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The Divine Proportion

"NOTHING AND POSSIBILITY come in and out of bond infinite times in a finite moment. Yet it is impossible for two things to join in harmony or discord without the presence of a third, for a 'BOND' must exist to unite them, and this 'BOND' is 'OBJECTIVELY OBSERVED' in its relation to PROPORTION." -- Summum

The OBJECTIVE OBSERVATION of Creation, including the principles of Psychokinesis, Correspondence, Vibration, Opposition, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender, requires a discussion of proportion; for all seven Principles of Summum can be objectively discussed in their relation to PROPORTION.

It is the influence of the rule of PROPORTION on the objective observer which causes humankind to ascribe to Creation human emotions, feelings, and characteristics. Through genetics, all these descriptions survive from the days of the childhood of the race. This depiction of Creation is the natural memory held within every cell of your body inherited from the evolution of the race. You are genetically bound and bound within your essence, for it is your inheritance.

The objective observer, bound by the rule of PROPORTION in the examination of the existent universe, discovers both an organized universe and a universe in chaos, rational and irrational numbers, beauty and ugliness, love and hate, pleasure and pain, harmony and discord, sanity and insanity, truth and falsity. These descriptions are merely proportional effects of Opposition and the other Principles of Summum.

The objective observers within this universe see harmony expressed by those emotions, feelings, and characteristics present within themselves. This harmony is viewed within NATURE and the universe as THE DIVINE PROPORTION. Although the proportions seem to be fixed in NATURE, they are not. The only reason they seem fixed is because they are fixed within the observer's mind. These fixed mental vibrations dictate the observer's likes and dislikes, happiness and sadness. They also dictate one's sense of pleasure and pain, beauty and ugliness, love and hate, truth and falsity, resulting in one being captive of these memories fixed by both body and mind. For if the observer were to view NATURE from an altered state of consciousness, the proportion would also be altered. From a quantum viewpoint, multiple fields of consciousness are viewed simultaneously. If you could behold the consciousness of both a snail and a human simultaneously you would realize that pieces of gravel are as boulders to snails but pebbles to humans.

Times and lengths, space-time, and mass are all altered in proportion when the body concerned is in motion relative to the observer. In other words, moving bodies appear to be altered in terms of their shape, size, and speed, depending on your viewpoint. Apparent increase of mass in swiftly moving particles has been observed. For example, when an electron is accelerated it appears to gain mass. Einstein's special theory of relativity embodies the mathematical essence of proportion and the interrelationship of the Principles of Summum. An altered state of consciousness makes a quantum leap beyond any fixed state of observation demonstrating that the Divine Proportion is also subject to the law of Paradox and only partial truth.

The Divine Proportion ascribed to the collective consciousness of your state of evolution has been expressed, "For of three (3) magnitudes, if the greatest (AB) is to the mean (CB) as the mean (CB) is to the least (AC), they therefore all shall be one."

The Divine Logo

Modern science calculates the joining and splitting apart of "string proportions" (EVENTS) as the source of Creation. The elementary particles observed by science represent excitation modes of strings. This leaves us with the question, "What creates the strings?" It is the subjective copulation of Nothing and Possibility that produces these vibrating string proportions in all their modes of excitation. As mentioned before, Creation cannot be examined in its source objectively for it requires a philosophical examination. Any examination in a material form is limited by time based dimensional space and creation's manifestation is infinitely dimensional. At this point it is left up to the student to fill in the details of their understanding of the mathematics of the Divine Proportion, also known as the Golden Section, Phi, the Magic Ratio, the Additive Series, etc. There is available plentiful published material which, when investigated by the student, will initiate them to an understanding of the Divine Proportion.

The Divine Proportion can be found throughout this universe; from the swirls of galaxies to the swirls of quarks; from the harmony of music to the very physical nature of Creation. The Divine Proportion is seen as the beauty and organization in nature, the harmony and glue holding the unity of the universe. This beauty is the quality or combination of qualities which affords keen pleasure to the senses, especially that of sight or that which charms the intellectual faculties.

The states of discord, insanity, and chaos in the universe are observations of states seemingly opposed to the accepted Divine Proportion. Yet this is a singularly human point of view. For within chaos is found organization, within the irrational is found the rational, within ugliness is found beauty, within hate is found love, within pain is found pleasure, within discord is found harmony, within insanity is found sanity, within falsity is found truth. In reality, all discord and chaos are human judgments of their perception of a state of consciousness in opposition to the Divine Proportion. Death and dissolution may appear as states of discord, and from the point of the fixed mind seem out of harmony.

The masters are not bound by these judgments which restrict the normal human being. For they have set themselves free from the lower law of a single viewpoint and observe existence from a quantum viewpoint within the same moment. The masters freely observe SUMMUM unencumbered by the constraints of the fixed mind.

The construct of "proper" time in each personal self-perspective (the individual) and in the collective viewpoint (humankind) accounts for the universal acceptance of this Divine Proportion. This construct is seen as a narrow, single viewing point from which only a small portion of the total can be observed. It is the frame of reference from which observations are made and by which the Divine Proportion is identified. But as the frame of reference (consciousness) expands, so does the Divine Proportion or observation thereof expand. For as all manifest things evolve, so do the proportions of the Divine Proportion evolve. As the mental vibrations of those examining Creation change, so does the Divine Proportion change.

An understanding of the relationship of PROPORTION to the seven Principles of Summum will enable the student to master the Principles.