Work and Wealth

January 20, 1985

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Everything is under the Law of Cause and Effect.

I heard a comment the other day that I thought was worth discussing. The comment was in regards to personal wealth and social status. It said basically, that all you have to do is allow yourself to feel like you deserve having money and then automatically, it will come to you. That you need to allow yourself to allow this money to come to you and you will have all the money in the world that you could ever want. It is a common metaphysical statement and it has been for years.

The insinuation of this comment was that an abundance of money would come to you, when you allow it. It is like when you drill a well, and the water comes out of the well and you would think that enough water would come out of the well to take care of your animals and water your crops and have enough left over to take care of your family. But the way that this person was speaking of it, was that an abundance of water would come out, an overflow, a full Garden of Eden would flow out of this well for you. You would never have to worry about money again, and you would be able to have all the finest things in life, such as big nice cars, houses, maids and servants. All you have to do is allow this to take place, and it would just flow to you. Have you ever heard this statement before?

You have to examine the source of the revenue. To the extent that the revenue may be produced from slave labor, a salt mine somewhere and you just happen to be the recipient that owns the stock. But you are not the one running the company. The company is in South Africa. You live in California and you just happen to own the stock in that company. You do not have to see the workers drop dead in the salt mines, you do not see them coming out of the mines after 16 hour shifts.

Let us observe this from the perspective of nature. Everything is under the Law of Cause and Effect. The sun comes up in the morning and it goes across the sky shining its light on the planet, and then it goes down and gets dark. This is what we call night time. Over the course of a year, the amount of day light, and the amount of darkness at night, pretty much averages out. Sometimes we have shorter days and longer nights. Sometimes we have longer days with shorter nights. Nature is sort of interesting that way. There is always a state of polarity. On a magnet, you have a north pole and a south pole and although these poles are opposing, the south pole is just as strong as the north pole. If the north pole becomes weaker, so does the south pole. If the south pole becomes stronger, so does the north pole. The amount of light and the amount of dark. There is always a balance struck. The front and back side of a coin, male and female, opposites.

Everything balances itself out within nature. When the sun picks up drops of ocean and carries it by clouds onto the land, where it rains, there is always the same amount of water that percolates down through the mountain streams into large rivers and finally finds its way back to the ocean. More water doesn't come down as rain, than went up from the ocean. The same amount comes down as went up. Sooner or later, all of the water will end up back at the ocean, over a period of time. Time will take care of this. This is an interesting perspective, to the extent that time will determine how long it will take that water drop, and the circumstances of cause and effect that happen to it along the way but it will find its way back to the ocean. It will go down just as far as it went up. As it is lifted out of the ocean, it will rise to a certain height, and it will go over to some mountain, or some higher altitude, and it will begin its decent, and it will go down the same distance. So, everything is relative, everything is under natural laws. Everything is under cause and effect; it is an exacting law, and a very mathematical, precise law.

So this story that it's okay and wonderful, where abundance of life shall flow in on you and you shall have it, as long as you use it right then it's okay to use as much of it as you want for your own personal consumption. It's okay for you to have a big feather pillow in life that you are going to ride around on and do your thing on, and have a good time on. Now there are lots of ways that money can come in. You can work for it, which is to say, you can produce goods and services comparable to the amount of money that comes in, or you could manipulate the market of money.

Let's just say your grandfather went out and bought a piece of ground that belongs to nature, from somebody else for $5. Your father inherits it, and your father leaves it to you. It just so happens to be property that turned into $100,000 a square foot and you sell it for millions of dollars. Who produced what to sell it for a million dollars? Someone got in on a good deal. Someone was there first. But the truth is nature was there first. If you really believe in your heart, and your soul that you are a part of nature, and that you are part of the family of creation, then it will be very difficult to say that that land belongs to you. Now you can always justify it and say "well they wanted to pay the price that I sold it for." That is what the scriptures reference when they say, "Be in the world, but not of the world." It does not necessarily mean that you have to play all of the games of the world that are going on. It does not mean that you have to manipulate the $5 piece of property over fifty years and get millions of dollars and produce no goods, or services for it.

Let us consider how we produce goods and services in the manner of growing food. First of all, we go out and get some seeds and then we stick them in the ground. Next, we would like to give the seed some water, which is nature's water, but we say that it is ours because we bought the water share to do it. We put a little bit of water on the seed, and the sun comes up to shine on it. It would not surprise me to discover that we will be selling and buying that sunshine some day. So the sun shines on it, and heats it up warm enough to germinate and it grows into a tree. Out of that tree a whole bunch of avocados are born, and we sell them for $.50 a piece at the store. Now the only work we can say we participated in was taking the fruit from the tree that grew it. We happened to give it a little bit of water, which nature gave to us. The labors that we used to take the fruit from the tree and put it in the box and sell it is what we should gather in return for our labors from somebody else.

You should only reap financially in return, a fair market value of what your services, or goods are that you produce individually. In certain sectors of our society, there are some who believe that their services are worth several millions of dollars a year. They believe this because they have leveraged themselves within society. Or the system has said that this is a fair wage, that this person is that much smarter, his brain is several million times larger, he wears a size thousand hat on top of his head. They have to wheel his body around in a wheelchair because his head is so large, his body cannot hold it up.

Now, there is not much we are going to be able to do to change the world, to be honest with you. There have been a lot of people walking around for thousands of years saying that they are going to change the world, and yet nothing has happened. The world is still the same. It still goes on because it will always be that way. The only thing that can change is each individual when they choose to make their transformation or change as an individual. It usually happens in small groups or just one person at a time. There are not whole masses, or nations of people, that all of the sudden drop their old consciousness and transform into a new consciousness. It is a growing process. It is exactly like nature, it is not contradictory to nature. The transformation of souls is the same as the evolution of nature.

Now, it says in the Christian scriptures, and many other religious books, that a rich person has a very difficult time going to heaven. That where ever your treasures are, is where your soul is. If your treasures are in the idea that you are allowing financial abundance to flow to you, then that is where your soul is going to be. It will be bound to the planet. It will be earth bound to the treasures of the planet. Rather than in the services that you can do for your fellow men or the equality that you can create within society. Christ also said, "Go out and sell your house and all of your things, and give it to the poor and come follow me." What Christ meant is for you to drop the need for the financial abundance and focusing on that goal in life and instead, allow your life to be a goal of spirituality where you can do something for your soul.

In the Kybalion, it is said, "as above, so below." What that means is that as you act here on this planet, that is where your treasures will be in your soul, after you drop dead. You will be earth bound to material things, if that is what your goals are. If that is what you are allowing to flow within you. If you say "I'm going to allow this flow of abundance to come to me, so I can go out and do good with it, but I am not going to do anything for it. I don't have to labor during the days for it; it will naturally flow to me. Meanwhile those thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people on the other side of the world are sweating for my gain, and are hungry. But I can go out and give them a little bit of my wealth so that I will feel good about my self. But I can still float around in this society on my feather pillow, in my BMW, or my Mercedes. All of this, because I am that much smarter, and produce that much more in actual goods and services than everybody else."

It is a joke, this story. It is a lie. It is a lie to your self. It is a lie that you are that much more valuable than everybody else within society.

Now, the only way that a society can survive, is when it behaves like nature and is in harmony. Like a beehive. Everybody in the beehive is doing their job, and they all eat about the same amount of honey. The ones that need a little bit more honey, they get it because they are doing a little bit more work. It is a very natural process within the beehive. There is not a group of bees that set themselves apart as being the bees that get to hoard all the honey and not do anything, and then pass it out to all the other bees because they are in the passing out position. And that is what it boils down to. They are going to pass out right out of existence, with that kind of consciousness.

It comes back to this thing in nature of the raindrop. The raindrop that comes out of the ocean, and falls down onto the land, is going to go the same amount of distance back down to the ocean. The ideal would be for everyone to keep themselves in the mean balance with their consumption of personal goods for themselves. In a communal situation, where there is no major private ownership of things. All the wealth is shared like in a beehive. Ideal would be to create a community where the wealth is put in the hive for everyone, because the wealth is created by nature. It is created by the labor and efforts of all the bees in the hive. Not because one bee got in a position to manipulate the hive, which is what happens in our society. People get into a position to manipulate the system and get a large amount of wealth for doing nothing, and they say they deserve it. Why do they deserve it?

For example, let us take the executive from a major automobile manufacturer who earns a million dollars just for bonuses. This bonus was because the company did well that quarter. The company did well because the workers on the line were busting their butts to do a good job, and put out more cars. So the bonus goes to the person who has the whip. The bonus goes to the person who is beating on the people who actually did the work, and produced the goods and services, instead of to the person who did the work.

How do you explain this to people, that they are putting themselves into a very vulnerable position by allowing themselves to believe this lie? To have all that excess wealth and that they deserve it, because they inherited it or manipulated the system for it? It is like the raindrop. As high as you go, you go back down just as far. It is the polarity of the magnet, the strength of the north-pole, is as strong as the south-pole will become. If you swing in the pendulum of polarity over to riches that you did not earn, you are bound to take the opposite swing all the way back to poverty on the other side. So a mean position within the hive is ideal. It removes the swing of polarity. You may have one incarnation of great wealth, and a thousand of poverty. You may end up in Ethiopia for a thousand years, one incarnation after another, for lying to yourself about this flow of nature to your pocket.

There is a condition of being out of balance on this planet. Look at what is going on in the West. Look at the amount of food that we put in garbage dumpsters behind our restaurants. Just look at the food that goes out the back door of our fast food restaurants and gets dumped out. And because of some political story that some group is doing to leverage themselves into a more powerful nation, these people are starving over on the other side of the world. I am not saying that this is not the way that nature designed it. This is a farm planet. As your soul evolves, you go through these movies of life, which allow your soul to transform to a larger or higher consciousness or get stuck in the sewer of it.

It is very easy to pick one of these little stories, that "Nature has chosen me to be the benefactor of its wealth. Because my grandfather bought $5 of land a hundred years ago, then it is okay for me to sell it for several million dollars and produce nothing. It is okay for me to draw out of the beehive all these goods and services, but then pass a little onto the poor so that I can feel good about myself. This is okay. This is fair." How do we tell these people? How do we tell ourselves?

They are doing things that are out of harmony with creation and god. These people think, "I've got it, and you want it." Well, a lot of people do want it, which gives them strength in that position. They see these people clamoring, trying to get money like they have got. And they think everybody wants to do that. They have a very large, well constructed tank around them that protects them from the truth, because they do not want to hear the truth.

Do you set an example for them by working? Can you show them by going out and working for yourself, and making your life an example of it, rather than just talking about it?

So their lives are directed towards this wealth, totally. They throw in some spirituality once in awhile on the weekends. They may give away a little money here and there to a charity, so they can continue to perpetuate their shelter to hide in. The truth is they cannot be in heaven. It is impossible. No matter what a preacher, or minister, or guru tries to tell them that they will go to heaven, as long as they continue to donate to their church. The story is a lie. It is impossible for this consciousness to end up in heaven. Because nature automatically takes care of the problem.

What I am saying is that everyone should work. Everyone should work, and you should be rewarded for your production of your services and goods. Not just for your manipulation of the system. The poor should work, and the rich should work. There is a problem on both ends. The meek shall inherit the earth. The ones that are out there working, that are producing the goods and services, these are the ones that will go to heaven. They will find heaven within their soul, because within their consciousness they are already there. Because they can get up in the morning and they can say "I labored for what I have. The sweat of my brow gave me a fair return, and I am not taking anything from anyone on this planet by owning anything, and having an exuberant amount of wealth for myself."

We are responsible for what we do individually. We cannot go into the oil company and tell the oil executive that he is all messed up, because he is just going to laugh. His consciousness has allowed himself to put his soul to sleep. His soul cannot hear anything, just his intellect saying "I've got it all and I have got everyone under my thumb." Perhaps this is true, perhaps it is not. Regardless, it is only temporary until he drops dead, and then the whole story changes. It is a paradox.

Nature will take care of it automatically. We can justify in ourselves and in our own consciousness any story that we want to tell ourselves. But then nature takes over. The grim reaper comes around, and everyone sooner or later is visited by the grim reaper. When the grim reaper comes around and says "Hello, how are you. It's your turn to play this game," you drop dead and you leave behind all that wealth. But you take within yourself what you have in your soul when you die. If your attachment was to all of that wealth and it was where your heart was, where your resources were, and where you put all of your strength, because you were able to manipulate people around you because of your wealth, then where are you at that point?

What if we have a lifespan of a hundred years? Big deal. What I am trying to say here, is that there will be a small number of people here that will catch this concept. It is in all the scriptures throughout time. Christ talked about it. Abraham talked about it. Krishna talked about it. It is in the sutras, the bible, the Bhagavad-Gita. It has been spoken of for thousands of years. What happens is the soul gets tranquilized, put to sleep by society's programming. Society says this is where you are happiest. Look! You have a nice big home, a beautiful woman by your side, and flashy cars, this is where it is at! And you deserve it! You deserve all this wealth.

This is the story that the Western society plays on the consciousness and the enlightenment of those in the West. That story is allowed to settle in to one and they lose their feeling for anything around them. People around them turn into their enemy. They begin taking from people, manipulating them, or using them to gain their wealth. They become their workers.

This is the difference between souls that transform themselves and evolve on, or the souls that get stuck and stay here on the farm planet. The ones that stay on the farm planet, are the ones that continue to stay within the farm consciousness as a vegetable. And they are out there trying to take advantage of the rest of the vegetables on the planet, so they can be the largest vegetable. The ones that get in harmony and sing the song of creation within their soul and within their heart, they become part of creation and harmony. Then they do to their neighbor as they would have their neighbor do unto them. That is what those sayings mean, and what the sayings from the sages were all about. They become part of the commune of life. In that situation as part of the commune of life, they realize themselves to be larger than what they are as a little selfish person. They become their neighbor, they become all of their neighbors, and in so doing, they become the world, and produce as much as they can. They still take care of themselves, but they do not hoard the wealth of the planet to the detriment of someone else.

What we would like to do is to set an example. People will learn by example. They will begin to see that we have something that they do not have. They will see that there is something that we do not want, even though they think it is valuable. There is something far beyond, that completely transcends the material things of this planet, that you cannot buy. I am not saying people do not need shelter, food, clothing, and transportation. But there are many things that have no value anymore, when you transcend that. You grow to a larger consciousness. You move to a position where they are no longer needed. This is the purpose around Summum, to allow this example to take place so that others can see it. To be in the world, but not of the world. To do things just a little bit differently. You still have got to work, just to take care of yourself, and all of your excess will flow to all of those in need around you. Even if they do not think like you do. Even if they do not have the same philosophy as you, does not mean that they are not human beings. Just because they do not have the enlightenment that you have, does not take away your responsibility to feed the planet and to take care of it.

Deep within your hearts there are still the tiniest seeds, a goal to be wealthy so that you do not have to do anything anymore. Those things will go away. We will focus on you, and antagonize those seeds, bring them to the surface and destroy them, if you hang around here long enough. This transformation will take place, and you become part of a harmony with nature and creation. It happens automatically when you come here, and spend time here. It is a very natural process that takes place. It does not happen over night. It happens over several months or years but this will come about. But you have to begin to do it. If you do not begin to do it, nothing will ever take place.