Some decisions are too important to leave to anyone else. No one, no matter how close they are to you, thinks just like you or knows your innermost wishes. That is why your most intimate wishes should not be left to anyone else.

Despite the diversity in today's modern age, our choices may leave us feeling limited or incomplete. We yearn for something more, something which we feel comfortable with, something that appeals to our sense of care and lasting peace of mind, and with which we may feel secure.

The finest must be permanent, enduring, and timeless. It must have qualities of beauty, care, love, integrity, and protection. It must leave us feeling pleased and content with the choice we have made.

One such choice is:

Eternal Memorialization
through Modern Mummification

Whether it be the practice of an ancient civilization or the subject of examination by a modern day culture, Mummification has always been held in the highest esteem by society. It was common among many early cultures most notably for religious reasons. The rites of Mummification were even practiced by early Christians and Jews until approximately 400 A.D. With the onset of the Dark Ages and the plagues, the art of Mummification began to diminish until finally, this form of care ceased.

Still, we find ourselves attracted to the role Mummification has played throughout history and the significance it has carried throughout time. It touches something deep within our esoteric being. History shows us what great concern humankind has expressed in the final care of one of nature's most beautiful creations: the human being.

Once again, the rites of Mummification are available. A very thorough, detailed, yet gentle process that allows you to be memorialized for eternity, Mummification is the only form of Permanent Preservation. The rites of Mummification allow you to leave this life in as beautiful a manner as possible.

Extensive research, experience, and knowledge in both realms of science and esoterica has resulted in Mummification that is the culminating union of medical technology, modern chemistry, and magnificent art. Still, the Summum rite of Modern Mummification includes traditional wrappings in fine cloth.

The Mummiform

Naturally, your eternal disposition is very important. That is why we have the "Mummiform," a metal sarcophagus that plays an integral part of the Mummification process. The Mummiform is an art form casket that holds and protects your body once deceased. It represents a memorialization of your life.

The Mummiform is
an Art Form Casket

Artists create clay sculptures from which molds are made and metals are cast. These modern day artifacts are designed to incorporate the symbology of any religious or philosophical tenets you may hold. Following completion of the sculpture, the sarcophagus is cast in a metal of your choice (i.e. bronze, stainless steel, gold). Decorations may include handlaid 23K gold, inlaid ceramics, or even jewels. On appropriate styles, a "life mask" of your face is incorporated as part of the design and created in accordance with your pre-need arrangements. Because of the beauty of the sarcophagus and the sacredness of the body it holds, you may want it to be enshrined in a mausoleum sanctuary or placed inside a family sanctuary room where it may be viewed behind glass. You may also choose to be laid to rest in an underground mausoleum or burial vault as found in most cemeteries.


The rites of Modern Mummification are something we would offer free of charge if we could. However, because of the very elaborate, detailed, thorough, and lengthy process, we incur extensive costs, and the expense is something we cannot afford. Therefore, we suggest a donation so that we can make this tradition available to you.

The cost of funeral and Mummification services can vary greatly and depends on the things you choose. Things to consider are the type of funeral service you would like, the Mummification process, the type of sarcophagus, and the sanctuary, mausoleum, or burial vault.

We recognize everyone has different financial considerations. We recommend that you contact your local funeral home and speak with a counselor. Inform them of your desire for the rites of Mummification. They can discuss with you what options and arrangements are available and what they will cost. And by planning ahead, your funeral and Mummification service can be affordable.

Our suggestion is that you make pre-need arrangements with a funeral home of your choice for funeral services and arrange your donation for Mummification through a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy can be arranged whereby you make easy monthly payments.


As a general description of what will occur once you pass away, you will undergo an initial preparation to accommodate any viewing or funeral service you may want at a funeral home in your area. Following these services, under the guidance of Summum, the funeral home transports your body to Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Mummification rites are conducted. Upon completion, your body is sealed inside your sarcophagus and laid to rest in the sanctuary or mausoleum of your choice.

Because of its nature, Mummification requires much more time than ordinary embalming (a minimum of 30 days). It is thorough and detailed, but well worth the effort, for the result represents the ultimate personal transformation. Nevertheless, Mummification is easily integrated with the many services already available through funeral homes. It is performed following viewing and funeral services, and prior to enshrinement. Mummification does not represent a break with current tradition: it can only complement it. In fact, Mummification will return us to our original tradition.

Extensive time and research has brought to fruition a modern day version of this unparalleled, unprecedented, and extraordinary practice. As a result, Summum is the only organization in the world that can perform and oversee this process of Permanent Preservation.

If you are interested in the rites of Mummification for yourself or a loved one, please contact Summum or your local funeral home. For further details about making Mummification arrangements, see our sister website at