself. Each and every one of you. Let me show you how this new heaven and earth are going to come. It said there is going to be a fire upon the earth and that fire is going to cleanse it. There was a great sign that just passed and 4500 years ago they said when that sign passed again, then that was the time. The comet passed. Up on the west wall in the pyramid we have the pizza pie comet in the sky as revelations says. It will come from the northeast and if you wanted to compare it in size, it would be as big as this room compared to a basket ball and when everyone sees the pizza pie in the sky coming, they are going to get down on their knees and say "Oh my God, it is coming," and it will scare the living shit right out of them. And they are going to try to find themselves on their knees and repent for all they have done wrong in the last second.

Keep your attention in heaven when the pizza pie hits, because it is coming. It may come tomorrow or in a thousand years for some of you. No man knows the date or time, only God. Now I would guess that a smart disciple would say, "Let me get my pie together before the pizza hits. Let me look upon every man, woman, animal, and everything within creation as having a living spirit created by God. I get on my knees and I forsake all those things that I have had my attention on. All of those meaningless things I will forsake, that have taken me out of harmony with creation itself." But it seems it only comes when the pressure comes close. When you take the top off the pressure cooker and all the steam goes away and it just simmers away, you are right back where you were cooking and you get up off your knees and go right back to what you were doing when the pizza was not coming. All the religions say the pizza is coming.

The Mormons say the millennium is coming. God did come to those who were ready because they lived it. They were disciples of it. It was not just three hours on Sunday for them. They walked it for 3000 miles and more than a third of them died on the way. The Jews did the same thing when they left Egypt. It is not a new story. It is an old story. You are not going anywhere. You are where you are at and you are going to wake up where you are at. But you better get there now. Do not put it off. Does anyone know the exact hour or the exact seconds of the right time?

We have been getting visitors, though you had better hope the visitors don't come, because if they do come, you are going to be required to have it together. Donna said they were trying to land in the parking lot of Summum. Have you seen any UFO movies lately? Watch the Learning Channel. All the documents are being released because of the Freedom of Information Act. All the government documents have come out with the stories that for years we have been "being observed." And they are here. It is here and it is on the Learning Channel, watch it. It is happening. A lot of airplane pilots are telling the stories of what they have seen and what is happening because of what is going on. What form could they come in? A low flying plane about 100 ft. or less off the ground flew over the pyramid. Do not be asleep, get in touch.

Do not miss it. Watch the Discovery and the Learning Channels. They have landed, but mankind cannot hear the frequency because their attention is in mammon with the gold, within the world, within the mansions. They cannot listen, they refuse to hear, and they would not waste their time with it. They only come for those who are ready to listen. No one ever dies, they just transform. Everyone continues where they left off. The Messiah's usually go out by getting killed, and quick. There is no problem with that because when "It" comes, "It" is a big fireball and the earth is just a little basketball. The earth passes through this fireball, as a new Big Bang, and as it passes through it turns into a crystal. A celestial heaven, clear as glass, vaporized and there is no water left. Not a star in the sky because all there is, is pure light. Just pure energy. Now if you are ready, you are ready. And if you are not, you are not.

There have been some bizarre things happening in the pyramid. It comes from nowhere and lands on you. Just like that and feels just like that. It is called the unexplainable. It is here; it is talking to you. Make sure you have got your attention on heaven. Every day of your life, it is here right now! It rings, it vibrates inside of you. It wells up in your heart; it feels like a lump in your chest. Do not miss it. Catch the first wave on the way out. It is easiest that way. You will not be able to see it when it comes because it comes so fast. It is faster than light, as a thief in the dark I shall come. Just feel it. Do not miss the opportunity to become a disciple of it because you have never felt so good, as you feel right now.

You will hear it in your heart, and feel it in your soul before you see it coming. It will sound just like what you have just heard in your meditation. You will hear it before you see it, but you will not hear it within your ears. You will hear it ringing in your soul, for it will come as a calming rain. It will come as fire. There are no accidents!!