"When the student's mind is open, then comes the voice to fill it with wisdom." — Summum

This book is dedicated with gratitude to the Summa Individuals who untiringly work the pathways of spiritual evolution, and who with great concern have presented to me these Principles. These teachings cannot be accredited to any one person or human source, for these teachings represent the workings of Creation Itself. These Principles have been presented previously to those souls evolved enough to understand them, and again the nature of Creation is presented to those now ready.

The purpose of this work is to allow those searching for a comprehension of Creation to receive the keys to that understanding; to use these keys to unlock the many facets, and to reconcile the many bits of knowledge they may have acquired but which have not satisfied their understanding of the whole. Those advanced on the path will find this book to be a master key which may open the many esoteric doors to Creation.

These teachings are not occult. These concepts have always existed, and as an eternal work are presented by advanced Summa Individuals to those searching for the source of Creation. The Summa Individuals come attired in nothing but their naked, innocent form with words most appropriate for every age in which they bring the teachings. Recorded history is replete with masters, Adam, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed having been taught by the angelic beings. Even today the Summa Individuals continue to present the Principles.

The basic knowledge of these Principles forms the esoteric teachings of every race and religion. Even the most ancient teachings of India and Egypt have their roots in these Principles. Advanced masters from all areas of this planet have been taught and enlightened throughout time by the Summa Individuals — beings who come to this planet to assist those searching for the tools to unlock the mysteries of Creation. It is from these evolved entities (the continuum), that the master key has been obtained.

These Principles are the basic underlying foundation of all existence, forming the basis for all displayed phenomena. Just as all music is an orchestration of the fundamental tones of a musical scale, all material existence is an orchestration of the Principles. Just as all color is a combination and expression of the primary colors, all existence is a combination and expression of the Principles.

The Principles within this book are so powerful that despite the many different teachings which have evolved, there may still be found certain basic similarities between the many religious theories entertained today. The student of comparative religion will be able to perceive the influence of the Eternal Principles in every known religion, whether it be a dead religion or a living one.

These Principles are the essence which has blossomed in many different forms, rather than establishing a single discipline of philosophy which would dominate the world's thought. Nevertheless, these Principles have been restored to their purity by the Summa Individuals at this time. Naturally, undeveloped students will not comprehend these Principles, for they are reserved for the few who are ready to master them.

Once again, there are a few individuals who are being initiated into the mysteries of these Principles by advanced beings, for the purity of the teachings has degenerated. That is why so many people are so uncomfortable with the current forms of religious practice. These initiates may not receive popular approval. Yet they are indifferent to these conditions for they know how few in each generation are ready for this knowledge. These pearls of wisdom are for the few who recognize their value and hold them deep in their souls as vehicles of spiritual progression.

Regarding the transmission of the master key to those ready to receive it, it has been said: "Where is heard the voice of the Master, the open mind of those ready for the teaching listens." But the teacher's customary attitude has always been strictly in accordance with another principle: "The voice of wisdom is silent, except to the open mind."

Contrary to popular opinion, these initiates have never sought to become martyrs. However, there are certain principles which, when publicly promulgated, bring great cries of scorn and persecution from the so called "religious." Yet a few are capable of understanding the Principles and have advanced along the path with the teacher.

In this work, the Master Key as taught by the Summa Individuals is given to you. These are fundamental Principles of Creation. These are the working Principles, and it is left to you to apply these Principles for yourself. There will be those who read this book who will refuse to understand how Creation provides for the continuance of the work, which must recreate itself in every age. Sometimes the work is neglected but it cannot remain so forever. The master key which unlocks the Principles of Creation is a constant. However, the application is best adapted from age to age.1

If you are truly searching for the keys to Creation, you will be able to resolve and apply these Principles. If not, then you must develop yourself in other ways, for these Principles will be nothing more than "words, words, words" to you.

Summum Bonum

1. Throughout history, countless writings have referenced the Principles of Creation in one way or another. The majority of writings indirectly reference the Principles, giving only hints that may allude to their existence. Few are direct and explicit. Over time, the information tends to become fragmented or distorted and incomplete, but eventually it is re-compiled and returned to a pure, fundamental form. In addition, styles, languages, and methods of communication continue to evolve. Therefore, explanations of the Principles must be re-written and adapted for each age in order to present them in a form more easily understood by the people of that era. That is what this work represents.