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"Mind (as well as metal and elements) may be altered psychokinetically, from state to state; degree to degree; proportion to proportion; condition to condition; point to point; vibration to vibration. Psychokinesis is Mental Mastery." — Summum

Alchemists, astrologers, parapsychologists, and psychologists have always existed. From the art of ancient astrology has grown modern astronomy; from alchemy, modern chemistry; and esoteric psychology has evolved into the modern institutes of psychology. Do not assume that the ancients were ignorant of that which modern institutions presume to be their exclusive and special property. The hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt show irrefutably that the ancients had a thorough knowledge of these sciences. The very design of the pyramids is a study in astronomical science. The ancients also had an understanding of chemistry, for the remnants of the ancient writings show a familiarity with the chemical properties of elements. Modern science is verifying the ancient theories regarding physics through mathematics and experimentation. Ancient references indicate a vibratory nature behind all phenomena. Today, modern science regards the theory of matter [and energy] being formed from vibrations as fact. In addition, do not assume that the ancients were naive of the supposed modern discoveries in psychology. The ancients were skilled in the science of psychology, especially that of parapsychology, an area most modern institutes ignore.

The fact is that in addition to the understanding of physical science, the ancients enjoyed a knowledge of transcendental astronomy, called astrology; of transcendental chemistry, called alchemy; of transcendental psychology, called parapsychology. They enjoyed the esoteric knowledge as well as the exoteric knowledge, while modern science only subscribes to the exoteric. Among the many branches of knowledge possessed by the ancients, that known as Psychokinesis is the subject matter of this chapter.

"Transmutation" and "alchemy" are terms normally employed to designate the ancient art of the alteration of metals, particularly that of changing the base metals into gold. "Transubstantiation" refers to the changing of one substance into another. The word, "Psychokinesis," means the ability to influence, alter events, or change one form, species, condition, nature, or substance into another via mental processes. Therefore, Psychokinesis is the art of changing mental states, forms, and conditions into others. Psychokinesis is the Art of Mental Chemistry or parapsychology, especially in its aspect of study termed "mind over matter." This is of greater significance than you may imagine. Psychokinesis, alchemy, or chemistry are important enough in their physical effects upon the mental field, but it must be realized that their effects are also felt at the spiritual level.

The first of the seven Summum Principles is the Principle of Psychokinesis, the axiom of which is, "SUMMUM is MIND; the universe is a mental creation." It means that the underlying essence of the universe is mind, and the universe itself is mental, that is, "existing in the Mind of SUMMUM." This Principle shall be considered in succeeding chapters, but for now the effect of the Principle can be examined if you assume it to be fact.

If CREATION is mental in its nature, then Psychokinesis must be the art of CHANGING THE CONDITIONS OF THE UNIVERSES in their fields of space-time, matter, force, and mind, affecting the quantum potential. This Psychokinesis is really the "magic" of which the ancient writers had so much to say in their mystical works and about which they gave so few practical instructions. If all is mental, then the art which empowers one to alter mental conditions must also render the master the "controller of material conditions" as well as those ordinarily called "mental."

Only the advanced masters of Psychokinesis have been able to attain the degree of power necessary to control the grosser physical conditions such as the control of the weather, the production or cessation of tempests, earthquakes, and other physical phenomena. These perfections known as supranatural powers are attained through spiritual evolution. Masters of these perfections attain a level of spirituality which allows them to sever the normal bonds with which the forces of nature bind humankind. In control of the forces of nature, the masters are empowered to know the minds of others, break the bonds of light and thus to disappear, overcome the force of gravity and levitate, see into the heart of atoms, etc. Such human types have existed and do exist today. Students have witnessed the author of this work psychokinetically altering nature, and have written testimonials to the fact of this phenomenon. The masters DO NOT make public exhibitions of their powers, but seek seclusion from the crowds in order to better work their way along the path of evolution. For the masters have evolved to these powers through many incarnations wherein they worked to develop this potential within their Will. These powers are entirely mental, and operate along the fields of higher mental function under the Summum Principle of Psychokinesis, "The universe is mental." — Summum.

The students of lesser degree than masters — the initiates and teachers — are able to freely work along the mental fields with Psychokinesis. In fact, all that is named "psychic phenomena," "mental influence," "mental science," "new age phenomena," etc., operates along the same general fields, for there is but one principle involved regardless of what name the phenomenon is called.

The students and practitioners of Psychokinesis work among mental fields, altering mental conditions and states according to various mental practices. The popular and diverse "subliminals," "affirmations," and "refutations" utilized by the current and predominant discipline of mental science are but formulas, quite imperfect and unscientific. The majority of modern practitioners are uneducated compared to the very few masters, for they lack the components of the knowledge upon which the work is based. They refuse to put forth the effort and work necessary to attain the knowledge in its entirety. These individuals lack an appetite for the knowledge and thus do not hunger or thirst for it. Unable to hold their attention on the knowledge, they remain preoccupied with the self-interests of their personalities.

Not only may the mental states of one's self be changed by Psychokinesis, the states of others may be and are constantly altered in the same way. Among the masses these changes occur, for the most part, unconsciously. But when one understands the laws and principles, the change is often a conscious one. The mental states of people who are not informed of the principles are extremely easy to affect. Many students and practitioners of modern mental science know that every material condition which depends upon the state of mind of other people may be altered. These alterations are in accordance with the earnest desire and will of the master and the masses. For one is doing the altering and the other desires the alteration. The purpose at this point is merely to show the principle and art underlying all of these various forms of practice, good and evil, for the force may be used in opposite directions according to the Principle of Opposition.

The Principle of Psychokinesis has been stated so that all who read may possess the Master Key that will unlock the many doors to the Principle of Opposition.