Chapter 9                                                SUMMUM IN EVERYTHING


Before working the other exercises in this chapter, write definitions of each
of the key terms from the chapter.

SUMMUM ______________________________________________________________________


Summum ______________________________________________________________________


corollary ___________________________________________________________________


immanent ____________________________________________________________________


inherent ____________________________________________________________________


abiding _____________________________________________________________________


vociferously ________________________________________________________________


grandiloquently _____________________________________________________________


veracity ____________________________________________________________________


involution __________________________________________________________________


rapt ________________________________________________________________________


involutionary _______________________________________________________________


evolutionary ________________________________________________________________


urge ________________________________________________________________________


meditation __________________________________________________________________


contemplation _______________________________________________________________


attention ___________________________________________________________________


awakens _____________________________________________________________________


rouses ______________________________________________________________________


gross _______________________________________________________________________


annihilated _________________________________________________________________


futility ____________________________________________________________________



This summary, when completed with answers, gives you a comprehension of the
primary points of the chapter in the text.  Fill in the blanks with words or
phrases that complete the ideas.

"While everything is in _________________________, it is equally factual that
_____________________ is in everything.  Those who understand this maxim have
________________ knowledge." -- Summum

How often have the majority of people repeatedly heard statements that their
deity (__________ ____ ________ ____________) is within everything -- "All in
all," "God is everywhere," "SUMMUM is in ____________."  How little have they
suspected the esoteric truth concealed by these words?

You have been given the __________________ regarding the mental nature of the
_____________; the fact that "the _______________ is mental, held in the Mind
of _________________."  As stated above, "Everything is in ________________."
Note also the corollary statement, "It is _____________ true that ___________
is in ________________."  This apparently ______________________ statement is
reconcilable under the ______________ of ___________________.  It is an exact
statement of the _________________ existing between _________________ and Its
mental universe.  You have seen how "____________________ is in SUMMUM."  Now
_______________________ the other aspect of the subject.

SUMMUM is _______________ in (remaining within; inherent; abiding within) Its
_______________, and in every part, _____________, unit or combination within
the _____________.  This statement is usually illustrated by the reference to
the Principle of _______________.  Form a ___________ image of something -- a
person, an ___________, something having a mental form.  A __________ example
is that of the author or dramatist forming an idea of their characters; or a
painter or sculptor forming an image of an ideal that they wish to express
through art.

SUMMUM is within the ________________________, but the worm is far from being
___________.  Still the wonder remains that though the earthworm ____________
merely as a lowly thing, _____________ and having its being solely within the
___________ of ________________, _______________ is __________________ in the
earthworm and in the ________________ that go to make up the earthworm.  Even
down to the smallest units discovered by ___________________ today, SUMMUM is
________________ within them.  Can there be any greater ________________ than
this, of "Everything in SUMMUM; and ___________________ in Everything?"

In the ______________ that _____________________ realize the existence of the
indwelling _____________ immanent within their ________________, by directing
their __________________ to the ________________ within and storing potential
within that ____________________, they empower themselves with the essence of
_______________.  As they convert their ____________ of kinetic mental action
to _________________ ________________, so will they progress in the spiritual
levels of _____________________.  This is what spiritual progression means --
the recognition, ___________________ and manifestation of the _______________
within you.  Regarding this last definition, that of spiritual _____________,
it contains the veracity of ______________ religion.

The word "__________________" is used in describing the process of the mental
________________ of the ____________________ in the Mind of SUMMUM.  The word
"________________" is also frequently employed.  But the idea intended seems
to be that of the employment of the Divine _______________.  "Attention" is
a word derived from the Latin root, meaning "to reach out; to stretch out."
So the act of attention is really a ____________ reaching out or extension of
____________ energy.  Thus the underlying idea is readily understood when you
examine the real meaning of "_____________________."

There is one more matter I desire to speak of in this chapter.  It comes very
near to an _________________ of the metaphysical field of __________________,
although my purpose is merely to show the ______________ of such speculation.
I allude to the question which inevitably comes to the mind of all thinkers
who have ventured to seek understanding.  The question is, "WHY does SUMMUM
_____________  universes?"  The question may be asked in different forms, but
the above is the gist of the inquiry.

Humans have struggled hard to answer this question.  Some have imagined that
____________ had something to __________ by it.  But this is absurd, for what
could ________________ gain that It did not already possess?

It is difficult to _____________ the __________________ that in some infinite
_______________ It must have what would ________________ to the "____________
________________" or "_________________ ____________________" in humans, with
correspondingly _________________ amounts of ____________ and Will.  It could
not act unless It _________ to _________; and It would not will to act unless
It ________________ to ____________; and It would not ________________ to act
unless It obtained some _______________________ thereby.  All of these things
would belong to an "inner nature," and might be postulated as existing
according to the Law of __________________________.

SUMMUM merely ______________.  So you are compelled to say that, "SUMMUM ACTS
BECAUSE IT ________."  The ACT of _______ is the copulation of _____________;
the joining together and splitting apart of NOTHING and ____________ infinite
__________________ in a finite moment.

At the last, SUMMUM is _______________ Reason in Itself; Total Law in Itself;
______________ Action in Itself; and it may be said truthfully that SUMMUM is
Its _________ Reason; Its _________ Law; Its own Act.  Or still further, that
SUMMUM, and Its act, as Law, are ONE; all being ________________ for the same
_____________.  The Law of ___________________ reaches only to that aspect of
SUMMUM which may be spoken of as "The Aspect of ______________."  Behind that
aspect is "The Aspect of ___________," in which all laws are lost in LAW; all
principles merge into PRINCIPLE; and SUMMUM, PRINCIPLE and ______________ are
IDENTICAL, _____________ AND THE SAME.  Therefore, a metaphysical speculation
involved with human emotions on this point is futile.


Write the number of the appropriate answer in the blank corresponding to the
description.  There is one correct answer for each blank.

______ It is factual that within              1. SUMMUM
       everything is                          2. everything
                                              3. annihilated
______ SUMMUM is immanent in (remaining       4. advancement
       within; inherent; abiding within)      5. lowest
                                              6. development
______ to empower yourself with the           7. contemplation
       essence of SUMMUM you have to turn     8. spirit
       your attention to your                 9. involution

______ moving upward and onward along
       the Scale of Life is know as

______ Despite all seemingly contradictory
       appearances, all movement is toward

______ the outpouring stage of Creation is
       known as

______ when the urge ceases during the
       outpouring, the vibrations are at the

______ the word Meditation is used in
       describing the process of mental
       creation of the universe in the
       Mind of SUMMUM.  Another term
       frequently employed is

______ as the spirit of each soul is
       drawn back into SUMMUM it is not


Using the Systematic Law of Learning, apply the following Principles.

1. Create a character with the following:

   a. Include parts of your personality but also include some traits you do
      not have.





   b. Explain how you are found in the character, and, if possible, explain
      how you are not.





2. Give illustrations of the use of Attention.

   a. Explain or describe what happens when your attention is placed on





   b. Describe the relationship between attention and contemplation.






Formulate answers to these questions.  Refer to both your text and your
lecture notes.  You need not write out the answer in full sentences, but make
notes on all the details you would include in a full answer.  Review your
answers with someone else in the class after each of you has completed the

 1. Explain how SUMMUM is in Everything.

 2. Discuss how the term SUMMUM can satisfy any name given God.

 3. How can SUMMUM be in Everything and Everything be in SUMMUM?

 4. How can SUMMUM be in an earth worm?

 5. Explain how the Principle of Correspondence shows the difference in
    degree between SUMMUM in Everything and Everything in SUMMUM.

 6. What happens when your ATTENTION is directed toward your spirit?

 7. What determines your level of being?

 8. What is the end of all Paths?

 9. At what stage is SUMMUM when in the aspect of Being?

10. At what stage is SUMMUM when in the aspect of Becoming?

11. Describe the process of involution.

12. Describe the process of evolution.

13. What is the coming home idea?

14. What happens when the urge ceases during the outpouring?

15. What is the Law of Individualization?

16. Tell what the word Meditation is used for in this chapter.

17. Explain how Contemplation is used in this chapter.

18. What is as of the twinkle of the eye to SUMMUM?

19. Explain the Divine Ego.

20. Why does SUMMUM create Universes?

21. How does SUMMUM create?


 1. How often have the majority of people repeatedly heard statements that
    their deity

    a. is the only true God.
    b. knows those who are born good and those who are born bad.
    c. (called by many names) was within everything.
    d. allows people to choose good or bad.

 2. You have been given the teaching regarding the mental nature of the
    universe; the fact that

    a. there is a large brain in the universe which controls everything.
    b. the universe is mental, held in the Mind of SUMMUM.
    c. a man with super natural powers created the universe.
    d. nothing makes any difference anyway.

 3. "Everything is in SUMMUM."  Note also the corollary statement, "It is
    equally true that SUMMUM is in Everything."  This apparently
    contradictory statement is reconcilable under

    a. the bodhi tree.
    b. the Law of Standing Vibrations.
    c. an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
    d. the Law of Paradox.

 4. SUMMUM is within the earthworm, but the worm is far from being

    a. a snake.
    b. SUMMUM.
    c. complete enough to be within SUMMUM.
    d. capable of rising above it's station.

 5. In the degree that humans realize the existence of the indwelling spirit
    immanent within their being, by directing

    a. those around them to change their way of thinking to fit the way they
       know it should be, they control their destiny.
    b. their ATTENTION to the spirit within and storing potential within that
       spirit, they empower themselves with the essence of SUMMUM.
    c. their consciousness, they can allow themselves never to surrender for
       fear of losing control of the who they think they are.
    d. their ATTENTION to the affirmations of gaining love, they gain control
       over their destiny to have mansions, servants and golden roads in

 6. As you convert your treasure of kinetic mental action to spiritual
    potential, you will rise in the

    a. spiritual levels of life.
    b. elevator at Nieman Marcus, and be blessed with riches of gold, power
       and glory.
    c. levels of social life.
    d. eye of God.

 7. Spiritual progression means

    a. the recognition, realization and manifestation of the spirit within
    b. spending time reading scripture to confirm your point of view and
       being able to testify that your truth is the only way.
    c. concentrated, repetition of positive aphorisms.
    d. spending time with those people who have chosen the only true God.

 8. There are many levels of being, many sub levels of life, many degrees of
    existence in the universe.  All depend upon the advancement of beings in
    the scale, in which the lowest point is the grossest matter and highest
    is separated only by the

    a. knowledge of which church is the true church.
    b. secret formula, and sacred vows, which if known will instantly
       catapult you into the highest heaven.
    c. magic crystal which when applied will make all formal education
    d. thinnest division from the SPIRIT of SUMMUM.

 9. The process of involution, in which SUMMUM becomes "involved," or
    "wrapped up" in Its creation corresponds to the

    a. changes of species in nature.
    b. movement of the planets from one solar system to others.
    c. mental process of an artist, writer, or inventor who becomes so
       wrapped up in their creation as to almost forget their own existence
       and who, for the time being, almost live in their creation.
    d. none of the above.

10. The "Outpouring" of the Divine Energy, can be called

    a. crystal healing.
    b. involutionary stage of Creation.
    c. the time to call for offerings.
    d. deep inner full body massage.

11. The extreme opposing point of the creative process is considered to be
    the furthest removed from

    a. your soul mate.
    b. shaman channeling.
    c. dynamic relaxation.
    d. SUMMUM.

12. During the outpouring, the vibrations become lower and lower until
    finally the urge

    a. explodes and turns into group rebirthing.
    b. causes you to becomes a new age author.
    c. ceases, and your dreams come true.
    d. ceases, and the return swing begins.

13. The word "Meditation" is used in describing the process of

    a. travelling the highway to happiness.
    b. dream interpretation.
    c. the mental creation of the universe in the Mind of SUMMUM.
    d. thinking about your obstacle which prevent you from getting what you

14. The teachings of the process of evolution are that SUMMUM, having
    meditated upon the beginning of the Creation, having thus established the
    material foundations of the universe, and having thought it into

    a. is no longer necessary to have around.
    b. makes a conscious decision to create everything so that it does not
       have any of the nature of Itself.
    c. awakens or rouses from Its meditation.
    d. continues to meditate and asks a man or God to take charge.

15. After awakening, IT starts into manifestation the process of
    evolution on the material, mental and spiritual levels,

    a. but only allows evolution to last for seven days.
    b. successively and in order.
    c. and then It becomes filled with regret.
    d. then It creates love so everyone will get along.

16. Thus the upward movement begins, and all begins to

    a. realize that God is a man.
    b. realize that God is a woman.
    c. realize that there is no God.
    d. move spiritward.

17. The vibrations are constantly becoming higher.  In short, the entire
    process of evolution, in all of its phases, begins and proceeds according

    a. a plan created by those men in charge.
    b. a plan men made to take control because they have the right way.
    c. a chauvinist plan to be unfair to women.
    d. the established laws of the indrawing process.

18. Eventually, that which left SUMMUM as unindividualized energy returns to
    its source as countless highly developed collective units of life, having
    risen higher and higher in the scale by means of

    a. physical, mental and spiritual evolution.
    b. esoteric magic.
    c. chance.
    d. decadence.

19. When SUMMUM withdraws Its attention -- Its contemplation and meditation
    -- of the universe each soul is not annihilated, but is

    a. infinitely expanded.
    b. compacted into split units.
    c. locked up never to return.
    d. all of the above.



SUMMUM                               realization, spirit
SUMMUM                               progression 
great                                genuine
called, by, many, names              Meditation
everything                           creation, universe
teaching                             Contemplation
universe, universe                   Attention
SUMMUM, SUMMUM                       mental
equally, SUMMUM                      mental
everything, contradictory            Attention
Law, Paradox                         invasion, speculation
relations, SUMMUM                    futility
Everything,                          create
examine                              SUMMUM, gain
immanent                             SUMMUM
universe, particle                   escape, conclusion
universe                             degree, correspond, inner
Correspondence, mental               nature, creative, instinct
idea, classic                        infinite, Desire
classic                              willed, act
earthworm                            desired, act, desire
SUMMUM                               satisfaction 
exists                               Correspondence
created                              IS
Mind, SUMMUM, SUMMUM, immanent       ACTS, SUMMUM, Creation
particles                            POSSIBILITY
science                              times
immanent, mystery                    TOTAL
SUMMUM                               total
degree, humans                       own, own
spirit, being                        names
attention, spirit                    thing, Correspondence
spirit                               BECOMING
SUMMUM, treasure                     BEING
spiritual, potential                 BEING
life                                 ONE 


1, 2, 8, 4, 6, 9, 5, 7, 3


1. c                6. a                11. d                16. d
2. b                7. a                12. d                17. d
3. d                8. d                13. c                18. a
4. b                9. c                14. c                19. a
5. b               10. c                15. b