You are Standing in Your Way

April 30, 2005 have created a barrier between you and the One...

Have you ever been in the dark and found yourself afraid? You were all alone and afraid? The last time I was in the dark, all alone and afraid I was 10 years old. I was lying in my bed with my head faced to the north, and there was a door in my room that led outside; an exit door. My room was at the far end of the long side of the house, and our house was located in the Monrovian Mountains. So, I was lying in bed and these beings came through the door into my room and put a pillow over my head and said "Don't make a noise." I said "Okay." So they took the pillow off. Then they talked to me. Henry, my cat, was there. Victor is Henry reincarnated. They told me these stories when I was just a little kid. They told me about the universe and how it came about and I thought "Oh wow, I don't understand this stuff!" And then they said "Can we be with you?," and I said "yes!" because they were going to put a pillow on me if I did not say yes. Then they told me putting the pillow on me was just to make me realize that I was going to be alive even if they put the pillow on me, because you cannot die. There is no way you can die, because you are stuck with yourself. Because there is only one person and that one person lives forever.

Then they sent me to military academy. Those dirty buggers! Where you learn how to masturbate, ya know? That is what you do in military academy, you learn how to masturbate. Of course you do all those other kinds of things; ride horses, shoot guns, go in the boxing ring and get your ass beat. And you learn that there is always somebody better than you; someone faster than you, someone taller than you, someone shorter than you, someone smarter than you, someone less intelligent than you. And then you learn after a period of time, after they talk to you, that everybody is being a "you." Which is really interesting, because you begin to look at people and say to yourself, "Oh wow, look at him! He's got that 'you' on. Oh, she's got that 'you' on, and he's got a 'you' on, and she's got a 'you' on, everybody has got a 'you' on."

And then you hear those statements like, everything is interconnected in the universe. Jesus says "the body of the universe is like a cell, and your cell is part of the body." You being a cell is part of the overall body of the universe, and part of the overall body of human kind, part of the body of the planet, or part of the body of the solar system, or part of the body of the solar system being an element in a mass of a Cosmos. It is all interconnected in one form or another because nothing is not connected. Because it is a paradox; when something is separated, it is joined. And there is really only one thing in existence. Besides being only one person, there is only one thing. There is only one thing. That one thing is everything. When it turns into the everything, though you can look at it as all the individualized particles, but if you allow it to be the one thing, it is One.

But you always put a costume on it. You put something on it and you have dressed it up in some way. You put a costume on it in such a way that you have allowed it to become in your belief system, a separate thing. And then to maintain it as a separate thing, you had to start to argue about it. You had to create some kind of discussion about it, an inner contest. This inner contest is where you say "it is different from other things," or "if it could be or if it were different from what it is now then automatically things would be better." All this contest is, is a separation from the Oneness.

It is really interesting how everything resides on everything else. It resides on something and that resides on something else. Nothing is separate, everything works together in creation. But everything decided to call itself separate from the One. You can read all of those books and everything looking for the One or the All. But in the All, everything is silent. The reason it is so silent is because it has not become anything but the All. It is everything. The All is so silent that it is silence. It is total silence. It is nothing. It is nobody. It is a nobody. It is a no thing. It is a nothing.

So if you get a chance to get real silent, and get back into the womb of creation, jump on in. Go through the portal in the sky, and there are seven reasons why. You can take any one of them you would like.

There really is only one person. And the only reason that you believe there are other people, is you have created a barrier between you and the One, and you have separated yourself into a little place. You have allowed the essence of energy that came out of creation to encapsulate itself, to separate itself, and stand off like an electron and believe that it is the only electron going around this nucleus. It believes it is the only electron going around this atom, which is separate from all the other atoms that make up that molecule, which is separate from all the molecules that make up that element, separate from all the elements that make up the universe, separate from all the universes that exist. They believe there is a distance. It is a perception. That is all it is. A perception. It is the way you perceive it, the way you are looking upon it. You have allowed yourself to create those things, and you continue to embellish them and create them because you are in a struggle against your death. Because everybody dies. It does not matter if you were just born, you are ten years old and the netters came to your room the first time and held a pillow over your head. They did not really hold a pillow over my head. That is a metaphor. They held a pillow over my "consciousness" head, and said "You are going to die, you are going to live, you are going to die, you are going to live." They introduced me to death at age ten. You can die, or you can live. But you do not ever really die, see we killed you and you are still alive. See, you can't die. So I got a very good lesson when I was ten years old, you can't really die. That is the best lesson you could ever ask for.

But then, I was stuck with a problem: "Shit, you can't die and get out of it! What in the hell am I going to do?" I could commit suicide but I am still stuck with it. It is sort of like gas, you let one fart and you have got another one to follow it. To get rid of gas you have to poop. If you don't shit you die, you know? You have to do all of those things.

So, you have to poop off all of that stuff that you have set up there. You have to eliminate all of those obstacles, and the funny thing is; you created them! You have to get all of this in the book, all of it. It comes from different directions but it comes to a center point. There is only one person, and you will never find it until you drop all of those things that you argue about. Until you drop all of those things that you have a discussion about. As long as you are discussing it, it is something that you do not want. Because, you are in a discussion because you think you want it, and as soon as you begin discussing it, anything you discuss you don't want it. Because it is so much easier if you do not have it. Because if you have it, it creates a situation, and if you have no situations you are a nobody, and if you are a nobody then you are everything. That is the divine paradox. They talk about it in the Kybalion board, they are trying to find the divine paradox. That is the divine paradox. They want to read more books about it, they want to talk about it and stuff like that. And the reason they have not found it, is they do not want to give up their astrological signs.

You can get way out there can't you? You can manage to get into any kind of argument.But you can always recognize it in your argument. Do you think the harder you try to get out of it, the bigger the argument becomes? You want to do it SO BAD, you want to get out of it SO BAD, it is like a guy who hasn't been laid in ten years! He has got a weenie four feet long and three feet in diameter and every girl should want to have it! But girls don't like weenies, but guys believe they do. And so it is an argument.

It is good to cover all the topics, it gives you a chance the next time you decide to do your inner conspiracy, to look at it from the other side, rather than the old conspiracies. Hey, there could be a possibility that there is only one person, I think it says that in the Bible. It says the father and the son are one, and everything came from the one. In the beginning was the word and the word became everything, the word was god and there is only one god and god is everything. I wonder why those Christians don't get it.

It is okay to be pissed. Everybody has to get pissed and you have to get so pissed that you pop. Everything pops. It is sort of like an orgasm, except it's a painful one. I like the other kind, the one without the argument. I did all my popping a long time ago.

Osho refers to it as crystallized and shattered. Your ego over a period of time becomes so hard and tight that it crystallizes and shatters. It is so fragile that it disintegrates. I think most people today need to just pop their balloon. Back in Osho's time that was probably the case where they crystallized because they were close and they were able to get condensed. Most of the people in our society are pretty well puffed up there. We've seen a change in society. All you gotta do is take a little pin and stick it in... and "pop"... ppssssstttttttttttttt... out comes all the air.

This French TV guy said to me "We heard about you doing these miracles." I said "What are you talking about? There is no such thing as a miracle!" And he said in this French accent "Yeah, but I read it on your website, that you do miracles around here." I said "I don't believe in miracles. There is no such thing as a miracle. If you were to tell somebody back in the 1950's that you could talk into a cell phone, or into your watch or something, they would think it's a miracle. There are no such things as miracles." He said "But I read on there that people said you do weird things to them in the pyramid." I said "There is no such thing as a miracle, what I do is called induction." What induction is, is when you become the nothing or the nobody, and you drop all your barriers it is impossible for everything to not fall into the nothing. Because the everything falls into the nothing. So as long as you are something, you'll not have everything in you, but as long as you are nothing you'll have everything.

Most of the poor people in whatever way you want to call poor, are wanting for something. And all of the rich people are trying to buy something. That sort of takes up most of the people, and there are not many "no peoples" left because everybody is either rich or poor. They are trying to buy it because they are rich, or they are trying to get it because they are poor. They think they are poor, or they think they are rich. But there really is no such thing as rich or poor, honest guys! That is the joke! It is the joke of life. There is no such thing as poor or rich in anything because there is always someone richer in your thing that you think you are rich in, or poorer in your thing that you think you are poor in. No matter how poor you try to become, there will be someone poorer. There will be a baby born that takes one breath and accepts an essence and dies a moment later. There will be a baby born that becomes ruler of the universe, a god, and becomes so fulfilled he or she or it lets everything go, and drops it all and comes back into the oneness of creation of the nothing. The only miracle there is, is when you can be here. Right. Here. That is the miracle.

That is the only miracle. It is your miracle. Because there is only one person, that person is you. I am not here and no one else is either. I am just you talking to yourself. You created me, to talk to you. You separated yourself from me because you want to talk to it, rather than be with it. Instead of being, you wanted to think about it, discuss it, argue about it, you wanted to dance with it, you wanted to celebrate with it, you wanted to cry with it, you wanted to weep with it, you wanted to be born and die with it. You created all those things to do to keep yourself away from it. Because it is so quiet, so silent.

I said to that Frenchmen, "All it is, is induction. There is no such thing as a miracle."That at a certain point in evolution should you decide to surrender; you can surrender yourself on to everything. And it allows something that you guys see as being different, to surrender, to sort of suck yourself up into its womb. And in its womb all you can do is feel it. It is different than sex. It is not sex; it is the All, coming on to bond with you.

Don't. Miss. It. Don't miss it. Don't run from it. Do not miss it. It is sort of like it comes by, it came by in 1975, it comes by lots of places. If you are in a place where it is coming by get on it, and evolve. Do not incarnate as a human! God! Someone said it stunk earlier didn't they, that humans stink like pigs? Humans are like pigs! They do not smell like Jesse. He smells just like a dryer sheet. I do not spray him with anything, honest! I think he's got something else going, because you can smell his butt and it smells just as good! If you want, but I'm not into smelling cats' butts, but his looks pretty clean! He is a weird cat. Have you ever seen anything softer or gentler than Jesse? He is an interesting cat. He's from Amber and Mac. Be nice to Mac, he's not going to be here very much longer. You have to hold him. Everybody has got to be nice to Mac. Do you feel like you are sort of one with the cats when you are with them, that you can feel the same feeling together? And in that same feeling you could fall into each other? Isn't it a nice joining? Mac will say hello to you. He wants to let you know that he is an essence; he wants to meet you on the same ground. That essence that is over there in Jesse, is the essence that says "Hi I am an essence. Don't look at me as a cat. I am an essence. Don't separate me, don't hold me off."

Why is there a separation? This is really interesting. There is a space that most people go through, that says "I want to accept everybody. I want to accept everybody just as they are." And then they discover in that acceptance, it will kill him. Because if he accepts everybody just as they are, they are going to put so much stuff on him, he is going to drop dead from it. So he rejects everybody and becomes totally alone. And in the aloneness, everyone is there. I think Osho said that in his last book. The name of the book, the title is Aloneness ["Love, Freedom, Aloneness"]. You have to be alone, totally alone and that sounds dangerous! But it is really the only freedom, because when you are totally alone you are with everyone.

I know that there are some people here that understand that. It does not make any difference whether you are with or without you can still be alone. You are always alone. Even when you are with somebody, you are alone. You must realize you are alone, because everybody is alone. Nobody is with, totally. You have got your own thing, as long as you are alone. But when you are really alone, you are not alone. You can't get alone enough. There is no separation. Really, honest! You can hear the vibration if you want to. The only thing that keeps you away from it is yourself.