A D V I C E   T O   T H E   S T U D E N T


The purpose of this study guide is to help you to understand and remember
the material presented in SUMMUM: SEALED EXCEPT TO THE OPEN MIND, by
Summum Bonum Amen Ra (founder of Summum).  Each chapter in the study guide
corresponds to one in the Summum text book.  There are five sections in
each study guide chapter:  Key Terms, Summary and Review, Exercise, Review
Questions, and Multiple Choice.

The KEY TERMS for each chapter may be new terminology for that chapter.
Using the text and a good dictionary, write the definitions of the Terms
and practice them before you proceed with the rest of the study guide.

The SUMARY AND REVIEW section is a fill-in-the-blank activity that also
gives an abridged summary of the primary ideas of the chapter.  If the
answers that you write in the blanks are not the exact same wording as
the answers furnished, but offer the same idea, then you have used the
activity constructively.  You will have two summaries of the chapter: the
one at the end of the chapter and the study guide activity that you have
completed.  These summaries are useful reviews.

The RESEARCH EXERCISE provides varied activities which allow you to
mentally apply the material in the chapter.  Also included is a MATCHING
EXERCISE that tests your definitions and employment of the Principles.

The STUDY AND REVIEW questions are essay questions that cover the main
Principle of the chapter.  If your teacher uses essay questions on the
test, preparing answers to these questions will prepare you for the
examination.  But even if your tests are all multiple choice, preparing
answers to these questions will help you with the examination because you
will have organized the material around answers to indicate your
understanding of the meaning of the Principle in the chapter. Rely on both
your class lecture notes and your notes or highlights from the text as you
prepare answers to these questions.  If you study with someone else in the
class, it is helpful to compare your answers to these questions.

The MULTIPLE CHOICE section provides an exercise for taking tests. The
questions are both direct recognition of material from the chapter and
employment of the material. Take the multiple choice exam after you have
done your other studies.  Do not use the questions as a study tool but
rather as an exercise or self-test.