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Summum publishes a companion study guide to SUMMUM: Sealed Except to the Open Mind. The study guide contains exercises, which when completed, will give you a better understanding of the Summum Philosophy.

Summum Study Guide
Three ring binder, 276 pgs.

ISBN: 0-943217-01-6
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 88-90996

A Microsoft Word version is available from the Summum website.

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Sexual Ecstasy from Ancient Wisdom
by Summum Bonum Amen Ra

Spiral bound paperback edition, 60 pgs.

ISBN: 0-943217-03-2
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 93-93602

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs reveal a wealth of knowledge regarding human sexuality. This work is a translation of the ancient hieroglyphs and uncovers secrets once known only to those ancient ones. Egyptian sexual practices are explained so that the methods and techniques can be understood and applied today. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this educational and instructional book contains priceless information for both men and women. Following its guide and direction will bring you joys not felt for thousands of years. Regardless of your age, this book will educate you into a state of prolonged sexual ecstasy. To obtain a copy, order through Summum or your local bookstore.

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"...they anointed with Merh for sexual joys of ecstasy."

From the wisdom of the ancients comes Merh, a luxurious massage oil and lubricant. Merh is an aid that, when used according to instructions, will educate you into a state of prolonged sexual ecstasy. This ancient unguent has been recreated to bring you the joys not felt for thousands of years.

The unique blend of Merh provides the greatest sensitivity and will afford you a total experience. Instructions on how you can use Merh to experience the greatest sexual joy are found in Sexual Ecstasy from Ancient Wisdom.

"...for Man and Woman are that they may have joy."

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